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Chapter 165: Corpse King

Marvin’s move was really too fast, startling everyone.

The nobles and soldiers from River Shore City originally thought that Marvin was a sort of gigolo that Madeline wanted to keep around.

When Marvin got on Madeline’s carriage, they looked at him in contempt.

When the Magic Holy Grail appeared, it made them realize that the City Lord had searched out that noble from the countryside for this reason.

In fact, news in River Shore City spread pretty fast, and Marvin’s display in the Battle of the Holy Grail had already spread through the East Coast.

But the main characters from the previous Battle of the Holy Grail were always Wizards, so the rumors about Marvin were dismissed by most people as him deliberately showing off.

They preferred to believe that Marvin’s younger brother Wayne had an outstanding performance, winning the brothers the supreme honor of getting the Holy Grail.

So, while some could understand the importance Madeline placed on Marvin, most of them still didn’t put that countryside noble in their eyes. After all, although Marvin was carrying two daggers, he really was too thin.

A year of blacksmithing had given him some muscle, but compared to those strong Fighters or Knights, he was really too weak.

Together with his delicate face, there would inevitably be some people thinking of despicable things.

But right now, everyone saw Marvin in a new light!

25 Dexterity! Flicker specialty! This wasn’t something that just anyone could reach!

Among the Paladins, Gordian beheaded a Corpse Seeker before turning to witness Marvin’s shocking speed!

‘That guy…’

‘As expected, it’s him!’

When they joined hands against the Plague Envoy in the underground path, Gordian was somewhat impressed by Marvin. The mouth mask wasn’t enough to hide him from the Paladin’s perception.

When he saw Marvin appear next to Madeline, he was shocked.

But what shocked him most was that Marvin’s strength had surprisingly risen so quickly.

If he wasn’t wrong, when they faced the Plague Envoy that night, Marvin was still about 1st rank.

‘Now he has already reached level 10!’

‘And it looks like he can break through to 3rd rank at anytime. How could this be!?’

‘How could such a talent exist in Feinan?’

As Gordian was distracted, a Corpse Seeker on the side found a gap and attacked.

Fortunately, an ally helped him block before yelling, "Leader! What are you doing!?"

Gordian hurriedly reacted and no longer looked at Marvin. He clenched his teeth instead and focused on dealing with those hateful Corpse Seekers.

He was one of the treasured Paladins of the Silver Church!

He had been lingering at the bottleneck at the peak of 2nd rank for a very long time.

He was certain that after tempering himself at this Scarlet Monastery and going back to receive the Silver God’s Blessing, he would definitely advance to 3rd rank!

Gordian held his breath and attacked even more fiercely!

A moment later, a gap opened up in the Corpse Seeker swarm!

On the other side, Marvin was comfortably standing on the coffin.


An oppressive sound thundered out as the cover of the coffin fell to the ground, raising a cloud of dust. Marvin’s expression didn’t change as he did a backward jump, landing noiselessly on the ground.

At the same time, the Shadow Doppelganger took his place, creeping on top of the coffin.

This move was so skillfully executed that it couldn’t be reproduced at will.

Everyone watching the battlefield began to shift their attention to Marvin’s side.

The battle between the Corpse Seekers and the soldiers wasn’t very interesting.

Even though the Corpse Seekers were unafraid of death, they were completely suppressed under the number advantage and level superiority of the soldiers. These Corpse Seekers were fated to die.

What made the watchers curious was this extremely bold Baron Marvin. What was he doing in the end?

This huge stone coffin clearly contained an elite level character. Did he want to kill it by himself?

"Reckless or brave? I actually want to see if that Baron Marvin is as the rumors say, the most outstanding young Ranger of the South."

In a group of mysteriously dressed men, a man wearing a black cloak spoke in a low voice.

This was a group of special helpers Madeline invited. They only had to act when Madeline requested.

They were a lot more mysterious than ordinary mercenaries.

"Needless to say, I think he is screwed." A purple masked man on his left disdainfully dismissed, "A 2nd rank Ranger challenging a monster which is at least of the 3rd rank. The outcome, isn’t it obvious?"

"Let us bet," the cloaked man said in a low voice. "If he deals with that monster, that blood slave you recently got a hold on, give it to me."

"Hmph, I know you have bad intentions," the purple masked man sneered. "What are you betting?"

"Ancestor Fang," the cloaked man concisely replied.

Without having to even consider, the masked man accepted. "Deal!"

He was full of confidence. He had studied a bit about this stone coffin.

There wasn’t an ordinary Corpse Seeker inside. It was a Corpse King!

Its constitution was extremely fierce. To kill it, you would need extremely good stamina.

The masked man wasn’t an idiot. He had already clearly seen through Marvin’s movements. He was a Dual Wielding Ranger, and would burst an enemy with a flood of attacks.

The Corpse King didn’t have any vitals. Even if Marvin cut down the Corpse King’s head, that thing still might be able to jump around.

