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Southern suburbs of Steel City.

The Divine Servants safely returned one by one, making Dark Phoenix feel more reassured.

Although the four Legends fighting her forces were powerful, they couldn't pass through the army of transformed Wizards for the time being, so there was nothing to worry about.

'Want to weaken me? Dream on!'

Dark Phoenix curled her lip in derision as she boasted in her mind, 'My followers are all over the continent. In such desperate times, everyone needs some hope.'

'Their Faith isn't very powerful, but with enough droplets, you can form an ocean, and that is more than enough.'

'No one can stop me!'

She ordered the Divine Servants to guard her attentively and had the transformed Wizards stall the four Legends. The Divine Servants wouldn't attack those Legends because they had to be ready for any of Marvin's tricks.

As long as she was safe, everything would go according to her plan.

Dark Phoenix closed her eyes and began to delve into the Godhood's countless Laws of Magic. Meanwhile, she also joined with the consciousness of thousands upon thousands of people across Feinan to keep spreading her influence and raising more threads of Faith. These represented the people becoming followers of the Goddess of Magic.

She was getting closer and closer to truly ascending.

Time flew by.

Marvin kept skipping through the Shadow Plane, coldly observing Dark Phoenix's moves.

Every movement was done through shifting positions with the Shadow Vortexes, so Dark Phoenix couldn't find any trace of him.

He was anxious for the first time.

It really was troublesome.

Marvin didn't recognize those runes in the sky, but at this pace, Dark Phoenix would be able to grasp her Godhood in two days!

If she succeeded, her power would be unfathomable.

Many spells that had vanished through the ages would reappear in her hands. She would truly become the Magic Goddess!

In this world filled with Chaos Magic Power, even those three powerful New Gods might not dare to claim that they could win against Dark Phoenix if she became the Goddess of Magic!

Even during the process, she would learn a lot of spells.

He couldn't let it keep going!

Dark Phoenix was still vulnerable right now. The more they let it drag on, the more followers she would get and the more spells she would master.

But Marvin had to clench his teeth and endure.

The Great Calamity couldn't be prevented.

Disturbances didn't only appear at Marvin's White River Valley. Several forces related to him also had issues.

In the North, Daniela still had to protect that Source of Fire's Order from the Demon army. It was unlikely for them to dispatch manpower to handle Dark Phoenix.

As for Thousand Leaves Forest, after the Great Elven King left, Ivan had to take responsibility and defend the territory.

The Wood Elves had no shortage of powerhouses, but they needed their king to lead them.

Ivan was originally greatly criticized, but because of the chaos and the desperate need for a leader, the position fell upon him.

It was uncertain whether or not this Wood Elven Prince could maintain the leadership in times of peace.

In this precarious situation, Tidomas' army appeared near Thousand Leaves Forest so Ivan was unable to help Marvin.

Although the Supreme Jungle's Migratory Bird Council didn't have dealings with Marvin very often, as Great Druids that revered nature, they knew that the birth of a God would engender widespread destruction. Moreover, Endless Ocean, Sky Fury, and Mother of Creation had some friendship with Marvin.

It was normal to send a few Great Druids to help out.

But things weren't going that well.

The recently established Sanctuary of the Migratory Bird Council also suffered an attack from outsiders.

A Devil army appeared in the northern side of the Millennium Mountain Range, killing their way toward the Supreme Jungle.

The Migratory Bird Council was doing their utmost to stop these Devils.

Eventually, the only one that came to help Marvin was Endless Ocean.

This was already largely different from what he had originally planned.

He had wanted to weaken the first group of followers because Dark Phoenix had used up a lot of her Divine Power to nurture them. Moreover, killing Divine Servants would deal some damage to Dark Phoenix's Divine Source.

That was quite a reasonable plan.

But because of the shortage of manpower, it hadn't gone as well as he'd hoped.

If Inheim, Ivan, Sky Fury, and the others had come, the Legends could have split into groups to attack different ones at the same time. They would have been able to kill most of the Divine Servants in a flash. Dark Phoenix wouldn't have time to react when she noticed.

But instead, only Marvin and Endless Ocean were there. They only killed a single Divine Servant before Dark Phoenix pulled the rest back.

Thus, the diversion created by O'Brien and the others became meaningless.

The worst thing was that the four Legends were surrounded by waves of transformed Wizards and getting away would be difficult.

If not for Dark Phoenix being afraid of Marvin's potential follow-up plan, she would have used the Divine Servants to focus on them. The four would have been in huge trouble!

