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Dark Phoenix looked at everything in front of her and smiled coldly.

It was all under control.

She glanced back at Endless Ocean and had a cruel idea.

A small group of scarlet-eyed Wizard Monsters turned and started to approach Endless Ocean.

Trapped within the army of Wizards, Constantine felt a sharp ache inside when he saw that scene.

He shouted angrily and gave up dodging as he desperately cut a bloody path through the Wizards like a living artillery shell!

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

He skillfully wielded firearms and swords together and in a flash, more than ten Wizards lost their lives.

But there were too many of them.

Moreover, after Marvin was sealed, Dark Phoenix became much less cautious.

She even dispatched two Divine Servants to intercept him.

These two Divine Servants were Legend Wizards! They threw some Legendary spells at Constantine as he continued trying to break through the army!

These were all deadly Legendary spells: Legendary Disintegrate, Legendary Death Ray, Legendary Aging...

Even Marvin with his high Magic Resistance wouldn't dare to take these spells head on.

Constantine was in a hurry and wanted to save Endless Ocean, but he couldn't just ignore the spells!

O'Brien and the rest of the group also sank into a dire predicament.

Dark Phoenix wouldn't act half-heartedly once she decided to attack.

With the blessing of Divine Power, these Legend Wizards were very frightening.

Each of their spells would have an earth-shattering effect. If the four didn't manage to avoid or defend against the spells, it was very likely that they would lose their lives!

"Cover me!"

Constantine's eyes were bloodshot as he rushed to O'Brien.

The latter nodded calmly.

Shadow Thief Owl quickly escaped into the Shadow Plane, while Lorant set a Celestial Boundary.

But this Order spell, which normally should have been incredibly powerful, seemed to be weakened by the erosiveness of the Chaos Magic Power.

Faced with the firepower of such a large number of Wizards, the barrier was in danger of breaking!

Lorant had no choice but to immediately make use of a treasure.

He was a Divine Servant of the Nature God. The treasures in the White Deer Cave were some of the best in Feinan. To deal with the current situation, he took out a small sapling!

In an instant, a vast nature aura spread out. The casting of the common Wizards was immediately disrupted.

They spat up blood and ended up battered, exhausted, and dishevelled.

Even the Legend Wizards failed their spells and shook because of this aura!

'Ancient Nature God's body?'

Dark Phoenix's eyes became burning hot!

Of the people present, only she knew about this sapling. Although the Nature God was slumbering, the lifeforms who served him all received generous presents. Even though this sapling wasn't the Nature God's actual body, it was definitely the body of one of his avatars!

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for it to have such formidable power.

The problem was that this small sapling couldn't be exposed in Feinan for too long or else it would disturb the Nature God's slumber.

Lorant used it to safeguard their lives in that desperate moment because he had no other choice.

But it did provide enough time for Constantine to make his preparations.

Constantine took out a weapon looking similar to Purple Brilliant!

'Although it's still a prototype, it should be usable!'

Constantine was greatly agitated as he saw the group of Wizards getting closer to Endless Ocean.

His hands moved at an unmatched speed as he quickly assembled and adjusted the components.

Dark Phoenix instinctively felt something wrong and warned, "Everyone spread out!"

But it was already too late.

"Die for me!" roared Constantine.


A huge explosion rattled the eardrums of everyone present!

A thick green light fiercely shot out from the cannon and all the Wizards struck by the beam turned to ooze!

Their howls of pain trailed off as they melted into muddy green puddles!

This was a gruesome sight. Even the Divine Servants felt apprehensive!

If not for Dark Phoenix's earlier warning, they might have tried to rush toward Constantine at that moment and would have probably suffered the same end!

With that one shot, the path was cleared.

Constantine's face was unpleasantly red after shooting the weapon and blood was leaking from the corner of his mouth.

At that time, he didn't take care of the weapon, instead taking advantage of the opening and using Demon Hunter Steps to rush to Endless Ocean's body!

O'Brien and Lorant didn't even have time to follow before the army of Wizard Monsters had once again surrounded them, cutting off their path!

A hint of amazement flashed through Dark Phoenix's eyes, but she still kept her cool!

Constantine's move accomplished nothing more than putting himself in the same situation as Endless Ocean.

These Legends would die today!

"Are you okay?"

Constantine looked anxiously at Endless Ocean, who had fallen next to a totemic pillar.

This unceasingly gentle woman was bleeding all over. Her figure looked tragically pitiful.

"I… It's fine."

With some difficulty, Endless Ocean wiped some blood off her face and softly began to ask, "Marvin…"

"Astral Plane Seal," Constantine answered bitterly.

Endless Ocean closed her eyes with a grimace.

