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After careful consideration, Marvin decided that although they did lack weapons, it wasn't an emergency.

First, the Shas completely produced their weapons themselves, and the guards of River Shore City and White River Valley already had their weapons and armors. They also seized a lot of weapons in the previous war against the South Wizard Alliance, and although the workmanship of those weapons was average, they had been good enough for the military and would be effective in battles.

Moreover, most people needed to train for some time before they would actually fight. They didn't need the best weapons for training.

Of course, the issue had to be settled eventually.

If they only had ordinary weapons, they would suffer many losses when facing Monsters.

Marvin thought for a bit before coming up with a solution.

The Great Calamity had caused many cities to fall to ruin.

But these cities still had many supplies.

Marvin thought of the first location of the battle against Dark Phoenix, Steel City!

Steel City was an inner city of the South Wizard Alliance and had four fine iron mines. It was the place where the Alliance produced the best iron.

In addition, the city had a substantial weapon production industry and it had all kinds of weapons stored in warehouses. The city had always been tightly guarded by the Alliance.

But the Alliance had already collapsed and the warehouses were now ownerless.

If they could get these weapons, the issue would be settled.

The problem was that Steel City was rather far from White River Valley. It was also in chaos due to being occupied by Evil Spirits, Wizard Monsters, and all kinds of other Monsters.

Marvin would have to go personally to get enough weapons.

And this would be a major venture that would be troublesome for him alone.

But if a Legend Wizard helped, it might be fine.

Just when Marvin was planning to take Madeline to Steel City, he received two shocking pieces of news.

The first one was that… Wayne was leaving White River Valley.

An adventurer from the Adventurer Camp had relayed him the news.

He apparently met Wayne on the south side of White River Valley, and the latter was mumbling something while looking further south.

But the adventurer only saw endless wilderness in that direction, so what could he be looking at?

Wayne didn't explain. It seemed that the matter happened very suddenly and he just hurriedly wrote a letter to Marvin before leaving.

That adventurer passed him the letter.

Marvin took it and didn't see much written on it. In short, Wayne suddenly sensed something unique in the wilderness.

He saw a shrine in his mind. It was tall and imposing, with six pillars supporting a dome. An ancient voice was constantly mumbling to him.

He had to go.

The handwriting was very messy. It was clear that Wayne's mind was already focused on the shrine when he wrote it.

After Marvin read the letter, he wasn't too worried. In fact, he had a baffled expression.

He thanked the adventurer and gave him a small reward before pondering about it in his room.

Few people knew about Wayne being a Seer.

In the game, he had never heard the name Wayne, so he had probably been killed during the start of the disaster.

In this world, Wayne was alive. And as a Seer, he had something unique. Being able to see a bit into the future was quite amazing.

But what he saw might not necessarily be the real future.

If Wayne had left on his own to go somewhere else, Marvin would feel a bit worried.

The Gods would descend soon after all, so it might even be a God's trick.

But perhaps even the Gods wouldn't dare profane that southern area.

Feinan's deep south was an endless wilderness, which had countless Monsters. The reason they didn't come out and cause a disaster was a shrine.

Marvin naturally knew about that shrine, and it did fit Wayne's description.

"That's the only shrine of the Wizard God Lance in this world…" Marvin softly muttered.

As a Seer, Wayne saw the shrine and received its summons... What would happen?

Marvin's heart had a hint of expectation.

Wayne was very gifted. Even without Marvin, if White River Valley was in his hands, there wouldn't be much difference.

He would shine, but his brilliance had been eclipsed by Marvin's.

Marvin had a faint feeling about this trip to the shrine.

Wayne also needed to adventure and gain some experience. As for those Monsters in the wilderness, they wouldn't pose much of a threat to him.

Unless he met a powerful Beast King... but the probability of that was minimal.

After all, Wayne was a Seer and a Half-Legend Wizard.

Marvin was just putting Wayne's matter aside for the time being, when Anna suddenly rushed in and worriedly told him about one of the biggest matters which followed that previous fight.

After the battle in Steel City, the Legends left.

The old Alliance of the Seven Orders had their own matters and left first. Inheim also followed them.

O'Brien and Constantine originally wanted to return to White River Valley with Endless Ocean, but at that time, people of the Migratory Bird Council came.

It turned out that the Demon Army in the Supreme Jungle was fake.

It was a distraction created by Dark Phoenix to fool the Migratory Bird Council. There were actually very few Demons.

When they found out, the Great Druids immediately turned their attention to the South.

After Marvin killed Dark Phoenix, they didn't comment on that, and instead started blaming Endless Ocean!

Endless Ocean was a Great Druid nurtured by the Migratory Bird Council, yet she unexpectedly stole the four totemic pillars. This was the reason the Migratory Bird Council used to condemn her.

Facing the blame from her former friends, Endless Ocean remained silent and chose to return the four totemic pillars and return to the Supreme Jungle to accept the Council's trial.

Naturally, Constantine didn't agree, and he followed her.

O'Brien and Owl were afraid that the two would come to harm, so after making sure Marvin managed to kill Dark Phoenix and was safe, they followed them to the Supreme Jungle.

These past few days, the Migratory Bird Council had put Endless Ocean on trial.

Now, the outcome of the trial was out.

'Lifelong imprisonment? Guarding the World Tree?'

Marvin looked at the letter sent by Owl and had a dissatisfied expression.

Anyone would be angry at this outcome.

What a great Migratory Bird Council. When their help was needed, they didn't appear. Then they arrived after the event and actually blamed Endless Ocean, the only Great Druid who made a move.

Even without mentioning Constantine and Endless Ocean's close relationship, Marvin wouldn't allow this to happen.

But what made Marvin feel doubtful was that the Chairman of the Migratory Bird Council stated that if Marvin agreed to personally make a trip to the Supreme Jungle, the matter might take a turn for the better.

"That old fox wants to meet me?"

Marvin crumpled the paper and began thinking.

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