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A+ A- Chapter 352: Mechanical Titan

While the Pambo Seashore attracted the attention of the entire South, a shadow was quickly moving through the underground Saruha vestige.

Facing that combat construct, Marvin didn't have much choice, and used his quickest speed to get rid of the other side's defenses and tear open its core and chip.

But this took him no less than three minutes!

Marvin deeply regretted the time he lost.

That construct finding him meant that Slaughterer would follow soon after.

And there was also the Pale Hand.

He definitely couldn't be careless.

He went back into Stealth and frantically rushed through the rocks.

All of Saruha had started crumbling. Rocks kept falling from the middle, and through a mysterious power, a huge cone was already pushing out through the earth.

'I have to quickly find the Mechanical Titan!'

'Otherwise, escaping might be an issue!'

Marvin shivered as he frantically sped through the Armory.

Two minutes later, he found the location!

It was a huge stone door with a strange mark on it. Marvin recognized it as the mark of the Ancient Titans.

The Mechanical Titan was a weapon of war, an imitation of the Titan Race's physical abilities and fighting style created by the Ancient Gnomes.

'It's here!'

Marvin rejoiced, and was about to go over when an arrogant-looking man suddenly appeared in front of the door!

Pale Hand Sky!

Marvin tensed up. He was in quite a pinch!

Outside Saruha, the Wolf Spider group retreated in bad shape.

The earth-shattering event frightened them greatly.

With Rem's firm decision, most of them escaped.

That cone-shaped object coming out of the earth had deeply shocked them!

That glossy metal seemed to want to pierce the sky!

"Rumble!" With the earth caving in, nobody dared to stay any longer!

The pointed object kept rising up, while a platform supporting it was appearing from deep within the ground!

The surroundings were cracking and falling apart, while only these things were unaffected.

"What is that thing?!" asked a Wolf Spider mercenary while escaping.

Vice-Leader Lilia responded, "I remember seeing something about it in my ancient books about Saruha. This seems to be a very frightening weapon, but because of the fall of the Ancient Gnomes, the method to use it was lost."

"How could that Robin use it?" Apart from their shock, all the mercenaries still felt reverence.

Lilia shook her head, reminding everyone to keep retreating.

How could she know about this?

On the other side of the fractured earth, a bat quickly flew out.

Not far away, a woman wearing a negligee approached.

The bat transformed into Gwyn.


Gwyn's complexion was very ugly. "You also came to kill me?"

Stephanie was startled. "Who said I wanted to kill you? Hold on… What frightening thing did you do over there with those mercenaries?"

Gwyn forced a smile.

The relationship between the two of them was rather peculiar. Meeting each other like this, he didn't know what he should say.


Another landslide was rushing down, so the two Vampires transformed back into bats and went to a higher place, overlooking the sinking Saruha.

"Could this be his doing?" Gwyn muttered subconsciously in the face of this frightening and spectacular scene.

"He?" Stephanie seemed to notice something. She sniffed and suddenly frowned. "You have that man's smell!"

Gwyn glanced at her with a vigilant expression. "What did the Dark Side send you for? Is a Pale Hand not enough?"

"Pale Hand?" Stephanie was startled. She frowned a bit and asked, "You mean that nutcase Sky?"

Gwyn nodded. "He came to kill me."

Upon hearing that, killing intent flashed through Stephanie's eyes. "What?! They actually dare to try to assassinate you?! And they even sent a Legend


Gwyn heard that and relaxed. "You really didn't come to kill me?"

Stephanie laughed charmingly. "I like you so very much, how could I be willing to kill you? I came to kill another man, and it seems that you stayed with him for a while."


Gwyn was inwardly startled. He didn't know when Marvin provoked the Dark Side to that extent. This time the Dark Side actually sent two powerhouses to kill Marvin and himself, but they never would have thought that both of them were at the same place.

"He is related to our Holy Blood Carrier." Stephanie gave a mesmerizing smile. "I want to find that girl with the Holy Blood and eat her up. The greatest clue is with that man, so don't interfere. Even if I'm very fond of you, I won't yield to you."

Gwyn sneered.

Stephanie's character was very strange. She was one of the most powerful people who switched over to the Dark Side in the recent years.

Age-wise, she could be considered his grandmother, but she fell in love with Gwyn at first sight and wanted to force him into being her groom. In the end she was stopped by another expert of the Bright Side.

