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Five sharp claws that looked like five red blood crystals. A beautiful crystalline translucence can be seen among them, as they swiped towards Garen’s waist and abdomen.

At the same time, the cave that Garen was in, the same one-eyed Beamon, who had reddish fur, also fluttered.

With the same action and the same attack stances, the two Beamons, one in front and the other behind Garen flanked him in the middle. Four red claws swiped towards Garen simultaneously.

Garen raised his eyebrows, three red lights flashing.

He raised his hand, and a giant red silhouette lit up behind him, a dragon more than ten meters high with 8 heads showed its upper body, the rear half seemed to be still somewhere outside.

Garen’s eyes had a flash of red light.

"Dragon roar!"

Roar! ! ! !

A burst of sound waves burst forth like ripples on water. Both sides of canyon walls shook violently, knocking loose rubble and gravel.

The raging sound waves momentarily scattered in all directions, the rock Garen stood on shattered, forming a circular pit full of dense cracks.

All eight heads of the dragon roared at the same time, releasing a sound that is almost four times the original power! The horrifying sonic boom swept two Beamons off their feet.

Both One-eyed Beamons had blood oozing out of their eye, nose, ears, and mouth. The monsters were overturned, and were unable to move as they sat on the ground.

They struggled to get up, but all their muscles were numb from the roar and failed to move. Their single huge eyes were unable to see anything, only darkness.

The Beamons whined pitifully, its tone filled with panic and fear.

Two of the Eight-headed dragon’s heads reached out, each leaning down toward one of the One-eyed Beamons. Its jaws clamped on the Beaons and launched them straight into the air.

A crisp tearing noise came from the Beamons.

The two Beamons were violently torn apart by the eight heads midair. The eight mouths constantly let out terrifying chewing sounds. Bones were crushed by snapping jaws, followed by gulping noises indicating the sound of swallowing.

In just a moment, the two huge one-eyed Beamons were torn apart by the eight-headed dragons as a meal.

Garen touched his belly, his teeth felt sore.

One-eyed Beamon's flesh was so tough that when eight dragons chewed on their bones, he felt a bit of soreness on his own teeth. The Beamon’s bones were harder than other bones.

After the two monsters were swallowed, what’s left was leftover flesh dripping, splashing down like a short burst of bloody rain, splattering heavily on the ground of the cave.

The silhouette of eight-headed dragon slowly disappeared.

The three dots between his eyebrows faded, no longer shining. Just that the color of red was bright, as if was smeared with blood.

Garen walked to the rest of the flesh, these are the parts that the eight-headed dragon refused to eat; either because they doesn’t taste good or was too hard to digest.

To his surprise, Garen found four blood red claws.

Each claw had four fingers, and were actually its finger nails.

Most of the red crystalline nails have been crushed, and only two was fairly intact. Garen bent over to pick it up, slightly shaking off the blood. They looked like two decent crystal machetes at a glance.

Garen tested the Beamon claws by slashing a handkerchief, and then by tapping the black crow ring.

"The main dish is finished, now is time for the other pack monsters, those are some Form 2 monsters, it should be a breeze." Garen’s tied the claws to his waist. He was in a good mood; he had earned 16 potential points and even got some souvenirs. Naturally, his mood would be in high spirits.

Soon, a huge black crow appeared and landed directly in front of Garen.

He somersaulted and landed on the back of the black crow. Its wings flapped loudly, and the black crow launched off the canyon floor, spread its wings and flew away. It soon became a small dot in the sky; gradually fading away.

A few minutes later.

From within the triangular honeycomb stone wall, a petite ugly man walked out of the crevices; his face was pale, he donned a black robe which didn’t stand out.

The man laid down at he cave entrance as he observed Garen from afar, his face looked solemn.

He took out a pale red crystal ball and tapped on it a few times.

"Demetrius, I met the target ahead of time."

The crystal ball was silent for a while, then faint breaths were heard over the crystal ball. "How was it?" A woman’s voice was heard from the derivator.

"Extremely difficult." The petite man answered solemnly, " I originally thought that I could easily settle the opponent with my artifacts, but just as I arrived, I bumped into the target battling two One-Eyed Beamons. So I hid myself to spectate the battle.

"Were you humbled?"

The man forced a laugh. "That was less of a battle but more of a one-sided massacre. We are both very well aware of the strength of the One-Eyed Beamon, yet he killed two of them while sustaining zero damage. The Royal Alliance has not met these creatures, they wouldn’t know their strengths, but we, who are from Obscuro Society have made contact with the Beamons would know how tough they are. Two One-eyed Beamon that berserk were equivalent to a single Spiritualized Totem User."

