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Garen’s gaze fell on a white substance on the edge of the door.

It was a white powdery substance which was emitting a faint white light.

He reached out his index finger and gently dabbed at the white powder, then put it to his nose for a sniff.

"Pollen?" Garen’s expression turned cold. "This power fluctuation…"

"What’s wrong?"

Windling’s questioning voice came from behind.

"The building is still intact. There is something strange going on." Windling came up from behind. "Why don’t you enter?"

Garen withdrew his hand.

"Forget it. I’ve already gotten what I wanted to know."

He turned, walked down the steps, and headed out.

"Hey! Why not enter and have a look since we’re already at the door? Why did you actually come here?!" Windling followed closely.

Garen ignored him and directly walked out of the yard.

He turned and gave the familiar building a final glance.

"Let’s go. We’ll go directly to the next stronghold."

"Still going?" Windling was startled. "We’ve already swept so many strongholds. You still want more?"

"Since even you didn’t consider it, they definitely wouldn’t be expecting it as well. If we attack them now, the success rate would definitely be quite high." Garen muttered.

Windling scratched his head. He had been terrified each time they went to an Obscuro stronghold. He had to find a place to hide and avoid being detected by the Obscuro Society’s men.

Every time Garen swept, he would carefully survey the surroundings and inform Garen if there was anything amiss. His safety was heavily dependent on Garen.

"Aren’t you worried about the poison in your body at all?" He ran up to Garen and asked out of curiosity.

"Not an issue. I’ve already found a way to remove it." Garen smiled. He seemed to have returned to his normal state.

As the two people left the building, the small town in front of their eyes looked different.

From the flawless building, out came several dark blue, human-shaped flowers.

The flowers had white human limb-shaped roots for their four limbs. They were like noodles swinging and twisting. Each of their heads was a huge, basin-sized blue flower.

The flowers stepped silently towards Garen’s and Windling’s position.

On the streets, in the neighboring house and on the roof. The blue flowers were everywhere.

They were like tiny dwarfs, quietly surrounding Garen and Windling.

As Garen furrowed his brows, his body released a cloud of thick, black gas which spread out in all directions.

Countless black cloud crows were formed. They let out cries and pounced at the flower humanoids.

The cloud crows gathered their wings and shot out like sharp arrows. It was like a harvest, with the surrounding flower humanoids dropping like flies.


Abruptly, Garen turned and looked at the yard behind him.

In the small garden in front of the reddish-brown building, an over three metres tall blue flower humanoid swiftly stood up.

Its head was a big blue flower with a two-metre radius. It was completely like a human as it stood up and stretched its back. In the middle of the blue flower giant’s flower was a blue, O-shaped mouth. It was like a fish’s mouth, opening and closing non-stop. There was even some sticky acid flowing up from it.

Garen blinked and twisted the air in front of him.


A transparent, shapeless dragon head attacked ferociously.

The blue light in front of the blue flower giant shattered instantly, leaving huge amounts of blue light shards. Its head was instantly bitten off and disappeared into the shapeless dragon’s mouth.

Windling was holding a silver-black round mirror at the side, attempting to check something. When he saw that the flower giant’s head had suddenly vanished, his expression darkened.

"Can’t you wait for me to calculate its data before you devour it!?"


Suddenly, Garen’s expression changed as he grabbed his abdomen.

A giant, red dragon mouth opened beside him and instantly took form. Then came a crash. The dragon vomited large amounts of torn blue flower petals and yellow-green acid.

"Sure enough, I can’t simply eat. It hurts my stomach." Garen did not look well. His body had gradually connected with the eight headed dragon. The state of the eight headed dragon would affect the state of his body.

Additionally, his state would also affect the eight headed dragon. This was also the reason why upgrading his body attributes would affect the evolution of the eight headed dragon..

However, this connection had negative side effects now.

Garen felt his stomach lurch. He had an urge to throw up.

After the red dragon head beside him had vomited out the remnants of the flower giant, it weakly disappeared into thin air.

"Haha, hurt your tummy? Your fault for eating random things!" Windling burst out laughing.

Garen gave him a stern stare and he stopped laughing, frightened.

Among the flower giant’s remnants on the ground, there was a yellow-green porridge like substance. It was releasing a strong acidic odour, causing Garen and Windling to back off.

The cries of the whirring cloud crows was ongoing, but there was not a single flower humanoid in sight.

Other than the acid, this type of first form monsters was good for nothing. Even the strongest one among them - the flower giant, was just a second form monster. Surprisingly, this strong odour and acidity could hurt the eight headed dragon’s stomach.

Garen realized that he had to be more careful. He shouldn’t attempt to eat everything he saw.

Both of them completely cleared one side of the town of all of the blue flower humanoids. The surroundings mutants were all frightened and fled; too afraid to come close. Only then did Garen relax slightly.

He casually walked into someone’s house. Only after squatting for more than half an hour in the toilet did his stomach felt better. At times, the eight headed dragon’s overly quick digestion rate was quite a disadvantage.

To completely heal the predicaments on his body wasn’t difficult for someone proficient in the martial arts like Garen. After excreting the acid, he used the Red Jade Palm to clear the remaining toxins. Only then did he fully recover.

In fact, the blue flower giant wouldn’t be considered poisonous. It was the acidity of the odour that Garen’s stomach couldn’t take. Instead of saying the poison caused diarrhea, it was actually the odour.

