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A+ A- Chapter 359: Black Dragon Nemesis

The Black Dragon who had been thrown by Jessica was utterly terrified, but he couldn't resist the Fate Power.

He was just an Adult Black Dragon. His physical abilities were fierce, but he was far from being as powerful as an Ancient Dragon.

And 6th layer Fate Power was enough to tear a Dragon apart with bare hands. It's just that such an action would sap Jessica's power!

Marvin's appearance gave her a ray of light.

With the help of Lorie's telepathic communication ability, the two of them coordinated smoothly.


The Mechanical Titan used the same strategy as before, accelerating to its maximum speed!

As the Mechanical Titan was rolling, everyone could feel the earth shake.

The Black Dragon also shook!


Jessica's Fate Power had wrapped around the Black Dragon smashed him against the ground.

Just the throw was enough to harm him.

But it was then followed by Marvin's ruthless smashing!

The Mechanical Titan had completely transformed into a crushing machine!


The Titan ruthlessly grinded down the Black Dragon as it let out mournful howls.

Those howls were filled with the Dragon Race's curse. Marvin's body was becoming richer in the aura of a slayer of Black Dragons.

But he didn't care!

Dragons weren't untouchable. And the Black Dragon Race had many enemies. Even within the Chromatic Dragons, they were the least liked.

These five Black Dragons should be the only ones remaining in Feinan.

As long as they were dealt with, the Black Dragon Race should be extinguished!

And the Black Dragon God would suffer a great blow. Although the foundations for his Faith weren't in Feinan, the Black Dragons were still his clansmen.

Thinking of this, Marvin had no scruples.

At maximum speed, the Mechanical Titan kept rolling, cheerfully crushing the ground below and flattening everything!

Such a scene was truly unprecedented.

The remaining three Black Dragons were watching indecisively because of their great fright.

Jessica's power made them very worried. Under the eruption of the Fate Power, even

the Black Dragons wouldn't be able to keep flying.

And if they fell, they might be slaughtered by that frightening machine!

After a few times back and forth, that Black Dragon's fate ended up the same as his companion's, no longer even looking like a Dragon.

An Expert Master Alchemist would be lamenting.

It was such a waste.

Marvin's actions really were too much of a waste!

The Black Dragon's entire body was a treasure. How could he flatten it to the point of transforming it into dregs?

Did that guy not care about the Black Dragon's important parts?

Seeing the Dragon's head turn into a pile of meat actually made Marvin feel some pity.

Although he got the battle exp, that Black Dragon's body also had many useful things.

It wasn't like he didn't want to use other ways to end the Black Dragon while preserving his corpse.

But the Battle Modules were unlocking too slowly. Only the Roll Mode was the most complete and also the most energy efficient so far.

Despite this, the energy also depleted by a large amount after killing the second Black Dragon.

Marvin knew that he couldn't use the Mechanical Titan to eliminate all the Black Dragons!

But at that time, a line flashed in his logs:

[You killed three Black Dragons (Feinan Native Species). You gained the title, Black Dragon Nemesis.]

He had killed all kinds of Dragons when he was a Ruler of the Night, but he hadn't massacred a specific Dragon species.

He actually did it this time. He killed three Black Dragons!

[Black Dragon Nemesis]: Immunity to Black Dragons' Dragon Might. Able to use Reverse Dragon Might.

Reverse Dragon Might was something easy to understand. Dragon Might was something the Dragons could release to deter other lifeforms.

This kind of deterrence would keep applying willpower checks on the enemies.

Most people would have issues passing the willpower tests, making them become frightened and confused.

After all, the impact of a Dragon

Dragon was way too high.

Even Legends had to be very cautious.

Marvin had Weeping Sky in his hands so he actually wasn't worried about Dragon Might.

But Reverse Dragon Might was something very pleasing.

This title could be hidden. Only when Marvin chose to display it would the effects become active.

Reverse Dragon Might was a bloodline deterrence that Marvin could exert against Black Dragons after killing a lot of them!

It was the same kind of willpower test.

Although it wasn't as exaggerated as Dragon Might, it would be able to frighten Black Dragons and greatly influence their fighting strength.

Seeing this, Marvin couldn't help but glance at the remaining Dragons in the sky.

If Marvin wasn't wrong, killing them all would get him a similar [Race Exterminator] title.

The Black Dragons born in Feinan would be completely exterminated.

This was something no one had ever accomplished.

Marvin was a little eager to give it a try.

A pity that the Mechanical Titan's power source was severely lacking.

