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A+ A- Chapter 366: Sunrise Island

The Chaotic Memory Construct, Slaughterer.

Marvin thought that after he escaped from Saruha, Slaughterer would just roam around the ruins.

He hadn't expected it to chase him out of Saruha.

'Could it be following some mark left on me?'

Marvin's heart sank. Slaughterer's fighting strength was very high. It didn't feel good being tracked by that guy.


The rough mechanical voice sounded grim.

Slaughterer looked sharp and full of killing intent, and its hands had been changed into electric chainsaws!


The chainsaws kept revving as its eyes flickered with a dangerous red light. "Intruder… Die!"

The three sisters frowned.

Jessica looked at Marvin. "Friend?"

Marvin shook his head.


Marvin nodded firmly.

The Fate Sorceress burst out with a frightening seven-colored radiance, engulfing Slaughterer in an instant!

Marvin was stupefied. It only took Jessica seven seconds to… forcefully tear apart that invulnerable piece of metal!

Seeing the proud Slaughterer being torn into pieces, Marvin realized he had been worried for nothing.

Jessica was an existence as famous as the North's Valkyrie, and her 6th layer Fate Power was more than enough.

After Marvin thanked Jessica, he found the part he wanted from the pile of scraps.

That was the final Memory Chip which belonged to Slaughterer itself.

Thus, all five of the Memory Chips were gathered in the box.

After everything was settled, Marvin bid the three sisters farewell and rested a bit.

After killing the Pale Hand, he didn't find anyone else hiding in the surroundings.

During his fight, he had felt that there were two people hiding in the dark.

One of them had a familiar aura.

Gwyn's face came to his mind and he had wondered why he hadn't immediately escaped when seeing the Pale Hand, but Marvin assumed he had his reasons.

In fact, after Marvin killed Sky, Gwyn and the other person left immediately.

Marvin guessed that the other one was also be a Vampire.

In any case, the issue was settled. After the three sisters

left, he went on his way and quickly reached the City of Knowledge.

This time he didn't need to inform the Scholars of the City of Knowledge and instead used the pass Mark 47 had given him. He was immediately granted access by the construct who had nothing to do all year round and secretly rushed to the Pearl Tower.

Marvin didn't bother with greetings and went straight to the heart of the matter.

"You found my Memory Chip?" Mark 47 was overjoyed. His human-like features reached perfection and Marvin was surprised to feel his genuine happiness.

Sure enough, everything related to Lance was outstanding, even if it was a construct.

Marvin nodded as he took out the small box containing the Memory Chips.

Mark 47 scanned the five Memory Chips and took a dark yellow one.

"Only this one is mine… The others aren't."

It seemed that it was this Memory Chip that caused Slaughterer to have chaotic memories.

Mark 47 easily opened up a part of his body to insert the Memory Chip. In fact, with all his free time, he had already dismantled his own body before and was highly efficient in this regard. It only took an instant for him to set it up.

"How is it?" Marvin hopefully asked.

If this Chip was really what Mark 47 needed, he would not only gain 100000 general exp, but also a large amount of information!

He had too many questions regarding this world.

The most powerful and wise being in this world was certainly God Lance. The construct he left behind would surely know a lot of things that Marvin was interested in.

"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

Mark 47's body issued a sound like a strange warning before calming down.

The construct's face was a bit strange as he apparently recalled some memories, before ultimately releasing a deep sigh.

"This is my Memory Chip… But it isn't complete."

"From the information

information inside, it seems like my Memory Chip has been split up into four and this is merely one piece. Hmmm… There are three more, and they seem to be located in some particularly dangerous places."

"I also recalled some memories, but they are still quite fragmented and not very pleasing. I need you to quickly help me find the other parts!"

Mark 47 firmly added, "I can increase the quest reward."

An hour later, Marvin left Pearl Tower in a complicated mood.

His quest had been updated, and now he needed to find the remaining three pieces of the Memory Chip.

And this time, Mark 47's reward for each piece was 50000 exp!

The previous quest had already been cancelled and Marvin received 50000 general experience for that piece of the Memory Chip.

Marvin was glad to get some experience.

