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A month later…

"If time was a sharp scimitar, then who is the owner behind the scimitar?"

AG half-kneeled in a wide sand dune, the golden sand flowing through his fingers, like fine golden gravel.

"What are you trying to say?"

Garen stood quietly behind him, his arms crossed in front of his chest, wearing sunglasses to shield off the light.

"I'm just thinking about it." AG shook his head, staring at an oasis in the middle of the golden desert, that was the White Phoenix's headquarters here in Africa. It looked deserted here, but they just had to walk several meters forward, and there would be an alarm from the sand dunes ahead all to the way to the White Phoenix HQ, telling them that there was an intruder in their ranks.

The hundred or so elite fighters stationed inside would also pour out, and the traps hidden everywhere would instantly shoot everywhere.

"The security here is very tight." Garen said softly. "What do you plan to do? Within less than a minute, the whole base will become a fully-armed porcupine."

AG smiled mysteriously. "Faced with an immobile target like this, we have too many ways to completely finish them off."

"Oh?" Garen frowned, "If we kill them all, the effect might be a bit severe." He did not want to make enemies of the White Phoenix just yet.

"No problem. The White Phoenix is huge in scale, they have more than a couple of enemies." AG said with a laugh.

Garen's eyes narrowed, and he turned around instantly.

A tall woman dressed fully in white had appeared behind him without him noticing.

This woman stood quietly behind the two of them, wearing a set of long, figure-fitting white shirt and trousers, her wavy black hair falling over her shoulders, but she wore a white mask on her face, hiding the half of her face beneath her nose.

"AG, do you really plan to make a move against the Primary Colors?" The woman's voice was exceedingly normal, like a regular salesgirl in a shop, not special in any way.

But Garen and AG did not dare to let their guard down around her.

"Nasira, how long has it been?" AG stood up, "A hundred years, or two? I remember that time when I met you at the councilman's banquet…"

"That was already a long, long time ago." The woman interrupted him. "If it wasn't for the fact that you taught me way back then, I really would want to tear you to pieces right now."

"You are as violent as ever…" AG smiled kindly.

"To lure an eight-year-old little girl into the abyss of physical pleasures, back then you truly were despicable." The woman said icily.

"Don't be so heartless, we lived together for over eighty years, you know." AG said with a gentle smile.

"For eighty years I lived like I was in hell! You useless piece of shit that can only use your fingers!" The woman was getting angrier.

Beside them, Garen was starting to get a headache, AG was considered a decent collaborator, once he decided to make a move, he instantly started arranging things with him, and they came here directly, ready to go.

But his own messed-up personal relationships were the most exasperating. He had all sorts of ridiculous relationships with women, and his emotional life was more than complicated, and now it seemed that he was born sexually inept, he really could be a star in his own romantic soap opera.

Garen did not want to bother with AG's personal life.

"Let's begin as soon as possible, I still want to go back to America for something." He hastened them.

"Who is he?" The woman glanced at Garen, her gaze instantly fixing onto his gloved arms.

"Didn't anyone teach you to have manners when meeting strangers?" Garen exercised his fist, his eyes narrowing.

"Manners? How dare you speak to me in such a tone!" A hint of violence flashed through the woman's eyes, "Anyone who walks with AG, is probably also a piece of trash!"

"You uneducated bastard!"


Before the words even finished ringing, a powerful energy erupted from Garen's body, and pressed down hard on the woman's body, almost as though it was a solid thing.

It seemed to be a wave of air, but the sands around them showed no signs of being blown away.


Only the woman herself took three loud steps back, her face reddening with blood, before she could steady her footing.

"AG! I want to kill him!!" The woman instantly screamed, as though she was humiliated beyond belief. Her hair began to dance madly like a nest of snakes.

Garen chucked coldly, and stomped his right foot.

With a bang, many grains of sand shot towards the woman like bullets, as though instantly forming a storm of bullets, falling down from everywhere, unstoppable.

It was as though Garen had stomped up a yellow mist that rushed at the woman.

The woman screamed, and actually dashed forward, her waist twisting like an agile snake. She actually pierced through the veil of sand, rushing straight for Garen.

"That's enough!"

AG's voice instantly jolted towards them, like an unbreakable glass window, blocking between the two of them decisively. It seemed to a trick of the senses, making both of them stop instinctively.

"Nasira, don't be rash. He's just an ally of mine." AG told the woman gently.

"Your body type seems to be somewhat different?" Garen narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman, a hint of contempt on his lips, "No wonder you're so fearless. An absorbent body type, huh? I just need one hand to kill you."

