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"The bare minimum requirements?" Terri asked in confusion. "Is this training very powerful? Shouldn't you keep it a secret from me, your rival?"

"That's not necessary." Garen had no intention to chase her away, he just smiled slightly. This person had an innate sense of madness and recklessness, he just needed to provoke her a bit, and that might create an unexpected effect. She was also a princess-type with a considerable family background, once he controlled her, she might still have some uses.

Looking at the other five on the field, all five of their faces were looking vaguely pale, they had all become quite nervous, their bodies all demonstrating how uptight and aware they were.

"Are you ready?"

"Let's do it!"

Jamie clenched his teeth, arched his body and posed as though ready to pounce.


A slight breeze blew past them.

Garen raised his right hand slightly, opening his palm, as though trying to catch the breeze as it went past.


Someone yelled out, but nobody knew who.

The five people on the field all pounced abruptly, rushing towards Garen. The six figures were instantly entangled together.


Garen's arm crashed into Jamie's abdomen hard, transmitted out some force, and instantly sent Jamie flying two meters away. He turned around, grabbing with his hands, and precisely catching Quentin's and Raelan's legs flying towards him, and sent them bending down.


The two legs instantly emitted a crisp sound, the bone evidently broken. The two of them gave a scream, stumbled back and nearly tripped.


A fist hit Garen's back hard, but it was as though he had hit a wooden plank, it just sunk in slightly. The fist was immediately caught by a hand, which pulled it forward, and Hochman's body was pulled towards Garen, until suddenly he felt a pain in his chest.

A knee to the chest.

Hochman flew out far, and fell onto the field hard.

He could feel his chest cracking, his muscles in agony as though torn apart.

The last one, Dahm, kicked hard at Garen's abdomen, taking the split second window when Garen was tossing Hochman aside.

But unfortunately, the last thing he saw was Garen's turning around and sweeping a kick at him, his long leg becoming a black whip that flew at him at high speed.


His waist was directly hit by that leg whip, and he flew out abruptly as though he had been broken in half. With a splash, he crashed into the stream beside them, triggering a huge explosion of water.

Garen took a few steps towards him, pulled him out of the river with one hand, and landed a vicious fist in his stomach.

Bang! Bleurgh!

Dahm's body arched as he vomited in agony, after Garen released him, he fell kneeling by the riverside, and did not get up immediately, even his pupils losing a bit of their focus from the pain.

"Hah!!" Garen was about to pick up Dahm and continue beating him up, when suddenly there was a bark from behind him, and Jamie flew up to stomp down hard on Garen.

With a dull wham, this kick landed perfectly on the back of Garen's kneecap.

This was the angle that made it hardest to apply any force, any normal person would not be able to resist bending their leg when hit in that position.

But unfortunately Garen did not react at all, as though this kick had not stomped onto his body.

His mouth split into a grin, and he turned around, his right arm smashing towards Jamie hard like a stick.

After getting that kick in, Jamie reacted extremely quickly, shielding his chest with his arms, and his whole body in a completely defensive stance. As soon as he steadied his stance, he felt as though a train had collided into his arms, and his bones had a painful sound of cracking and breaking, his whole body flew out backwards as though riding the wind, and everything around him moved at breakneck speeds, so that they could not even be seen properly.



He was the second person to be knocked into the river.

On the field just then, the two girls, Quentin and Raelan, were locking Garen's neck from either side.

Their four arms were crossed like a lock, tying down his neck hard, the girls' faces were blushed red, they had evidently used all the strength they had.


Blood leaked out from the corners of Hochman's lips, but he held Garen's right leg tightly.

At the same time, Dahm was also hugging Garen's left leg with all his strength.

"Ahhhhh!!!" Jamie crawled out of the river, standing up and rushing like mad towards Garen, lifting one leg and stomping down hard towards his stomach.

"You've improved." Garen's face split into a grin, his cold white teeth making the others feel cold even under the sun.

Just when Jamie was about to hit him.

All of Garen's muscles and features abruptly shone with a hint of black, and bulged up fiercely and instantly.


The four of them were blown away by a huge explosive force at the same time.

Garen's fist crashed into Jamie's leg.

Bam bam bam bam!!

After four consecutive explosive sounds, Jamie screamed out in agony, hugged his knee and knelt onto the ground, tears and snot flowing everywhere.

In that instant, Garen had landed four consecutive hits on the sole of his foot. Each of the four punches had landed in the same place, the same spot.

Everything fell calm again.

Garen stretched his neck, making it crack.

With him in the center, the four vice presidents were lying all over the floor, only Jamie was half-kneeling, crying in pain.

"You've improved since the last time, but when you try to gang up on someone, you still need to consider the difference in power."

Nobody around him replied, the five vice presidents either had broken bones, or they were in too much pain to stand.

"I give you half an hour to recover."

He began to walk towards the five of them respectively, his fingers instantly becoming a blur, after he dotted one of them on the head a few times, he walked to where the next person was.

Sometimes he would kick them impatiently, eliciting a moan of pain from the patient.

Beside them, Terri's whole body had gone numb after watching them, her previous excitement shocked away to the ends of the world.