"And what are you trying to imply?"

"Gather all the Colonels, surround and ambush him!" A hint of ferocity can be seen from his eyes. "I suspect that this is the same man who disguised as Jess and killed Ann-Rue.

On the red canyon, red plains can be seen afar from the edge of the cliff.

On it was some sparsely spread dead black trees, the leafless trees were twisted and bent beyond recognition, and some oddly shaped growth can be seen on its barks.

There were red boulders of various sizes scattered around the plains; from a man’s height, to over ten meters in height. Most of the boulders had a hole in the middle which was indicative of weathering. As the air current passed through the holes; it let out an odd ring.

A giant crow flew past the plain, on top of it was a man donned with black armor, wearing a hood. Few strands of golden blonde hair can be seen from the side of the high collar.

That man was indeed Garen, who just killed two One-Eyed Beamons. He was scouting the vicinity of his mission waypoint, but unfortunately, there were no signs of life around the entire vicinity after that dragon roar

He was circling the plains for half a day; but not a single shadow passed, only messy footprints on the ground, and some skeletal remains that were not finished remained, indicative of some creature hordes nearby.

There was some foul smell emitting from the ground, which smelled like faeces.

Garen deduced that this should be the horde’s excrement, which released the foul smell after being exposed to sunlight.

Bzzzt bzzzt… the black box on his collar let out a crackling noise,

"I’m Old Man, send in your mission reports." The box on Garen’s collar emitted Old Man’s hoarse voice.

"Fox here, I am all cleaned up." A clear female voice was heard from the box.

‘Tch! Kitten was done long ago." Another girl’s voice was heard.

"Kid is not done yet, but I’ll be done soon, there was a sudden horde of creatures, who knows where they came from." Kid’s voice had a hint of breathlessness.

Garen was secretly guilty.

His mission point was really near Kid’s mission point, the horde on Kid’s side was definitely the monsters who got scared by his roar.

"Nineheads all settled." He replied.

"What about Red Umbrella?" Old man asked in confusion.

" Big Bro Red Umbrella?" it was Kitten’s voice.

"... Ughh, apologies, I had a nightmare, that was scary!" Red Umbrella’s voice was heard from the box.

The band of people were speechless; this fellow got the hardest mission, he actually completed it so early, he could take a nap…

"Alright everyone, please gather at the next mission waypoint, no issues right?" Old Man ordered, "those who forgot the route please voice out."

"I forgot!" Kitten said righteously. " Big Bro Red Umbrella, why don’t, I go to the waypoint with you. Going together would allow us to take care of each other…." Her voice got weaker towards the end.

The rest laughed out.

"Okay now, the waypoint is Pumpkin Farm. everybody knows this historical ruinright?" Old Man repeated, "The location is Pumpkin Farm, rendezvous time is in half an hour, everybody be punctual."

"Roger." Kid was the most well-mannered, and answered earnestly.

The rest of them didn’t bother replying, as they directly turned off the box.

Garen ordered the crow to turn around and head towards the direction as he remembered in the map.

The crow increased its elevation, and flew out of the red canyon.

Ahead of him was a sea of forests that seemed boundless.

Green trees, red trees, and some tall black statues that he passed towering in the woods.

All the statues are of the same figure; the torso of a man, the lower body of a lion, with one arm lifted to point forward, its head turned back, as if it was talking to those behind him.

The statues seemed aged, some of it was covered in dense cracks, some of it had more than half its statue was covered with moss and vines.

Garen stood on top of the crow as he gazed below, soon, a large patch of black colored land was seen ahead, much like a patch of shaved hair in the midst of the sea of forests.

On the entire patch of ground, there were large yellowish green pumpkins, spread well away from each other.

Each pumpkin was the size of a basketball field, tens of meters in diameter, it’s yellowish-green shell was covered with many pitch black holes.

Garen rode on the crow, and flew one round a piece of pumpkin, he then realized that the insides of the pumpkin was all hollow; there was nothing inside.

Garen looked closely, he then realized that these aren’t real pumpkins at all, but instead giant boulders which were weathered to this stage. On the surface of the pumpkin was covered in yellowish green moss.

"Hey!!" Garen looked down where a man in black was waving at him.

"Big Bro Nineheads, look over here!" It was Kid’s voice.

Garen looked towards him closely, he only saw Kid holding a giant strawberry. The strawberry was radiantly red, it looked extremely fresh, the part which was grazed by Kid’s clothes was oozing its fresh strawberry juice, flowing down along Kid’s clothes, coloring his clothes red.

This monstrously huge strawberry actually needed both hands to hold onto.

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