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Chapter 188: Night Devil King!

A salty breeze blew by the window as a suppressed voice kept echoing from the captain’s room filled with warm candles.

A silhouette with a rope tied at its waist slowly descended and arrived outside the window.

This was the captain’s room.

Marvin sneered, ‘This Captain George is indeed in the mood.’

Through the transparent glass he could clearly see everything.

A man with thick chest hair could be seen pressing a fair-skinned woman under him!

The captain angrily scolded, while not forgetting to move at the same time, "Quiet! Little whore!"

"If my father learns that I brought a woman on board, he would kill me."

The crew couldn’t bring women on board. This was an established custom. Rumors claimed that they would bring bad luck to ships on a long trip. But in fact, the reason Marvin saw so few women on board was very simple. In this kind of place with a high concentration of men, a woman might become the reason for a riot.

On very long trips, whether it was the captain or the sailors, everyone would have to suppress themselves.

They could only hold it in. Once there was an unequal situation, it would be very easy for a riot to start.

Thus, when Marvin went to Captain George of the Southie, he hadn’t expected to find this scene.

This captain was a bit intriguing.

Marvin looked at the small set of men’s clothes on the side and came to a realization.

He actually brought his woman on board by having her dress as a man. Moreover, the soundproofing of the captain’s room was relatively good, so no one had found them yet.

Despite this, the woman couldn’t help but let out a moan.

The captain was angry. He immediately slapped her fair skin, leaving a red palm imprint.

"Are you fucking stupid! If those lively young men were lured over, based on the rules, I would have no other choice but to hand you over!"

"Do you want to be handled by a group of depraved men?!" George angrily said.

But rather than meekly acknowledge his words, she retorted, "This lady would be fine with taking turns, so how about letting me shout?"

"You are a coward, not able to protect your own woman. Are you still a captain?"

George was angry, and wanted to properly punish this disobedient woman.

But he suddenly noticed a strange shadow gathering together near the foot of the bed.

‘Hold on…’

As a 3rd rank expert, George wasn’t a fool. He immediately felt something wrong.

"What’s up? You should be moving!" The woman turned her head and surprise filled her eyes!


A figure suddenly broke through the window, going straight for George!

At the same time, that shadow also condensed.

Marvin and the Shadow Doppelganger simultaneously attacked!

Marvin’s daggers were swift and his face was expressionless.

This assault would certainly kill George!

Because he simply couldn’t block both sneak attacks at the same time!

Sure enough, George instantly rolled away, falling on one side of the captain’s room.

He took out a dagger in a hurry and barely managed to block Marvin’s daggers, but he had a cut to the bone on his waist!

"Goodbye, Captain George," Marvin grimly said.

The Shadow Doppelganger attacked from the other side, and George had no time to resist.

But at that time, something happened that shocked Marvin.

The Shadow Doppelganger’s sneak attack didn’t go smoothly. It was split in two by a sharp blade attacking from behind!

That woman!

Her face was flushed, and she looked very angry while holding her sharp blade!

‘Fuck! That one is also a 3rd rank expert!’

Marvin racked his brain. He actually made such a low level mistake!

When he used Inspect, he only checked Captain George’s strength, but as for the woman under him, he had subconsciously neglected her!

He had assumed this woman was only Captain Geo

rge way to vent. He hadn’t expected her to also be a bodyguard!


George painfully backed up a few steps.

And that extremely fierce woman unhappily looked at Marvin, her killing intent nearly overflowing. "You want to experience the anger of a woman who was interrupted in the middle?"

Marvin shrugged. "My bad…"

He moved before he even finished his words!

Kill the woman first!

Burst! Shadow Step! Demon Hunter Steps!

In the small room, Marvin’s silhouette seemed as fast as lightning, his daggers slashing over as if they were about to split a mountain.

The woman was caught by surprise. She might have looked overbearing, but in reality, her mind and body were still sluggish due to what she was previously doing.

Marvin’s attack directly signed her demise. Her sharp blade fell to the ground with a "Clang!"

With another slash, Marvin easily beheaded her. She died with her eyes wide open.

From their earlier exchange, she found out that Marvin was a 3rd rank, but she hadn’t expected that Marvin’s attack speed would be so frightening!

Of course, it was because she didn’t know there was a class called Night Walker in this world.

After Marvin went through the tempering of the Scarlet Monastery, his hidden specialty, Night Kill had already emerged.

If this hidden specialty was activated, Night Walkers’ strength could be infinitely increased!