Insta-killing the Corpse King?

This wasn’t something a 2nd rank Ranger could do.

‘Ancestor Fang, you are mine.’ The masked man was sure victory was in his hands.

Unfortunately he didn’t know that compared to ordinary Rangers, Marvin had the advantage of experience!

As a fourteen year old Ranger, not many people would have hope in Marvin’s battle experience.

But the Scarlet Monastery’s Corpse King could be practically be considered an acquaintance of Marvin’s.

He had farmed this instance a lot of times, and although he was blocked at the Fourth Hall, those few halls ahead of him weren’t complicated.

And the Corpse King was singled away by Marvin.

Marvin already knew the Corpse King like the back of his hand!

‘Is his first step going to be with the left foot or right foot?’

‘Left foot is poison mist, right foot is [Twisting Bandages]…’

Marvin crouched behind the coffin, lazily thinking.

He could share the sight of his Shadow Doppelganger and could clearly see the first move of the Corpse King.


Some noise could be heard coming from the dust cloud.

Marvin watched attentively...

It was the left foot! That was the poison mist!

Sure enough, after the Corpse King took a step outside the coffin, a poison mist was emitted from his tall figure.

This poison mist didn’t spread, and only revolved half a meter around the Corpse King.

Even so, this was a very troublesome ability!

Because this kind of poison mist was very frightening. If one was infected and not treated with a Divine Spell on time, it would end in death!

But Marvin had a trick!

‘The back of the stone coffin is out of the range of the poison mist!’ Marvin stayed at the back and started controlling the Shadow Doppelganger.

Thus, under everyone shocked gaze, the Shadow Doppelganger suddenly leapt from the top of the stone coffin!

He actually directly threw himself at the Corpse King!

"That guy isn’t dead?" someone exclaimed.

Marvin switching places with his Shadow Doppelganger was too skillful. Many people missed it and still thought the one standing on the coffin was Marvin.

But a few people clearly saw Marvin stealthily change positions with the doppelganger.

"It’s a doppelganger." The masked man frowned.

Obviously, Marvin’s move was out of his expectations.

What was this guy thinking?

Even if it is a doppelganger, there’s no need to throw it away at the Corpse King? Isn’t that just a waste?


The cloaked man at his side exclaimed in admiration.

"Clever?" The masked man froze as Marvin’s doppelganger immediately gave him the answer!

The Shadow Doppelganger was carrying two small and extremely sharp knives

This kind of knife was really far from enough to kill, but they were sharp enough and actually more suitable to be used to cut ropes and other things.

When the Shadow Doppelganger was pouncing on the Corpse King, its knives were already moving!


The weakest part of the bandages covering the Corpse King were severed.

Under the effects of the poison mist, the Shadow Doppelganger’s HP quickly declined.

Marvin crouching behind the coffin slightly smiled.


As everyone watched in surprise, the Shadow Doppelganger suddenly grabbed one end of the severed bandage and burst into a sprint!

Even though the Shadow Doppelganger only had half of Marvin’s attributes, its speed was still quite fast.

In an instant, he ran ten meters!

The Corpse King was caught off guard, lost a bit of balance and rotated for half a circle before managing to stop himself .

And at that time, the poison finished off the Shadow Doppelganger!

But this also created an opportunity.

Behind the Corpse King a small exposed area around his neck was revealed.

A lump of rotting flesh was exposed at that area and didn’t have the protection of bandages.

In Marvin’s eyes, this was an enormous gap.

He suddenly started moving and directly jumped on the coffin.

The next instant, a syringe appeared in his hand!

This syringe had a diameter of 5 centimeters and could be considered as a product of alchemy that each major guild sold. The syringe had an extremely sharp end. It was different from the syringes used on earth used to cure or prevent human illnesses. In Feinan, those things were used to kill!

Assassins would fill them with poison and stab their enemies with it so that it could quickly spread through their bodies.

And Marvin was using it to deal with the Corpse King.

Waiting for a break in the erratically rotating poison mist, Marvin grasped an opportunity and flung the syringe!

At such a close distance, the syringe easily pierced through the exposed area.


The syringe was stabbed in. The Corpse King felt something fishy and slowly tried to turn around.

Unfortunately Marvin had already fiercely jumped over.

He flipped in the sky, and his right foot ruthlessly pressed on the back of the syringe.

The liquid in the copper syringe was injected into the Corpse King’s body!

Marvin quickly got out of the way.

And the next moment, the Corpse King’s painful howl could be heard spreading through the entire First Hall!

"What’s in the syringe?" The cloaked man couldn’t help but mutter.

This was also what all the other people wanted to know.

What is in the syringe after all?

Everyone was blankly watching the Corpse King struggle in pain.

Only the old fox Collins was all smiles as he looked at Marvin dodging around on the side, apparently knowing something.

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