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Before completely understanding their system, he should not brashly declare war on them. Garen's side was not as large in scale as the Primary Colors, aside from the thousands of elite peak-level mercenaries and assassins, the Primary Colors also had immense military might and scientific power, all of which ordinary people could not defend against. Plus, it was highly likely that they had peak-level unnatural power behind them as well.

Garen did not believe that such a large group would not have a powerful background behind them, if they did not, they probably would have swallowed whole a long time ago.

"What should we do?" Jay was not at all scared of the Primary Colors' formidable power. He always obeyed Garen's orders unhesitatingly.

Baldy and the black-haired girl, on the other hand, looked worried.

"I'll handle this matter…" Garen said calmly. This was the time to let that old guy contribute a little, it could also be a showcase of his power, if he wanted to join forces with him, that bit of power from before was not enough to pass.

Garen did not want to see his teammates killed off first during a real battle, leaving himself outnumbered.

If the other person could not even teach a modern mercenary group a little lesson, then he had to reconsider whether it was worth accepting this person as an ally.

"Found him, Levi!" The ponytailed girl said suddenly.

"Chase him."

Kenna was pulled out soon enough, he sat obediently beside Garen like a little chick, watching him as he called that old fellow.

Beside him, Garen told AG what he wanted, hoping that he could show some of his sincerity and qualifications as a prospective ally.

"No problem, this is a simple matter." AG agreed quite easily. He understood as well, facing an organization without unnatural power was very simple and easy, even Garen could do it without difficulty.

He could sense that Garen had a terrifying aura, evil and powerful. This aura and this power, none of it was released just now.

"We got the Best Book Page, do you want to see it?" AG continued.

"That's yours now, if you're willing, I do want to borrow it for a look." Naturally Garen replied, he was very interested in the thing that looked very high class.

"The next time we meet, then."

"Okay." Hanging up, Garen accepted the change of gloves that his subordinate offered him, his gloves were basically falling apart from the friction when he was underground, and the skin on his arm was almost revealed. And this was when he actually paid attention to protecting these gloves, if it was someone else who did not have his level of control over his power, these gloves would not even last one punch.

"Levi's appeared." Baldy reminded him in a low voice.

"Oh?" Garen raised his head and looked forward, he actually saw someone raising his hands up straight, standing right in front of the motorcade. Two soldiers walked over to press his arms down, and two pointed at him with their guns, escorting him to the car.

"Pretty gutsy. Does he want to talk to me directly?" Garen smiled slightly, opened the car door and jumped out to greet him, the other elites also follow him out of the car, sticking close behind him.

Levi's expression looked calm, he did not seem scared or panicked in the slightest. He just had his arms pressed behind his back, walking up to them wordlessly.

"Sir, he says he wants to talk directly to you." One of the mercenaries said loudly.

"Release him." Garen waved his hand, "In front of me, he cannot resist."

When the soldiers heard that, they did not hesitate, letting go of Levi's restraints immediately, and walking to the side to form a circle surrounding him. But their gazes were still fixed intently on Levi, full of wariness.

Garen looked this person up and down.

His military uniform was falling apart, but it was still recognizable as the uniform of the Nighthawks' outer circle mercenaries, his face was covered in stubble, his skin coarse, dry and cracked, there was a cut on his lip, and a white bandage wrapped around his left arm.

Most uniquely, the large majority of his face was covered by his hair and beard, his body filthy, so he looked just like a savage.

But the aura he was giving off was smart and decisive.

"What do you want to say?" Garen looked at this person with interest. "You killed more than ten of my men, do you think I'll spare you?"

"Those were just normal outer circle soldiers, you can recruit any number of them whenever you want, and they have no sense of loyalty to speak off." Levi's voice was very magnetic, just like television hosts, giving off a gentle and soft sense of comfort, while being calm and collected.

"Even so, you collected so many people and so much power to raid my Nighthawk group, causing casualties and deaths, Bady even lost an eye. Don't tell me you don't owe me that much?" Garen said mildly.

"That was just an accident." Levi moved his arms and shoulders, "I was gathering up all the hotshots from all the factions, and suddenly the Nighthawks just rushed in and tried to control all the masterminds, so naturally we'd end up enemies."

"Do you think that explanation would make me spare your life?" Garen smiled slightly.

"Of course not." Levi smiled bitterly, "The truth is, even if you don't kill me, I won't be able to live for long. Just now, I was bitten by an African black-striped, so I probably have about half an hour left to live."