"This… this is training?!" She felt as though this was no longer a brawl, but an attempted murder! A blatant attempt at murder!

Look at Quentin, one of her legs had been broken, her right arm was twisted at an unnatural angle, no matter how she looked at it, this was a serious injury, right?

And there was Jamie, his chest had sunk in slightly, are you sure he can still move?

And the worst was Dahm, that legendary playboy had his head hanging loosely from his neck, as though his neck bones had all been pulled out. His eyes were lifeless, his mouth foaming. Terri had already pulled out her phone and was going to call the cops…

And then, a shocking scene unfolded before her eyes.

The casualties who were dotted by Garen with his fingers, actually seemed to be able to stand in just a dozen seconds. Although they were all grunting in pain, it was already much better than before.

"Are you an idiot? You'd call the cops over something as trivial as this?" Hochman walked past her, looking at the number she had dialed, and his tone was instantly condescending.

Terri's phone dropped to the ground, pointing at Hochman. Her face looked like she had seen a ghost, her mouth only stammering you you you but not getting a single word out.

She had obviously seen Hochman pass out from the shock, just like Jamie, Hochman had broken at least two ribs!!

And now??

"It's just a tiny injury, don't blow it out of proportion." Quentin also continued, shaking her head.

The others all seemed used to it, although they were grunting in pain, none of them were angry in the slightest.

"Could it be that I really am an idiot?" Seeing this scene, Terri was shocked. She was beginning to wonder if something had gone wrong with her worldview.

Those injuries just now were obviously very serious, right? Obviously, right?

And then she saw that Dahm, who was bordering on life and death just now, was now looking at her condescendingly.

"Alright, that's the end of our daily training." Garen stood up from beside the last person, Raelan.

"Daily training…??!!!"

In that moment, Terri's world finally collapsed.

The five of them were acting as though it was nothing, all of them standing obediently in front of Garen, right here and now, they did not have even an ounce of the arrogance and cockiness they had outside. As though they really were regular students being taught.

Just when Terri was on the brink of breaking down, Garen was looking at the progress of the five of them in front of him with some satisfaction.

They were at the same level as Cece and Xander, having entered the second level one after the other.

There was one other benefit of the Two-Faced Waterbird Fist, other than the ability to cut with one's arms slowly developing, the practitioner's own body would also have faster agility and reaction speeds, this increase was not limited to activation of the secret skill, it was applied to the changes in their everyday body.

But the Two-Faced Waterbird Fist had a fatal weakness.

Which was that it did not have a strong resistance or defense.

The reason Garen gave the five of them such a daily training, was to increase their resistance to being beaten up like this. It stimulated their bodies to continuously grow stronger muscles and bones, while at the same time increasing their bodies' regenerative abilities.

Of course, the cost was they needed to use up their life energy, or their life force, and with the little bit of life force they had, under such brutal training, they probably would use up their life after a few times, and age rapidly before they even grew old. But Garen was using his advantage with the Slaughtering Hand, to absorb some life force from animals, so the five of them could completely withstand this level of training.

When they first started, the five of them were shocked out of their wits, but after Garen showed off his special healing later, their injuries actually recovered extremely quickly. And Garen knew where to draw the line, when it looked like their bones were broken, they were actually only dislocated, so they just needed one crack to push them back in place and the wound was completely fine again.

This allowed the five of them to move from their initial terror until they slowly became used to it.

At first normal people would not be so masochistic, taking one beating was one thing, but they surely would not go for a second round. However, they did not expect that after enduring one beating, their speed and pleasure when practicing the Two-Faced Waterbird Technique actually improved. And perhaps it was because there was that pain to act as a stimulus, but the pleasure they felt when training their secret skill had actually become a lot more intense than before.

That was the key reason why the five of them seemed to revel in the pain.

Pain and pleasure, that was their true portrait right now.

After resting for a whole half hour, the five of them stood up one by one, and other than their bodies being a bit dirtier than before, they were not too different from when they started.

They had already undergone this training a lot of times recently, just as Garen said, it really was only one of their daily trainings.

This was the first official training now, so even they did not know what other training methods he had, their hearts somewhat full of anticipation, and of terror.

Garen's figure loomed in front of them, he was not too much taller than them, but the pressure was as though there was a huge mountain pressing down on them.

"The training after this must be kept secret." Garen turned around to look at Terri.

Terri pointed at herself, looking confused.


"That means you can go now." Raelan said offhandedly, with some impatience. "Either that, or you join our training as well. You can even join the combat club!"

Terri gulped, picked up her phone, took a deep breath, turned around, and tried to walk away calmly.

But without her knowing it, her legs just seemed to walk faster and faster.

There was some laughter from behind her, it seemed to be Raelan, or it might have been Quentin, those two never saw eye to eye with her, but right now Terri was in no mood to mess around with them, she just wanted to go back and search this up, she wanted to see if something really had gone wrong with her worldview.

After Terri was well and truly out of sight, Garen turned back around, looking at the five of them.

"Looks like you've basically grown used to that level just now, now we shall undergo a series of special trainings."

"I want to ask something." Hochman put the glasses he had taken off just now back on.

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