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Constantine’s silhouette rushed like lightning. In the night, the Crimson Patriarch’s speed was simply unable to match his.

Both sides moved at the same time, but Constantine managed to get in front of the Crimson Patriarch and block his path!

"You won’t escape today!" Constantine sneered.

Auzin looked up at the sky and laughed, "I have many lives!"

"Not to mention, you alone might not be able to kill me!"

"What about Endless Ocean? Call her out. Both of you might be able to kill this life."


His expression suddenly turned extremely sinister!

"I’ll make you pay!"

His body suddenly transformed.

He turned into a long Three Headed Basilisk!

The Basilisk’s body looked sleek, without any scales, but the defensive power was comparable to the hardest gold ore!

This was the Crimson Patriarch’s main body.

As the second son of the World Ending Twin Snakes, he was a lot weaker than his older sister the Azure Patriarch. But his main body’s abilities were very powerful.

(TL: Green Sky -> Azure.)

Many living creatures would be unable to use Divine Spells after transforming.

But he was different.

He could still use his Divine Spells after transforming. This was his biggest advantage.

Constantine coldly looked at the huge Basilisk as his hands disappeared in a flash, fishing out two roughly made pistols!


Two loud gunshots echoed as black smoke was emitted from the pistol. Two extremely fast bullets exploded on the Basilisk’s body.

The latter hissed as bruises appeared on his body, but it didn’t break through his protection!

"The Shas’ small tricks have no effects on me!"

"Without Endless Ocean’s help, you are dead meat!"

The Crimson Patriarch laughed his head off before suddenly pouncing toward Constantine.

‘Turns out Constantine was a Sha clansman. No wonder I didn’t see his weapon!’ Marvin suddenly realized.

The Shas’ most famous class was [Battle Gunner]. Although Constantine wasn’t a Battle Gunner since he chose to advance to Night Walker, he could still use his clan’s weapons since Night Walkers didn’t have a weapon restriction.

But the Shas’ firearms weren’t that powerful. Else, Feinan would have already entered the era of hot weapons.

Constantine’s pistols were clearly not ordinary things. The bullets had definitely been specially altered but were still unable to pierce through the Crimson Patriarch’s defenses.

To eliminate the Crimson Patriarch one on one would definitely be somewhat challenging.

But Endless Ocean was already on her way!

With the help of this Great Druid, Constantine would definitely be able to deal with that Basilisk.

Marvin controlled the crystal ball and watched from Hathaway’s point of view.

‘The first body transformed into a Basilisk, so the second must be a Goshawk!

Marvin knew everything about the Crimson Patriarch’s escape tricks. And being sly was an understatement.

This Basilisk was used to attract everyone’s attention.

He still had two doppelgangers, and if either could escape then he would definitely be able to make a comeback given some time.

Marvin would never give him such an opportunity.

"Hathaway! In the sky!"

He vigorously yelled at the crystal ball.

"Got it."

On the peak, Hathaway quickly changed the direction of her True Sight spell, aiming at the sky.

As expected, a Goshawk was steadily flying toward the west. Its speed was neither too slow nor too fast, and it seemed very carefree.

"This Goshawk, I’ll trouble you Mister," Hathaway whispered.

"Understood." A faint voice echoed.

Marvin instantly felt at ease.

"Bang!" A loud noise echoed.

Inheim, who had been sitting cross-legged in a straw house, abruptly stood up.

He kicked the ground, and the earth shook as his body flew up like a bullet!

His body went through the grass house as it directly rushed into the sky and grabbed that Goshawk.

The latter was completely at a loss.

"Legend… Monk…"


The Crimson Patriarch in Goshawk form didn’t have time to react before Inheim’s Quivering Palm was already upon him!


After the vibration ended, the Goshawk’s body directly shattered.

Stone pieces fell down, some of them still bloody.

Inheim emotionlessly looked at the ground before unhurriedly entering another empty straw house and sitting down.

This was absolute strength suppression!

There was a gap even among legends. Inheim had already surpassed Constantine, Endless Ocean, Hathaway, and the Shadow Thief.

And the Crimson Patriarch’s doppelganger was totally not his opponent!

One palm killed him. Extremely overbearing. This was a true powerhouse.

His attention was still not on the Crimson Patriarch, because he was still waiting for the appearance of the Shadow Prince.

This was the reason he came to White River Valley.

Marvin sighed in relief in front of the crystal ball.

Among those few Legends, Inheim was the especially serious kind. Hathaway and Owl contributed greatly in convincing him act.

Originally, without the addition of those three Legends, Marvin would have used a more desperate plan. He would definitely not let the Crimson Patriarch’s doppelganger escape. That old blacksmith still had a few scrolls that hadn’t been used. The Night Walker’s resources were still very rich.

But with three more Legends joining, especially the powerhouse Inheim who could end a doppelganger with one palm, Marvin’s plan was a lot safer.

