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Chapter 189: Pearl Island

All the ropes keeping it in place were silently cut.

The huge anchor was also pulled up.

"Crash!" Under the urging of the Second Mate, the remaining sailors raised the sail.

The entire ship was now under Marvin’s control.

But they weren’t safe yet. They were still in Black Dock Harbor, and Marvin hadn’t done anything quite like this before. To justify taking the ship, he had to rely on the wilderness clearing order and use the pretext that the White Elephant chamber of commerce had captured Lola first.

If there was an arbitration from the South Wizard Alliance, he also had the Ninth Month Medal to contend against the White Elephant chamber of commerce.

In any case, this boat was his now!

Not surprisingly, like on other boats, the ship’s Navigator was a Silver Church’s Priest. This guy only thought of saving his own life, so under the threat of Marvin’s daggers and the lure of his pay being doubled, he immediately defected. And when Marvin suggested that his ties with Collins could help promote him to a higher position inside the Silver Church, he immediately became more motivated.

Even though it was now nighttime, the harbor’s lighthouse was still on and the stars could still be seen in the sky, so finding their direction wouldn’t be an issue.

As long as they could escape Black Dock Harbor and be on the sea, the rest would be simple.

But escaping Black Dock Harbor wasn’t that easy.

Black Dock Harbor’s floodgates were closed during the night sealing it off. To open the floodgates, they would have to request a pass and have regular travel qualifications.

Obviously, the Southie didn’t have those qualifications after being taken by Marvin.

Although they had control of the ship, they had to request the harbor staff on duty to let them pass.

This required some deception.

Black Dock Harbor, on the lighthouse.

Two soldiers bored to death were playing cards.

It was likely that no one would set sail in the depths of the night, leaving them idle, so playing cards was normal.

"Damn, lost again," one of them cursed.

But at this time, the other guy suddenly stood up.

"What the hell? Are you a psycho?" The first soldier clearly was in a bad mood.

"Weird! Why would a boat come over now?"

The soldiers on duty looked at that light coming from the darkness.

These flames were corresponding signals, and the meaning was for them to open Black Dock Harbor’s floodgates.

"It’s the Southie, the White Elephant chamber of commerce’s boat."

"It’s fishy, they arrived at the harbor a few days ago. According to the report, they would leave two days later."

"How could they set out in the middle of the night?"

The two soldiers looked at each other in dismay, both feeling a bit baffled.

But at that time, a silhouette appeared in front of them.

"Open the gate," that person quickly said, "The Southie received an assignment at the last moment, we have to go to Tornado Harbor to receive a batch of goods."

"Hurry up."

Captain George!

Seeing Captain George appear, the doubt in the two men’s hearts eased up.

After all, everyone knew that the Southie’s captain was George, the 3rd son of the White Elephant chamber of commerce’s Leader.

"But… It’s not in complia…"

One of the men began with hesitation.

But he didn’t have time to finish his words when the other soldier abruptly hit his stomach with his elbow.

The soldier crouched from the acute pain as his friend hit him once again.

He lost consciousness.

"Rest assured Sir, we will immediately open the gates for you," that soldier flattered. "Sir Mondine from the White Elephant chamber of commerce is very good to us. This is a trivial matter, we will definitely be fair to you."

Marvin was stunned.

After using Disguise and the Mask of the Deceiver, he really looked exac

tly like George. The difference in figure couldn’t be seen in the darkness.

He originally thought he would have to bluff the two soldiers on duty.

But he hadn’t expected there to be a guy on "his side".

‘The White Elephant chamber of commerce did bribe quite a few soldiers…’ Marvin laughed in his heart. He immediately nodded and casually threw a Wizard gold.

"This is for the best. The shipment of goods in the south cannot wait."

The soldier bowed. "Obviously, rest assured."

"Everything will be arranged for you. I’ll make this guy obediently shut up."

Marvin nodded, and quickly disappeared in the darkness.

Black Dock Harbor’s floodgates were silently opened.

Everyone on the Southie looked at each other in bewilderment. They hadn’t expected that Marvin would take care of everything in such a short amount of time.

"Lord Marvin is really as mysterious as in the rumors."

"Yeah, as long as we are out of the harbor, there won’t be an issue."

"Miss Lola didn’t swindle us!"

The sailors excitedly whispered among themselves.

"Don’t speak nonsense, quickly set sail!" Marvin’s silhouette once again appeared on the boat.

They all kept quiet out of fear.

The sail was raised to its highest as the Helmsman piloted the ship to leave Black Dock Harbor and head into the boundless sea!

"Lord, where are we going?"

