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"Garen, where did you put the shampoo? Why can't I find it?" Trish's loud voice called.

Garen was sitting in the living room watching an entertainment program that also served as an education program on the TV. The fat host laughed loudly and started pulling some idols up to the stage to answer some weird questions, while laughter could be heard offstage.

'Your Mom is calling you, you're not going?'

Garen changed the channel expressionlessly. "Ask Vivien, she washed her hair yesterday."

"Come and help me search for it! I can't find it!" Trish's voice was heard again.

'Your Mom is calling you, isn't it bad not to go?'

Garen stood up and went to the bathroom to get the shampoo hidden in the drawer under the sink.

'This is not the shampoo your Mom wants right? I remember she prefers that little red bottle of the Griffin brand' Black Sethe continued without getting tired.

"I say, why do you remember what kind of shampoo my Mom use?!" Garen finally could not take it anymore.

'Because the scent they give out is different. It's true and you should believe me, I am not wrong on this.'

"Garen! This is not the shampoo I want!! Where's my red Griffin shampoo? Help me find it!" Trish's voice came at the same time.

Garen rolled his eyes and went back to the drawer to search again. Then, he handed it over to Trish who had her head covered in foam.

'Know the thirteen ways to open a drawer? And the 256 methods to manufacture a drawer.'

"I don't care about your drawer manufacturing methods. Can't you say something useful?" Garen helplessly said.

'Well, you have to understand that it's been thousands of years since the last time I have spoken. My True Soul in the Mother Stream can communicate with you. This is simply a miracle among miracles. Even the probability of a meteor the size of a sesame seed dropping down on your head can't compare to this. You have to be understanding.' Black Sethe explained. 'Did you know? I was called the messenger of wisdom in Ancient Ender. Everyone was interested in listening to my enlightening teachings. They all praised me and revered me. Hence, you should feel honored to have me pointing out directions at every moment. This is something that countless people dreamed of.'

Garen continued to roll his eyes. He went back to the living room to watch his TV. Of course, that was what he displayed on the surface. He was actually practicing the Deep Control Technique that Black Sethe mentioned before. It was a training technique used to hunt Void Creatures.

Before getting this set of skills, Black Sethe had requested him to not close the communication channel between them and to maintain it without any hindrance. Now, he regretted…

He could never imagine how touching and exciting it was for a talkative person, who had been unable to talk for thousands of years, to finally be able to unleash and vent all he wanted.

When Black Sethe finally showed his true colors, he could talk non-stop for half an hour on the topic of a vase. Starting from the manufacturing methods and the various magical vases he had seen, to the love story he had with someone because of a vase. He could even link it to an ancient spirit with a strong will that had possessed a vase and yet ended up smashed by a little maid due to her carelessness and had a tragic end… The unit of measurement for all these nonsense could only be truckloads and he was certain that there were no repetitions.

Was this the so-called 'one flower for one world'? (TLnote: Literal translation, this is a verse from a poem. )

From one flower, he could talk about the whole world, just how high was his talking skill to reach this level?

Garen finally chose to ignore him.

If you chose to respond to him, he would get even more excited. He could talk about the feeling when you ate an apple, which race would get poisoned by apples and which Secret Technique would be severely affected by apples. There was once a Five Apples Religion that preached about eating five apples a day as a concept of immortality…

"I say, Black Sethe." Garen switched to another channel while observing his Attribute pane. The Intelligence attribute did not weaken anymore but now Vitality was affected. His Vitality had decreased by 0.1 and became 2.8.

'…Do you know the history of tea tables? I have seen tea tables worshipped as a holy artifact in a different world. They felt that that tea table contained powerful wisdom and strength. There, I saw a tea table with a height of two, three hundred meters, and the space even with kettles and cups on top could allow hundreds of people to live there! That kingdom was called Tea Table and their king called himself the King of Tea Table. Their nobles were craftsmen that could create the highest grade of tea tables. Countless people would even sell their children to acquire the manufacturing method of the tea tables, all of it was to become a noble and gain riches…'

"Black Sethe…I'm not interested in the story of Tea Table Kingdom…" Garen felt like he finally understood the reason this guy was one of the forty-two Demon Kings… Even a master that had trained Secret Technique to its peak like him felt his head swelling, and his mind was foggy and disordered.

