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Chapter 373: Gathering 1

Black crows glided in the sky above the vast sea of ​​trees, occasionally flapping its wings .

Garen tightly grabbed onto the protruding feathers that looked like black iron . His entire body rested within the recessed region, his entire body felt warm .

The black crows dissipated warm heat, filling the recessed area with its warmth .

Without knowledge of how much time had passed, they finally flew past the vast expanse of forest beneath, and it faded behind them behind them .

At the end of the stretch of woods was a huge circular basin . The depressed region looked like a hollow basin made of red-colored stone, and at its center was a deep black canyon .

Six black crows flew out from the edge of the forest, across the edge of the basin, and dove straight into the canyon .

Garen was riding one of the black crows diving straight into the dark canyon . On his flanks were steep uneven walls of red rock, with the abyss below pitch black . It was impossible to see anything . Up above was a strip faint white clouds adrift .


The crow’s wings fluttered to the sides canyon, blowing a gust which detached some loose rocks from the wall . A few pieces of red stones fell into the bottom of the unending trench .

Garen bent down, looking at the corners and curves ahead of him, rapidly moving within the canyon cracks .

With such rapid flight and tortuous canyon curves, Garen had the unshakable feeling feeling that he might hit the rock wall at any time .

"I've reached my objective . Commencing operation . " The voice of the red umbrella was heard from the black box .

"Be careful," the old man answered .

"I know . "

One of the black crows separated from the team, and flew towards the left canyon crossing, rushing forward into a huge ancient structure ahead .

The structure was a large red tauren stone statue about half a man’s height, it held up its fists, and seemed to be making a roaring action . Its lower body was embedded directly into the cliff face, and the entire red cliff seemed to have been emptied, leaving an ancient relic site behind .

Garen only took a cursory glimpse as he flew by and he did not have a clear look .

He then moved forward for a bit more .

Soon, foxes and kittens

also split off from the team .

It was finally Garen’s turn, and he remembered the location’s features on the map .

"My mission point is here, I’ll make my move first," he said directly to the box .

"Be aware of the surroundings, reserve some power in case of possible accidents . " The old man said, evident of a kind, aged, personality .

"Good luck, nine-headed brother . " The child flew to Garen’s side, standing on the back of black crow as he raised his fist . "Let me know if you encounter any difficulties, my mission is near yours . "

"Thank you," said Garen . Although he did not know the strength of the rest of the Red team, it was estimated that he would be the least likely to encounter any problems .

The overall strength of Red Team was very strong, any one of them could independently take on multiple form 3 monsters quite easily . That was to say, they had at least a pinnacle form 3 totem, and even the power to spiritualise .

The fact that Garen had the power to spiritualise should have spread to the capital,al and it surely would have have reached the king, but he was still not taken seriously by the red team . He really do not understand why .

However there was no point in thinking about these things . More importantly, this task could be a juicy opportunity to rack up some potential points . Garen planned to first evolve the ninth head of eight-headed dragon, and then focus on upgrading the Secret Techniques to see what would happen .

Banking right into a corner guiding the black crow, Garen suddenly flew into a black-red crossroad .

At the end in the distance, a large triangle-shaped red stone wall was clearly visible . It resembled a huge red beehive, full of holes of all sizes .

From the void came some whistles whimsically blowing constantly . Besides that the surroundings were eerily silent .

Garen rode the black crow and rushed straight towards it . The red beehive came nearer and nearer .

Each hole was more than half a meter in diameter arranged neatly together, forming a huge triangle of hundreds of meters in length and width .

The black crow round the triangular honeycomb stone wall, but did not see any creatures . Not even a single piece of greenery could be seen .

He controlled the black

black crow as it slowly on a flat stone on the rock bumps .


With a wingspan more than ten meters , the black crow flapped twice, its wings creating bursts of wind as it gently landed on the ground .

Garen jumped down from its back, twisting his body slightly in mid-air . A black light glowed from under his feet to buffett the landing and he gently landed on the ground .

"White Dragon, go . . . . . . " Garen remembered that the derivator have been destroyed by himself, because of the fear of Obscuro tracking technology . There was no way to relieve the hidden dangers, after all, hence he chose to destroy it .

He shook his head slightly, tidied up his messy black armor, and wore the hood on his head so he would be hidden in full armor .

The surroundings were spacious, ahead of him was the triangular beehive, and on his left a stone wall, while under his feet on the right was a bottomless abyss .

Garen stomped on the ground .

Bang bang

A very dull sound came forth .

"Very sturdy . " Garen looked up at the huge red triangle in front of him and ordered the black crow to hold position .

He took two steps forward and one step mid-air .


Black light array fleeted .

