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Chapter 360: Energy Crisis

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There were three Fate Sisters!

Though Jessica was the most awe-inspiring due to the nature of her Fate Power, after Kate awakened her Protection, her power was just as useful.

4th layer Fate Power, Legend Sorceress!

This kind of strength was enough to enter the ranks of this era's strongest.

She wasn't worried about fighting a Black Dragon directly. But protecting a whole city from the attacks of a Black Dragon… This was something that would cause a lot of strain.

The frightening Dragon Breath collided with the layered Barriers.

A great amount of steam appeared as the Barriers seemed to distort!

Kate spread her hands as wind blew around her dress, beautifully showing her curves.

The Black Dragon was extremely angry and headbutted the barrier!

The seven-colored Barriers managed to block the Black Dragon, but even so, all of Hope City shook faintly.

The woman on the city wall spat some blood!

Her eyes reddened, bloodshot!

The impact was really a bit too much for her.

If not for her Protection Fate Power being so formidable, Kate might have already died!

"Sis!" Lorie bit her lip, anxiously looking at her.

She was feeling helpless.

The three sisters had different forms of Fate Power, but hers seemed to be the most useless...

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but mutter, "If only Ding had recovered."

Since they lost the Fortune Fairy, even though Hope City had developed somewhat, they always seemed to be at a disadvantage.

That prideful and noisy little one always had smart ideas.

Unfortunately, she had yet to awaken.

"It's fine. I can handle him!"

A serious expression appeared on Kate's face.

She was no longer the same girl who had rushed into Thousand Leaves Forest without thinking.

The encounters she had while looking for the Source of Fire's Order, Ding's fall, and all the difficulties during Rocky Mountain's rise had changed her quite a bit.

Her gradually

dimming Fate Power once again brightened.

A powerful force field pushed down out of nowhere, and the Black Dragon staggered, getting pushed to the ground!


The Black Dragon felt like more than five thousand kilos were pressing down, preventing all attempts to push back.

It was as if lead kept falling onto its wings. The Dragon gradually went down and was pressed against the ground by Kate!

This was the strength of Fate Power!

The people cheered.

They looked at Kate's back and felt at peace.

But Lorie saw that blood was dripping out of Kate's eyes!

She was using her life force to suppress this Ancient Black Dragon!

The people in the distance couldn't help but be in an uproar.

Rocky Mountain's Jessica was heaven-defying enough, but now it seemed that there was another of the three sisters who'd had a great increase in strength!

To be able to suppress an Ancient Dragon alone… Even among Legends, such strength belonged at the peak!

Fate Sorceresses really were incredibly abnormal!

Some people couldn't help but inwardly curse.

There was no lack of Legends hidden there who had lost to Jessica. How could ordinary Legends be a match for a Black Dragon, let alone an Ancient Black Dragon!

But the young Fate Sorceresses could. These favored people made others jealous.

Even so, Rocky Mountain's crisis had yet to be averted!

Jessica and Kate each took care of an Ancient Dragon, but there was still Tlorin and another Dragon.

Meanwhile, the Titan had apparently stopped moving, and was now standing motionlessly. Who knew what to think of it?

Tlorin's eyes shone. 'I understand! The Mechanical Titan's energy is already used up!'

As a God's Apostle, she had some knowledge of the matter.

Something as powerful as the Mechanical Titan should also require a huge amount of energy. Those moves earlier must have used up a lot. The Titan's lack of movement wasn't because Robin didn't

didn't want to move, but because he couldn't!

Thinking of this, Tlorin's heart heated up. "Fly higher!" she shouted. "Let's destroy that city!"

Hearing that, the expression of the people in Hope City changed.

Kate was able to block a Dragon, but what if there was another Dragon and an Apostle?

On the city wall, Fiend Sorceress Daisy brought a group of strangely-dressed people.

There were men and women, old and young, but they all emitted an extraordinary aura.

That wasn't the aura of Humans.

Sorcerers weren't pure blooded Human descendants, and thus they were banished.

That said, Marvin, as a Numan descendant, was also a Sorcerer.

This group was the Demon's Hand Sorcerer squadron of Rocky Mountain!

They were prepared to have a fight to death with the Black Dragon.

They saw how the three sisters did everything they could for Hope City.

They were all a group of banished people who struggled to establish a free country!

Now was the time to contribute.

"Count me in."

A man with a solemn face appeared in the Demon's Hand squadron.

