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A+ A- Chapter 351: Shaking the South

Rocky Mountain was completely silent.

Those who hoped to draw a clear line between themselves and this war had already hidden far away, watching from the sidelines.

Several days ago, this woman called Tlorin demanded that Rocky Mountain hand over Robin.

The reason was very simple: he held [Weeping Sky] and was thus the Dragons' natural enemy. The Dragon Race was unable to tolerate such a treasure being held by Humans.

This was a huge threat to them.

This woman was the new Apostle of the Black Dragon God. She had always kept a cautious attitude, so she initially didn't show herself, instead spreading some rumors.

It was said that five Black Dragons would come together from the northern Black Dragon lair to avenge Clarke.

This time, the Black Dragon God was truly furious. His son was killed by a Human, and moreover, a Dragon Slaying weapon had appeared. Thus, he immediately summoned his completely new Apostle and woke up five Black Dragons from the Black Dragon lair to start pressuring Rocky Mountain.

Tlorin was very crafty.

She didn't directly attack like Tess. She spread some rumors first, in order to sound out the reactions of the South Wizard Alliance and other nearby powers.

She was very pleased with the outcome. The South Wizard Alliance had no interest in this banished ground.

And most of Pambo Seashore's Legends had been beaten bloody by Jessica while trying to get a hold of a Source of Fire's Order. Their reputations had quickly spread to the East Coast, so why would they help?

The only thing that surprised her was that after the news spread, there actually was a Legend that rushed over.

The Aurora Sword Saint.

Last time, he was the one beaten most miserably by Jessica, and he was also a Lord of one of the city states of Pambo Seashore.

This time he didn't come for a Source of Fire's Order, but to help the three sisters defend their city.

The Aurora Sword Saint was straightforward and upright, and candidly admitted that coming here this time was only to pay back for what happened last time. This made Tlorin a bit depressed.

If she had known, she wouldn't have left people spreading rumors for so long and would have just attacked with the Black Dragons instead.

However, only one more Legend didn't influence the situation too much.

Jessica's strength was astonishing and her 6th layer Fate Power was shocking, but fighting against five Dragons would clearly be beyond her reach.

Especially since among these five Black Dragons, three of them had strength approaching the level of Ancient Black Dragons!

The rest were a bit weaker but were Adult Dragons who also received the Black Dragon God's blessings and baptism.

They needed to wash away Clarke's disgrace this time.

Rocky Mountain's power needed to be removed!

On Hope City's wall, the three sisters were standing side by side with pale faces.

Originally, after successfully pushing back the invasion from the Underdark, the entire Rocky Mountain was more or less under their rule.

And after the conflict over the Sources of Fire's Order, Jessica's great display of strength made it so that Rocky Mountain could be considered a major power in the South.

Many forces that previously didn't have contact with Rocky Mountain began to start offering alliances or trade partnerships.

The most typical were some cities of Pambo Seashore.

A lot of chambers of commerce established their own footholds in Hope City.

Hope City was slowly becoming better and better. The three sisters and the inhabitants were all filled with a great sense of accomplishment.

But this major event was a serious threat to the survival of Rocky Mountain!

After Tlorin spread the information, many powers pulled out of Rocky Mountain!

They chose to watch from the sidelines.

No one could resist the joint attack of

five Black Dragons, and the same was true for the Fate Sorcerers cared for by Providence.

Not to mention, there was also Tlorin, an Apostle with the Divine Power of the Black Dragon God.

Jessica alone might barely be able to block two Ancient Black Dragon, Kate defensive Fate Power could block another Ancient Black Dragon.

But what about the remaining two Black Dragons?

Even if the Aurora Sword Saint was fierce, he was merely an ordinary Legend powerhouse. He was powerful compared to most Humans, but when facing Dragons, what he could do was limited.

A lot of people fled Hope City.

They might have still had some hope last time when the Underdark army invaded them, but this time, the five Dragons were frightening enough to make them despair!

Black Dragons rarely came out of their nests.

Rocky Mountain lacked a powerful ally and had Black Dragons as their enemies, so who would want to be there?

The Rocky Mountain area was already quite lifeless. Five frightening Dragons were looming menacingly, while Tlorin was haughtily ordering them to hand over the "culprit" Robin, or else they would massacre everyone in the city.

This kind of situation made Jessica extremely angry.

After all, they didn't know where Marvin was at the moment. And even if they did, they wouldn't hand him over.

Facing Tlorin's threat, Jessica coldly replied, "We can't hand over Robin."

"If you are determined to destroy this territory and I'm unable to stop it, then remember this…"

"During my lifetime, I'll kill every single Black Dragon in Feinan!"

"Every single one of them!"

Jessica answered unyieldingly, angering the Black Dragons.

They raised their necks, flapping their wings, as they rushed over with Dragon Might's full power!

Ordinary people in the city couldn't help but kneel!

This was the natural restraint of Dragon Might. Those without enough willpower simply couldn't handle it.

"Fight to death!" someone in Hope City shouted.

Not everyone was afraid of death!

Facing the Black Dragons attacking their land, they were indignant and could only pledge to fight!

Jessica's expression gradually became colder and colder.

She slowly rose into the air as her six layers of Fate Power turned into a halo, revolving around her.

'Such a beautiful girl…'

Jealousy flashed through Tlorin's eyes.

She ordered the Black Dragons to go all-out.

But at that time, a rumbling sound came over from the plains to the north!

What followed didn't seem like an earthquake, but more like the earth was cracking open!

In fact, it wasn't just that... the entire southern region shook.

But Rocky Mountain was relatively close and could feel it more violently.

"What the hell happened?"

In Wizard Towers across the South, many Wizards tried to divine what had happened.

But the divination of ordinary Wizards had already lost its effectiveness.

Only Legend Wizards could still divine some clues. But they still didn't have time to share the divination with the masses. A sky illusion appeared once again over Feinan!.

They all saw in surprise that the earth seemed to keep sinking down!

In the center of the ground was a conical object, slowly extending out!

"What's going on?"

The entire South was alarmed.

And the God Realms also had some gods paying attention.

But a thick layer of fog appeared between them and Feinan, obstructing their line of sight.

Everyone in Rocky Mountain was watching the scene in awe. Even the Black Dragons forgot to attack.

They had a vague feeling that something incredible was going to happen!

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