Garen jumped lightly and flew in midair, shooting his foot out once again in mid-air, turning on the black light array . His entire person stepped on the black light array like ladders and jumped straight toward the triangular stone wall .

After each step, he felt that that his current jumping strength was enough . Garen jumped four times consecutively and he reached the top of the triangular stone wall .

Suddenly diagonally on his right side, a huge red stone ball flew towards Garen .


A stone ball as wide as a man was smashed into smithereens .

The air around Garen twisted for a moment, then returned to normal .


He turned his head and looked down to the right, his body was on the top of a triangular stone wall .

"What is that, to actually dare to attack me?"

He looked down

On the lower right side of the red stone wall, a cave about 7 to 8-meter-high appeared unknowingly . It was so dark one cannot see the bottom .

Standing by the cave entrance was a silver-colored

a silver-colored hairy monster .

The monster looked like a gruesome human with both feet standing, long arms with long red claws, much like a human arm holding a huge stone ball .

Its head actually had only a huge red eye, his mouth full of fine rows of white teeth .

"It seems like this is my objective . " Garen did not panic, "One Eyed Beamon . "

He recalled the information he had .

This creature was named the One Eyed Beamon, it had extremely sharp claws, incredible strength, and agile movements . It could excavate a tunnel of dozens of meters in half a minute .

Its abilities were unknown, as no one actually had contact with it before . With the secret service cleaning up the area, it was a requirement to collect first-hand information in order to reduce possible future damage .


One-eyed Beamon roared, the stone ball is its hand was sent flying toward Garen once again .

Garen made no action, instead quietly standing still . He stared at the stone ball hurling towards him .


Once again, the stone ball exploded, at the same time, a trace of twisting in the air that felt like teeth snapping thin air .

"Good strength . " Garen felt that this time the strength of the stone ball had actually doubled, the dragon was numb from the hurled ball .

Fragments exploded, but also left a little debris that did not spread . within Garen’s vision, three more stone balls were hurled, all tumbling in the same direction .

He snickered, jumped, and easily escaped the stone ball attack . A flash of light flashed at his feet, pushing him toward the lower right of the cave .

His black clothes made some rustling sound in the air . Garen drew a black line, then rushed straight toward one-eyed Beamon .


Suddenly another three stone balls from his rear appeared, crashing onto Garen’s back . It rained down like shells of bullets .

Gallon was unable to react midair, hence he got hit severely by the first ball .


A large hold appeared on the stone wall behind Garen again . By the entrance came another One-eyed Beamon .

Heart was now fighting two One-eyed Beamons!

The One-eyed Beamon opened its hand . Its palm gathered a large number of stones around it, as if there were an invisible force gathering the debris, condensing them into a rock .

As it hurled one, he immediately one, he immediately formed another . Its action speed is very high .

In just three seconds, it threw six boulders .

Huge boulders instantly formed with a bang, and then were hurled out .

Two one-eyed Beamon hurled a bunch of boulders midair in quick succession, then only they stop to take a look .

As the boulders was crushed to smithereens, the debris fell down almost hit a wasp’s nest on the right side of the stone wall . Its destructive power was staggering .

Red ash filled the air .

"Hurled a bunch of boulders after I got up, so ruthless . " Garen’s figure was revealed from the red debris .

His entire body was covered with dim black totem’s light . He was completely unharmed, instead he only fluttered towards the stone wall to the right side .

The One-eyed Beamon on the left roared, and it once again hurled boulders with force . The right Beamon remained silent, turn around into the cave and disappeared .

Its proficiency in action was surprisingly quick .

Garon jumped and landed in front of the cave entrance on the right with a thump, a twirling transparent vortex behind him kept blocking the boulders hurled from behind . Each throw produces da strong impact, shaking the mountain wall with each impact .

"Crafty little guy . " Garen looked back and met its eye, and the opponent was merrily hurling away . . Stone balls was hurled one after another, as if it is endless .

"One-eyed Beamon, ability one: boulder hurling, the power exceeds form 3 totems, close to spiritualization, deals large area of effect damage . " Garen took out a small book and carefully recorded ability .

After the boulders rained on him for a while, it seemed to realise that this did not pose a threat to Garen, and it finally stopped its throws .

The One-eyed Beamon looked up and roared, and its eye suddenly turn red . Its body expanded, and seemingly much stronger now, and a faint pale red aura covered its silver fur .

It stomped its legs fiercely, and with a bang, leapt forward like a monkey jumping towards Garen . A pair of sharp red claws shimmering faintly, fiercely clawing for its target .

In a single jump, it actually covered more than 20 meters across the canyon . Fluttering across the cliff, its tall body with revealed the location of the silhouette’s bombardment towards Garen .

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