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Marvin remained speechless on the quiet dune.

Madeline must have misunderstood what he meant.

He immediately wrote another sentence.

This blue parchment was an alchemy item Madeline made. It was used to communicate across short distances.

He was now in the eastern part of the Saint Desert, which wasn't too far from River Shore City. Thus Marvin tried it.

He originally didn't have much hope, but he hadn't thought that Madeline would answer so fast.

'Is this the feeling of being popular?' Marvin felt the irony.

Wizard tower. A sentence appeared once again on the blue parchment.

Madeline slightly frowned. She had thought that it was Marvin being mischievous. She was focused on that page of the Book of Nalu and she didn't feel like bothering with him.

But instead, this sentence seemed serious.

- The White Deer Cave is about to be opened. Could it be that the treasures inside doesn't interest you? -

Below the sentence was a portrait of Marvin on the move. Madeline had enchanted the alchemy item with an Image skill.

For her, it was only about making this Alchemy item more fun.

'White Deer Cave?'

That place rumored to be full of treasure appeared in her mind.

She hesitated before ultimately clenching her teeth and writing:

- Sorry, I don't have time. -

It meant that she was interested, but was too busy. She wanted to quickly advance to Legend. Only in this way could she free herself from the restriction of Marvin's command contract!

There really were many treasures that would make people drool in the White Deer Cave, but it was protected by the White Deer Holy Spirit, so nothing could be taken out.

Madeline was no fool.

Soon, Marvin's answer refreshed.

- The White Deer Holy Spirit will soon leave the White Deer Cave. Diggles dispatched his right hand Deceiver to steal the Rainbow Stone in the cave. You know what this means. -

This sentence made Madeline gravely stand up.

As a Half-Demon, she understood a lot more about Feinan and various planes than other Wizards.

She naturally wasn't unfamiliar with the name Diggles. During her progress in the Scarlet Monastery, she had been obstructed by this Evil Spirit Overlord several times.

She had already retaliated against him, but Diggles was apparently a lot more patient than she expected.

His reprisal had yet to arrive.

'Hold on… Rainbow Stone?'

A light flashed through Madeline's eyes.

'Isn't it needed to open a Disaster Door?'

- Where did you learn this? - She couldn't help but write this question.

- Come find me, I'll tell you everything. - Marvin answered.

- Since you told me about this, I could simply go to the White Deer Cave by myself, why would I need to look for you? - Madeline unwillingly fought back.

But Marvin's relaxed answer made the Half-Demon grit her teeth in anger.

He lazily wrote:

- Do you even know the path to the White Deer Cave? -

Two hours later, Marvin leisurely sat on the magic carpet and began to sum up the situation for Madeline.

In fact, the reason he chose to contact Madeline was her ability to fly.

This was the advantage of being a Wizard.

Magic carpets were items that were always in high demand. It was because even 2nd rank Wizards could use the magic carpet. Even if it would use up a great amount of magic power as fuel, the feeling of flying was something other classes could only admire.

Only with a certain amount of control over chaotic magic power could one start using a magic carpet to fly.

But the magic carpet was truly a money sink. The faster the speed, the more money it would burn.

In the earlier stages of the game, Marvin frequently saw those Wizard players looking at the magic carpets whistling by. Looking cool wasn't important. Even if it looked impressive on the surface, they generally would rely on their potions and consumables.

Thus, the Wizard class always needed money.

A poor Wizard facing lower-leveled rich Wizard might even end up losing.

As long as you had money, you could use the most chaotic method of crushing the opponent to death with magic scrolls.

"So there is such a thing."

After listening to Marvin's summary, Madeline's expression became extremely grave.

Diggles was clearly aiming at her and Collins. If they let Deceiver get a hold of that Rainbow Stone, a Disaster Door would definitely open.

Where would he choose to open it?

If it was opened on the East Coast, it would immediately be terminated!

Such a joke! Even the Ancient Red Dragon Ell wasn't able to rampage for long before he was forced back by a small team of Legends.

A group of Evil Spirits would naturally not dare to act like that.

If he wanted to show his power and take revenge, Diggles might open the Disaster Door north of River Shore City!

When the flood of Evil Spirits emerged, even if the South Wizard Alliance reacted quickly, River Shore City might have already been razed to the ground.

Evil Spirits were far stronger than what an ordinary person could imagine. If they knew way of restraining them, like Marvin, they might actually skillfully end them.

