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"What question?" Garen moved his gaze to Hochman, and instantly made him tense up.

Hochman resisted the shuddering feeling in his heart.

"I wanted to ask, do we really need to undergo such high difficulty training? President, you've already achieved such a high level, is it still necessary for you to use such high difficulty training on us?"

"Good question." Garen smiled. "I will put this question aside for now, but you will understand it yourselves in due time."

"Alright, pretend I never asked." Hochman lowered his head.

Garen looked around, making sure there was no one else, and the guards were also very dutiful, so he paid them no more attention.

"The training in the second level is mainly a more focused battle-style training. I am the attacker, you need to do whatever you can to deal with me. Of course, you will win once you hit me three times. Any questions?"

"Of course we have questions." This time it was Dahm, "What do you mean by hitting you? Does even a touch count?"

"Guess so." Garen thought about it, and nodded nonchalantly.

"And by three times, you're referring to the total sum for all five of us, right?" Quentin spoke.

"Of course." Garen spread open his arms, "You can use the secret skill you've been training all you want, no matter what you do, as long as you can touch me, hit me three times…"

His body suddenly retreated abruptly, his speed slowly growing faster, faster and faster, faster and faster!

In an instant, his figure had somehow become a flitting shadow, he was moving at a speed much faster than his usual speed.

"From now on, I'll bring my body's qualities down to your level, I will just move faster than you do, and all you need to do, is hit me three times before I take you down!"

Garen's voice came and went, as though it was constantly echoing around them from all directions, so that they had no idea where he was at all.

It was just a small grassy field, and the five of them stared hard with their eyes wide and their mouths hanging open, trying to pin Garen's location down, but all they could do was see a hint of his shadow.

Even their eyes could not keep up with his shadow!

"Is he f*cking for real??!!" Dahm was completely shocked, "Is this still human? Can someone please tell me we're shooting a special effects film?"

"No… These aren't special effects, I'm thinking this is one of the Two-Faced Waterbird Fist's true essences, he's moving in our blind spots!" Jamie said in a deep voice, "Do you remember the time the President defeated me?"

The others grew solemn, they had evidently all recalled the day the Two-Faced Waterbird Fist first left a lasting impression on their hearts.

Their eyes could not catch any trace of his movement as well, at first they had thought that this movement method only worked against one person at a time, but to think, this strange step was even effective against multiple people.

"Watch out." Garen's voice came from the shadows around them.

"The left!!" Jamie roared loudly.

It was their left side, a fair palm peeked out lightly, and tapped Raelan on the back.

Raelan stiffened where she stood, as though electrocuted, and then that palm caressed the right side of Raelan's neck, as though touching a lover's skin.


With a soft sound, Raelan crumpled to the floor. Her whole body shook intensely, as though she was shivering, and her eyes rolled over into her head, it was like she had instantly gone insane.

Jamie and the others were still too late to intervene, that palm was like a poisonous thorn, darting out and pulling back, all in an instant.

By the time they reached her, it was already completely too late, Raelan lay on the floor, unconscious, her condition unknown.

"Behind Quentin!!" Hochman yelled, and pounced over there, he had leaped up before he had even yelled out. His body seemed to blow up a current with it, pouncing down like an eagle.


Softly, there was another light sound.

Quentin had just lifted her leg, trying to turn around and do a side kick. But she was still too late, that palm tapped her waist, and she instantly crumpled to the ground again, her eyes also rolling back, her whole body shaking, her consciousness lost.

Hochman was so close to touching that palm, but unfortunately he was still too late.

They had lost two people in such a short time, the remaining three boys stood together, back to back, forming a triangle, their expressions anxious as they looked around them.

"The opponent is even faster than you, and you'll fall unconscious as soon as he touches you, so what will you do now?" Garen's voice came from around them.

Hochman's Adam's Apple bobbed up and down.

"He's going to make a move eventually, we need someone to act as bait, the rest stick close and get ready to move!" He pressed his voice down low, just enough for the two whose backs were pressed against his to hear.

"We can go to the water, that way we'll see him coming!" Jamie suggested.

"It's no use, the river is too small." Dahm rejected him.

"As for the bait, I'll do it!" Dahm took one step forward.

Just then, that palm appeared again. Just like it a shadow, it shot out instantly from behind him, grabbing for the right side of his neck.

"Here he comes! Go!!!"

The other two did not wait for his signal, rushing out rapidly.

Four arms crashed towards the figure behind that palm at the same time.

"It's over."

The palm did not move to tap Dahm's back at all, instead it was pulled back instantly, and taking advantage of the moment when all three swung their fists in the same direction, he tapped them all from the side.

