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"That detailed? This thing is able to measure totem light?" Garen was stunned.

"Of course. The totem light is the main thing." Windling explained. "The working principle of this device is rather complicated, but the only thing you should know is that it can measure the totem light of your opponent and compare it with your totem light. Naturally, different people will have differing strength and information, so the result will be different as well."

Garen nodded to indicate that he understood what was said.

"Alright then, let’s go and give this thing a try."

"Be patient."

Windling told Garen.

"This item requires an activation phrase in order to get it up and running."

"An activation phrase?"

"Yes. Didn’t you know this? These types of custom made heirlooms require an activation phrase so that no one will take advantage of it, right?" Windling shook her index finger as she explained.

"What is the activation phrase then?" Garen nodded.

"Activate! Windling’s Fury!!"

Windling raised both of her hands up with all her might and laughed three times. "Ha! Ha! Ha!"

The atmosphere had become cold…

Windling placed her hand down as she realized Garen’s unfriendly gaze.

"Alright alright. What a man without any sense of humor. No wonder you can’t get a girlfriend, even though you’re so handsome."

"The real activation phrase is print it, magic mirror."

As Windling finished her sentence, her shoulders" pauldrons glew red and immediately disappeared.

"That’s about it."

Garen’s cold gaze then disappeared.

"Alright then. Let’s go to the next location and have a look at its effect."

"No problem!"

Somewhere in a mountain valley, thousands of kilometers away from the Red River Valley.

The sky was grey and cloudy, shrouding the sun completely. The whole sky was covered with clouds.

The mountain valley was filled with green fern plants. There were a variety of them, from small to big and short to tall. They covered the whole mountain valley, just like a forest.

White mist lingered between the ferns and caged the whole valley, covering the whole scene in a layer of white. It was almost as if someone were looking through a pair of fogged up glasses.

The mountain valley was like a small basin, covered by elevated green hills.

The entrance to this basin was a small green fern forest.

Two black silhouettes flew passed the fern forest at great speed, and slowly landed at the entrance of the mountain valley as they formed into two black shirted human figures.

As the black smoke dispersed, Garen looked into the mountain valley from afar, and through the white mist, he could see that the mountain valley was filled with levitating stones.

These stones, big and small, were levitating quietly in the middle of the air inside the mountain valley, as if they were supported by something from below.

The largest stone was at least ten meters wide and even had a little tree and a small grass field on top of it.

"Is there some error in our route? We have been to three places and there isn’t anyone around." Windling asked skeptically as she followed Garen from behind.

"No. It’s not that the route is wrong, it’s just that something had happened here recently so these places are empty." Garen replied coldly.

Both of them put on their magic mirror pauldrons on their left shoulder. The faint green colored pauldron looked like a beautiful jade stone.

"This location is the largest nearby. Should we enter it directly?" Windling asked as she looked at Garen.

Silent, Garen squatted down as he touched the dirt on the ground.

"Someone was here before us, about ten minutes ago." He said coldly. "This smell, I’m afraid, might be from the one who had been stalking us."

"What should we do?" Windling frowned. "Should we proceed or retreat."

Garen’s lips curled, giving off a cold smile.

"Since we’re here, we might as well meet our friends."

The shadow of the eight headed dragon slowly appeared behind him.

Within the deep zone of the mountain valley.

Two crowds, in black and blue, were facing each other.

The people in black shirt were obviously from Black Sky. All of them were wearing black masks and were different from the lot from before. Every one of them had black gas surrounding them, giving off a rather strange presence.

The one who stood at the front was their leader. He was in a black robes and white mask, which had three red lines on the mouth and eyes. The design was very simple, where the red lines formed into a smiley face on the mask as it gave off a strange and mysterious vibe.

The people they were facing against were a group of people in ice blue armor. There were a total of four of them, and were staring coldly at what was in front of them. The one who stood at the front was a flat chested woman with a brown ponytail.

She had a brown whip in her hand, half of it had dug into the ground, as if it were a wiggling, living creature.

There was a golden staff in the middle of both parties.

There were layers of small circles on the staff, which was placed on a white stone. What was strange was that the staff was surrounded by a thin layer of ice.

"Black Sky, haven’t you guys crossed the line? You have become too greedy." The girl with a ponytail said coldly as she tried to retain her anger and stared at the people from the Black Sky.

"We discovered the Golden Staff first, and we’re also the one who discovered the activation phrase as well. What right do you have to say that it is yours?"

"It doesn’t matter who discovered it first. What matters is you people have discovered this heirloom in our territory." A sharp voice came from the white mask.

The woman was annoyed. "Then what about the activation phrase? We are the ones who deciphered the activation phrased first. Why do we have to pass it to you!?"