Splitting the Crimson Patriarch doppelganger was actually a divide and conquer type of strategy. When they were together, they would burst with a lot more power.

Scattered, their strength would only be reduced to one fifth of the original.

That way, Constantine and the others would face a lot less pressure.

The plan was even more perfect.

"The second life has been wiped out, there is only one remaining!"

"The Basilisk is being taken care of and the Goshawk is dead, only the Great Fish is left!"

Not waiting for Marvin to say anything, Hathaway’s True Sight had already switched to the rapidly flowing White River!

At the base of the White River, a Great Fish was quickly swimming upstream toward River Shore City!

When that doppelganger tragically died, the remaining two Crimson Patriarchs reacted!

He wasn’t just lightly scared!

Legend Monk Inheim. This was the person who dared to kill the Shadow Prince’s avatar.

Who had he provoked!?

In this small White River Valley, there was actually the Demon Hunter Constantine, Endless Ocean, and Shadow Thief Owl. Just this was fucking exaggerated enough, but now there was also a Legend Monk!?

What the hell is going on?

This lineup can slaughter a god!

The Crimson Patriarch in the form of a Great Fish frantically fled.

He knew his main body was entangled with Constantine and Endless Ocean and basically had no chance to survive.

If they also found this doppelganger...

He would be done for!

He didn’t dare to use any sort of Teleportation.

The Legend Monk’s perception was out of this world. If he was spotted, he would be finished.

He still had a some hope.

The Basilisk attracted attention and even if the Goshawk flying in the sky got spotted, the Great Fish should still be low key, right?

But he also didn’t dare to be sure.

Because the other side had such a ridiculous lineup, heaven only knew how many more there were.

What was even more frightening was that the Crimson Patriarch suddenly realized that he still didn’t know who had plotted against him and put him in such an awkward situation.

Constantine couldn’t have done it!

He couldn’t have made such a powerhouse like Inheim make a move. The Shadow Thief also seemed to be helping out.

‘Could it be…’

‘Could it be that Baron Marvin of the White River Valley?’

‘No way…’ The Crimson Patriarch thought furiously.

‘It was said that he was only a 2nd rank Ranger, how could he make so many Legends move?’

He was completely at a loss.

He couldn’t have thought that Marvin’s bold plan, combined with the Shadow Prince being on the verge of descending, would create such a coincidence, resulting in this situation.

The Crimson Patriarch felt shrouded in darkness, and couldn’t make sense of it.

He could only try his best to escape.

He could feel his own main body being gradually overwhelmed by the combined attacks of Constantine and Endless Ocean.

In the darkness at the bottom of the river, his heart felt anxiousness he had never experienced before.

He never felt anything like he had today, the feeling of his life being threatened!

‘Wait until I recover. I must skin these bastards one by one!’

The Great Fish fiercely swam.

But at that time he suddenly felt the temperature of the river water start to drop!

‘Not good!’

But as soon as this thought flashed through his mind, the originally calmly flowing White River completely froze!

On the river bank, Hathaway looked extremely beautiful with her red dress.

"Are you going, or am I going?" she asked.

Shadow Thief Owl on the side smiled wryly as he replied, "You go, I am afraid of water."


A fierce noise repeatedly echoed before the ice shattered!

A strange fish forcefully broke through the frozen river and stood on the river!.

Two legs began to grow from his fish scales, and his extremely sharp toes pierced the frozen river as he stood on it.

‘Legend Wizard!’

Auzin began to despair when he saw Hathaway!

Who had he offended in the end?!

The other side had actually invited a Legend Wizard, Legend Monk, Legend Night Walker, Legend Druid and a Legend Shadow Thief!

This kind of lineup, never mind the East Coast, could there even be such a powerful group in the entire south?

There are so many power in Feinan, why was I the only one targeted? The Crimson Patriarch suddenly felt extremely wronged!

"Damn! Since you leave me no path of survival, I’ll stake everything against you!"

"I won’t die anyway. The day the World Ending Twin Snakes return to Feinan is the day I’ll be reborn!" Auzin angrily shouted.

He already prepared to go all out against Hathaway.

But at that moment, everyone froze.

Because at that time, a meteor streaked across the dark sky.

Hathaway and Shadow Thief Owl instantly disappeared!

Inheim dashed toward the location where the meteor would crash, wildly rushing at the speed of a bullet!

The Crimson Patriarch stood on the river in a daze, suddenly feeling a bit foolish.

Why are they suddenly ignoring me? He suddenly felt extremely ridiculous.

And at that time, Marvin let a long sigh on the castle balcony.

"Fucking Shadow Prince!" he cursed.

The next second, he grabbed a scroll with his left hand and a potion with his right hand and suddenly jumped from the balcony.

With the help of the Wishful Rope, he stably landed at the bottom of the hill!

"I have to make a move after all," Marvin sighed.

He madly rushed toward the Crimson Patriarch’s doppelganger!


The roar of an Asuran Bear could be heard echoing through White River Valley!

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