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It hadn't even occurred to Marvin that Ancestor's Mystery might activate here.

This thing was essentially a sealing item, used to restrain the Archdevil's head. After he had put it on, the Archdevil's head knew its place and the black-gowned old man didn't appear near White River Valley anymore.

As for the Ancestor's Mystery bracelets themselves, they hadn't had any other changes.

But when he entered the Secret Garden, his wrists grew hot.

This surprised Marvin, but he didn't check the unusual condition of Ancestor's Mystery first. Instead, he calmly observed the situation in the surroundings.

The Secret Garden's entrance was on a green field with all kinds of crops planted throughout. Even the paths were surrounded with pleasing vegetation, and the fragrance gathered in the air, making the place look very beautiful and relaxing.

But Marvin knew that this was only a facade created by the Magic Medicine King.

Since he entered the Secret Garden, each and every move was under the grasp of Magic Medicine King Eric.

The surrounding scenery might be real, or might be fake.

'No good. The priority is to leave this place.'

'If I check the issue with Ancestor's Mystery here, I might run into trouble.'

Marvin began to move while using [Earth Perception] at the same time.

He tried to use his mind to connect with this place, but this space was essentially a Demi-Plane opened by the ancient Mikenshi school of magic. The plane laws were very different from those of Feinan Plane. Up to this point, Marvin still wasn't able to perceive anything.

The [Lost Villa] was set up on a small flat hill. During their golden age, the Mikenshi Wizards used the Secret Garden as a public gathering ground for Wizards. Many Wizards would come here from across the Dead Area to communicate and trade. It could be seen how much the place was flourishing from the huge buildings.

But as an area of the Secret Garden, the Lost Villa had very few good things, only many dangers.

Marvin knew that after the Magic Medicine King swallowed the Wizard Apprentice Eric, it first went to the Lost Villa. It was there that it frantically learnt the ancient Mikenshi Wizards' knowledge.

The way it gained knowledge was very simple, and that was… eating!

The Magic Medicine King occupied this place for a millennium and ate all the useful books, only leaving behind some Magic Items that it most likely couldn't use. Besides a few specific places, the other areas were all in a mess.

Marvin kept moving forward in the Lost Villa's building complex, maintaining a certain speed.

He wasn't walking very quickly because that would arouse the suspicion of the Magic Medicine King, who was secretly observing.

But he wasn't worried. After all, there were five Legends who had entered previously. The Magic Medicine King's attention should mainly be focused on them.

After all, there were five Legends! The greedy Eric wanted to digest them, but it would be a long-term plan.

Marvin progressed along a shabby street. He stood at the hilltop and looked back. Over on the green field, some people could be seen rushing in.

However, the people that came in seemed to have a bad relationship. They had only just entered the Secret Garden and already began attacking each other.

This made Marvin shake his head and sigh.

He ignored these people and continued forward, quickly reaching a fairly spacious residential building.

He went in and found that it was free of dust.

'Even a small room like this had an enduring [Dirtless] enchantment.'

Marvin instantly noticed the reason behind the room's cleanliness.

He didn't check further into the details though, instead looking at his own wrists while still maintaining a vigilant attitude.

The two simple bracelets had become even hotter.

They seemed very anxious, growing hotter and hotter at a certain rate.

After a while, the bracelets even began to flicker with a red glimmer.

Marvin pondered… It felt like déjà vu.

The Archdevil was sealed and shouldn't have a chance to play a trick. Then what could it be?

Marvin remained bemused.

But suddenly, he realized that there was a familiar aura!

'This is grandfather's aura?'

'Yes, it's the same as the painting!'

Marvin was shocked and immediately began to feel the change of the Ancestor's Mystery.

Just as expected, when his mind came in contact with the bracelets, the painting of a youth shot out, forming a figure in the air!

"Glad to see you once again, Lil' Marvin." The youth blinked.

Marvin forced a smile.

Under the silent night sky, a shooting star suddenly appeared at a corner of White River Valley.

The shooting star spiralled for a very long time before ultimately settling down on the castle's tallest balcony.

The flying magic carpet audibly created some wind as it landed, and a young man alighted from it.

"I have to say, it's completely unreasonable that you are so talented without even awakening our family bloodline." A gentle voice could be heard, before continuing while feeling aggravated, "Even Marvin with his trash innate talent could awaken his bloodline, it's way too strange."

