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A+ A- Chapter 368: Time Breakpoint

Marvin still felt that it was dangerous to use the Book of Nalu.

Even though the Rebirth page was relatively safe, that was when compared to the other pages. He nearly got fucked by the book of Nalu last time with Madeline, almost ending up becoming its slave.

Thus, he remained at a respectful distance from it. The God of Deception wasn't benevolent, and the way he fell was very strange. And Berserk Lord Angola exploding was good enough proof of the Book of Nalu's dangerous nature.

But he didn't have much choice this time.

The fake Hathaway made by Dark Phoenix was a physical body that evolved from her Divine Source. If he wanted to trick Dark Phoenix while taking care of that problem, he could only use the treasure left behind by the God of Deception.

Marvin was the master of that page of the Book of Nalu, and since he had that [Spirit Armband] raising his willpower, his control over the Book of Nalu had increased quite a lot.

By the time the page finished absorbing the Divine Source, the scene of him being pursued appeared in his mind.

These scenes were created perfectly by the Book of Nalu and the crafty book knew how to mislead Dark Phoenix's investigation.

Everything went smoothly.

Dark Phoenix was indeed deceived and from the

Book of Nalu's reaction, she shouldn't be paying much attention to this fake Hathaway anymore.

After all, as a God, she had many things to take care of before the Great Calamity.

In the cave, Marvin slightly relaxed.

After the Book of Nalu finished absorbing the Divine Source, the fake Hathaway's body disappeared.

A drop of scarlet blood floated in the air.

Marvin extended his hand, letting the drop of blood land on his palm.

But as it touched his skin, the blood turned appallingly black!

Marvin was a bit startled, but before he could react, the black drop of blood went through his pores and was absorbed into his body.

In an instant, Marvin felt his blood starting to boil!

Some kind of dormant power seemed to be awakening.

But this feeling only lasted for less than half a minute.

Marvin could feel that this drop of black blood had been instantly devoured by his bloodline.

A flickering flow of information went through Marvin's mind.

He opened his eyes after a while with an expression of shock. 'Curse of the Anzed Witch?'

There was an additional curse on Marvin's status window.

This curse was called [Time Breakpoint].

Its effect was that for three days, Marvin's body would be stuck at that point in time and wouldn't age.

This was a very strange curse.

Even with Marvin's high Resistances, he would still be cursed

cursed for three days.

That was only one drop of Hathaway's blood!

Marvin understood a lot from that drop.

'Turns out this is the cause of the matter with Hathaway's age.'

'It's not her using three shapes. It's actually the Anzed Witch hereditary curse flaring up.'

'6 years old, 16 years old, 26 years old, three Breakpoints. It wasn't that she liked to change her appearance to those three shapes, but rather that she was trapped between these three Breakpoints.'

'There are still strange curses and special constitutions like that…'

Even the knowledgeable Marvin hadn't known about it and couldn't help but mock himself.

Hathaway's blood was cursed with the Breakpoint curse, making her cycle between different Breakpoints.

It sounded pretty good, like a clever way to reach immortality. But something like time was very mysterious.

Once broken, some unimaginable circumstances would appear.

Marvin could guess that Hathaway anxiously wanted to take care of her curse.

Because this curse not only restricted her power's growth, but would also create danger not far in the future.

Her mind might eventually split into three personalities because of the three Breakpoints.

The three personalities would try to separate from each other, leading to devastating injuries.

She originally thought that after advancing to Legend, the curse would be easily taken care of... but it wasn't.

She planned to use this time while sealed in ice to try

to try to come up with ways to deal with the curse.

Originally, Marvin wasn't supposed to know about this.

Fortunately, his Shapeshift Sorcerer bloodline was powerful enough after breaking through thanks to the Golden Blood he had used. With its overbearing nature, it managed to absorb Hathaway's blood, allowing Marvin to get those pieces of information.

In all likelihood, Dark Phoenix didn't notice it, or else she would have made use of this information.

Marvin's feeling of crisis was now more intense.

From the start, Hathaway wasn't safe in Dark Phoenix's hand. He had to advance to Legend as fast as possible!

Thinking of this, he started checking around the small island to find a depression in the ground.

That was the entrance to the tunnel!

The depression led to a deep cave which was guarded by a few Sirens. With his current strength, Marvin had no issue negotiating with them… Using his daggers.

After a few minutes, he followed the cave and entered the seafloor.

A huge blue stone door flickering with a faint glow was now in front of Marvin.

There was a strange smiling face on the door. That face wasn't carved in… It was actually a Greed Stone Monster.

This undersea tunnel's origin was very old, but few people knew about it.

Marvin approached and the Greed Stone Monster blinked before stating, "500 gold. 450 will gold. 450 will also work."

Marvin immediately paid 500 gold coins.

That monster was not only greedy, but also very mean. If you truly wanted to save a bit and decided to pay 450, then you'd definitely regret it.

Who knew where that guy would send you!

"Ding Ding Ding!" The gold coins fell in the Greed Stone Monster's mouth. The blue entrance then opened wide.

Marvin went through the blue curtain of light that was behind the door, and it was as if he crossed through a long expanse of space.

This was the wonder of the Seafloor Tunnel. Each step was like a hundred steps. All kinds of runes were there, and based on the description during the game, this tunnel was something that existed before the Primal Chaos Era. That was around the era of the Night Monarch.

The first third of the tunnel had no dangers. Marvin unconsciously quickened his pace, rushing forward.

Sunrise Island. While the central main street was bustling with activity, the sounds of horses' hooves suddenly echoed!

Everyone was shocked; the central main street prohibited horses! This was the Lord's inflexible rule. And today someone dared to violate that law?!

A total of six Black Knights overbearingly rushed through the crowd!

Everyone was in uproar.

The leader was Black Knight Sangore.

Sangore was looking at a small island in the distance, muttering, "God's Book..."

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