As soon as he spoke, the woman's expression changed slightly.

Her body type was indeed her greatest advantage, it was her greatest guarantee when facing all sorts of unnatural power, but now this man had identified it so easily.

An absorbent body type plus immensely powerful close combat techniques, as well as gunslinging skills, all of these made her fearless even when facing enemies with unnatural power. Add that to her powerful background, and Nasira always thought that the so-called strong witches that she had meant so far were all just exaggerated paper tigers, she just had to poke them with a finger to make them collapse.

But this time, this man…

For the first time ever, she swallowed the words on the tip of her tongue, and said no more.

The three of them fell quiet again.

Despite the ruckus on this side, the White Phoenix did not seem to notice anything at all. Those on patrol kept patrolling, those on duty kept on with their duty, some cars entered and left the base, following the only way in.

There was always at least satellite watching over this place at all times, but somehow no one seemed to have noticed these three people here, even after so long.

AG turned around, looking at the White Phoenix base that took up this whole oasis.

"Their real headquarters are actually underground, it's a lot bigger than this bit on the surface.

"What do you plan to do?" Garen asked quietly, ignoring the crazy woman.

"Underground, we just need to make a few adjustments…" AG chuckled mysteriously.

He opened his hand, there was a cloud of fine golden sand on his palm.

The wind seemed to be getting stronger, blowing in gusts, sending their clothes billowing up and down.

Garen shook the windbreaker he wore, putting his hands into his pockets, quietly sensing the tiniest changes in his surroundings.

He had not used any of the potential value he absorbed from the Stone Clock of Fortune, because he was waiting for AG over here to obtain the new power system, perhaps it might be of use to him.

Right now he was still musing over the secret method he had obtained from Levi, the secret method to absorb potential points.

When he came back to the present, AG in front of him seemed to be silently waiting for something.

After a long time, he suddenly moved.

The palm holding the grains of sand turned slightly, and the sand on his palm began to spill, slipping off, and forming a straight golden line of sand as it fell to the ground.

Strangely, it seemed as though this line of sand would never finish flowing, it kept on tilting and spilling, already forming a tall hill of sand on the ground, but there was still a pinch of sand in AG's palm.

"See, this is the power of the earth…" AG smiled.

All of a sudden.

The line of sand in his hand bulged out, and fell to the ground as though it was wrapped around a lead ball, crashing into the ground.


The earth gave a hard jolt.

Wooo~! Wooo~! Wooo~!

There was a piercing siren from the White Phoenix base in the distance, wave after wave.

The people inside were confused, as the alarm kept echoing, the guards everywhere who were already wary began to receive reports, and instantly their expressions changed, as they all ran into the base.

AG was still smiling, and a clear spherical object flowed out of the line of sand in his hand once more, crashing hard onto the pile of sand underneath.


The ground jolted yet again, and it was as though something had shattered and collapsed, there was a deep rumbling under their feet.

"Just a tiny bit of power, can trigger an unbelievably vast strength." AG said softly, looking at Garen and the woman.

Clap clap clap clap…

Garen smiled, and began to applaud.

"What a fascinating use of chain reactions, so you were counting the nodes this whole time, and you used them to trigger the chain reactions."

"Of course. This is also a method to use our power." AG nodded with a smile.

"Hmph." The woman in white harrumphed coldly, not surprised in the slightest.

"Let's go." The sand in the middle of AG's palm finally ran out.

The three of them did not even look at the White Phoenix base, Garen did not know how the other two interpreted the situation, but he could already smell the faint odor of blood coming from the ground underneath his feet…

His exceptional five senses allowed him to clearly feel that whenever the sand in AG's hand crashed down in a clump, a large chunk of the White Phoenix's underground base would collapse. This was an extremely intricate mysterious power, it was as though he was playing with dominos, one after the other, each force exponentially magnified, and applied directly to the essential points of the massive underground base.

Garen knew that this was AG showing off how powerful he was.

This user of ancient power that seemed like an ancient undead monster in the eyes of others, he had a strength that could be used almost anywhere. He was that living legend.

The three of them turned back, walking to a jeep parked nearby behind them, then they all got onto the jeep and took their seats.

Strangely, the jeep did not seem bothered about sand getting into it, it took a turn, and rapidly left into the distance, the tire tracks rapidly covered by the sandstorm.

The White Phoenix behind them rumbled loudly.

Everything on the ground that had been part of the base, crashed down hard, sinking deep into the sand.

A huge black hole appeared where the base had been, and the vast amounts of yellow sand around it flowed into it endlessly, slowly burying the houses and buildings, the vehicles and the people.

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