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Chapter 131: Unrivalled In the Night!


T/N: Camp isn’t in a cave, it’s something like an hollow area in the mountain, ledge to keep it simple.


It was deep in the night, and more than half of the people in the camp were already asleep.

Most of the Fighters didn’t have their own tent, and instead were crammed in one big tent, sleeping while snoring and jostling about.

In the deepest part of the camp was a tent that was still lit. Two figures could faintly be seen still in an intense struggle.

The silhouette that was below had a hot body, to the point that even just seeing the shadow through the tent would leave people lost in fanciful thoughts.

A total of four people were standing guard, with three guarding out in the open and one hidden.

Marvin simply took a trip round the camp to get specific information.

Night Walker’s strong points were finally displayed. In the wilderness during the night, his Stealth could even be stronger than that of the best Thieves!

The Archer in charge of scouting didn’t even notice anything when he circled the camp.

This was the power of the Night Monarch’s blessings!

"Lord, it’s done." Amber quietly approached.

There was another Phantom Assassin on the other side. Agate had also arrived after Marvin’s summons.

The three were top class assassins, facing an entire camp.

Generally speaking, their chances would be very slim against so many opponents of the same rank.

But Marvin was confident.

"First I’ll go and deal with that Archer."

"After those three discover the Archer’s death, they’ll need a moment to react. That is our chance!"

"After I kill him, we each deal with one visible sentry. Understood?"

Marvin whispered his plan, hidden in a thicket.

As a former legendary player, Marvin was not only good at soloing, but also skillful in leading and strategizing!

Phantom Assassins were good at assassination, but a direct battle was out of the question. However, their ability to flee was pretty good.

Marvin didn’t wish to lose his own subordinates in this battle, so he would obviously plan carefully.

A bit over five minutes later, they started their operation.

Above the field where the camp was set up was a sort of plateau. An Archer was bored to death as he looked below.

The moonlight was bright at the moment, so his field of view was good. He made a rough check and found nothing, and thus sat down.

He set the bow to the side, took out an homemade cigar and tried to light it by continuously rubbing a flint.

But at that time, he felt some wind behind his head!


This was his first reaction.

But also his last reaction.

Marvin had silently sneaked behind that Archer, raised his dagger and ruthlessly slashed at him!

He directly beheaded that Archer!

Night Walker’s Stealth was this fierce during the night.

At the same level, they were unequalled. Even an Archer with high perception couldn’t feel Marvin behind him.

Unless he stayed on high alert!

But this was simply impossible. People would become always become tired and relax, let alone when standing watch during an endless night.

The Archer’s head rolled on the stone and steadily fell at the camp’s gate.

The three Fighters on night duty were immediately startled by the sound. They looked down and saw a bloody head!


The three coincidentally synchronized voices were stuck in their throats!

Because Marvin hadn’t hesitated, directly dropped from the sky after killing the Archer, throwing himself at the Fighter in the middle, daggers crossed!


"The second…" Marvin whispered.

His eyes were full of killing intent.

The other two Fighters had also been decisively killed by the Phantom Assassins who had been hiding for a long time!

The camp had instantly become defenseless.

Marvin silently made a sign. The two Phantom Assassins understood and they both got back into Stealth.

–Follow the plan–

Marvin’s eyes were fixed on that tent in the center.

From his position, he could still faintly hear gasping and moaning voices

Marvin sneered and silently approached that tent.

He could hear everything that was happening inside!

Marvin silently assessed the distance based on the shadow reflecting on the tent’s wall, and then took a deep breath.

He then ran around the tent, cutting the few ropes fastening it.

With the supporting ropes snapping, the entire tent fell down.

A woman shrieking and a man cursing could instantly be heard.

The tent’s thick walls fell down and covered everything inside.

On a bed, a man tried to get up in panic, while a woman was curling up, shrieking.

Marvin silently laughed and jumped, stably landing on that bed.

The fierce Fang was once again flashing under the moonlight.


A slash drew blood. A head still covered by the tent’s canvas fell to the ground.

And that struggling woman was also ruthlessly killed by Marvin!

‘The most important enemy has been eliminated, half of the plan has already succeeded."

Marvin stood on the ruins of the tent and let out a long breath.

The camp had been awoken by what happened. Eleven Fighters rushed out in chaos from the tent they were squeezed in.

And Toshiroya rushed out from one side with his two Wasteland Warrior Barbarians

"Who!" He roared, alarmed and angry.

Marvin didn’t look at him, instead speeding up and directly running out of the camp, into the forest!

Indeed, the person he killed wasn’t Toshiroya.

It was actually that Sorcerer.

In the entire camp, the biggest threats to Marvin were that Archer and that Sorcerer.

