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A+ A- Chapter 365: Beheaded!

On the sandy dune in the cold night, the five doppelgangers had a change of expression when they were touched by the dull gray light.

"What is this ability…" Sky muttered in a heavy tone.

He originally thought he could handle a 4th rank class holder very easily.

But he sensed danger from the aura suddenly emitted by Marvin.

He discovered that all his Legend specialties were suppressed!

He sized up Marvin carefully, studying his body's changes.

Suddenly, he couldn't help but exclaim, "How could it be?"


Sky wasn't startled for no reason. When he first met Marvin, he had seen through his real strength.

Without a doubt, back when he snuck into the Wolf Spider mercenaries' group, Marvin was at Level 18.

In the Pale Hand's mind, Marvin should still be at that level.

But after cautiously using Inspect again, he was shocked to find that Marvin was already standing at the gateway to Legend rank!

Level 20 Half-Legend!

Marvin smirked.

Thanks to the fight with the Evil Spirits in Saruha he reached Level 19, and for killing the Theater Spirit he received another chunk of experience.

The three tragically dying Black Dragons gave him an additional 60000 battle exp.

All that together with a bit of general exp was enough for Marvin to level up his Night Walker class again!

Thus, before leaving Hope City, his Night Walker class reached level 8, giving him the following levels: Level 9 Ranger – Level 8 Night Walker – Level 6 Shapeshift Sorcerer!

His total level was 20. One more step and he would become a true Legend.

With Marvin improving so quickly, no wonder it startled the Pale Hand.

The natives of this world didn't know about his [Essence Absorption System], with Mark 47 being the only exception.

He was shocked by Marvin's progress, but what unnerved him even more was that halo Marvin used.

Level 8 Night Walker skill, [Dark Halo].

Marvin took the time to carefully study the Night

Walker skill list after reaching Level 7.

Level 7 Night Walkers didn't have any particularly strong skills to unlock, but at least he could still check his next level's skills and see if there was a good one waiting for him.

He found out that upon becoming a Level 8 Night Walker he would gain access to a very powerful skill, Dark Halo.

And since he still had 36 SP untouched from before, he directly spent 50SP on that skill once his Night Walker class reached level 8.

[Dark Halo (50)]

[Requirements: Night]

[Duration: 10 minutes. Usable once per day]

[Effect: Weaken enemies' passive battle specialties to a certain extent.]

[Hidden effect – Legend Weakening (50 SP): When facing a Legend, weakening effect increased by 10%]

In a battle, weakening enemies was as useful as buffing oneself.

When Marvin saw this skill's description, he immediately decided to upgrade this halo ability.

This was an AoE (Area of Effect) skill that would weaken every enemy in the Dark Halo's range.

This was what Marvin had prepared to win despite being at a disadvantage, and it was one of his most important cards to beat a Legend as a Half-Legend!

One of the biggest issues when facing a Legend was overcoming their powerful passive specialties.

Now, in the Dark Halo, Sky's powerful specialties would be weakened to a certain extent, and the gap between the two was not that big anymore.

Moreover, when it came to attributes, Marvin was actually a cut above him.

He had the 30 points Godly Dexterity!

In the previous exchange, Marvin felt that Sky's Dexterity was around 28 and had yet to touch the bottleneck!

It was very difficult for a native to increase an attribute to the Godly Domain.

This was one of Marvin's biggest advantages.

With the Dark Halo active, Marvin's superiority could finally be displayed!

The next second, he rushed toward a Doppelganger, striking out!

Sky sneered, "You think that halo is enough to beat me?"



"Truly naive."

The Dark Halo could only decrease the gap between both sides and wouldn't let Marvin win. In Sky's eyes, this wouldn't change the outcome of the fight.

But the next exchange made the Pale Hand frown.

He previously had his overpowered specialties at full effect, so Marvin's moves and blade techniques didn't seem so fierce.

Now that his specialties were being suppressed, Marvin's strong points could finally stand out.

His speed was incomparable, and his daggers were like lightning.

Sky was careless and lost another Doppelganger to Marvin!

He was fighting one versus four and didn't seem to be in a difficult situation like before. Although he still seemed to be at a disadvantage, he had a lot more opportunities to counter attack instead of only being on the defensive.

This made Sky's heart sink.

That guy was a Half-Legend and was already able to contend with him…

If he advanced to Legend, Sky might not be able to handle him at all!

His felt cold, looking toward Marvin with an even more murderous gaze.