'Know the one hundred and eight origins of how stories came to be? Let me tell you, the first came from ancient myths, I personally did research on it…'

"I…" Garen could feel his ears buzzing and his limit approaching. He held endless regret towards his promise with Black Sethe to maintain the communication channel between them.

He had never imagined how talkative one person could be.

"I wanted to ask, when will the Void Creature come and when can I begin?" Garen heard his words being engulfed by a torrent of sound, just like throwing a pebble into the sea, not even the slightest ripple could be seen.

"Fine…" Garen gave up on his intention to communicate with him normally.

He was completely unable to associate the current Black Sethe with the previous insane man that had tried to take over his body.

While pretending to watch TV, he continued to wait for the possible sneak attack from the void creature.

The opponent would try to weaken him through sneak attacks and let him die naturally. This was the normal practice for void creatures, as it would not cause any rebound from the laws of any world. There was no trace to be found.

How to catch the void creature and dig out its core? This problem would be handed over to Black Sethe to solve. Garen could not do anything to it just yet. After settling this void creature, he would take some time to train until a certain level to become a true Void Pursuer.

Now Garen lacked time, sufficient time.

Void creatures were masters of illusion and dream. Without sufficient ability to differentiate between illusion and reality, he could only be a sitting duck.

For now, Garen could only be a bait, a bait to lure out the void creature.

He was sitting on the sofa watching TV unenthusiastically.

Jason had gone hunting with his friends, Little Vivien was shaking her legs in her room while reading a book and listening to music and Trish had to go out and pick up her friend in a while. Her best friend had come over to their little town for vacation. His Dad, Emmer was sitting in front of computer typing something.

There was only him alone sitting on the sofa watching TV in broad daylight and it was also a dull variety show that Little Vivien despised.

He sat on the sofa and made himself as comfortable as possible. Without him realizing, he was getting sleepy and his eyelids were getting heavier.

Black Sethe's voice beside his ears gradually became unclear and then turned into something similar to the buzzing sound of bees and slowly drifted farther away.

Time passed by.

'It's here!' A voice suddenly jerked him awake.

He felt hazy. He did not know why but he could not lift his spirits, as though he was still in a half-asleep state.

Black Sethe's voice sounded beside his ears.

'For any creature with intelligence, their mind is divided into two parts. Their self-consciousness and subconsciousness. If a person's self-consciousness has a strong sense of reasoning and self-control, then their subconsciousness will be more casual and indulgent. The more it is oppressed by the self-consciousness, the more it bounces back. And obviously, that's the kind of person you are.'


'Your control over your self-consciousness is strong. This also means that when you are in a state similar to sleeping, your subconsciousness that takes over the body control will be in an extremely casual and indulging state. This is the accumulation of your desires that were suppressed by your self-consciousness and what your subconsciousness was always trying to find ways to vent. A person needs balance. You have to understand that suppressing yourself and putting yourself in an unbalanced state in order to reach the state you want is to change yourself. Changes require a new kind of balance. It is an instinct to survive and also a law of the universe. Life has always been a cycle of balance.' Black Sethe lectured.

"What do I have to do now?" Garen said. He looked around in a daze. Amidst the trance, he was still lying on the sofa in the middle of the living room but he did not know since when the white sofa had become a tattered sofa. A little mouse was lying on his left side sleeping soundly.

In the TV in front of him, a singer's face had been stretched to look like a horse. He only had an impression of the shiny thick necklace that was hung around his neck. That necklace made him feel familiar.

'Don't care about anything else. Just leave it to me. Observe your dream, this is your dream, look at it closely.'

Black Sethe's voice slowly began to sound distant and became smaller.

Garen sat alone on the sofa in a daze. He did not want to do anything. An inexplicable sense of laziness filled his whole body. He felt very very tired. He just wanted to plop down on the sofa and continue to sleep.


Suddenly, a frog-like bellow woke him up from his daze.

Garen opened his eyes and found that he was lying on the sofa. Trish was gently covering him with a blanket. Realizing that he was awake, Trish smiled.

"Sleep more if you're tired. I'll call you for dinner."

Garen nodded and watched Trish walked away while wiping his hair with a dry towel.

'Awake now?' Black Sethe's voice sounded.

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