But the issue was, how many adventurers and soldiers had experience fighting against Evil Spirits?

If a war broke out, River Shore City would be in danger.

"No, this isn't something we can stop," Madeline decisively said, "I need to report to the Alliance and request assistance."

Marvin sneered, "I only told you my guess. Do you think the Alliance will be convinced?"

"The east is currently short on manpower. Even if the Alliance answers your request for help, how many do you think they would send?"

"For them, the nonsense of a newly risen Viscount and some White Deer murders in the desert, these are all trivial matters, aren't they?"

Madeline turned silent.

It was exactly as Marvin said. The Alliance wouldn't easily believe them.

Marvin had no proof.

If a few Brain Eating Monster's corpses could be used as proof, then the Alliance might dispatch some troops.

But everything would still be for them to clean up.

"Stop Deceiver from getting that Rainbow Stone, while checking if there are treasures in the cave. This is what we should do."

Marvin's finger pointed toward the north. "Over there."

Madeline nodded and controlled the magic carpet to fly through the sky of the Deathly Silent Hills.

Even if many people knew the White Deer Cave was hidden in a corner of the Deathly Silent Hills, there weren't many who knew its exact location.

Marvin was obviously one of them.

He had had three chances of entering the White Deer Cave in the past. And even if he didn't get anything special, he still got some practical things.

He clearly remembered about this hidden treasure cave.

"In front," Marvin said in a low voice. "Remember to use [Greater Invisibility], Deceiver should be near."

Madeline sneered, "There is no need for a reminder. We are already invisible."

Marvin shrugged.

The magic carpet slowly descended.

In front of them was a forested hill. Under the hill was a circle of ordinary flowers. Some broken rocks could be seen in the middle of that patch of flowers.

These rocks were set up very specifically, and were somewhat related to runes from ancient times.

"Nature God's runes," Marvin sighed with sorrow.

The White Deer Holy Spirit was a Heavenly creature, a Legend creature. Its strength was a lot higher than that of the average Unicorn.

It had the ability to foresee disaster and happiness and very few people could deceive it.

Naturally, this was before it descended.

At that time, he was serving the Nature God. Later, when the Ancient Nature God went into slumber and delegated the right to give Divine Spells to the World Tree, the White Deer Holy Spirit followed the World Tree and descended onto the human world.

After descending, its spirituality was tainted by the human world and it lost its all-seeing ability.

Thus, it could be deceived by Deceiver.

The treasures in the White Deer Cave had been collected by it over the past years. Every treasure had its own worth.

The White Deer Holy Spirit wanted to return to Heaven, but Heaven gatekeeper refused it entry because of its mortal world's aura.

The White Deer walked the earth and was dirtied by the filth of the human world, learning many bad things. He was gathering many treasures in order to bribe Heaven gatekeeper in the future to return to Heaven.

This kind of lore made Marvin feel a bit dumbstruck.

But fundamentally, the White Deer Holy Spirit was a very kindhearted lifeform.

But unfortunately it was used later on by a ferocious god who controlled its mind, turning it into a monster that created havoc in the human world.

That was of course something that happened after the Great Calamity.

The current White Deer Holy Spirit should still be very pure and kindhearted.

"I didn't find the [Deceiver] you talked about."

The two were hiding in a secret spot outside the cave. Madeline had quietly used a detection spell, but she didn't detect anyone aside from the two of them.

Marvin said in a low voice, "There are many ways to bypass your detection spell, Deceiver isn't an ordinary person."

"Since Diggles dared to send her here, he must have his reasons."

Madeline coldly looked at the White Deer Cave. "Regardless, I'll tear her into pieces!"

Marvin remained silent.

After about three hours, something strange happened outside the White Deer Cave.

First, the flowers began to ignite, and then all the gravel began to shake and turn into fine powder.

The next instant, an imposing golden light was emitted from the stone door that was emerging on the hill.

The stone door slowly opened with a heavy sound!

A deer with beautiful long horns nimbly jumped out from the soor.

It lingered around the cave for a moment before suddenly issuing an angry neigh.

The White Deer crazily charged toward the desert in the west!

It was very fast, disappearing from the Deathly Silent Hills in the blink of an eye!

And that stone door also began to slowly close.

At that time, a white-clothed figure quietly appeared beside the stone door.

"She appeared."

No need for Marvin's reminder, Madeline's spell was already ready!

Greater Mage Hand!

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