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After it got dark, Ivan and Marvin split up to act. Once they reached that small island, Ivan was able to feel the Red Dragon even more clearly.

He quickly pointed to the mountain gorge the Red Dragon was staying at.

Marvin first carefully checked the terrain. If the Dragon wanted to fly away, it could only be toward the east.

The night was when Night Walkers' abilities would be maximized.

He soon climbed a mountain on the east side of the island.

On that mountain peak he could overlook the entire island and could even see the mountain gorge the Red Dragon was hiding on.

Despite Marvin's current perception, he still couldn't find the Red Dragon's exact location. But from this position he could cover the entire eastern sky!

'It's time to bring out the big guns.'

Marvin cautiously looked for a concealed spot and then took out a suitcase.

He put the suitcase on the ground and then took out a scroll which had been sent along with the suitcase.

This wasn't a contract scroll, but rather was was a class scroll.

As long as he signed his name on the document, Marvin would be able to obtain his second subclass!

He unhesitantly signed it with a quill.

The scroll burst in flames before turning into a black mark which then entered Marvin's forehead.

A big series of logs appeared in front of Marvin.

[You obtained a 2nd subclass - Battle Gunner (Sha Clan)]

[You receive an experience penalty. 2000 Battle exp deducted]

[Familiarity with the Sha +1]

[You gained Hot Weapons Mastery (Beginner)]

[You gained knowledge - Firearms' Elementary Usage and Maintenance]

[You obtain the Setting Sun Maxim]

Hot Weapons Mastery!

Just as Marvin wanted!

He had been thinking about his 2nd subclass for a long time. Due to Versatile, his 1st subclass was exempt from the experience penalty, making it very worth it.

But his 2nd subclass was different. It would suffer from a very serious experience penalty. It would double at the beginning, and later on it would triple, even quintuple!

Marvin had to get a subclass that could display a very strong effect even at level 1!

After thinking over all the classes in Feinan and taking his environment into account, Marvin chose [Battle Gunman].

Battle Gunner was the Sha Clan's defining class, and only the best of the Shas were qualified to get this class.

There was no doubt that even though Constantine was a Night Walker, he was also a proud Sha.

The class scroll he personally wrote naturally wouldn't have any problems.

Marvin successfully obtained the Hot Weapons Mastery (Beginner).

But beginner level wasn't enough!

He also took out two bracelets and put them on.

These two bracelets were also something he borrowed from Constantine. In any case, he already got paid in advance for the goldmine and this Dragon slaughtering.

[You equipped Flaming Bracelet, Hot Weapons Mastery +1]

[You equipped Frost Bracelet, Hot Weapons Mastery +1]

With the bonuses from those two bracelets, Marvin's Hot Weapons Mastery directly reached [Expert] rank.


This wasn't enough!

That big fella in the suitcase needed at least Master rank Mastery to be used.

He took out a pair of gloves. This pair of gloves was a bit special, with the fingers made of steel, reducing the flexibility but offering good protection to the palms.

He removed the Ghastly Gloves he had been wearing and put on that pair of special gloves called [Kersu's Fury].

In the end, his Hot Weapons Mastery reached [Master] level!

By forcibly relying on his borrowed equipment, Marvin successfully turned himself into a temporary Battle Gunner with Master Hot Weapons Mastery.

He then opened that suitcase.

In the darkness of the night, the big cannon seemed very beautiful.

'Men should be having fun with this kind of rough thing!'

'If I hadn't gotten into the game early on and Battle Gunner hadn't been released so late, maybe I wouldn't have played a Thief.'

'No need to get close, just fuck them from a distance. Just thinking about it is exciting enough!'

He began to quickly assemble this [Brilliant Purple] Legendary Item!

Brilliant Purple had many parts, and its structure was also very complex.

Constantine could assemble or dismantle it in mere moments, but Marvin needed at least one hour.

This was only because he could follow the assembly manual.

Marvin was still a novice after all.

An hour later, Brilliant Purple was finally assembled.

Marvin hid beside a huge rock, simply getting ready to use Brilliant Purple once he had an opportunity.

It wasn't rare for him to play around with those catapults and other things during siege battles, so he figured that his long range weapon control wasn't bad.

Constantine only gave Marvin one [Dragon Tooth] artillery shell.

In other words, he only had one chance to fire.

If he missed his shot, the Dragon would fly away.

That would be a big loss.

Each shot cost 500 Wizard golds after all!

Constantine himself only had five [Dragon Tooth] shells before, and after using one to kill Bamboo, he only had four left.

The manufacturing process for each Dragon Tooth was very troublesome. This was the reason Hot Weapons didn't become mainstream in Feinan.