According to Amber’s information, this guy was very lascivious and would need an attractive woman every night. This might be related to his bloodline.

Thus, Marvin’s plan wasn’t to target Toshiroya.

First kill the Archer, then kill the Sorcerer who probably has some crowd control abilities. The remaining trashes, in Marvin’s eyes, were just livestock ready to be slaughtered.

That included Toshiroya himself.

‘Angry? If you are angry, then chase.’

‘Tonight’s game has just begun…’

Marvin sneered inwardly as he had turned to take a look. Toshiroya was indeed in an endless fury. He brought his remaining thirteen subordinates and rushed out of the camp!

In Toshiroya’s eyes, Marvin was only an assassin. They were so many of them, as long they fought that guy from the front, they would surely be able to kill him easily!

But in fact, it wasn’t the case.

The forest in the night, heavy footsteps echoed.

Each torch was lifted high up as the group of fourteen people began searching under Toshiroya’s lead. They split into four groups and began to search separately.

Apart from his own group which consisted of himself, the two Barbarians and two 2nd rank Fighters, the other groups were made of three people.

This gave Marvin quite an advantage.

What were just three people!

Marvin’s current [Nocturnal]’s level hadn’t risen yet, or else he would have been able to kill ten Fighters on the same rank as himself!

Of course, freaks like Guardians still had to be excluded. One on one, Marvin had to rely on his Armor Strip skill to handle them. More people and he would find it very troublesome to deal with.

But there was no Guardian among Toshiroya’s troops. He only brought Fighters from the north!

Apart from that Archer with a Scout subclass, there weren’t any Thiefs or even Rangers.

It might be because he had been too confident in the Sorcerer’s casting abilities.

Unfortunately, the only two people who might have been able to find Marvin’s whereabouts had already died.

The remainder could only look around randomly for Marvin’s whereabouts under Toshiroya’s urging.

Marvin already considered these wretches a pile of dead bodies.

Tonight, he was ready to slaughter.

Three Fighters were walking in the forest, keeping a certain distance from each other.

One of them was carrying a torch, holding a sword in the other hand, and watching his surroundings with extreme vigilance.

The other two were tightly holding onto their weapons, guarding against a battle that could happen anytime.

They walked past a few broken trees. The first person passed by, smoothly. The second person jumped over, when something unexpected happened!

A hand suddenly stretched out from under the broken tree.

That Fighter let out an alarmed shout as his whole body was instantly pulled down!

There was an extremely narrow pit underneath.

Not waiting for that Warrior to use a defensive stance, Marvin’s curved dagger already sliced his neck!


Blood spurted, leaving a warm feeling on Marvin’s face. But he didn’t stop and rolled to the other side of the pit!

Those two Fighters hurried over to look at their companion.

Little did they know that Marvin had already crawled out from the other side of the broken trees.

The next instant, he suddenly charged from the front!

He didn’t even bother covering up his footsteps!

The first Fighter was startled and hurriedly turned around, but ended up losing the torch in his hand after being kicked!

Darkness suddenly fell and the two Fighters lost their sight!

What happened next was a ruthless harvest of souls!

Half a minute later, there were two more corpses on the ground.

By the time Toshiroya rushed over after hearing the sounds, similar sounds could be heard in another part of the forest!

He turned completely green!

Marvin pushed ahead and used a similar tactic. Covered by the darkness, he dealt with the other Fighter groups in an instant.

They couldn’t do anything after losing their torches. Marvin’s Darksight was too overpowered!

No less than nine people would never leave this ice-cold forest.

Silence reigned through the entire forest, leaving Toshiroya only with a cold feeling.

When he saw the bodies of the third group of Fighters, he almost went insane!

Everything showed that there was only one opponent.

But how could one person accomplish this?

Could it be a 3rd rank or even 4th rank assassin?

Thinking of this, Toshiroya couldn’t help but become frightened!

"We leave!" He ordered.

But at that time, a lone shadow slowly appeared in front of them.

It was in an open area illuminated by the moonlight. They barely managed to see the other side’s face.

"It’s you!" Toshiroya turned pale with fright.

A drop of blood fell from Marvin’s daggers.

He looked at Toshiroya and said in an indifferent tone, "What did you expect?"

Outside River Shore City, in a Wizard Tower.

Madeline was sitting barefooted in front of a crystal ball. A few crows flew out right as that battle in the forest started.

‘Oh. You really chose to fight the whole camp by yourself.’

‘Baron Marvin, let me take a look at your true abilities.’

A hint of excitement flashed through Madeline’s eyes.

Her purple hair also swayed under the caress of the wind.


T/Reminder: Purple hair IS a common hair color in that continent. It might be someone Marvin already met, or someone that would appear after. :(

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