They had went through a great ordeal and spent countless of resources and gemstones here. They hand spent countless days deciphering the activation phrase of the golden staff, and the members of the Black Sky appeared and attempted to remove the gemstone out of it. The members of the Black Sky claimed that this heirloom was left by their ancestors, and they just happened to forgot the activation phrase.

As they had a grasp of the opponent’s strength, they decided to retreat, but the people of the Black Sky didn’t allow them to do so unless they gave them the activation phrase. Hence they were currently in a stalemate.

They had heard rumors of how strong the people of the Black Sky were, but they didn’t expect that they would be so much stronger than the rumors had suggested when they faced them in reality.

As one of the captains of the powerful ice castle, the girl with the ponytail was filled with rage. They were stronger in terms of power as they had two form three totem users and two form two elites, whereas the Black Sky only had one form three and two form two totem users.

However, the Black Sky had a stronger identity, which made them unable to make any moves, and were oppressed by the opposing party instead.

Shey knew that she was stronger but was forced to restrict herself. These made the four people of the Ice Castle start to fill with anger. Although it was just an imitation product of a heirloom, it was still important to the ice castle. Within this chaotic era, every ounce of strength attainable was considered precious, including the heirloom.

"Last warning. Give us the activation phrase and you can leave." The white masked man said coldly.

The ponytail woman gritted her teeth as she gave a deadly stare towards him.

She didn’t dare to attack as she knew that the Ice Castle might be annihilated if she were to attack now.

Suddenly, the white masked man looked at the other side of the mountain wall.

"Same goes to you. Leave now and don’t let me see you again, or else."

Movement could be seen from the mountain wall and three men appeared. They were in hunter attire and looked very well trained.

"Lord White Ghost, we’re here under the command of the chief of Fung Clan…"

"Don’t use the name of Black Tiger King as leverage." The white masked replied coldly.

"Lord White Ghost…"


Suddenly the man beside him screamed as he shriveled at an incredible speed. He looked like a deflating balloon, and soon dropped onto the ground with only his skin left.

The remaining two of them were stunned and immediately retreated as they scanned their surroundings in fear.

The White Ghost let out a shrill laughter.

"This is the result of not listening to me. You guys are still alive because of the Black Tiger King, and you guys think that you are some hot shot?"

Two of them were sweating cold sweat. Although he was just a form one totem user, it was terrifying to see him killed abruptly.

The people of the Black Tiger King and Ice Castle didn’t say another word and they kept quiet, falling into a deep dilemma. It seemed that the White Ghost was not an opponent that could be easily dealt with.

At that moment, two black, misty figures appeared behind the white masked man, and soon condensated into two tall humanoid figures.

"Lords." The white mask turned around and greeted the two with a bow.

The two figures were a male and a female, who had a black and green hair respectively. Both of them looked young, and seemed to be in their early thirties. Both had on their shoulders black robes, with golden-green armor on their feet.

The black haired man nodded.

"What’s the current situation?"

"The foundation has been set." White Ghost replied respectfully. "However we have accidentally discovered a new heirloom, the Golden Staff."

"Not bad. Tell these people to scram and execute the operation immediately, or else we won’t have enough time." The green haired girl said softly.

The man nodded as he looked at the groups of people from the Ice Castle and Black Tiger King. These two groups were the major power players in the nearby area. All of them naturally were no small characters since they were able to survive in such an environment.

The man started to become impatient and was about to open his mouth.

Suddenly he felt that the sky had become cloudy.

"What’s going on? Is it about to rain?" The man looked up suspiciously, and his pupil shrunk.

Everyone in the area looked up and was stunned as they saw a gigantic mouth in the sky.

A black cloud was slowly approaching from the mountain valley.

It was a cloud filled with countless black crows!

The black haired man recalled something and his face went pale.

"It’s the Cloud Crow!! The Eight Cloud Crow! Retreat! Retreat!!"

He suddenly shouted.

The people of the Ice Castle were stunned as well, as they looked at the sky that was being swallowed by the clouds of crows. These crows, which had some strange mist surrounding, them kept producing a rather weird scream.

As they looked up, they couldn’t see any part of the sky at all.

"The Eight Cloud Crow… It’s the RAL! The RAL has arrived!" The ponytail woman was emotional. She couldn’t feel any more happier as she looked at the people from the Black Sky panicking in front of her. If they couldn’t obtain it, she naturally wished that no one else could.

Compared to the Black Sky, the RAL was much more powerful.

They didn’t allow anyone to oppose them. Whoever did would be considered going against them, and going against them meant betrayal to the Alliance, and betrayal to the Alliance meant a rebellion, a rebellion that needed to be eliminated!!

The subordinates of the Black Tiger King didn’t dare to make any move at all. With such a huge superpower arriving the scene, whoever provoked them meant that they would drag the Black Tiger King into the issue with them.

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