Only then did the smile on Garen's face fade slowly, the African black-striped was a snake unique to this world, its venom was untreatable, a purely destructive venom. Even the most recently invented antivenoms needed to be injected beforehand for them to work, and it would be too late to apply them after one was bitten. The time taken for the antivenom to take effect was not as fast as the time taken for the snake venom to kill him.

"In that case, why are you here?"

"I still have a daughter, she doesn't know that I do such dangerous things, she always thought I was just a regular international tradesman."

"What does that have to do with me?" Garen said nonchalantly.

"I'll tell you a secret, sir, and in exchange I humbly ask that you help me to protect her." Levi hesitated, "I have no choice, I have no friends I trust enough. If I die, she will be swallowed whole by my enemies. And most importantly, she's very pretty, and very young. If she can follow by your side, I believe that at the very least, she'll live."

"What a cruel man." Garen laughed, "I have all the information about you, that daughter of yours is only twelve, and you are willing to hand her to me, someone you don't know anything about. Aren't you worried that she might end up even worse off in my hands?"

"I won't misjudge someone. You do not hide your personality at all, sir, that pride and arrogance is not something a normal person can bluff through. And the truly prideful people will not easily go back on their promises." Levi was indirectly flattering Garen.

"Her mother does not come from a regular family either, but it's just a very normal family business, it has nothing to do with these grey or black areas. They obey the law, and have a good reputation. She doesn't really understand all these things I've been doing, but she never liked them. So she can't protect Aileen."

"Are you so sure that I'd agree?" Garen retorted.

"I'm just making a gamble." Levi shrugged, "That secret has to do with the Black Uniform Organization's biggest secrets. This is also the main reason why I can be so far ahead of the regular elite soldiers."

"Oh? What is it?" Garen was instantly interested. He waved his hand, getting his surrounding subordinates to give them some distance.

"Regarding the Stone Clock of Fortune, the secret about the layer of mysterious power on it…" Levi's voice was as soft as a mosquito's hum, but with Garen's hearing, he could still clearly hear what Levi was saying.

Finally, Garen's heart gave a heavy jolt.

He knew, that the power Levi was talking about, should be the potential power he had always been using.

"How can you use it? That power?" Garen's lips moved slightly, his voice transmitting straight into Levi's ears.

Levi looked at him in surprise, seemingly taken aback by how fast he accepted it. "We have a secret method to absorb this power and keep it within our bodies, it can rapidly regenerate stamina, heal wounds, increase the rate of new cell production, and the more we absorb it, the more we use it, the stronger the human body gets, the stronger our spirit grows. We firmly believe, that this might be the brand new path for humans to reach the next stage of evolution."

He paused, "If you are willing to trade with me, I will give you this secret method, as well as the ancient relics and artifacts that the Black Uniform Organization had collected over the years."

But Garen was currently in utter shock, the way Levi said he used the power was exactly the same effect he had when adding his potential points to the Vitality attribute. But he observed the condition inside Levi's body with his senses for a bit, and found that this power seemed to be helpless against the venom, instead it continuously swam through his body like a living thing.

In the Totem World, he had guessed that the potential value was a form of soul power, and if it really was so.

The soul could be explained as the human consciousness to a certain extent, humans had a consciousness and a subconsciousness, the consciousness dictated their everyday lives. Meanwhile, the subconsciousness was in charge of delegating the human body's resources, gathering and providing energy where the body needed it.

If the potential value was a form of soul power, then it was perfectly capable of strengthening the consciousness and the subconsciousness, increasing the speed of reflexes and nerves, strengthening the immune system and energy regeneration, and other such overall increases to the body's stats.

"There's a side effect, right?" Garen asked suddenly.

Levi nodded, perfectly honest.

"Of course, but it's nothing too serious. The side effects are, after absorbing that power from the ancient relics and artifacts, your body will have a different quality, and most of these qualities will have a detrimental effect on the body to some effect, creating some strange hobbies, habits, or minor illnesses."

Garen could guess, that this should be the biggest difference between them and himself, he had that Ability to filter off the impurities in the potential value, such that he had no side effects at all, while these people could only absorb them roughly, eating up all the good and the bad, so naturally there would be problems.

But he was indeed very interested in the filtering system his own Ability had, this was an opportunity, a chance to explore the roots of his own Ability. Perhaps he could understand how his pulse and nerve pathways worked by examining their secret method.

"The deal is done."

He looked at the man in front of him, and finally agreed.

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