Angered by this, she actually turned against the Bright Side and joined the Dark Side. This was considered a shameful matter by the Bright Side.

Stephanie was very powerful at level 20 and already had a foot in the Legend Realm.

Moreover, she had a part of a Primogenitor bloodline awakened and her strength far exceeded that of ordinary Vampires.

Gwyn couldn't make out what exactly she was after now, but she really had no enmity toward himself.

The two were silent for half a minute before Stephanie suddenly asked, "Is that man still underneath?"

Gwyn glanced at the collapsing ground and frowned, not saying anything.

Since Stephanie came to kill Marvin, he naturally wouldn't reveal much.

In fact, if not for Marvin, he might have already been killed by the Pale Hand in Saruha.

He was a bit worried whether Marvin could escape before Saruha collapsed completely.

"It would be a pity if he died like that. Since he killed Pursuer Huntson, his head could be exchanged for many high-quality blood slaves."

After saying this, Stephanie couldn't help but lick her upper lip.

Gwyn sighed inwardly, turning back without a word.

He knew he couldn't change Stephanie's mind. It was just like when she betrayed the Bright Side. Even if he tried to stop her from killing Marvin, she wouldn't listen.

"You might not necessarily be his match."

Gwyn was quite confident about Marvin's chances.

That guy destroyed the Decaying Plateau and also tore a Black Dragon with his bare hands. He had done this world's most impossible things.

Stephanie might not be able to handle Marvin!

The former showed a surprised expression, before smiling. "Are you concerned about my safety?"

Gwyn turned cold, intending to transform into a bat and leave.

Suddenly, the rumbles intensified!

Only a small area of Saruha's outer regions was left.

"There is someone still inside?!"

Stephanie's Perception was very high, and at that time she thoroughly looked through that area.

It was just that in this situation, even she didn't dare to act recklessly and could only wait for the outcome.

Saruha, in the area that had yet to cave in.

An earth-shattering battle was underway!

Sky and Slaughterer!

The fight between the two was blocking access to the stone door.

Marvin was hidden in a dark area, watching the fight, his heart beating faster while feeling bitter.

If it was only the Pale Hand, he could perhaps use the Shadow Doppelganger to draw his attention before quickly rushing to the stone door, activating the Mechanical Titan and escaping from this place.

But just as he was about to try that, Slaughterer had arrived.

Upon arriving, Slaughterer didn't care who was the true culprit anymore. As far as it was concerned, since he was found with Marvin now, Sky was definitely also a target to be eliminated.

Marvin took advantage of Slaughterer's arrival to make himself scarce, but the fight between them kept going in this narrow place regardless of the falling rocks.

With two there that wanted to kill him, the risk was a lot higher!

Marvin's had a headache.

He endured patiently, but to no effect!

He glanced at the launchpad, seeing that it was already set.

The System Assistance displayed the countdown, showing that there were five minutes left until the launch.

He hadn't experienced a rocket launch before, but he knew that when this thing lifted off, the temperature in the surroundings wouldn't be something he could endure.

'In any case, I have to risk it!'

Marvin ground his teeth and condensed a Shadow Doppelganger.

He had the Shadow Doppelganger use Stealth and deliberately made it get hit by a falling rock, exposing it.

"It's him!"

Sky's eyes darted over and he quickly noticed the staggering Marvin!

In the chaos, he failed to realize that it was a Doppelganger and directly flickered over!

It was the same for Slaughterer who followed closely!

Even if the Shadow Doppelganger only had half of Marvin's strength, its escaping abilities were still outstanding.

It instantly fled toward the outside, and although it couldn't escape the two, it was enough to create an opportunity!

Night Boundary!

In that split second, Marvin's silhouette suddenly flashed and appeared next to the stone door.

He inserted the green card into the slot outside the stone door.

Sky realized that he had been duped and rushed over with Slaughterer.

But they were too late.

The stone door turned transparent, and Marvin entered while holding the card!

Slaughterer fired indiscriminately toward the stone door and Sky!

But this was futile.

And seeing that Marvin had gotten away again, Sky finally decided to leave!

The place was collapsing, and fighting Slaughterer any longer would only help Marvin. Staying here had no further meaning.

Inside, a tall figure appeared in front of Marvin, wrapped under layers of clothes.

Excitement flashed through Marvin's eyes. 'Mechanical Titan, I'm here!'

He then tore off the layers of clothes covering it!

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