It would take a Legend caster at the very least to remove Dark Phoenix's Astral Plane Seal. If Endless Ocean were fine, she could make the attempt.

But now...


The water totem issued a low sound.

That was due to Wizards attacking it.

The totemic pillar wouldn't last long with the energy it had left.

"Are we going to die?"

Endless Ocean's expression faltered.

Constantine gently held her shoulders and looked at her with his bloodshot eyes. "We won't... I'll save you."

"Believe me. I have a way."

But regardless of Constantine's determination, Endless Ocean's life aura was gradually dissipating.

Taking care of the four totems alone had proven to be too much for her.

But considering the situation, they'd had no other choice.

They could only take the risk.

If they succeeded in stopping Dark Phoenix at the initial stage of ascension, she would have been the one in a near-death state instead of Endless Ocean. Meanwhile, nobody had any idea about Marvin's condition within the Astral Plane Seal.

Given the circumstances, the outcome had greatly depended on luck.

Endless Ocean really did manage to sever Dark Phoenix's Divine Power, but only for a moment. Then, Dark Phoenix's mighty power immediately broke through Endless Ocean's seal, making her suffer instead. This also caused Marvin's attack to fail.

To guarantee proper activation, the four totemic pillars needed four Legend casters to control the boundary!

"In fact… I stole the four totemic pillars from the Migratory Bird Council."

Despite their current plight, Endless Ocean became very calm.

She explained in a soft voice, "I left them."

"They didn't dare to provoke Dark Phoenix. Moreover, they felt that setting themselves against the Gods wasn't a sensible decision. They are only a group of cowards that want to hide in a refuge, taking advantage of the power of the Ancient Nature God to keep themselves safe."

"I knew I wouldn't be able to suppress Dark Phoenix for long."

"But I remember that you once said that sometimes, people need to take a stand... didn't you?"

A magnificent smile appeared on that blood-stained face. "Leave quickly. Escape with O'Brien, there will still be hope as long as you all are fine."

"My body has already been mangled by Dark Phoenix's Divine Power. There is no hope for me. Leave quickly."

"Oh right, I'll say it in the end... I love you." She gazed firmly at Constantine as she softly muttered, "I didn't expect that I would be the first to say it in the end."


After saying this, she slowly closed her eyes, but her quivering eyelashes exposed the worry in her heart.

Constantine's face flushed red and he immediately picked up Endless Ocean.

"What are you doing?" Endless Ocean suddenly opened her eyes again.

"Dying here together is also good." Constantine laughed heartily. "I brought a nice gift with me to give to Dark Phoenix."

The two looked at each other with warm smiles.

The swaying grenades at Constantine's waist seemed unremarkable under the light of the totems.

When the time came, what was the point of worrying?

Isn't it enough to die alongside someone you love?

She laid down her disagreement with the Migratory Bird Council. He laid down the burdens of leading the Shas.

The two were merely a pair of ordinary lovers.

The light of the totemic pillar was constantly weakening.

Death was apparently already playing its requiem.

As for the rest of the group in the middle of the Wizard army, they were in deep trouble. The Divine Servants had already joined in, making O'Brien unable to keep holding them off.

He was starting to get wounded.

Shadow Thief Owl tried his best to kill a Legend Divine Servant, but his arm was hit by a Petrifaction spell and he almost couldn't escape.

Everything seemed to be going badly.

Constantine took a deep breath and gently kissed Endless Ocean's forehead.

He prepared to rush out of the protection of the totemic pillar to give Dark Phoenix a pleasant surprise.

He believed the surprise would be enough to open up a chance for O'Brien and the others to escape.

But before he was ready, he heard a faint sound as a figure seemed to be flashing over from the eastern sky!

A Golden Griffin was flying over, carrying a Wood Elven Girl who was holding a precious sword!

And in the west, a shadow kept flickering, also approaching quickly.

Constantine froze. He had been planning to dash out from the protection of the pillar, but he decided to wait for now.

Hmm? Perhaps this could be a turning point?

Astral Plane.

Cold. Dark. Boundless.

Marvin didn't know how long he had slumbered for before he awakened.

He wouldn't die here thanks to his Ruler of the Night constitution, but he ended up just drifting around.

Here, time lost its meaning.

He didn't know what happened in Feinan.

He also couldn't control his own body.

He had no idea how long he had been drifting before a gentle light appeared in front of him.

He was sucked into the ball of light.

After his eyes adapted to the bright light, he faintly saw a Dragon looking at him with interest. It wasn't one of those Dragons from Feinan; it looked like the Dragons depicted in the eastern countries of his world.

The Dragon's wings were tucked close to his body, and he asked with a very human-like expression:

"So, you are the one Lance chose?"

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