In the brightly lit captain’s room, the Navigator with a grizzled bear flatteringly asked.

Marvin looked at the gradually disappearing coastline and finally gave him coordinates!

The Navigator spread out the sea chart with a smile. But when he found the location using a compass, his expression immediately changed. "You are crazy!"

The next second, a curved dagger once again appeared on the Navigator’s neck.

"You better not question my decisions."

"Going there is the way," Marvin coldly said.

The Priest of the Silver Church bitterly said, "That is a cursed place. If the sailors know about this…"

"They shouldn’t know. We will only stop at that island for a short time," Marvin calmly said. "Besides me, no one will get on the island."

"And besides you, no one knows where that is, right?"

The Navigator bitterly nodded.

Two sailors suddenly yelled, "There are boats coming up behind us!"

"They are faster than us!"

Marvin sneered, "Is there any other path you can choose now?"

The Priest was speechless. Just as Marvin said, if he followed a normal trade route with those boats chasing them, they would definitely be overtaken.

The only hope lay in the direction Marvin chose.

He clenched his teeth and quickly left the captain’s room to find the Helmsman.

On the boundless sea, the Southie began to deviate from the original path and sped southeast.

"They changed their bearing!"

"Damn, there is definitely something wrong."

On the sea, the two White Elephant’s boats tightly pursued the shadow in the distance.

They were ships from the White Elephant chamber of commerce and they had immediately set sail in pursuit when they noticed something wrong.

They were a lot faster than the Southie because they had [Wind Wizards] on board!

This class seemed very famous, but in fact, they were only apprentices who weren’t talented enough and changed classes.

They were there to provide strong winds for boats to sail a lot faster.

Because it was powered by Wind Wizards, the boost wouldn’t last for long. It could only be used for relatively short distances, like overtaking a boat.

After the Southie changed directions, they could only helplessly chase after them.

Some time later, the two sides were getting increasingly close.

But ahead of them, thick fog rose up on the sea!

"No good, we are getting close to those waters."

The two boat captains finally realized what was wrong!

Only that cursed area would have such a thick fog lingering all year long in the entire East Coast.

Rumors about that area began to appear in the captains’ minds.

To chase or not to chase?

This became a huge problem.

The Wind Wizards were already exhausted, but the Southie was just ahead now.

The two boat captains briefly discussed and decide to keep chasing!

After all, they were already this close!

But at that time, a sailor suddenly yelled, "Captain! The Southie sped up!"

Sped up?

How could this be?

The two captains were stunned. The Southie didn’t have a Wind Wizard. How could they suddenly speed up?

When they rushed on the deck, they did see the Southie clearly speeding up and leaving them behind!

It recklessly charged into those cursed waters!

With both sides’ current speed, it could certainly escape from the pursuing ships!

The fog was too thick after all. With such low visibility, once you lost your target, you would have to rely on luck and experience to find it again.

The two captains could only helplessly order their ships to turn around.

They didn’t want to follow the Southie to be buried.

That was a path of no return!

And on the Southie’s deck, a burst of cheers could be heard!

They could also see those two ships finally giving up their chase.

They were finally free!

Everyone looked at Marvin with some superstitious belief!

From the adoration at the beginning, to the fear later on, until the current superstitious belief. Marvin only used less than a few hours!

There was a small figure above the Southie’s sail, happily releasing its own power!

Wind Fairy!

Marvin’s first servant.

As soon as he crossed the Shrieking Mountain Range, he accidentally found out that this present Hathaway gifted him had already successfully been nurtured.

A Wind Fairy was born, and it already had outstanding power.

As Marvin’s servant, its loyalty to Marvin couldn’t be doubted.

A level 1 Wind Fairy had two innate abilities, one of which was controlling wind!

In this aspect it was almost instinctive, a lot stronger compared to those Wind Wizards!

Once the Wind Fairy appeared, the distance between their boat and the chasing boats immediately increased.

The Southie crazily sped toward its target.

Marvin stood at the prow, coldly watching the sea.

And after some time, the sailors began to relax from their initial excitement.

The thick fog hadn’t scattered all this time, making them someone doubtful.

But due to Marvin’s awe-inspiring actions, no one dared to slack off.

This night, everyone was tired and quickly laid down.

The thick fog slightly weakened at daybreak, but the Lookout suddenly yelled, "Heavens! We finally arrived somewhere!?"

Marvin smiled and immediately controlled the Wishful Rope and arrived at the crow’s nest.

He grabbed the Lookout’s lens and looked in the distance.

Despite the thick fog blocking his view, he could still clearly see the island’s coastline.

Pearl Island!

Marvin smiled.

Finally arrived.

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