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This old man had a red crow perched in his shoulder, its eyes like black jewels staring at Garen darkly.

Garen felt this power curiously, raised his head and smiled at the old man.


Another set of invisible jaws snapped towards him.

The grey-bearded old man jumped back nimbly, a hint of sardonicism on his face. "Traceless and soundless, this ability is indeed impressive, but you shouldn’t have revealed him beforehand." He glanced at the surge of Royal Knights behind Garen, and waved.

"Step down, all of you, don’t disturb my deceleration force field. I’ll settle things here…"


Before he finished speaking, another pair of huge jaws bit down on him.

The old man’s expression changed, and he shook out a Tactic Chain, activating a red light on it but couldn’t wait for the red light to take effect.

There was a snapping at his waist, and he broke into two. His top half disappeared in an instant, together with the red crow, bitten off and swallowed by the invisible jaws.


His lower half fell to the ground, blood and guts spilling onto the floor.

Garen moved his body.

"Deceleration force field, how useful. Even a body as powerful as mine can be affected by it."

He continued to walk upwards. He looked slow, but his speed was unnaturally fast.

"Protect Her Highness the Princess!!"

"Protect Her Highness with your life!"

The Royal Knights behind him pounced one by one, activating all sorts of abilities. Some used the same deceleration, some lit fires on their bodies, others increased their speed, or enlarged certain parts of their body and so on, but all their totem power was not enough to affect Garen’s steps.

The Totem Light around him forcefully kept all the ability attacks outside. Several shapeless jaws bit the Royal Knights chasing after him straight into two.

He didn’t like to eat the whole thing. Although the Salamander had this ability, once it ate the whole person, that meant it was eating humans as food, and not just killing. That wasn’t the feeling he wanted.

And people tended to have a lot of filth in their lower bodies, so Garen purposely avoided this part.


Suddenly, there was a piercing siren in the air above the capital outside.

It was the piercing siren that only rang when there was an urgent attack from outside.

Garen dashed to the top of the tower in a few steps. There was nobody at all at the exit to the top of the tower, nothing at all.

Garen stood at the entrance to the stairs, took one look around him, and suddenly smiled slightly.

Huge unseen jaws instantly chomped forward.


The scenery around him rippled like water.

The Third Princess, Ann-Rue, hurriedly walked onto the back of the huge green bird.

Behind her, the top of the tower was being wrapped up in a blood-colored ball of flesh. The flesh ball wriggled constantly, a wrinkled old woman floating beside it


A strange biting and chewing sound came from inside the flesh ball.

With the flinch of each bite, the old woman’s face grew paler, her originally rosy face growing whiter and whiter.

"Go!! Your Highness!" she yelled loudly and sternly. "I can’t hold on much longer!"

"Grandma Lina!" Ann-Rue turned around to look at the old woman, the struggle evident on her face.


Ann-Rue clenched her teeth, and stepped on the large green bird under her feet.

The giant bird immediately spread its wings and flew off into the distance.

She turned around to look deeply at the flesh ball, as though looking through the flesh ball and seeing Garen inside.

"I’ll get you back for this!! Garen Trejons!" She clenched and gritted her teeth, her eyes filled with hatred. "Just you wait, you’ll be hunted down from both sides!! Everyone related to you, I’ll make sure to properly pass on your good deeds to them…"

"Unfortunately, you won’t have the chance to anymore." Suddenly, there was a casual voice by her ear.

Ann-Rue’s expression changed, and she jumped off the green bird without thinking.

Just as she leaped off the bird’s back.

The giant flesh ball on the top of the tower exploded instantly, and an invisible mouth flew out, biting down on the green bird in midair mercilessly.

The green bird emitted green electricity, fighting against the large jaws. It threw its head back and screeched sharply.

A large amount of green electricity covered the surface of the mouth, and finally revealed its features.

The large mouth was a huge, salamander-like head, but it was only a part of the top.

The giant salamander head had a long snake-like neck, stretching backwards into an unknown space, as though it was a powerful creature from another space, poking out from goodness knows where.

Just from the proportions of this salamander head alone, the length of this creature’s body would be a terrifying twenty meters or more. Otherwise, there was no way it could reach out to bite the green bird that had already flown out more than ten meters.


Suddenly there was a bolt of purple lightning from below, piercing right at the eye-catching huge salamander head.

The purple lightning was like a long spear, shooting out mercilessly, piercing accurately through the salamander head’s chin, and then emerging from the top of its skull.


The Salamander screamed, and let go.

But by then, the back half of the green bird had already become a mess of blood and flesh, and it fell down from the sky heavily with a wail. With a whoosh, it became a stroke of silver light, flying back into Ann-Rue’s ring.

