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In the bathroom, Isaros was startled. She'd heard her little sister's shrill voice. Not waiting for her hair to dry, she rushed out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel. She ran to her sister in the living room while barefooted.

She saw Arisa squatting by the front door looking nervously at her.

"Sis, it's blood!" Arisa lowered her voice volume. She'd experienced several years of being hunted down with her sister, and naturally, she had more experience than the people her age.

"It came in through the door," Arisa added.

Isaros nodded. She went over and crouched down. Stretching out her hand, she touched the blood and sniffed.

"Open the door." She adjusted her body to the best position and said to Arisa.

The latter nodded and carefully opened the door.

Creak…after a very slight sound.

A bloody figure was lying down outside the front door.

Isaros who had prepared herself went over and slightly kicked the bloody figure.

"This man seems a little familiar..."

The bloody man laid motionless on the ground, seemingly unconscious.

"Sis, this man seems to be that Mister Vagabond…?" Arisa said cautiously.

"That Pu-something…" Isaros was reminded of him, the mysterious homeless guy she saw before.

"He must have met some trouble…he lost a lot of blood, we have to help him!" Arisa said. Her compassionate heart was triggered again, especially towards someone she had met before.

"Arisa, we must not cause trouble." Isaros said seriously, "The skill this person displayed last time, not even I can deal with it. If there is someone who can injure him to this extent, then that person is not someone we can cope with. This is beyond my ability, we must send him out."

"But sis, he's hurt this badly…" Arisa also knew this situation was too much for them, but she could not bear to leave this man lying here unconscious with his injuries. "He's going to die!"

She pleaded, "After we wake him up, we can let him go, please?"

"This is already more than I can handle," Isaros said seriously.

"But Sis…he's hurt so badly, he's going to die…" Arisa crouched beside the man and pleaded softly.

Looking at her little sister's teary eyes, Isaros finally relented and nodded.

"Fine, drag him inside quickly, I'll handle the traces of blood!"

"Yay! Sis is the best!" Arisa knew that the situation was very serious. She immediately started dragging the man to the living room slowly.

Isaros got a mop to clean up the blood and sprayed some air freshener. Her action was as though she was used to it. She looked around carefully and only then she closed the door.

"The plan was to meet up with the Thomas family's bro Garen." Isaros frowned while looking at her little sister wiping the blood from the man's face.

"We must send him to the hospital!" Arisa also frowned, but she was looking at the wounds on the man's body. She used to deal with her sister's wounds and was very experienced in this field.

Carefully inspecting the wounds, Arisa gave out her judgment.

"Seem to be wounds from the claws of a beast. The wounds are deep but they'll heal well."

She quickly found disinfectant, gauze, and bandages.

"We can only do some first aid and send him to the hospital immediately."


The man suddenly woke up with his eyes wide open and grasped at Arisa's wrist.


His cleaned up face was handsome yet pale. There was no trace of blood, on the contrary, his face was pale green and traces of black could be seen.

Both his eyes were bloodshot. His gaze contained desire and was locked on Arisa's white wrist, specifically on the blood vessels standing out against her pale skin.

However, rationality stopped him from doing so.

Trying very hard to turn away his line of sight, he loosened his hold on Arisa's hand with an apologetic look. The sisters seemed to be a little frightened.

"Sorry, seems like I scared you just now. My condition right now is very weak, very weak. So sorry, I'll leave immediately. I won't bring trouble to you girls."

He struggled to stand up but it was useless. As soon as he stood up, with a snap, his body fell to a side.

"Ah!" Arisa exclaimed while covering her mouth.

The man's left knee bone broke with a crack sound and bent into an unnatural angle towards the back.

"Never mind, it's going to heal soon." The man did not seem to mind his broken bones at all and sat down on the floor. "It's going to heal very soon… no problem."

"Your leg…!!" Arisa did not know what to say. Her wide opened eyes kept staring at the indifferent man, her heart in a mess.

Isaros, who stood at the side, had a face of admiration. This kind of injuries was actually disregarded by him. This man, regardless of his past and identity, he was a tough guy worthy of admiration.

"I must leave here immediately, or you girls will be dragged into trouble!" The man revealed a bitter smile while he spoke.

Isaros quietly looked into his eyes and could feel his sincerity. The latter truly did not want to drag them into trouble.