Marvin was quite displeased with the outcome.

He could only force himself to implement the 2nd plan, which was a little risky.

Even worse, this plan normally would have used the help of four casters!

And he only had Endless Ocean at his side right now.

'I wonder if she is holding up…'

A hint of worry flashed across Marvin's eyes.

Although his friendship with Endless Ocean wasn't that deep, this woman who was as gentle as water gave him a very comfortable feeling.

She was also the one who had gifted him a False Divine Vessel, helping him grow before the Great Calamity.

Carrying out that part of the 2nd plan alone made Marvin worried about her.

But as he said before, now was the time to go all-out.

It wasn't just him. If they wanted to survive, all of Feinan's powerhouses needed to push their limits!

The consequences would be too terrible if Dark Phoenix ascended.


Marvin jumped from vortex to vortex, feeling very anxious.

At that time, the Thousand Paper Crane on his chest suddenly felt hot.

This was Endless Ocean's signal.

Everything was ready.

Marvin took a deep breath and tore that Thousand Paper Crane before exiting the Shadow Plane!

On top of the black tower, Dark Phoenix suddenly opened her eyes.

Marvin's figure instantly pierced through the Barrier set up by the Divine Servants and landed ten meters from Dark Phoenix!

'He actually dared to attack!'

'Is this guy not afraid of death?'

Dark Phoenix sneered and suddenly raised her hand, ready to see that guy's face pale in fright.

Even if she was weak right now, it wasn't to the point that she could be easily assassinated by a newly advanced Legend!

The vast Divine Power condensed. But suddenly, there seemed to be a force severing the source of her Divine Power!

Dark Phoenix was disconcerted!

Four bright lights came over from the nearby jungle, hovering around them!

Four totemic pillars rose up to the sky and formed a powerful Boundary, sealing the tower and trapping many transformed Wizards inside.

Endless Ocean was standing on a pillar, her back drenched in cold sweat!

She was controlling the four pillars on her own, which was far beyond what she could handle. Moreover, these four totems were forcefully severing Dark Phoenix's Divine Power Source.

She was extremely pale, but she was still holding on.


A stern expression flashed through Marvin's eyes.

The four totemic pillars were treasures guarded by the Migratory Bird Council for many years. It was rumored that during ancient times, the four totems were able to create Boundaries that could even kill Gods that had immense Divine Power!

The origins of the four totemic pillars were too mysterious. Even the oldest Great Druid didn't know.

They only knew that the Boundary set up by the four totemic pillars had two effects: [Absolute Divine Restriction] and [Absolute Magic Sealing]!

Within the Boundary, Divine Spells and other magic were completely ineffective.

Marvin was waiting for this opportunity.

Endless Ocean was risking her life to set up these four totemic pillars to give him such an opening. He couldn't fail!


Marvin didn't care about harming his body and forcibly increased his speed, attacking Dark Phoenix as fast as he could.

The Azure Leaf in his hand slashed down with extreme speed!

A tinge of nervousness flashed in Dark Phoenix's eyes before being replaced by a sneer.


Azure Leaf slashed at Dark Phoenix's head.

But a small barrier blocked it from hitting her.

Dark Phoenix came out unscathed.

Marvin's eyes went wide. "This is impossible!"

Even if she could overcome Azure Leaf's [Divine Restraint] and [Magic Penetration], Dark Phoenix was in the totems' boundary. How could she use magic?

But he had no time to think about it as Dark Phoenix's cold voice echoed in his ears. "Using a small boundary made by four totems to seal my Divine Power? Little Marvin, you are too naive."

"Or should I say, you believe too much in the strength of your battle companions?"

Marvin's body stiffened as Dark Phoenix ridiculed him!

He was actually unable to move his body.

He barely managed to turn his head, only to see Endless Ocean bleeding all over, blood trickling down from her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Regret filled her face as she fell down from the totemic pillar.

In the end, she couldn't seal Dark Phoenix's Divine Power on her own.

Marvin's plan also failed in an instant. Without someone to control them, even if the four totemic pillars still had some effect, they were unable to suppress Dark Phoenix.

"I won't let you die so fast. I'll make you watch as I rule this continent."

"I'll let you watch as your loved ones die…"

Dark Phoenix's cruel laughter echoed next to Marvin.

Then, a powerful energy assaulted Marvin and he sank into darkness, instantly losing consciousness!

[Astral Plane Seal]!


Within the army of transformed Wizards, Constantine, seeing Endless Ocean collapsing and Marvin disappearing, went berserk.

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