Thus, he told Lorie and Jessica to hold off.

The two sides stood in a nervous deadlock.

At that time, a sweet sounding [Ding] echoed in the cockpit.

"What Module has been unlocked?" Marvin quickly inquired.

The Mechanical Titan's voice settings had already been modified to Common by Marvin and he could communicate directly by now.

But the answer left him speechless. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Music Module unlocked successfully, Pilot!"


First was the air conditioning, now it was music… these Ancient Gnomes.

Marvin couldn't help but inwardly curse them! Didn't he prioritize the Battle Modules?

The truly useful Battle Modules were still slowly being unlocked, and at this point, Marvin guessed that even if he unlocked them, they wouldn't have much use.

Because by now, the Mechanical Titan's energy was already below 10%!

The Roll Mode was relatively less taxing, but with that kind of burst power and speed, it all needed to be supported by a great amount of

amount of energy.

Crushing two Dragons to death was already a sufficiently shocking accomplishment.

Marvin returned to the Humanoid form that saved the most energy and coldly watched the frightened and indecisive Black Dragons in the sky.

"Does another Black Dragon want to give it a try?" he bluffed.

The onlookers were speechless.

Some people with nimble minds already understood that a powerful city… A powerful country had emerged!

Rocky Mountain!

An abandoned land where people were banished.

No one had thought that these three girls who never gave up would manage to establish a rising country from scratch.

The three Fate Sisters had top-rate potential in the plane, so as long as they didn't meet any insurmountable issues, Rocky Mountain would develop enough to match the South Wizard Alliance.

They were Fate Sorceresses after all.

That was a class that could increase their strength without having to do anything.

And the enigmatic Robin had now appeared.

No one knew his real relation to Rocky Mountain, but he had appeared twice now when Rocky Mountain was in crisis.

Tearing a Black Dragon apart with his bare hands, turning two Black Dragons into mincemeat… Who knew what the Black Dragon Race did to provoke such a killing monster!

That was the Black Dragon Race!

If it was another enemy, just Jessica with her 6th layer Fate Power would be enough to make them reconsider.

Let alone now that there was a Mechanical Titan!

Anyone else would have already pissed their pants and retreated.

A faint glow radiated on the three Black Dragons' bodies.

It came from Tlorin incanting expressionlessly.

This was a barrier of Divine Power, to prevent Jessica from sneak attacking.

Seeing her actions, everyone was startled!

Still not retreating?

Although the Black Dragon Race was powerful, they met their biggest enemy today, the Mechanical Titan!

With the Mechanical Titan standing there proudly, who would dare to fight it!?

...Besides Marvin, who knew that the Mechanical Titan looked strong but was in fact weak now.

Contrary to what he to what he said, the Mechanical Titan couldn't go for another round for rolling.

'I hope we can scare them away.' Marvin frowned.

The outcome was undesirable. Tlorin was clearly unwilling to let go.

She was very afraid of the Mechanical Titan, but as long as they remained airborne and defended against Jessica's surprise attacks, she felt that even if she couldn't kill Robin, she should still be able to destroy Hope City!

She and the remaining three Dragons all hated Hope City to the bone.


"Go around it! Destroy that city!"

Tlorin ruthlessly gave the final command.

The three Dragons no longer hesitated. They spread their wings and split up, attacking from three different angles!

"Woosh!" Jessica flew to the biggest Ancient Dragon, blocking his path forward!

The Ancient Dragon was ready, and both sides were evenly matched.

The second Ancient Dragon was the fastest, and rushed toward Hope City's wall in a blink!

The people on the city wall cried out in alarm.

The Ballistas were shooting frantically, but the Ancient Black Dragon had the powerful distorting barrier!

These operators had yet to be accustomed with the Ballistas, so they weren't very accurate, and the bolts were further offset by the barrier.


A lot of bolts slid off the Black Dragon's scales.


The surging Black Dragon spat out a Dragon Breath!

The Dragon looked at the people cowering in fear and felt proud.

The people watching the fight in the distance grew bitter.

Could this be the end of Hope City?

Jessica was entangled in a fight, and the Mechanical Titan apparently wasn't flexible enough. Once the Black Dragons scattered and attacked on multiple fronts, Rocky Mountain would be in danger.

The earth-shattering Dragon Breath was flying over, looking like it would melt everything in its way!

But at that time, another seven-colored radiance exploded on the city wall!

Even if it wasn't as bright as Jessica's, it was powerful enough.

Fate Sorceress, Protection activated!

Suddenly, three consecutive Barriers descended and covered the entire city!

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