When fighting, each shot was money.

Marvin knew this.

Why weren't the Shas powerful? Because there were few of them, and they lacked resources and the business mindset.

Battle Gunners needed large amount of money.

Look at the current Marvin for example. As a level 1 Battle Gunner he dared to go kill a Dragon after equipping a frightening weapon and a set of frightening equipment.

There was a large amount of money behind this!

Naturally, it was linked to the friendly relations between Night Walkers.

As the agreed time was getting closer, Marvin also became more and more excited!

His blood was on fire and his heart was beating a lot faster!

This was killing a Dragon!

Even if it was only an Adult Red Dragon, this was a very dangerous existence for Marvin!

If he was careless, he would get embroiled in the fight.

If it weren't for his trust in Ivan's strength and complete faith in his own reaction speed, he wouldn't dare to come.

'Go ahead, I am ready.' Marvin kept adjusting the cannon's orientation, while silently saying those words in his heart.

Fifteen minutes later, Ivan finally moved!

He acted and ruthlessly kept attacking!

He had suddenly rushed to that hidden Red Dragon and fiercely beat him up!


A frightening Dragon's roar could be heard, causing the island to shake and fierce waves to toss about in the surroundings.

Fortunately, Marvin picked a good location and wasn't affected by the Dragon's roar.

He was about 8 kilometers away!

This was a very safe distance for Marvin.

Thanks to the Night Monarch's blessing, he could see the battle ongoing in the mountain gorge.

The large Red Dragon seemed very weak under Ivan's fierce attacks.

Their stature formed a distinct contrast!

Under such discrepancy, Ivan's punches seemed very fierce!

It was very different from the Martial Monk. Ivan's punches had an overwhelming pressuring power.

It had the intent of not sparing anything. Even if it meant destroying indiscriminately, it would beat you down.

"Worthy of the man I fancy!"

Not far away, a strange glint flicked in the Sea Elven Queen's eyes.

If it weren't for her plan, she wouldn't be able to wait to pounce on Ivan to strip him naked before using force.

Really too fierce!

The Red Dragon was beaten up so much it was wailing. Only people this powerful could beat a Red Dragon like a dog.

"Your Majesty, it looks like he has a friend," reminded one of the Sea Elves on the side.

"You mean that guy hiding over there?"

The Sea Elven Queen disdainfully dismissed, "Too weak, peeping with some sort of telescope, I have no interest in him."

"But that telescope seems to be emitting some strange energy. It looks like a good thing," her follower said.

"Do we lack good things in our palace?"

The Queen had no interest in Marvin. There was only Ivan in her eyes. She suddenly said, "That Red Dragon will risk his life to escape in a moment."

"The War Saint probably can't fly, his biggest regret. But I can help him block it."

"At that time, I'm sure I'll win him over!"

Indeed, just like the Sea Elven Queen said.

The Red Dragon naturally knew he wasn't Ivan's match in a melee battle and soon used his cunning, followed by Dragon Magic, to forcefully escape!

He spread his wings and hurriedly raised his huge body!

Despite Ivan's astonishing jump, he was delayed by the Dragon Spell and failed to catch up!

"Time to act!" The Sea Elven Queen smiled.

The Red Dragon rose up rapidly, heading toward the east before quickly arriving in front of a mountain.

But at that time, a huge mountain rock rolled down from the east mountain!


Marvin's foot had already kicked the loose rock, completely exposing his position!

On the mountain, the huge cannon could now be adjusted at will, no longer having any obstacles in the way.


Marvin tightly held onto Brilliant Purple and firmly locked it onto the Red Dragon swiftly flying over!

His heartbeat immediately increased several times as he silently assessed the distance between both sides as well as the attack position.

"What does he want to do?" The Sea Elven Queen noticed his actions and didn't move.

The Red Dragon also looked at the insignificant silhouette on the mountain peak.

It didn't pay it any attention. The other side's strength was too weak, so it wouldn't be able to pose any threat to him!

But the next instant, Marvin took a deep breath.

He moved his hand and abruptly pulled on the lever. He was thrown backward by the powerful recoil, almost falling off the mountain!


In an instant, an extremely thick purple light was shot out of the cannon!

This was a cannon piercing heaven and earth!


Flames and lightning forcefully pierced through the Dragon's head, smashing it into pieces!

Blood fell, sprinkling around like rain!

The Red Dragon's body fell down extremely miserably!

The Sea Elven Queen and her followers were completely stunned!

Marvin felt an acute pain in his chest, and he coughed some blood.

But looking at the numerous logs, he loudly laughed.

That was an artillery shell!

That felt fucking great!

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