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The information at the Archives had been moved to the Royal Secret Department. Garen, who just came out from the Wells Castle, was slightly disappointed to find out that the Secret Department’s wasn’t here, but on the other side of the Kingdom, which required a journey of half an hour.

He called a carriage and went back to his residence.

After ten minutes or so, he arrived the Blue Bay Manor.

As Garen was about to get down from the carriage, he saw two tall men with red shawls standing in front of his manor, and seemed to be inquiring Lala about something.

He squinted his eyes.

"Keep moving forward." He ordered the driver.

The driver looked at Garen skeptically and moved forward without asking further.

Garen acted as if he were passing by as he looked at the two of them through the window. As they left with the carriages and disappeared on the lane, he then ordered the driver to turn around and go back to his manor.

After getting down of the carriage and paying the driver, Garen walked towards Lala, who was standing in front of the entrance.

"Who are those two?"

"They claimed to be the guards of the princess and came to find you for something." Lala whispered. Her face was filled with suspicion. "They said that they want you to contact them immediately once you have returned."

Garen’s heart sank.

"I understand. You go do your stuff."

"Yes." Although Lala didn’t understand, she could see that Garen was unhappy and immediately turned away.

Garen walked into his own manor and passed through the guest room down to the open air garden in the middle and straight into the main living hall.

Without any hesitation, he walked into his own bedroom and pulled out a black box at a corner of a wall and opened the box with the key on his body.

Flopped, the black metal lock and box was opened, revealing the items inside.

Among the black ribbons laid a faintly glowing red Crystal Derivator.

A sentence was shown on its surface: You have five communication request, do you want to answer?

Garen took out the Crystal Derivator and let it floated on his hand.

He opened the communication request and they were the request of two upper class Generals and three middle class General. What a luxurious line up.

He clicked on an unknown name of an upper class General and answered the communication request.

The inner structure of the Crystal Derivator glew red and formed a vortex.

"Jess? Since when did you change your name? Garen? Isn’t this name…" A charming female voice came out from the Crystal Derivator. "Whatever, let’s not talk about this. Demetrius didn’t manage to get in touch with you. Is your Derivator broken? DIdn’t we just visit the Black Sky to fix it last time? You have been saying you have issues with your Derivator since last time."

Garen hesitated for a moment before purposefully simmering his voice coarsely.

"Are you Ann-Rue?" It was the name stated for the upper class General.

The opposing party was silent for a moment.

"That’s not it! You’re not Jess! Jess would never talk to me like that! Damn it! Who are you?!!" Ann-Rue went full rage as her voice were cold and rapid.

"I am jess, it’s just that my throat…"

"Don’t bother. Who are you? How dare you disguise yourself as upper class General Jess and infiltrate the Obscuro Society’s military. How did you find out about the secret code?" Ann-Rue’s tone was no longer charming and lazy, but cold and cruel instead.

"Whatever. There’s no point in asking this. Let me look at your empowered totem… Hmm… One humanoid and three spiritualized…. Three spiritualized Totems?!! Not bad eh kid." Ann-Rue’s tone became gentle all of the sudden.

"To be able to nurture three Spiritualized totems. This should be your main strength eh. Hehe, Garen… This name Garen, don’t tell me you’re the young Viscount from the Trejons Household?"

Garen was shocked at how sharp and quick witted the opponent was.

"Since you already know, what do you plan to do?"

Ann-Rue started laughing.

"Do you know that, the moment I report this to the higher ups, all your totems will be confiscated? Three of your spirtualized totem creatures that you nurtured so hard will become the property of others? And you yourself would be killed by them."

"What are you scheming?" Garen didn’t change his expression and reverted back to his original voice.

The opponent was quiet for a moment before she started to laugh again. "Since the Derivator is in your hands, it’s safe to assume that Jess is no longer alive. I really have no idea how you nurtured them, even I have only two spiritualized totem. Hmm… It’s rare to stumble upon a great thug. What should I do with you?"

"How about this, since I have an important task to do, I want you to be at the Vivian Garden located at the northern side of the Kingdom within 10 minutes. I will be waiting for you on a long chair by the roadside."

Garen put away the crystal ball and went out of the door without saying another word. He then rode his Aberrated horse, reserved for emergencies, and rushed towards the Kingdom.

It took Garen 9 minutes to reached Vivian Garden located in the northern side of town.

The garden was in complete silence, and so were his surroundings. Most of the trees inside had wilted, and there were only a few white jade sculptures in the middle. The circular garden wasn’t huge, and there was circular road with a row of long chairs beside them.

Garen took a turn and didn’t see anyone there.

"I have arrived, where are you?" He walked towards a corner where no one was present and took out the crystal as he asked.

"There’s a change of plans, you need to be at the Bernoulli Stone Bridge of the west in three minutes. Someone will naturally tell you what to do there." Ann-Rue answered lazily.