Even though it was only level 1 right now, it still had a superior attribute.

[Night Kill (Hidden Specialty – Activated)]

Type: Passive Specialty – Grow Type.

Level: 1

Effect: Attack Power +3%, Attack Speed +3%, Movement Speed +3%, Burst Power +3%, Reaction Speed +3% during battle in the night.

Five stats were increased by 3%!

This was already a very ridiculous numBecause they really were unstoppable Devil Kings duber in Feinan. Moreover, it was a Grow Type Passive Specialty.

The more people died under Marvin’s daggers, the stronger he would become during the night!

This was the reason a powerful Night Walker would be called a Night Devil King in the game.

ring the night!

In the narrow cabin, even though Marvin killed that woman quickly, it still gave Captain George some time to react.

When Marvin turned back to deal with him, that 3rd rank Swordsman was already holding a longsword in his hands. He also found the time to pull on some pants in passing.

"Who are you?!" George didn’t brood over the death of the woman.

He only cautiously covered his wound and stared at Marvin, trying to stall for time.

He had just shaken the alarm bell, so there should be other people coming to help soon.

At that time, this random assassin would be screwed.

"Saying ‘The man who will kill you,’ would this be too cliche?"

Marvin laughed. "Also, you pulling the alarm has no use. Your people on the boat have already been instigated to mutiny by me."

"Hear any footsteps?"

George’s expression paled!

He really didn’t hear anything. Normally, after the alarm bell rang, the Boatswain would be the first to rush over.

Two 3rd rank experts joining hands would definitely be enough to kill or even capture this assassin, to interrogate him on where he came from.

But he was alone right now, and the captain’s room was quite narrow...

The captain held onto his longswords and attentively watched Marvin before shouting and launching an attack on Marvin in the narrow path.

"Hmmm? Courting Death?"

Nothing escaped Marvin’s eyes. With his amazing dexterity, if he couldn’t dodge such a lousy assault… That would be too ridiculous! 

He took a step to the side and easily dodged while also slashing the captain’s lower back.

But George had already attained his goal..

He directly got onto the window ledge and jumped down.

Marvin took a deep breath and swiftly chased after him!

George chanted an incantation and a cable suddenly hung down from the beautiful flowery wall.

He grabbed the rope and quickly arrived on the wide open deck!

"Shit! Where are my men!?" he yelled.

But the sentry was silently lying on the spacious deck. They weren’t part of Marvin’s coup, so they had already turned into corpses.

The only people still fighting were two Swordsmen.

The First Mate and the Second Mate!

These two’s strength were about the same, thus it would be hard to decide a winner in the fight!

The others had already surrendered and sworn allegiance to Marvin. They were obediently brought to the ship hold to check if someone had slipped through the net.

Fortunately it was late at night. There was not a soul in sight in the dock area. Otherwise, such a big commotion would have already attracted trouble.

‘Have to get it done quickly!’

Marvin relied on the Demon Hunter’s steps and easily rushed across the deck!

George looked at Marvin, extremely angry. He stopped worrying about his waist injury, ruthlessly waving his sword instead, sending fierce attacks at Marvin!

In this wide open area, he didn’t believe he wasn’t Marvin’s match.

Moreover, Assassins and other such classes could only take advantage of their short weapons and fight without restraint in narrow places.

This open deck was his world!

But Captain George’s thinking failed.

Because Marvin wasn’t an Assassin!

He was a Ranger, a Dual Wielding Ranger.

And also a Night Devil King!


Suddenly, a formidable power burst from within Marvin, two consecutive Imitation Shadow Steps. Not only did it knock George’s sword to the side, but the ice-cold dagger stabbed into George’s shoulder blade!


George’s howl of grief had yet to come out before Marvin covered his mouth with his hands and half a second later, he gently ran his dagger across his neck.

He used the combo he was skilled in once again.

Cover the mouth, Cutthroat!

A head fell to the ground!

The captain’s body lost balance and fell backward. Marvin relaxedly sat on the ground, his sight turning toward the fight between the Second Mate and the First Mate!

A bit later, a bloody smell filled the deck and all those disobedient guys were already beheaded by Marvin.

The sailors still on board looked at Marvin with a hint of awe in their gazes, gradually changing into reverence.

KIlling without a care like this wasn’t something an ordinary person could do!

"Set sail!"

Marvin took a glance at the pitch-dark Black Dock Harbor and decisively gave the order.

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