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A+ A- Chapter 369: Xunshan Monastery

Breathing sounds in the distance were distinctly audible in the cold.

A handsome man was sitting alone in an ancient village, listening.

Nearby, a red crow was flapping its wings restlessly while watching everything.

The man suddenly moved, making a grasping motion in the air.

The red crow was instantly torn apart!

An angry voice came from outside the village. "Ivan! Don't think that no one dares to act against you just because you are the son of the Great Elven King!"

"We found the Secret Garden first! Do you think you can defeat all of us alone?"

Powerful silhouettes could be seen in the surroundings of the Ancient Village.

The words came from the Wizard who had been controlling the crow.

He was a Half-Legend Wizard, and his words simply had no worth in front of Ivan, the Elven War Saint.

Ivan simply ignored him.

He only continued sitting calmly in the middle of the village with a determined expression.

Except him, no one dared to enter the village.

Because every single person who had entered the village was killed!

The Wood Elves would rarely use such fierce means, but in the past few days, many corpses had piled up outside the village.

Despite it being this way, there were still many people gathering outside the Ancient Village.

They were waiting for the hidden place to open.

The Secret Garden of the Dead Area was rumored to have countless mystical medicines. Ivan had suffered a lot to look for medicine

that could cure injuries caused by flames made from Divine Source, but he found nothing.

Now that he knew the Secret Garden was about to open, he definitely couldn't miss it!

'There are still seven days… The news has already been leaked.'

'At that time, who knows how many Legends will be there…'

Worry flashed in Ivan's eyes.

Even though this land was rather deserted, there were many experts here.

The Secret Garden's opening was bound to attract the attention of many Legend experts.

Ivan wasn't worried about ordinary Legends.

It was just that he had crossed swords with some powerful Legends in other regions of the Dead Area. They were descendants of Ancient Races, people with fierce innate constitutions. Even if he was an Elven War Saint, he couldn't overpower everything.

'If those powerhouses join hands, it would be troublesome,' Ivan thought calmly, keeping a determined expression on his face.

This time, whoever blocked his path would be torn into pieces!

Because every night when he closed his eyes, he recalled the scene of that burning black hole on that nearly perfect body!


At the same time, a weak-looking shadow appeared at the edge of the Dead Area.

When Marvin stepped onto the Dead Area's rough soil, two and a half days had already passed.

The Dead Area had a fog that would never change all year long.


Marvin felt a bit excited. He had spent two and a half days walking through the Seafloor Tunnel.

He would have been

been sitting for a whole month if he went by boat!

In the latter half of the Seafloor Tunnel, he met some powerful monsters, such as a Bebilith!

But Marvin wasn't a weak noble anymore, so he easily defeated these random monsters.

He had a pleasant journey and arrived safely at the Dead Area.

The tunnel exited from the west side of the Pambo Sea. The eastern coast of the Dead Area was a relatively safe region which had scattered Human villages.

Most of the people in these villages were wanderers or people who were sent to the Dead Area in exile, so the public security wasn't too good.

Marvin casually looked for a small village to resupply, and more importantly, to exchange some broken pieces of silver to buy a horse.

After getting a horse, he easily found the route to Xunshan Monastery.

The fierce horse rushed through the fog, and with Marvin's good eyesight, he could easily see the path ahead.

Xunshan Monastery was situated in the center of the Dead Area. From the coast, he would need a good half a day to reach there, as long as he didn't take a wrong path.

Although Marvin didn't have a complete map of the Dead Area in his mind, there wouldn't be any mistake about the path.

Below the monastery there was a flourishing town that was considered famous in the Dead Area.

Marvin wanted to find information about Ivan there. Otherwise, it would be very

be very hard to locate him with how big the Dead Area was.

He believed that since Ivan had come to find medicine for the Great Elven King, he definitely would have gone to a few famous towns in the Dead Area to look for information.

Wood Elves would be quite conspicuous in this place filled with Ancient Races' descendants. There shouldn't be much trouble getting some information about him.

On his way, Marvin met several groups of bandits. But when they saw that he was alone and gave off a feeling that was out of the ordinary, they just let him pass.

After Marvin arrived at Xunshan Town, he released a task to get information about the Wood Elf's whereabouts through an informant before continuing to Xunshan Monastery.

Xunshan Town and Xunshan Monastery were like two different worlds.

The former was lively and flourishing, while the latter was high in the mountains. To get there, one would need to traverse a rugged mountain road that was a bit broken down and required climbing at parts.

Inside the monastery, a group of Monks were training.

They carried the secret techniques from the past, training in them assiduously. Xunshan Monastery was most famous because of an expert that had come from there. It was said that his strength was enough to shake the Overlords of all the nearby sea areas. It must be known that the Pambo Sea's Overlords were all powerful Sea Monsters with extraordinary Monsters with extraordinary strength.

That super-expert was a Legend Monk who had advanced to Cloud Monk.

In terms of just stats, that class was more powerful than Inheim's Guardian Monk class!

Marvin followed the rough path and found a group of meditating Monks.

The person in charge of the teachings was an old man. His body was marked by the passage of time and was frighteningly withered, as if there was only a layer of skin on his bones.

"Excuse me, may I ask who you are looking for?" the old man inquired while glancing sideways at Marvin.

In a daze, Marvin had a strange feeling like he was returning to the ancient martial arts world.

A group of Monks practicing ancient techniques in a mountain monastery gave that sort of impression.

"I am here to deliver a letter."

Marvin smiled, taking out a letter and handing it over.

The old man took a look a handed it back. "The recipient isn't here."

"He lives behind the mountain. Walk past that bridge and you can find him in his cave."

"That's a strange person, you should be careful."

Marvin already knew that Professor's friend wasn't part of this group of Monks. He was a Blade Technique Master hiding in Xunshan Monastery!

He was called Kangen.

With the old man's permission, Marvin left and rushed to the back of the mountain.

At the same time, a group of Black Knights also stopped in Xunshan Town.

"It's nearby… Search attentively!" Sangore coldly ordered.

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