But looking at the map in his hand, he couldn't help but smile bitterly.

It was as Mark 47 had said. The remaining pieces were in very dangerous areas.

One of them was on the opposite side of the Pambo Sea, in the Dead Area.

But it was in a forbidden region of the Dead Area. Marvin hadn't planned to go there this time.

'Well, let's see how it goes.'

Marvin inwardly sighed as he put away the map.

His happiness from dealing with Sky had already disappeared.

He had received some shocking news from Mark 47!

Although it was only a part of his Memory Chip, Mark 47 still remembered some things.

As he deciphered the complex explanation, Marvin discovered a shocking secret!

According to the construct, while he was following Lance, Lance had met some issues!

The Great Wizard God had to take various measures in order to deal with them.

The disappearance of the Wizard God in the 4th Era wasn't accidental; it was a necessary move.

As for whether he was successful or not, Mark 47 didn't know.

But this matter was apparently

was apparently connected to the Universe Magic Pool.

These scattered pieces of information made Marvin feel a chill.

He had always thought that the matter of the Gods attacking the Universe Magic Pool wasn't simple, but there weren't any clues so he couldn't make further guesses.

50000 general experience from the quest, plus a bit over 10000 for killing Sky. With all that, Marvin seemed to have a lot of exp.

But to level up to Level 9 Night Walker, he needed 140000 exp, and he needed as much as 200000 to reach Level 10.

This was how much Marvin needed before being able to advance to Ruler of the Night.

Fortunately, he already had a solution.

The Ghosts of the Dead Area. This trip wouldn't only be about finding Ivan. He would also find a few spots he remembered like Saruha to farm huge piles of experience.

He returned to Rocky Mountain, but he didn't intend to stay there long. After confirming that Fiend Sorcerer Daisy had made arrangements for the girl with Holy Blood, he once again departed alone.

He returned to Ruins City, adjusting his appearance while using a very unobtrusive identity to get a hold of a ship's ticket.

Two days later, the [Parrot] set off for Sunrise Island.

The trip from Ruins City to Sunrise Island would only take five days, but for Marvin it was a rare break.

This part of the sea wasn't tranquil. There were not only pirates, but also things from folktales like Sea Monsters, Ghosts, and others.

But Marvin's luck held out, and they didn't meet anything strange during their trip.

The shabby boat steadily headed toward Sunrise Island.

There was a huge network there manipulated by a secret force. Ships going to the Dead Area all had to be approved by that secret force.

But Marvin had no intention to board a boat to sail toward the Dead Area.

This would be a would be a huge waste of time.

Near Sunrise Island, there was a secret undersea path that would lead to the Dead Area's shore.

Although that secret path was filled with danger, Marvin decided to take it in order to save time.

After all, he had to quickly find Ivan and think of a way to expose Dark Phoenix before the Great Calamity to save Hathaway. These were Marvin's main objectives.

There shouldn't be anyone aware that Dark Phoenix was actually a God of the 3rd Era!

The woman was extremely crafty and back when the Wizard God forcibly sent the 3rd Era Gods to the Astral Sea's God Realms, she had used a heaven-defying Artifact to hide.

She then cautiously hid among the mortals and didn't establish her own church or religion. If she wished to, she could ignite her God Fire and turn back into a real God.

Because her refined Fate Tablet fragment was rather important.

This mysterious and frightening woman was in fact on the same side as the Gods.

Hathaway probably didn't realize that.

But Marvin could see through this.

'I have to find a way to gather the Legend powerhouses in one place and expose Dark Phoenix… Moreover, it needs to be foolproof.'

'She has been running the South Wizard Alliance for a long time. The people of the South Wizard Alliance might already be her people, so even if her identity is revealed, they will probably think it's fake.'

'It seems I can only look for additional manpower.'

Marvin sat in the boat, thinking hard while waiting to reach Sunrise Island.

After a while he began to feel stuffy, so he left the hold and walked around on the deck.

There weren't many people on the deck. Most of them were just lazy sailors scattered around.

But there was a beautiful silhouette that attracted others' attention.

Marvin froze when he saw that silhouette. 'How could it be…'


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