The long spear of purple lightning was shot with all the strength of Wade, Ann-Rue’s personal bodyguard. There was a pair of whisker-like purple wings sprouting out of his back, twisting rhythmically towards both sides, like two spreads of dense tree roots.

"Let’s see how you attack now!!" Wade looked up at the top of the tower, his expression cold and determined. This lightning spear was the result of his gathering all the power in his body, the strongest power he could muster.

As soon as the spear was shot out, even a Spiritualized Totem wouldn’t be able to take it. Once it hit the totem’s vital spots, the only end result would be utter disintegration.

This was the main reason he could become the Third Princess’ personal bodyguard, a defensive knight.

That was his Thunder God Spear, that had killed more battle-loving elite warriors than he could count on the battlefields of the past.

The Salamander did indeed grow quiet, and did not appear anymore.

"Is he dead?" Wade glanced around the top of the tower warily, but did not see anything suspicious.

"Leave that place!!" The Third Princess, Ann-Rue’s voice came from far behind him.

Wade was slightly confused, but still obeyed and retreated rapidly.


A huge pulling force appeared in the air in front of him, as though he was being swallowed by something in one gulp.

Wade’s expression changed.


He heard the Third Princess’ desperate yell, and then, there was no longer an ‘and then’. His vision went black, and he instantly sank into the endless darkness.

Garen’s body slowly landed where Wade was standing, and another large mouth swallowed Wade utterly.

"Tsk-tsk, what power, that one hit took out one of my heads, you know." Garen’s expression was appreciative. Unfortunately, the Eight Headed Dragon had extraordinary regenerative powers, and the destroyed dragon head quickly regrew. Those guards it had swallowed just now made the best nutrients.

Unless you destroyed all of the Eight Headed Dragons’ heads at once, there was no way to destroy the Eight Headed Dragon.

The ability to swallow unseen, terrifyingly formidable power, impressive elemental resistance, and Life Tear, the ridiculous ability that will boost its own life force.

This beast, evolved to the max, was practically the strongest war machine!

He looked at Ann-Rue, her face deathly pale in the distance. This Third Princess was currently backing up non-stop, looking panicked and terrified. She had immense power, but right now she was basically a little girl. She had a powerful totem but didn’t know how to use it, neither did she have the courage to fight. This was the condition of the current royal family, they had the power to fight, but didn’t have the corresponding guts and valor.

"How pathetic." Garen shook his head slightly. "Aren’t you an Elemental General? Where’s your totem? These subordinates dying to protect you are actually all a lot weaker than you. But they all have the courage to face a powerful opponent without backing down, what about you?"

Ann-Rue bit her lip. It was true, she barely ever left the capital, and the few times she had fought, she had always been protected by everyone else. Her battle experience was unbelievably bad.

She looked at the mess around her. Her power had more or less died out, her subordinates’ broken limbs were strewn everywhere, and it had taken barely a minute to create such a tragedy. The other person’s strength and cruelty were unbelievable.

"How boring." Garen was suddenly disinterested. "I thought it would be a fun battle." Looking at the terrified Princess Ann-Rue. He waved one hand.

A large mouth bit Ann-Rue mercilessly, picking her up.


Ann-Rue screamed, and her eyes rolled back into her head. She had actually fainted from fright.

Garen glanced at the many shadows flying towards him rapidly in the distant sky. It was the capital’s reserve team of elite fighters, rapidly gathering.

"Less than a minute’s time, their reflexes are not bad."

With a whoosh of wind, he and Ann-Rue disappeared from the spot at the same time. All that could be seen was a shadow faintly ducking into a small street, and vanishing from sight. It was as fast as a phantom.

An Elemental General had high value in terms of intelligence. There was always that Lala to be found, so it was too early to kill her now.

Garen acted quickly this time, wearing his hood the whole time. Those who had seen him were all permanently silenced. The whole mission had taken less than two minutes. Even Garen himself was especially satisfied with how fast and how absolute it had been.

This mission had also, in a way, tested his current abilities.

During the mission, he had encountered Form Three totem users. There was that first grey-bearded old man, who was eaten instantly. And then there was that old lady, she seemed to be connected to her core totem somehow. When the illusory flesh ball was punctured, that old hag was also torn to pieces.

As for that last one, Wade, his electric spear was indeed impressive, to think it could take down one of the Eight Headed Dragon’s heads. Just as a Spiritualized totem user, it was something for him to be proud of.

This had also exceeded Garen’s expectations. He didn’t think that one Third Princess would have such powerful protective knights. Although the royal family was corrupt, looks like it still had decent power.

Moving quickly through the streets, Garen moved at high speed, quietly and unseen, even the smell of his body gathered completely.

This time, he didn’t want to be prematurely exposed, he hadn’t wanted to solve this matter so impulsively either, but since he’d done it, he needed to consider all the possible results.

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