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Due to the fact that the time could not be adjusted freely, most of the time was spent on waiting for the exhaustion of his physical energy. Due to his suspiciousness, Garen did not continue to practice Slaughtering Hand. He had been vigilant towards Black Sethe although Black Sethe was quite harmless on the surface. However, he could not forget the situation where the original Black Sethe tried to seize his body. If it was not for his Seed of Soul, together with Northern Trident Frost-Fire True Water Evil Technique suppressing the fragment of soul, the result might be different now.

'It's useless, Slaughtering Hand is a very strong Demon Technique against the Void Creatures. You have trained it until this point and yet you're trying to convert, don't you think it's a pity?' Black Sethe said after he saw through his plan.

"Towards something that might bring me harm, I've never felt pity because giving up on it is not my loss but my luck." Garen answered.

He was sitting cross-legged in a spacious wooden hall. The hall was actually a large dance hall renovated into a hall for him to meditate.

He spent six hundreds Gallon per month which was equivalent to Earth's U.S. dollars. However, compared to the quiet environment and the large space now, the price was nothing.

'Worrying about this and that, hehe, Void Creatures will not give you the time to worry. Their intelligence are stronger than the other and their numbers are getting larger. When your progress can't keep up with the opening of the void cracks, you can only die.' Black Sethe laughed.

Garen was too lazy to bother with him. He closed his eyes and continue to observe the situation inside his body.

He had spent a great deal of time to observe the state of his Slaughtering Hand Demonic Technique. Although he did not find any harmful parts, but some subtle uncontrollable parts had become quite obvious. This made him stop the training of the Slaughtering Hand.

Now, he began to think of his future path.

He came from White Cloud Gate and trained in Mammoth Secret Technique. After that, he trained in Golden Statue Technique and achieved an unprecedented realm and reached the legendary Divine Statue Technique. He mastered the secret technique and no longer had an opponent. Even if it was Sylphalan, he had the self-confidence that at most they would just take down each other.

On secret technique, although he had an ability to shorten the time needed for growth but there were a lot of things that needed to be understood. In the face of death, whether what he had could help in his survival, all depended on himself.

These things were not imaginary but real growth.

Garen recalled his experience of growth step-by-step.

At the Totem World, the more he saw the vastness and mysteriousness of the universe, the more he was awed by it. In this world, even the civilizations as strong as Warlock's vanished. Only the universe was everlasting and unchanged.

His original arrogance and pride slowly subsided and became a thirst for knowledge and exploration.

Finally, in the totem world, he lost everything that he was familiar with due to the power of time. Once again, he understood the power of time, the vast power of the universe could change anything.

Arriving at this world, he felt real peace and quiet. There was not much deceptions and not much of the survival of the fittest rule. It was mostly a peaceful growth from childhood until now. Even if there were Blood Breeds and Witches, they were all hiding without interfering with the humans. Although the place they interfered with looked wide, in fact, if it was carefully counted, it would only be small area. Ninety percent of the area were places to live and work. Most people did not have much twists and turns. They only lived honestly, day by day, year by year.

Putting aside the little bit of extraordinary power, this world was actually just an enlarged version of the original Earth. If no one took the initiative to touch that extraordinary force, for the rest of the region, they could pick any single place and still lived out the rest of their life peacefully as a common person.

However, this was not what he wanted.

"What do I want?" Garen asked himself.

"I just want to witness this world, this universe, from the bottom to the top, from the humble to the great. Just to take a look at what they are." He answered himself. "I don't want to come to this world without knowing anything and then die without knowing anything…"

His heart was unwilling. He savored this unwillingness. It seemed that was source of power that moved him up till this day.

Black Sethe was still nagging beside his ear but he did not know what he was talking about.

Garen was just silently in a trance as though he had heard nothing. As though he was isolated from all sound leaving only the sound of his beating heart.

That kind of deep unwillingness was as if a volcano that was about to erupt, full of thick and hot lava, exerting pressure in his chest.

Following this flow of power that originate from inside him, he recalled all the hundreds and thousands of secret techniques and various knowledge.

Excluding Slaughtering Hand, his secret techniques that was created and perfected by him and Northern Trident Frost-Fire True Water Evil Technique that came from Black Water True Technique that went through numerous evolutions and fusion of two Living Secret Technique seeds to become a peak Living Secret Technique and Divine Statue Technique that went through various trials to become a peak skill were the two secret techniques that were most familiar to him.

"Since Slaughtering Hand belonged to yin element, then I should practice a secret technique of yang element to slightly bring back the balance." Garen pondered and began to search for a yang element secret technique in his mind. Secret Techniques that could enter his eyes were at least those with extraordinary origin or having very high potential and covered wide range of uses.

