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Chapter 132: Great Devil Head

A moonlit clearing in the forest.

Both sides were facing each other.

Marvin was alone while Toshiroya’s group had no less than five people!

"You are really courageous!" Toshiroya said, grinding his teeth.

"You actually dare to come out alone?"

He was also a 2nd rank expert, and with a glance he noticed that Marvin’s level was lower than his.

"But I truly hadn’t expected that you would have such outstanding fighting skills. That bastard who gathered intelligence is simply useless!" Toshiroya spat out.

He fiercely continued, "That fucker told me that Baron Marvin was someone that didn’t even have the strength to kill a chicken!"

"You stretched your hand too far," Marvin said indifferently. "To be honest, I am very shocked. Why did you bring such a large force for a small place like White River Valley?"

Toshiroya rolled his eyes and sneered, "Wait until you die and I’ll tell your corpse."

"Kill him!"

He gave an order and his four subordinates moved to surround Marvin!

Two 2nd rank Fighters and two Wasteland Warrior Barbarians!

They all surrounded Marvin.

And Toshiroya swept to the side holding a sword in his hands.

He was very careful. Even if Marvin was only a 2nd rank class holder, his assassination skill certainly couldn’t be underestimated.

Facing the four rushing Fighters, Marvin stayed calm.

He didn’t choose to run, charging toward them instead!



The Fighters reached their positions for encirclement one after the other, the weapons in their hands ruthlessly slashing toward Marvin.

How could they have imagined that their field of view would suddenly turn completely dark!

There was still moonlight a second ago, before darkness suddenly enveloped them.

[Eternal Night]

Marvin rolled out of their attack range!

Meanwhile, the Phantom Assassins who were hiding on both sides made their move!

[Desperate Strike!]

Both Desperate Strikes hit the Barbarians.

Barbarians had frighteningly high HP. Although Marvin was quite strong during the night, when facing this kind of monster with high HP he would still take some time cleaning it up.

The fight had become a lot simpler.

Under Toshiroya’s stupefied gaze, Marvin snuck inside the Eternal Night, quickly reaping the lives of the two Barbarians in a near death state!

And also the lives of the two Fighters he had stunned with his Arcane Missiles.

Four human lives disappeared in an instant!

As Marvin walked out from the Eternal Night, Toshiroya was already at a complete loss.

He had simply never seen such a strange thing!

The two Phantom Assassins retreated while supporting each other. Like last time, they were now very weak. They left Marvin behind.

Four bodies were coldly lying down under the moonlight, completely devoid of vitality.

Marvin came out of the Eternal Night as if he were truly a Night Devil King, extremely arrogant and imposing.

His expression was very calm, but he was staring at Toshiroya as if he was looking at mere prey.

Toshiroya was surprised and immediately started running!

This guy really cherished his life!

Marvin sneered and suddenly sped up, chasing a few steps behind!

Night Walkers, Night Walkers.

The people walking in the darkness of the night. Marvin’s speed in the night had naturally increased, and with the Thunder Fairy Boots, he didn’t require any effort at all to catch up to Toshiroya!

But at that time, Toshiroya suddenly turned around, waving his greatsword with a fierce expression on his face!

2nd rank Sword Skill – [Windsword’s dance]!

Turned out he was planning something!

But… These tricks were completely insufficient for fighting Marvin.

The two handed greatsword’s strong point was its attack power. Its weak point was its attack speed.

Marvin’s eyes narr

owed as he suddenly used Burst, directly colliding into Toshiroya’s chest!

The next instant, he threw his curved dagger and slapped Toshiroya’s wrists with his palm.

Toshiroya only felt an acute pain on his wrist, and his hands loosened.

The two handed greatsword was very heavy. Marvin snatched it, making it fall to the ground!

[Edge Snatch]!

The skill he learnt from the Elven Prince Ivan finally ended up being useful.

Toshiroya’s reaction wasn’t slow, immediately trying to pick up his two handed greatsword, but at that time, a shadow coiled around his neck!

His body immediately stiffened. Unable to move a single bit.

"What is this…" Toshiroya’s face was filled with fear!

Because he personally saw Mavin suddenly turn into nothingness, his entire body becoming a cluster of swaying shadows!

Shapeshift Sorcerer’s Shadow-shape!

Just as Edge Snatch succeeded, Marvin immediately chose to Shapeshift to the Shadow-shape.

Shapeshift Sorcerer was a very weird Sorcerer class. It didn’t look like any ordinary caster Sorcerer, and Marvin even felt that so far, this class was leaning toward melee fighting!

In Beast-shape for example, the Asuran Bear’s Shapeshift was very fierce, not only in melee fights, but also in its defensive strength.

The Asuran Bear’s weak point was his lack of Dexterity, along with its somewhat long shapeshifting cast time.

