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Mana Wraith Eric was a very unique existence.

From what Marvin knew, he was the key to opening the Secret Garden's entrance.

Back when the Wizard Apprentice named Eric was swallowed by the Magic Medicine King, a part of his soul formed into resentment.

It had a willpower that couldn't be neglected. Even though it was swallowed by the Magic Medicine King, the latter wasn't willing to digest that resentment. Otherwise it might be assimilated by the resentment.

Thus, it simply expelled the resentment from its body before pouring its own magic power in it to turn it into an independent resentful ghost with a body made of magic power.

That Mana Wraith involuntarily became the Magic Medicine King's accomplice.

After all, the real Wizard Apprentice Eric had already died and the Mana Wraith was only left with some of Eric's anger and resentment.

Because it was restricted to the Secret Garden due to its nature, the Magic Medicine King was unable to free itself from the prison the Mikenshi Wizards had created.

Thus, it needed someone to help it open the Secret Garden and then close it at a suitable time.

That was the Mana Wraith.

Marvin suddenly opened his eyes. Since he caught that guy's existence, if he didn't chase now, when would he go?

While using Earth Perception, Marvin grasped the Mana Wraith's location and used Night Tracking.

His movements were graceful like the wind, melding into the darkness of the night. Even if he hadn't meticulously used Stealth, few people would have been able to notice Marvin.

Ten seconds later, Marvin found him in a ruined courtyard.

This just happened to be convenient for Marvin.

The Mana Wraith grew alert, raising his head while angrily looking at Marvin, and let out a wretched laughter. "Fertilizer…"

"Fertilizer is coming..."

After saying this, he suddenly pounced at Marvin!

Pure Chaos Magic Power condensed into a pair of sharp claws, swiping fiercely at Marvin!

But before it reached him, Marvin took out an object and weighed it in his hand.

The Mana Wraith froze instantly.

The thing in Marvin's hand was a dazzling ball. He laughingly asked, "So anxious to make a move? Could it be that you don't want to chat with me?"

The Mana Wraith glanced at Marvin.

The power of the Sun Sphere gave him a feeling of danger. That thing had a restraining effect against ghosts, the undead, and beings of darkness.

Even the Hook Horror family that was able to move unhindered in the dangerous Underdark was burnt to death under the effect of these Sun Spheres.

Let alone a small Mana Wraith.

"There is nothing worth talking about with fertilizer…"

The Mana Wraith turned and fled!

The Magic Medicine King's order was to find a deserted place to open the Secret Garden and then attract a wave of people in.

If he was found, he couldn't carry out his plan.

His thoughts were already under the control the Magic Medicine King and he simply couldn't remember what had happened back then.

But Marvin could do something about it.

"Really?" A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. "You sure you don't want to discuss with me, Eric?"

The Mana Wraith stopped.

"You… What did you say?" He turned around fiercely. "You dare to call out Master's name?"

Marvin looked at him with pity, "Poor Eric, could it be that you still don't remember who swallowed your soul and flesh, and even stole your name? Your so-called master is only a Magic Medicine bound to be eaten by people. You were his master once."

The Mana Wraith had an odd expression and angrily pointed at Marvin as he yelled with false bravado, "You are talking nonsense!"

But his expression was betraying him.

He stood there, motionless. Some memories finally started awakening thanks to Marvin.

Marvin was pleased.

He wasn't wrong.

The time when the Mana Wraith left the garden was when the Magic Medicine King's control over him was at its weakest. At that time, with some key words, it should be very easy to make the Mana Wraith remember what had happened.

This was very helpful to Marvin's plan.

The Mana Wraith seemed very unstable. He looked like he was at a loss, sometimes angry, sometimes peaceful, sometimes fierce.

After a while his expression became strange and his voice turned gloomy. "I… I am Eric."

Marvin inwardly sighed. 'Actually, you aren't Eric. You are only Eric's resentment, nothing more.'

But of course he wouldn't say that now, since he had a use for the Mana Wraith.

"Indeed, you are Eric," Marvin grimly said. "Not only did the Magic Medicine King swallow your body and soul, it stole your name and tricked you."

"Who are you? Why would you know so much?" The Mana Wraith still had a hard time believing him.

"I'm only a passerby who has read many books." Marvin shrugged. "I know your mission is to open the Secret Garden. You'll open the entrance sooner or later, right?"

He Mana Wraith was silent for a moment, not understanding. "Since you know about the Magic Medicine King's existence, why would you still want to go in to become fertilizer?"

Marvin calmly told him, "I have reasons. A friend of mine is inside, and I want to make sure he comes out unscathed. Moreover, how could you be certain whether I would become that Eric's food?"

He especially stressed the word Eric.

Sure enough, the Mana Wraith irritably retorted, "I am Eric! It is only a Magic Medicine! Damn!"

Marvin smiled faintly. "Yeah? But you appear to have no means to act against it. It calls itself Eric, while you are just a nameless Mana Wraith."

The Mana Wraith looked at Marvin somewhat fanatically. "I'll kill it!"

"You? Impossible," dismissed Marvin. "If you return to the Secret Garden, you'll once again return under its control. Aren't I right?"

The Mana Wraith was annoyed, but admitted, "You are very right."

"I don't have a way to fight that guy, it is too strong."

"You can't even imagine how powerful it is…"

"How powerful it is will be my matter. If you are willing to land me a hand, I'll have a chance to get rid of the 'Eric' that is a Magic Medicine," Marvin assured. "I also came here for the Magic Medicine King, but I need a bit of your help."

The Mana Wraith examined Marvin, but ultimately shook his head. "You are very strong, but not his match."

"Believe me, I'm much stronger than you can imagine," Marvin said grimly. "Since I know of the Magic Medicine King and still dare to come, I definitely have a way to handle him."

The Mana Wraith was silent for a moment before finally asking, "What do you need me to do?"

"First, open the Secret Garden's entrance and let me in," Marvin instructed. "As for the others, you can follow the Magic Medicine King's arrangements."

"Second, I need you to tell me where the Magic Medicine King's main body is located, as well as how to see through his disguise and illusions."

The Mana Wraith shook his head, "Opening the entrance is fine, but I don't know how to see through his disguise and his illusions are too powerful…"

He then changed his attitude a bit, muttering irresolutely, "As for his location, I can actually tell you."

"His main body is in a hidden area beyond the remains of the Astral Sea Monster, in the [First Garden of Eden]."

Marvin nodded.

This information wasn't much different from what he could remember. He wanted to verify whether the information from his previous life was reliable or not.

After all, it was second-hand information.

But when it came to this, Marvin suddenly asked, "What level is the Magic Medicine King's Illusion skill at? As strong as Hell Nightmares?"

The Mana Wraith hesitated for a moment before confirming, "More or less."

A strange expression flashed in Marvin's eyes.

Soon after, he pondered a bit and told the Mana Wraith, "Open the entrance. Let me experience how terrifying illusions that are comparable to those of Hell's Dream Demons are."

The Mana Wraith listened to him and opened a Teleportation Gate.

Marvin walked in.

At that time, a sneer appeared on the Mana Wraith's face. "You overestimate yourself…"

After entering, Marvin arrived in a strange place.

A rich fragrance floated in the air, and coming here from the Dead Area felt like jumping from the cold of midwinter to the liveliness of spring.

Marvin stood on a wide open field, and could see a small flat hill in the distance.

There were many buildings there that had the style of the ancient Mikenshi school.

This was the Secret Garden's first area, the [Lost Villa].

Marvin was about to go uphill, when he suddenly felt his wrists burning!

Ancestor's Mystery had a reaction!

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