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'You seemed very optimistic about her?' Black Sethe said.

"Optimistic? No, compare to those two seeds, I just admire her." Garen shook his head.

'Those two seeds?' Black Sethe did not understand. He did not know what Garen had done in school.

Garen smiled and did not answer him.

"Isaros' skills had already gone beyond that of normal people. This is merely something that was self-taught. What if I give her some directions?"

'You are really bored.' Black Sethe said, 'The world has too many geniuses, I think you're ust bored.'

"Perhaps." Garen did not told Black Sethe that he had discover something different about Arisa and Isaros sisters. He did not explain anything and only hinted at it. Maybe, it could be put up for some good use in the future.

"We should go back."


A mad roar sounded.

A strong black guy waved his dagger at the bespectacled Hochman. He was like the wind, his speed very fast and even left afterimages.

An empty field near a dumpsite, Hochman quietly leaned against the side of a black car, dressed in a black windbreaker while looking coldly at the black guy who rushed over.


A side kick mercilessly came from Hochman's right side and accurately hit the black guy's waist and made him fall to the ground.

There was a bald muscled guy with shiny muscles like it was made of metallic substance. He bumped his fists and grinned while walking out and picked the black guy off the ground.

"What a fool! He dare to go against the mighty Mr. Hochman." The bald white man laughed. His right hand that was grabbing the neck of the black guy tightened. Just like grabbing a small chick, with a kacha sound, the black guy's neck bone snapped and the light in his eyes dimmed.

Hochman lit up a cigarette and lightly took a puff.

"Is there any more that had not been settled?"

"No more, this is the last one." The bald white man bowed respectfully. He was a murderer that was casted out by his family. He who had never obeyed any of his family's commands were now like a sheep in front of this man.

"Mister's plan should be able to be carry out successfully."

"There will always be something that doesn't obey, jumping out…" Hochman lightly said, "Recently, the district has received a lot of attacks. Take some people and patrol. If there is any trouble, you settled it directly. Recently, the situation seemed a bit messy."


Hochman turned back to open the car door and sat on it sideways.

Gazing at the moving scenery outside the window, Garen slowly closed his eyes.

"Search for the details about the freaks who attacked us last night."

The driver sitting in front nodded slightly and did not utter any word.

Hochman slightly pondered. He could feel his secret techniques gradually reaching a breakthrough. The feeling of evolving and getting stronger was very intoxicating. Just last night, when he was doing inspection in one of his subordinate division, he unexpectedly encountered some attacks, the kind that was very strong and also proficient at using guns. His best subordinates could not even hold them back.

Hochman shot and killed several of them on the spot. Only then, the situation was stabilized but the origin of these people were still unknown.

Looking at the scenery outside the car passing by even faster, he gradually fell into deep thoughts.

"If these kind of trash still come in, just kill it." Dahm stepped on the face of the people lying on the ground, his face showing disgusts. He wore a large red gender-neutrall clothes with each of the shoulders embroidered with two large black characters. Putting together, they formed the word 'Dahm'…

Around him were more than ten tall strong men bowing their heads with their complexion showing a trace of fear.

"Drag him out." Dahm stepped on the head of the man below. That step produced a kacha sound. Whether he still lived on, it was unknown.

A strong man quickly dragged away the man on the ground.

The rest urged Dahm to sit at the main seat of the conference room.

Dahm's face had become more and more feminine. He was now exuding feminine temperament all the time but there was no tenderness that could be seen in females in him. It was only sharp and blunt.

Although his temperament became more and more neutral but the angular face of a man was still the same. Yet, he still put on a red lipstick, faint purple eye shadow and a thin foundation. He pierced his ears and wore two shining diamond earrings.

"Recently, there were a lot people trying to break into our headquarters. They're really seeking death. The government has send people to help us but I refused them. Coincidentally, I am lacking some experimental materials. My Non-faced Waterbird Fist has not been perfected yet. I need some living people to try it."

He deliberately let out a false voice that did not sound like a male. It was very shrill. People who heard it would feel their skin crawling.

"Marshal Dahm, those people who tried to break through has very fast speed. We heard the news from a few sources of information that they are most likely people from Macquarie Organization and they have a huge backing."

"Huge?" Dahm chuckled. He already knew the identities of those intruders. He got the message from his family not long ago. Macquarie Organization was now very ambitious and planned to expand aggressively. Their company belonged to the grey side, a mix of black and white.