He held a sword of light in his hand. It was the Aurora Sword Saint!

After being beaten by Jessica, he unexpectedly fell in love with this incomparably powerful woman.

He was the only Legend from the Pambo Seashore standing with them as the Black Dragons attacked Rocky Mountain.

"Okay!" Daisy agreed. "I'll send you over in a moment."

"You better kill that Apostle."

The Aurora Sword Saint nodded.

He had lost to Jessica, but he was still very powerful.

Although he couldn't slay a Dragon on his own, he could still pose a threat to an Apostle like Tlorin.

Daisy ground her teeth. "Let's go!"

The next second, a Teleportation Door appeared in front of the two.

The Aurora Sword Saint and the Fiend Sorceress went in without hesitation!

But then, Tlorin sneered as an amethyst mirror appeared in her hands.

"Aurora Sword Saint? You are meddling in other people's

other people's business. Go back home!"

The Teleportation Door appeared on the Black Dragon's back. But before the Aurora Sword Saint and the Fiend Sorceress had come out of it, the powerful reflective energy of the mirror shot them toward an unknown location!

The two of them were nowhere to be seen!

'Teleportation Reflection Mirror?' Marvin was surprised.

Tlorin was rather well-off, having such a rare treasure.

Although it had no particular damaging effects, it could send threatening enemies away from the battlefield.

Who knew where the Aurora Sword Saint and the Fiend Sorceress were sent to?

What would be waiting for them by the time they got back might the ruins of Hope City.

All the members of Demon's Hand saw that scene.

They remained determined, glancing at each other for a moment before moving toward the front of the city wall.

All kinds of strange lifeforms were summoned behind them.

All of these summons had considerable magic power and ruthlessly launched a maelstrom of attacks toward the approaching Black Dragon!

Actually, there was no lack of powerful Sorcerers in the Demon's Hand.

But… Black Dragons had very high resistance to magic!


Tlorin laughed her head off. She had guessed correctly.

The Mechanical Titan had no energy, and even if Robin had Weeping Sky, what could he do?!

Hope City was bound to disappear.

Kate couldn't block two Black Dragons alone.

The spells of the Fiend Sorcerers were nothing more than mere tickles to the Dragon.

Even if those Ballistas could pose a threat, their effects were mitigated by Tlorin.


Tears could be seen in Lorie's eyes.

If this Dragon also attacked the Barriers, it would harm Kate greatly.

Kate looked as if she hadn't heard her.

She stood there with one hand suppressing the Ancient Black Dragon and her other hand aiming at Tlorin, who was approaching while riding the last Black Dragon!

The aura on her body became increasingly more frightening.

Her Fate Power was completely Power was completely ignited!

But the price was her life force!

Kate's vitality was quickly depleting.

Her eyes were firm, and there was no hesitation.

This was the place she had to protect.

Don't mention just two Black Dragons. Even if it was a God, she wouldn't let them past!

However, her sight fell on the Mechanical Titan not far below.

"Is there really no energy left?" she whispered.

There really was no energy.

Squeezed in the narrow cockpit, Marvin felt the heat as if he was in a sauna. He was sweating all over!

Strictly speaking, the current Mechanical Titan was practically a pile of scrap!

After the last attack, the energy was approaching the limit, and he could only use one last move.

But there wasn't enough for Roll Mode and it clearly wasn't suitable for the situation!

He was waiting!

Waiting for another Battle Module to unlock!


"Just a bit faster!"

Marvin almost roared in the cockpit.

He saw Jessica fighting the Ancient Dragon, and although she was currently winning, she was still tied up in the fight. He saw Kate using her Fate Power, puking blood because of the impact. He saw Daisy, who he fought alongside before, being banished to unknown place. He was burning with impatience.

But he was at an impasse.

He needed time to unlock Battle Modules!

Seeing the events playing out, Marvin made a decision!

[Interrupting previous Module unlocking. Unlocking Grapple Move!]


Another simple move was unlocked.

This was hardly a Battle Module move.

But it was all Marvin could do.

'Only 8% energy left. After grabbing something there won't be enough power to do anything else.'

Marvin took a deep breath and resolutely sent the instruction.

Everyone noticed as the originally unmoving Mechanical Titan crouched down!

The machine jumped from the ground, leaving two huge footprints!

The earth shook all around!

The huge body seemed like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey as it was leaping toward that Black Dragon!

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