As he came out from the toilet, Garen leaned on the wall and walked into the living room. He saw Windling playing with the green, round mirror in his hand.

He walked over and saw a row of words and symbols bouncing on the mirror. He recognized some of the tactic symbols, but he hadn’t seen most of them.

A black dragon whirlwind was on the mirror. It was around ten centimetres tall. It floated in front of Windling, like a miniature tornado.

The black whirlwind was completely made up of black gas. As it spinned relentlessly, blue bolts faintly flickered on its surface. It was as though a real whirlwind was shrunk and placed on the mirror in front of Windling.

The whirlwind was just the size of a palm. It constantly changed its direction and speed on Windling’s hand.

"What’s this?" Garen asked out of curiosity. "Is this used for weather forecasting?"

Windling held the black whirlwind with both of his hands, as if he was controlling it.

"This is a black whirlwind that i brought from the Black Sky. It was mainly used to create and repair heirlooms and equipments." As he summarized, he controlled the end of the black whirlwind and kept drawing something on the mirror’s surface.

"Black Whirlwind?"

"Yes. Since my life is now tied to boss, people from the Obscuro definitely wish to eat my flesh and drink my blood. After considering for a long time, I realized you’ve treated me well. Hence, I’ve decided to do put in some effort for our safety." Windling replied as he controlled the small whirlwind.

"What effort?" As Garen has never seen the process of creating or repairing heirlooms and equipments, he looked on with interest.

"There. There is one on the table. Its specially made for you." Windling pointed at the small table on the right with his mouth.

Garen looked over immediately and saw a green mirror on the black stone table.

He walked over and picked up the mirror, surveying it. It was like a common dress mirror. The only difference was the decoration.

"What does this thing do?"

Windling retrieved the Black Whirlwind. The small whirlwind dissipated into black gas and quickly wriggled into the black gem ring on his hand.

He lifted the repaired mirror, looking pleased. Hearing Garen’s question, he answered.

"Detection. Mainly for detection. According to the various scenarios we’ve met these few days, I made some calculations."

He turned to face Garen.

"In the coming days, we might be facing the Obscuro’s pursuers. Do not think that because you have your final card, you have nothing to fear. The Obscuro has countless heirlooms and poisons. Just by accumulating four or five types, your abilities will instantly drop to the bottom. I’ve created this thing as a counter to those situations.

He lifted the small green mirror.

"I shall call it Windling’s fury!" He looked satisfied. "Those old bastards in the Obscuro were heartless. They thoroughly angered me! Hence, I’ve decided to make a testament to my anger. Oh, but the fighting shall still be left to you."

"You don’t have much talent in giving names." Garen was speechless.

"I think this name is very domineering though?" Windling shook his hands. "All of this is not important. The most important thing is its function."

He gently placed the mirror on his shoulder and gave a hard press.


The mirror directly latched onto his shoulder blade.

From afar, it looked like a diamond-shaped green armor on his left shoulder, mildy reflecting a mirror-like luster.

The armor extended from his shoulders. Its end protruded slightly, forming a sharp edge.

"Isn’t it domineering?" Windling looked satisfied. "This thing has two major functions. Number 1: It gathers the wearer’s actual body condition and makes a comparison with the surroundings. If there are threats to the wearer, it would emit mild, red light. The intensity of the red light represents the threat level."

"That’s not a bad function. Can it test the level of toxins?" Garen was suddenly interested.

"Of course." Windling nodded. "The second function: Encrypted Messages. This function is simple. It only has to identify an used frequency. I’ve encrypted in five times. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to break it!" He looked pleased. "With this, we can directly have short distance communication without being snooped on. The distance limit is fifty kilometres. For it to be stronger, it would require too much. Remember the time I was tricked and captured and couldn’t contact you, these kind of situations can be avoided.

"This thing is not bad." Garen nodded his head in approval. "Can you create a few more?"

"The materials required are quite a hassle. They are not considered as rare, but many types are required. I gathered them as I followed you. After so many days, it was only sufficient for two. If you want more of them, I think it might take some time." Windling helplessly opened his hands.

Garen imitated his ways and pressed the mirror on his left shoulder.

With a crash, four claws automatically appeared from the mirror and tightly held on to his shoulder. Its end swiftly extended, forming a beautiful sharp-edged shape.

"Heyhey, can you hear me?" A soft, low voice suddenly came, as if from an earpiece. It was Windling’s voice.

Garen gave him a glance. He noticed that he pressed the pauldron with one hand and gently moved his lips.

"Your voice doesn’t have to be loud, just being clear would do. Oh yes, I forgot to mention. For the threat detection, I’ve differentiated five levels."

Windling said in a serious tone.

"Number 1: No light. If the Windling’s Fury doesn’t light up, it means there is no threat and can be ignored.

Number 2: Mild light. If there’s only a little red light from green to red, it means that the threat is small.

Number 3: Mild red. The red is clear, but not dark. A stronger threat that has to be respected. You have to pay attention and be on guard to avoid being tricked by not being careful.

Number 4: Bright red. It is an opponent on your level. The opponent has the potential to severely injure you or kill you. It all depends on performance to determine who has the upper hand, but be careful of secret heirlooms and the sort.

Name 5: Dark Red. Incredibly dangerous. Flee if you meet this kind of opponent without hesitation. Whether you will be able to flee is also a problem. This means the opponent could severely injure you with a casual attack."

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