However, those which could reach the level of the Divine Statue Technique were rare. Higher level secret technique like Northern Trident Frost-Fire True Water Evil Technique numbered even less. Perhaps, only Slaughtering Hand could reach this level.

As a result, his choice was very little.

"Extreme Heat Palm, the type that had no special effects. It should not be restricted in this world but it was only at the level of the Divine Statue Technique."

Garen slightly hesitated but then treated it as though passing his free time. Extreme Heat Palm did not have much of a special effects and only belonged to middle grade secret techniques. Due to the fact that its cultivation period was very long and yet the results were not that good, it should be categorized under cultivation techniques for health. Its advantage was that it could provide warmth to the body. It could counter the yin nature of the Slaughtering Hand and the Seed of Soul.

However, the level of Extreme Heat Palm was not high. This was because its creator did not have a high cultivation level. The greatest characteristics were prolonging lifespan to more than a hundred years and its attacks were continuous and full of vitality. The overall improvement to the body's quality was about the same as the previous version of Divine Statue Technique, the Golden Statue Technique. Garen did not felt any interests towards its supporting footwork technique and palm technique.

All he needed was the warmth that was provided by technique.

Coincidentally, the cultural relics had almost arrived. He was going to get a large number of Potential points.

Garen took out his phone to check whether Bald head's message.

The relics had arrived. Someone had sent it to his rented house in the suburbs but it was robbed in the middle of the journey and there was not a lot left.

"Please rest assured. Those that dare to provoke the Nighthawk will be personally handle by me." Bald head Kaedun said. Ever since he came back from Africa, he had become more confident.

After sending a reply to Bald head, Garen dialed another subordinate, Jay's number.

"Jay, where are you now?"

"Reaching the Faya state, Boss." Jay who was in charge of the Black Uniform's affairs said, "Someone intercepted us this time, we're very sorry…"

"The problem this time was not due to you. Both of you can decide on these matters yourselves. What about the matter I want you to investigate?" Garen interrupted him. They could just robbed the relics back. Perhaps only those Black Uniform's men knew about this secret.

"We investigated it clearly. The previous person-in-charge, Levi's daughter, Aileen is now twelve years old. She's studying in Medanslain Private School in Yorkshire, England. She's a very pretty little mixed-blood girl. Now, she's under the care of her mother Besna. The father, Levi Kennyton was an international businessman have some fame."

"What about the people? Since I promised Levi, I should take good care of her." Garen asked.

"Originally, Black Uniform Organization had ordered some people to protect Aileen. With the collapse of the organization, I continued to maintain the previous order. The people are still maintaining the protection. No changes there." Jay reported.

"Bring her over. With her father's identity and enmity, she is doomed to be unable to live a peaceful life. We can't always protect her. Right, generally who are his enemies? The kind that would tried to attack his wife and daughter."

"England's Earth Dragon and his small group had received huge damage from him, and the Germany's Heavy Infantry Army is an organization specialize in killing and India's Nagas also had some grudges against Levi…" Once Jay began talking, it was non-stop.

Garen finally understood why Levi was willing to exchange his biggest secret for his daughter's safety. Just look at these organizations and killers that hated him to the core, with a casual mention, there were at least seven or eight famous names in the list not to mention those who were hidden in the dark.

"Pay attention to how you deal with this matter. Do not let me down. When you encounter any problem that you could not handle, report it directly to me."


The phone disconnected.

Garen kept his phone.

'You collect relics?' Black Sethe began.

Garen was lazy to care about him. This guy belonged to the type which the more you talk with him, the more he got into it. If you kept ignoring him, he would quiet down. Besides, matters concerning relics was his biggest secret, naturally he would not talk about it.

'You really think that you are safe and can ignore the threats from the Void Creatures now?' Black Sethe continued. 'The truth is there is one more bad news which I haven't tell you.'

Garen stood up.

"What news?"

'Hehe. It's something I found out after killing the previous Void Worm. I was afraid that you would get scared and so I did not tell you in advance.' Black Sethe said.

Garen did not speak and just waited for him. Under normal circumstances, he would be tempted to let out the news himself.

Sure enough, he could not hold himself back a minute later.

'I found out that Void Worm was not a solitary organism. It belonged to a colony, a race.'

"Your point is that, killing the worm would invite more trouble?" Garen asked. He walked out of the room without hurrying and closed the door behind him. He slowly walked along the corridor and could occasionally see some other people.

'That was a predator race. They have a strict hierarchy just like the colonies of bees and ants forming a synergistic group. Messing with one of them means messing with the whole lot of them.' Black Sethe gloated, 'I think you'll meet some trouble soon.'

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