At that time, he decided that regardless of the relationship between Marvin and the three sisters, he definitely needed to get rid of that dangerous guy while he was still a Half-Legend.


The four shadows merged as Sky said with a gloomy face, "I won't play with you, kid."

"Drop dead!"

His right foot kicked the ground as he rushed forward, slashing toward Marvin!

That move was not only strangely fast, but its power was also extremely fierce!

Sky's true strength could be seen after merging with the doppelgangers that he created.

He didn't intend to give Marvin any chance. Marvin simply couldn't dodge that attack!

Even with the Dark Halo weakening the enemy!

Sky smiled cruelly.

He looked completely sure that Marvin would end up as a corpse on the sandy dune.

But Marvin was still incomparably calm.

Facing the Pale Hand's powerful attack, he chose to receive it, aiming his [Azure Leaf]s at Sky!


He thrust



He thrust his daggers forward like bullets.

He looked as if he was disregarding his own life!

Marvin didn't use any defensive moves at all, his daggers rushing toward Sky's vitals!

"Want me to die with you?!"

The Pale Hand was surprised.

Marvin's imposing manner almost made him choke, but he still sneered, believing that Marvin's plan had no chance of success!

Because the initiative was in his own hands.

He was certain to kill Marvin in one blow!

In a flash, they reached each other.

The Pale Hand's blades were like thunder, and his speed was incredible.

He easily blocked Marvin's [Azure Leaf]s with his left dagger.

His right wrist shook and his long dagger slashed furiously toward Marvin's abdomen!

A sinister expression appeared on his face.

This was a skill that could definitely split Marvin in two!

'Wanting to take me down with him… Too funny…'

That thought flashed through his mind when suddenly, a crystal clear sound echoed out!


His long dagger didn't leave a wound on Marvin's abdomen, seeming to have hit something incomparably solid.

A shining layer appeared on Marvin's skin.

Sky was shocked that such a powerful slash only left a mere scratch on Marvin's body!

This was impossible!

'This is… [Diamond Body]!'

"How could you have a Legend Monk's ability?"

Sky paled.

But only an ice cold dagger answered him.

Marvin had given up on defending, taking that attack in order to create his own opportunity!

[Azure Leaf] being blocked was just as he'd intended.

As Sky's attack struck, Marvin's weapons moved like snakes and abruptly went past Sky's defenses, taking advantage of his surprise.

Marvin was glittering all over. At that time he wholeheartedly focused on attacking!

Sky was frightened, and used all his strength to block!

But this was already too late.

Marvin had used his Shapeshift Sorcerer's Unbreakable Diamond Body, giving him eight seconds.

What could be done in eight seconds?

It was enough for the current Marvin to do at least thirty slashes.

His daggers' powerful attributes were prominently displayed along with the bonuses with the bonuses from Reckless Dual Wielder. Sky was caught off guard by Marvin's onslaught!

At the 11th slash, Sky's left dagger shook and was shattered!

After losing a dagger, he tried to get away with an escape skill.

He kept flickering and disappearing.

But Marvin had already seen through it for a while.

The temporary Perception buffs weren't there for nothing. He immediately chased after him!

It was still a melee battle, and they were still ruthlessly attacking each other.

At the 23rd slash, Marvin fiercely slashed down, wounding him and almost cutting him in two!

Sky had neither Marvin's unbreakable body nor his Fatal Injuries Immunity. That blow almost killed him!

Marvin's two daggers flew nonstop. He had to make the most of the eight seconds of his Diamond-shape!


At the 31th slash, Sky's remaining long dagger flew out of his right hand.

Fear flashed through his eyes as he intended to turn into a bat and escape.

But Marvin didn't let him.

[Night Beheading (50)]!


The shadow streaked across the sky and fell on the Pale Hand's neck as he died full of grievance!

A Legend fell!

On the sandy dune, Marvin let out a long breath. His body returned to normal before immediately sinking into a serious state of exhaustion and he couldn't help but fall to the ground.

When he advanced to Level 8 Night Walker, he used his remaining points to upgrade Night Beheading, letting this powerful attack skill reach 50 points.

50 points in Night Beheading gave it the strong hidden effect, [Decapitation], which greatly increased the success rate of Night Beheading.

With the suppression of the Dark Halo, Marvin finally took the chance and did a thunderous slash.

Strictly speaking, this was the first Legend he killed himself!

"Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!"

Three silhouettes flashed over. The three sisters arrived beside Marvin, looking at his situation.

But Marvin suddenly heard a mechanical sound from far in the distance.

Marvin looked and froze.


It had actually chased him over!

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