As for the Shadow-shape, it also didn’t have a lot of spells.

After a Shapeshift Sorcerer used Shadow-shape, his body would enter a kind of half-immaterial state!

Physical damage would be reduced by half, magic damage would be reduced by half!

At the same time, there were four spells.

The first spell, Marvin had already used: an instant 1st-circle spell, [Shadow Bind]!

[Shadow Bind]: Wherever there is a shadow, you can use it to bind your enemy!

This kind of binding didn’t have any gaps. Neck, limbs, head, everything would be bound by the powerful spell effect!

Unless you broke it with brute force, or had a spell with a dispel effect, this Shadow Bind was the nightmare of melee classes.

The current extremely frightened Toshiroya was a great example.

He couldn’t control his body!

Shadow Bind’s effect was related to the amount of shadows. Now during nighttime, it simply created unlimited layers of shadows binding Toshiroya.

Marvin estimated that only 2nd rank top melee class holders with 22 or more Strength, could break out of the binding.

And Toshiroya in front of him clearly didn’t have such a high strength.

"You… What do you want?" Toshiroya ground his teeth and asked. "I have a lot of money, and my father is the City Lord of Cold Water City in the North. I can give you whatever you want."

"Trust me, you would get more benefits from sparing me than killing me!"

Marvin coiled behind him without saying anything for a while, and then suddenly waved a huge hand.

Several [Shadow Arrows] were fiercely shot out, directly injuring a few crows resting on branches nearby.

"What can you give me?" A pondering smile appeared on Marvin’s face.


Madeline angrily slapped the crystal ball. She had been watching with interest when Marvin surprisingly found her monitoring crows!

She couldn’t help but want to take a trip to the forest personally.

But she soon calmed down. The matter with the Magic Holy Grail was obviously more important to her.

Thus, provoking Marvin was unnecessary.

"Hmph, stinky man!"

"Looks like tonight is going to be boring."

Madeline pushed away her crystal ball and slowly stood up. She hesitated for a bit and suddenly waved a finger.

One of the six balloons on the wall popped.

Not long after the balloon popped, a young blonde lady entered her room step by step.

The young lady was naked, not wearing a single piece of clothing. She was holding a whip in her hand.

Her eyelashes kept shivering from fear. Under the lashes were a pair of watery eyes.

She walked next to Madeline, knelt down and handed over the whip extremely meekly.

"Master. Please whip me…"

Madeline laughed charmingly, "We won’t play with this tonight."

She grabbed the whip and threw it aside, gently smiling. "I invented a new playful skill a few days ago."

"It might hurt a bit, but endure and you’ll become extremely happy."

The next second, she suddenly pushed that young girl down on the ground.

As the young girl watched in fright, flames appeared out of nowhere, raising the room temperature in an instant.

Madeline’s clothes were instantly burnt away. Inside the flames, she smiled toward the girl.

Her purple hair reached, covering a slender tail that could faintly be seen.

Soon, moans of pain and delight could be heard coming from the flames.

"Now you can speak."

After killing those few obvious monitoring crows, Marvin tied Toshiroya to a tree.

"Why did you try to set me up?"

He stared at Toshiroya’s eyes.

"First you have to promise not to harm me. And swear to the Ancient Nature God," Toshiroya nervously said.

"I know you are a Ranger, if you break a promise to the Ancient Nature God, even if you have a Nature Leaf, you wouldn’t be able to learn Divine Spells."

After turning back to human shape, Marvin sneered, "You still think you are in a position to give me conditions?"

"Whether you believe it or not, I’ll kill you if you don’t talk!"

The curved dagger was pressed against his neck. A drop of sweat dripped from Toshiroya’s forehead.


In the end, he wasn’t someone with a high willpower.

He gulped and said with difficulty, "it’s because of a treasure!"

"Treasure?" Marvin sneered, "A poor region like White River Valley, where could there be a treasure?"

"You just didn’t know about it," Toshiroya explained, "I incidentally discovered a map when I was travelling from north to south."

"That treasure on the map is located under your castle, you might not be aware…"

"Under the castle?" Marvin’s heart shook.

‘Could it be that secret path?’.

The treasure that kept getting mentioned, could it be behind that huge stone?

That secret path was very weird. Marvin had heard an ancient ballad in Anzed language there!

When he heard it, his whole body had gone on full alert.

That thing was a treasure?

Marvin ordered, "Give me the hidden map."

"In my left pocket," Toshiroya said, well-behaved.

His eyes were still carrying a hint of hope and expectation. "I admit my previous methods were somewhat wrong. However much money you want is how much you’ll receive!

"As long as you don’t kill me."

But at that time, Marvin had already opened the treasure map.

The first thing he saw was a fierce portrait.

It was a Great Devil Head!

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