"There really are someone who seek death by trying to go against us?" Dahm stuck out his tongue and licked his fingers. "Macquarie Organization hired some mercenaries and thought that by breaking the rules, they would be able to win? Ridiculous."

"But these are just minor problems. The main problem is with Hochman." Dahm's line of sight went to the woman sitting at the end of the table.

"Hochman had also been attacked but we don't know who the opponent is." The woman promptly answered.

Dahm felt around his chin seeming to be searching for stubbles that had not been shaven clean.

The surrounding subordinates were now on their toes. They were scared of him. Dahm's mood was well-known. Disobey him a little, he would take it out on you. Most of the time he would just pat you lightly on the back, then you would discover that you were urinating blood. The second day you would have kidney failure and lie in the hospital forever.

Rumors had it that he and Hochman came from the same organization called combat club. Both had become their respective families' leading figures and owned more than half of their families' inheritance. Some people who disobeyed them would be change to their people.

"Where's that cute little apple?" Dahm suddenly asked.

"She had safely left America. Now she had been sent by our people to Asia. We're not sure about the specific location." A subordinate promptly answered.

"I really want to see what Hochman would look like when he knew about this…" The corner of Dahm's lips curled.

He did not notice that his skin was becoming whiter and transparent.

Illusory Spinning White Jade, the fourth level of the illusion and adding the seed that had sprouted inside his body had allowed his body to integrate his spirit, consciousness and aura into one and made him reached an unprecedented strength.

"Marshal! There's another challenger!" A shout from a subordinate came from outside the door. "It's the Golden Belt Underground Fighter King, Leidman from Eastern Europe."

Dahm stood up.

"Looks like another material for experiment had come for the bounty…" He licked his lips. Under the gaze of everyone standing up, he walked out of the conference room.

Time flies.

Garen had come back to school for more than half a year.

He did not go to the combat club. Most of the time, his whereabouts was unknown. He was no longer living in the dormitory but he went out to rent a house.

Apart from the normal daily classes, he gradually lowered his presence. His main focus was now training in his dreams. The first step was training himself to understand that he was in a dream. This step had stopped him for a few months.

Maybe his talent in this area was not that good. Such a slow progress disappointed him.

From the information that he got about the mercenary industry from the Nighthawk Mercenary intelligence network, the mercenary industry now had some rumors about a mysterious group called the Combat Club.

It was rumored that every fighters that came out of Combat Club were elites. Among the rumors was about Combat Club's Xander who accidentally killed too much and disappear. After his total disappearance, the rumors about Combat Club were becoming widespread.

Under the threat of being shot by guns, Xander killed six people and disappeared without a single injuries. With the threat from guns, yet he was still able to kill six people. This had no doubt made a stir in the world of fighters and mercenaries.

In addition, there were also Dahm and Hochman who came from the Combat Club. Both were ferocious, powerful and terrifying. Guns could not do anything to them with their skills. They had totally reached an inhuman realm.

As both of them became stronger and more well-known rumors about the mysterious and powerful Combat Club were also growing. When they ceased to go to the school's Combat Club, it had become an empty shell. Even so, there were still quite some people coming over.

Garen also did not expect this situation. Dahm and Hochman becoming so powerful and progressing so fast were partly due to him. The power they used was largely centered on the seed of his soul.

The disputes among Blood Breeds did not spread to this state. To be more accurate, the states that were in this direction were not involve in any movement as if they were in a totally separate world.

Garen did not pay attention to these slow-paced changes. He focused everything on training in his dreams. The probability of success were not high. Out of ten times, only three times were successful. There was a need to keep stressing to himself that he was about to fall asleep before he really slept, but it seemed to not be effective.

Black Sethe suggested to use some medicine to assist him but Garen rejected it.

Black Sethe suggested another way which was to focus on looking at his hands. Before falling asleep, carefully remembered the details of his own hands and then in his dreams, he only need to think of looking at his hands.

This method seemed more effective. After trying several times, the success rate slowly increased.

However, sometimes he would get distracted by stray thoughts and the strange vision inside his dreams, then he would get drifted to some unknown place.

Unfortunately, he could not enter his dreams at will. Only when he wanted to rest his body would he be able to do so. Otherwise, the biological clock in his body would go into disorder.

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