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After leaving Marvin that day in Tornado Harbor, Ivan went out to sea on his own. He actually went through great lengths to chase the Ancient Red Dragon.

But even if Ell was scared away by the Dragon Killer Sword, he hadn't been critically hurt by it.

Ivan took advantage of Ell resting on an island to launch a sneak attack!

Both sides fought a fierce battle, but the outcome was obvious. Even the powerful Elven War Saint was nothing more than a punching bag for the Ancient Red Dragon Ell.

Ivan was defeated.

Normally, with Ell's temper, he would definitely have chased him in this kind of situation.

But at that time, he was affected by the Dragon Killer Sword, there was a shadow in his heart.

The paranoid Red Dragon believed it was a plot by the South Wizard Alliance, so he didn't pursue Ivan.

Ivan luckily escaped.

But this didn't mean that Ell would let him off for free.

He didn't chase Ivan himself, but he called another Adult Red Dragon to hound Ivan.

Thus, a fierce battle was carried out on the sea.

Under normal circumstances, Ivan would have been strong enough to turn this Adult Red Dragon into mincemeat.

But he was seriously hurt. And the sea wasn't a suitable fighting location for the War Saint who couldn't fly. They kept fighting and were entangled for so long!

Both sides suffered in the end.

Ivan punched the Red Dragon with using all of his strength. Some of his power still remained inside the Red Dragon's body, which is how he could feel that the Red Dragon was nearby.

This punch directly put the Red Dragon on the brink of death, but unfortunately it could fly, so Ivan didn't succeed in killing the Dragon.

What happened next was a story Ivan was very reluctant to share.

Despite that, the story of what Ivan called "Humiliation" was eventually dug up under Marvin's constant questioning.

The pitiful Ivan was trying to return to the continent with his serious injuries.

But as he was drifting, he came across a group of women.

A group of completely unreasonable women.

They were Sea Elves.

Unlike the Wood Elves, the Sea Elves lived in a Matriarchy, where women reigned over everything.

That group of Sea Elves weren't ordinary either. They were royalty. Ivan even heard most of those Sea Elves address a graceful and elegant girl as "Queen".

This meant that this Sea Elf's status in the Sea Elven community was equivalent to that of his own father Nicholas in the Wood Elven community.

The Sea Elves Saved Ivan.

But something unfortunate happened. As Ivan put it, that "Big boobs no brain" took a fancy to him.

She didn't ask for his permission and directly brought back the seriously hurt Ivan to rest at her palace!

Using Ivan's words, he almost lost his virginity in front of the Sea Elven Queen!

He stayed at the palace of the Sea Elven royalty at the seafloor for some time. During that time he had no choice but to yield since he was living under someone else's roof.

He originally wasn't the Sea Elven Queen's opponent, and he was even less of a threat after being seriously injured.

But Ivan didn't lose hope!

He didn't want to become the breeding tool of the Sea Elven royalty!

The pitiful Ivan finally grabbed an opportunity. The day before yesterday, he found a way out of the Royal Palace and fled!

Sadly, good things don't last forever. The Sea Elven Queen's might exceeded his imagination. She actually chased him down.

Both sides fought an all out battle.

Ivan was still not the other side's match. He lost consciousness from the injuries, but before that happened, he used an item his mother set aside for him and escaped.

Who knew where he got that rotten plank, perhaps just from survival instinct. In short, he passed out and drifted on the sea for a while.

His mother's item helped him escape the search of the Sea Elven Queen, but if not for Marvin fishing him up, who knew where he would end up drifting to.

Thus, he was shocked to see Marvin again and expressed his gratitude.

As for this humiliating story of almost being locked up as a plaything by a group of women, Ivan seriously warned Marvin over and over again to not disclose a single word of it to outsiders.

Otherwise, their friendship would be over.

After Marvin laughed for a while, he promised to keep the secret.

He hadn't expected this powerful Elven War Saint to suffer such a defeat, Marvin inwardly shook his head.

This world had so many outstanding and powerful women, and their personal strength greatly overwhelmed 99% of the male lifeforms.

This kind of power guaranteed that they could act how they wanted and not be under a man.

But sometimes, they would use that power to oppress others in some… extreme ways.

But what interested Marvin the most after hearing about Ivan's humiliation wasn't that group of Sea Elves.

He knew of the Sea Elves' pride, and even if he met them, they would only consider him as a "insignificant human". And the Sea Elves were kindhearted. If you didn't provoke them, they wouldn't meddle with you.