"It's over." Garen's voice drifted into their ears. And then there was the sound of multiple people collapsing to the ground, all three of them were touched in the neck, crumpling down, their conditions exactly the same as the two girls.

Garen's figure appeared on the grass behind the three of them, watching the five bodies sprawled over the grass silently.

"This was just the first time, you guys need to properly think about this, pay more attention to exploring the Two-Faced Waterbird Fist's force paths, different force pathways in different limbs create different effects. Let's end it here today."

He checked his gloves, they were not damaged, and only then did he slowly walk into the distance, his body soon vanishing into the grassy horizon.

Simulation battles against high-speed opponents, this was absolutely necessary.

There weren't just humans in this world, the Blood Breed moved extremely fast, and had powerful attacks, as well as resilient lives, as long as they continued growing stronger, it would be a matter of time before they encountered them. Rather than getting ambushed later as a lesson, it was better for them to get used to it with suitable training starting from now.

In this world, the Blood Breed was undeniably close to perfect.

Unlike in the legends from Earth, they were not afraid of sunlight, they just did not like extremely bright surroundings. They moved fast, had terrifying destructive power, and had the natural ability to hypnotize and control humans, plus they had tremendous regenerative power, they would not die as long as their brains and Blood Nuclei were not damaged.

If they had to have a weakness, there would only be one, which was that their defense was not that strong. Of course, this was relative, faced with Garen's offensive power, the Blood Breed's and vampires' defense was extremely weak, when destroyed with a jolt of force, they were no different than a thin sheet of paper.

But to normal people, the Blood Breed's defense was still much stronger, about the same as a stout man wearing a thick leather coat. If they wore a piece of leather armor or the like outside, they would really be impervious to regular humans.

Garen planned to have these five take on certain missions, he did not work so hard to train a bunch of cannon fodder. Of course he could not let them die so easily.

Training with a high-speed opponent at this level was one thing, they still needed training to get accustomed to hypnotic secret techniques to build their resistance to the Blood Breed's hypnosis skills.

He had plenty of time to kill anyway, other than some specific places in this world, everywhere else was just like Earth, there was no hint of any unnatural power at all, Garen was waiting for Baldy's side to come up with something that contained potential points, so for now he was just killing time, and beating up some little kids in his spare time was a decent exercise. Otherwise, if he lived and studied like normal people all day, every day, his bones would start to rust.

Not long after Garen left.

The five people lying on the grass woke up one after the other.

They all looked awkward, the boys holding the tents between their legs, the girls covering the wet parts of their pants.

This was undeniably harming the perfect image they usually kept up.

Only Dahm was completely unfazed, sticking his pole up as he got to his feet.

"That's too strange…" He murmured, "He just touched my body, and I instantly felt so good I shivered, then I fell to the ground immediately, as though all the strength had left my body, then I came. It really was f*cking weird."

"Same here." Quentin and Raelan exchanged glances, both the girls were feeling awkward, they were not as free-spirited and promiscuous as some girls out there, they were usually very conservative with their bodies, but that feeling just now, was even more intense than masturbating, their bodies felt completely weak.

That hand seemed to have some demonic magic, they never noticed it before, but to think that once Garen took off his glove and just touched them lightly with his palm, it was enough to destroy their defenses.

"We either make sure he doesn't touch us, or we get over that feeling of pleasure! Otherwise we'll never be able to overcome this level of training."

Before they knew it, they were all treating their training as the most important goal in their lives.

None of these five were idiots, they were all elites, in fact, one could say that they were the cream of the crop.

They could all see how precious this stuff Garen was teaching them was, this was not a world normal people could reach at all. Money and power, their families had those in bucketfuls, but something like this was not something any family could simply provide, this was their great fortune, and only an idiot would let this chance slip away. So no matter how Garen's attitude was when he taught them the secret skill, they did not think too deeply into it, perhaps they might pay the price for that, but how much could a student make them pay? Be it money or power, or just beauty, they had a limitless supply of such material riches. As heirs and heiresses political and economic empires, they were not lacking at all in this department.

But it never occurred to them, that the price Garen was asking from them, was never as simple as they imagined.

This training, this stimulation of pleasure, was also a method of attack that Garen had improvised from the Blood Breed, this was how the Blood Breed attacked humans, when their fangs pierced into human skin and veins, they injected a stimulating poison, that made humans feel numb and intense sexual pleasure, by dulling the human's senses and defenses, it made it harder for the human to notice that their blood was being sucked away, and they would not retaliate even until their blood had been sucked dry. This was the most terrifying aspect of the Blood Breeds.

Garen wanted to use an even more intense stimulus to ensure that these five could withstand such attacks, that way, even if they were careless and got bitten, they would be able to escape at the first opportunity.

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