"No need to hurry, is someone pursuing you?" she opened her mouth and asked.

The man nodded. "Yes, they are very strong and I'm not their opponent. The police forces are helpless. They can forcibly shut down any public forces," his face showed helplessness as he talked.

Suddenly his expression changed as if he had detected something.

"Coming! They're coming! Careful!!"

He struggled to his feet.

"You girls hide somewhere quickly, I'll deal with them!! They're…" he shouted while standing up.

He had not finished speaking before he was stunned at the sight of Isaros taking out a rifle from a vase. She took a shot at the left wall without looking at where she aimed at.


Peng peng peng peng!!

Without any change in expression, she pulled the trigger continuously.

Countless bullets flew past. None of the bullets hit the wall but struck a dark young man. Wherever his figure passed, he was shot at by the rifle.

This man had originally been aiming for Arisa's neck, but he'd been mowed down by the rifle. His chest was shot to pieces with his blood splattering and scattering everywhere.

After Isaros' bullets were spent, she casually tossed the rifle aside and withdrew a black dagger from the handle of a door at the side. This time, she lunged towards the right side with her face impassively.


The black dagger drew a dark line and stabbed into the forehead of a woman behind her.

The latter had just appeared behind her and had no opportunity to do anything before her eyes went wide and her body stood motionless.


Two killers collapsed instantly and turned into two piles of black ashes.

"They're…very strong…" Only now did that man finished the rest of his sentence…

He looked at the two piles of black ashes on the floor and turned to look at the expressionless Isaros and Arisa.

He suddenly felt that humans were terrifying…

Two vampires were done in instantly by a weak-looking girl. This totally crushed the outlook on his world, his life and his thoughts so far!

"Sorry to have scared you," Isaros said while stowing her dagger and looking strangely at the black ashes on the floor. She frowned and said, "Can you explain why their bodies turned to ashes when they died?"

"Sis has an ability to sense impending danger. Though these two are fast, they have no skill at all. Compared to the opponents Sis had to deal with in the past…they are too weak." Arisa shrugged while looking indifferent.

They had survived in the past with only their ordinary human bodies and grew up until today, naturally, they were not so simple. Not only her Sis, she also had an ability.

"Compared to this, we're more interested in why they had turned into ashes when they died?" Isaros repeated her previous question.

The man gave a wry smile.

"Looks like I have encountered some amazing people…let me introduce myself again, my true name is Pritto, Pritto Scarlet Moon. I am a member of the ancient Scarlet Moon Blood Breeds."

"Blood Breeds?" Isaros frowned and said.

"This wasn't your name last time right?" Arisa pointed out. "Although it's also Pu-something?"

"Sorry…last time was a fake name. I was afraid that you girls would be dragged into this, so I didn't give out my real name."

Pritto's face grew paler.

In this short span of time, the injuries all over his body had healed a lot.

He walked over and looked at the unlucky vampire duo's ashes and was speechless for a while.

"Even if I didn't want it to happen, you girls still got involved. They are on to you now."

"Are they hard to deal with?" Isaros said calmly, "Blood Breed… Just like the vampire in the legend? I've heard of it before but I thought it was just some fairy tale, it was real?"

"But shouldn't the Blood Breeds be handsome and beautiful?" Arisa was puzzled at the side and asked.

"You girls…you girls are not worried?" Pritto did not know whether to laugh or cry, staring at the sisters who did not feel a shred of pressure.

"Worry? These small fries are not hard to deal with. Why should we worry?" Isaros casually explained and began to reload the bullets in the rifle. "Just what is going on? You explain properly."

Over the years, she had grown from the hunted into the hunter. Deadly threats to other people were just an everyday occurrence for both of the sisters. She was just upset to be involved in a dispute that had nothing to do with them.

"This matter can only be explained slowly…" Pritto smiled bitterly and explained.

"From the ancient times, Blood Breeds have been divided into two factions, the light party and the secret party and I am one of the Blood Breed subordinates serving the leader, Scarlet Moon in the light party…"

"Then the ones after you came from the secret party?" Isaros had seen various formidable killer techniques. Some techniques looked like magic and so she did not show much reaction to the Blood Breeds because she treated them as some sort of mutant.

"Yes, those two were just the lowest level vampires…"Pritto said, "This place is no longer safe, I'm afraid we'll have to move."

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