He was more interested in the Red Dragon.

According to Ivan, that Red Dragon should still be in one of the surrounding islands. After being seriously injured by Ivan, he shouldn't have been able to fly far!

Ivan's power left in the Dragon's body had turned into an excellent tracking method.

As long as he could find that Red Dragon, the Elven Prince was 99% sure he could slaughter it.

That remaining 1% depended on the Dragon being able to fly...

Marvin contemplated for a short time before clapping his hands and making a decision!

This Dragon must be killed!

After a huge gift of experience and fame from killing a dragon was delivered right at his doorstep, wouldn't it be a waste to not pick it up?

But he wasn't like the Elven Saint with his extremely powerful body who would be fine even if the Dragon scratched him a couple times.

Marvin estimated that he wouldn't be able to resist the Dragon's power if he was hit.

He had to ensure his own safety if he wanted to kill a Dragon.

Thus he patted Ivan's shoulder.

"Rest for another day."

"We will act tomorrow night."

Very late at night, in the camp. A strange candle was lit by Marvin.

The impatient voice of the blacksmith came from the candle. "Where did you run to?"

"Why are the coordinates different every time you contact me?"

Marvin had yet to speak when a second voice jokingly said, "Marvin, you are aren't acting like a suitable Overlord. If you are unsuitable, you should give it to me."


Marvin was overjoyed, and immediately said to the candle, "Sir Constantine!"

"I want to borrow something from you!"

The latter immediately became cautious. "What?"

"Oh, it's that…" Marvin told him what he wanted.

The answer immediately came. "Get lost!"

On an isle not far from the East Coast.

A huge monster was tightly sticking to the mountain wall, breathing deeply.

It had sustained very heavy injuries. And even though the Dragon's powerful vitality helped him recover, he still couldn't get rid of that Elven War Saint's power.

Its Dragon Magic couldn't remove this power.

It could only stick close to the wall add layers of camouflage upon its body.

After resting for a few days, it could go back to flying long distance and would immediately seek help from Elder Ell.

It wouldn't be a problem then.

But now was the most dangerous time.

The Red Dragon was uneasily checking his surroundings. He had this odd feeling, as if someone was watching him.

But it couldn't find where it came from, making him even more impatient.

Outside the isle, a few people's shadows quietly showed up.

"Your Majesty, why don't you kill the Red Dragon?" a soft voice inquired.

The Sea Elven Queen indifferently said, "I can't find him. He must be hiding."

"But I know he'll come look for trouble with that Red Dragon."

"Just guard this Red Dragon, I'll wait for him."

Another puzzled voice asked, "Your Majesty, is that Elven War Saint truly that attractive to you?"

"Superficial," the Queen snorted. "The external appearance is nothing more than skin, his strength and potential is the most important."

"Do you know how many years it has been since our Elven Race, including Wood Elves, Sea Elves, Moon Elves, and others, had a [War Saint]?"

That person wasn't convinced and said, "But your Majesty is an [Admiral] that hasn't been seen for many years too."

"Thus, I'll have him make me a child." The Sea Elven Queen declared in an extremely domineering voice, "The offspring of the Admiral and the War Saint would be the strongest in this world."

"I'm looking forward to the day our child grows up to be the strongest in the world."

Early in the morning, Marvin had his wish fulfilled and Constantine sent over the item through some special means.

In order to borrow this item, Marvin had to use countless words and promise numerous benefits after killing the Dragon to convince Constantine.

Fortunately, they weren't far from each other and there was only one mountain on the way. And since Constantine was a Legend, it was quite normal for him to have special long distance transmission techniques.

Marvin obtained that thing and began preparing to slaughter the Dragon.

For this Dragon killing plan, only Ivan and Marvin would participate.

The others were ruled out.

Under the Dragon's might, these sailors might be frightened into peeing their pants from far away.

Marvin couldn't rely on them.

Taking advantage of the high tide, Marvin made the Sailors move the Southie once again. Following Ivan's perception, they went toward the east.

Marvin's perception when controlling the Sea Emperor's Crown would go further than the Dragon's.

He soon found that island. The direction and distance were more or less what Ivan described.

He ordered the Southie to stop there. Ivan and Marvin dove in the water and swam all the way.

Marvin physical strength was naturally not that good, but with the Sea Emperor's Crown, he could control the currents.

He and Ivan pretended to be common Sea inhabitants as they quietly approached the island.

They stopped on the beach.

They waited for the darkness to descend before starting their plan.

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