"Big Sis Daniela, you can't speak that way about my older brother." Wayne's expression was gentle, but hearing Daniela's disdain while talking about Marvin, he felt dissatisfied.

"Yeah, who knows which god forsaken place your older brother is at now! The last traces of him were in Rocky Mountain, fooling around with those three women… Now he is most likely already in the Dead Area. He's even missing his younger brother's tenth birthday. As his fiancée, could it be that I can't say a word about it?" Daniela's eyes looked fierce.

Very few people in White River Valley could speak rudely about Marvin, but Daniela was one of them.

The pitiful future Ice Empress, because of her oath, and because of Marvin coming to this world, was temporarily unable to return to the North.

She simply remained in White River Valley, acting like a mistress and helping with the construction in White River Valley.

She complained a bit more, and Wayne couldn't say much about it.

At that time, Anna, who had been standing silently to the side, suddenly asked, "Young Master Wayne, did you find Lady Hathaway on your trip to the Three Ring Towers?"

Wayne shook his head, squeezing out a smile shortly after. "Although I didn't find her, she left me a magic training manual and had another Wizard pass it on to me."

"I trained in Ashes Tower for a long time and now finally had a bit of a breakthrough. Next time we meet trouble, I'll be able to help Brother a bit."

"Breakthrough?" Daniela asked with shock.

She looked closely at Wayne and questioned doubtfully, "You advanced to Legend?"

"No no no, I haven't." Wayne smiled, "It's just that I walk on a different path from ordinary Wizards."

"Ancient Wizards' training method?" Daniela muttered softly. "So what level are you at now? It's been a while since I saw your strength. You actually train so fast…"

Wayne smiled shyly. "3rd rank."

Daniela remained speechless.

That freak in front of her became a 3rd rank Wizard at the age of ten.

It had to be known that months earlier, he had merely been a Wizard Apprentice! During that time, he gave up on his original path and chose an alternate path, an ancient training method that Hathaway suggested for him, no longer relying on the Universe Magic Pool.

This definitely increased the casting difficulty, but his progress was still outstanding.

His progress would make anyone jealous.

Daniela herself was a heaven-defying genius, but compared to Wayne, she still seemed inferior.

"Rest early. There are some matters to discuss tomorrow. And Sir Constantine said that in a few days, some big characters will come to the castle." Anna reminded him in a gentle voice, "Lord Marvin isn't present, so you are now in charge of the castle's decisions."

Wayne nodded. He used a simple spell and returned in his bedroom.

Suddenly, a ghostly shadow appeared beside him.

"Sir Owl," Wayne greeted calmly.

"3rd rank, huge progress. It seems like you were greatly motivated by your elder brother." Shadow Thief Owl smiled, but then his expression turned solemn. "Did you meet any issues on your trip to Ashes Tower?"

Wayne shook his head, softly replying, "Although Lady Hathaway is imprisoned, the people of Ashes Tower are still unaware. Lady Dark Phoenix apparently doesn't want to get involved with the inner workings of the Ashes Tower."

Owl nodded. "You did great. With Hathaway sealing herself in ice, Marvin should be going crazy. He is already under too much pressure."

"Since he is now in the Dead Area, we should help him out with what matters we can." Owl sighed. "Constantine already started contacting people. Even if Dark Phoenix is powerful, she shouldn't be able to fight several Legends."

Wayne hesitated, before clenching his teeth and saying, "Sir Owl, the matter of rescuing Lady Hathaway... I think it might not be that simple."

"I had a dream. In the dream… She was very formidable."

Owl froze. His expression then turned grave. "Tell me about your dream."

It felt a bit strange for a vivid image of his supposedly dead grandfather to appear in front of him.

But it wasn't the first time, so Marvin could accept it.

Both of them quickly began to discuss and Marvin asked why there was such a strange reaction from Ancestor's Mystery.

He found out that it was because the Secret Garden Demi-Plane was very close to Hell!

The barrier of the Universe Magic Pool was very thin and the obstruction between planes was minimal.

This change was first noticed by his grandfather in Hell. He immediately decided to contact Marvin.

He brought Marvin both good news and bad news.

The good news was that he would soon escape from his trap.

And the bad news was...

[Wizard Calendar Year 819 Month 1 Day 16]

The Gods would attack the Universe Magic Pool.

Hearing this news, Marvin froze!

'The Great Calamity is coming ahead of time!'

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