Garen squinted his eyes. "Are you messing with me? Bernoulli Stone Bridge is five kilometers away from here. The Kingdom doesn’t allow the use of a totem how do you expect me to reach there in time?!"

"It’s up to you if you want to go or not. Remember, you only have three minutes. If you’re late I will report you. If that happens, your empowered totem, including the girl you empowered would be gone. It’s your choice." Ann-Rue laughed coldly.

Without any hesitation, garen jumped onto his horse and rushed towards the west. Luckily, there weren’t many carriages on the street.

As he arrived at the Bernoulli Stone Bridge, he could only see a few homeless men sleeping by the bridge, no suspicious looking person was present.

Garen went to both ends of the bridge and didn’t see anyone.

"Alright, consider yourself passed. Next up.. Hmm… Let me think. Do you see that beggar who is sleeping underneath the sculpture on your left? Go hug her and tell her that you’re her long lost relative and you want to bring her home. Make sure you’re expressive okay~~" Ann-Rue yawned as she said so.

"Are you fucking around with me?!" Garen’s expression worsen as he looked at the beggar. Ignoring the ulcers covering her body, she reeked with foul odor, her hair was messy and saliva was dripping out from her mouth. Anyone would know that she was a mentally retarded idiot.

"I’m fucking around, did you only realize that?" Ann-Rue started laughing. "It should be time now, where the little girl in your manor had been captured by my men. Imagine your little empowered female servant was discovered by the Royal Alliance. Hehe, I wonder what will happen… The Royal Alliance will definitely see you as a traitor. What should you do~~ Oh so troublesome~~~"

"However, as long as you listen to me, I will not reveal your secret~~ As long as you’re obedient. Alright now follow what I just…"

"I found you." Garen suddenly smirked as he licked his lips.


The Crystal Derivator instantly broke and became a pile of red dusts and Ann-Rue’s voice stopped coming out.

Garen put away his right hand as he rode his horse with his sight set at a certain direction on the left of the stone bridge.


He immediately disappeared.

Far away from the Bernoulli Stone Bridge, there was a tower in construction just beside the river which protected the city.

A woman in black skirt placed down the crystal ball in fear. She sensed that a horrifying threat was approaching her. This sensation was unique only to the Royal Household.

Her delicate face was filled with anxiety.


"Yes Princess, do you have any orders?" A humongous yellow-copper colored man in armor kneel down and asked respectfully.

"We will change our holding area immediately. It’s no longer safe here. I keep having this sense of foreboding." The woman in black skirt held her chest as her face went pale.

It was as if the man’s voice in the crystal derivator was still ringing by her ears.

"Find me? What can you do if you find me? I have the Royal Knights protecting me. What can you, a totem user who had placed all your empowered totem outside of this area, do to me?!"

The black skirted woman started to feel calm as she comforted herself.

"Let’s go! Let’s leave this place." She stood up, took her purse and rushed down the spiral staircase. Without realizing it, she looked down from the tower.

She was instantly horrified.

A tall man in black shirt was grinning at him at the bottom of the tower. His white teeth gave off a sinister vibe. It was the ‘Jess’ that she saw at the Bernoulli Stone Bridge.

"Move! Quick!!" The black skirted girl started to panic and shouted loudly. She started to feel fear that she hadn’t known existed.

As the Royal member of the Kovitan Empire, they had a unique ability that was envied by everyone. It was the ability that to alert them to impending dangers.

This was the Kovitan Royal household’s predictive ability, or a gifted talent which was a special ability.

Every Royal member had different degrees to which they knew danger was coming, and this woman had lost her cool due to this.

"This is Royal territory, no entry allowed!" Two heavily armored guards crossed their spears to block Garen’s path.

The two of them stood at the entrance of the tower and stared fiercely at Garen.

"Didn’t your princess invite me here?" Garen could hear their conversation clearly at the bottom of the tower.

"What uninteresting subordinates, what do you need them for?" He smiled gently.


The upper body of the guards instantly disappeared. It was as if they were bitten off by something invisible. The lower body stood still. Blood hadn’t even had the chance to move. The fresh blood from the remaining corpses slowly flowed down to the ground.

With a smile on his face, Garen walked into the white tower.

The corpses behind him fell onto the ground.

The passers by started shouting one after another as they saw the scene.

"Protect Her Highness!!!" A group of heavily armored guards started to gather.

A series of powerful totem powers appeared behind Garen. It was the totem powers of many form two totem users rushing into the tower. Their bodies were filled with many colors of totem light.

The narrow staircase in the tower couldn’t fit totem creatures with huge bodies, so the ones who entered were small totems with special abilities.

As Garen stepped onto the first layer of the staircase, he could feel that his speed had been slowed down. It was as if an invisible force field was affecting him and slowing his speed as a result.

"Delayed Superimposition!"

An old man with a grey beard walked down from above and stared coldly at Garen.

"How dare you kill the Royal Knight’s guard and disrupt the third princess’s rest. You should be punished with death!"

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