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"Fuu ..."

"Fuu ....."

Aquarius gasped for air as she unleashed four successive lightning movement tactics. They were pre-stored in the tactics chain of her ability, and used for escaping directly.

She was completely alone now, without any subordinates. She wasn’t very concerned with that at the moment though.

Just as her body halted, several Red Eyed Giant Wolves reappeared in the woods in front of her. Each of these giant wolves were about a man’s height and their bodies were covered in festering wounds; on a normal Giant Wolf, it would have been on the verge of keeling over.

"Damn it! They’re Vanderman's Rotten Giant Wolves!!" She paled as she sensed countless wolves around her, "The Green Vine Sphere! This is definitely the Green Vine Sphere! Only the Green Vine Sphere can control these experimental bodies scattered outside!"

She took two steps back, feeling a familiar howling again in the back, which was the roar of Rotten Giant Wolves.

The number of these wolves was overwhelming; this was obviously planned.

"I've got everything out! Don’t be so aggressive!" Aquarius called out.

Suddenly she spun to her left, and flung herself to the ground.

Krakk ! !

A huge hole was ripped out from the ground, and a large bite mark remained where she’d been standing. The beast had ferociously bitten a large patch of ground and quickly retreated, leaving behind a crater two meters wide.

Aquarius’ heart pounded wildly as she vigilantly observed her surroundings. Her subordinates has been left far behind when she’d used a few lightning movements.

She ground her teeth.

"As long as you help me delay that man, I will help settle everything else on your end... please last a little longer ..."

As she stood up, she was unusually embarrassed.

Her dress was streaked with soil, and soil was also streaked in her hair.

She thought for a moment, while she lightly dusted dirt off the back of her dress.

A silver light streaked out and landed in front of her, shapeshifting into a dark green Python. On each side of the python’s head was a pair of white feathered wings, which was rather strange.

"Get rid of the guy in the ground!" She mentally ordered.

The giant python immediately drilled downwards, disappearing into the ground.


A Rotten Giant Wolf leapt towards Aquarius unexpectedly, bringing a foul stench as it attempted to bite at Aquarius’ neck.

At the same time, another Rotten Giant Wolf rushed over from behind; more than ten Wolves were rushing forward at the same time from the surrounding dense forest.

Roar! ! !

A frenzied roar bellowed from Aquarius’ location. At the same time a wave of yellow energy blasted forth.

More than ten Rotten Giant Wolves were blown back by the shockwave and tumbled to the ground, where after struggling several times, they soon melted into puddles of pus.

Once again, a dozen Rotten Giant Wolves rushed at her from the forest.

Just as Aquarius thought to move, she’d been cornered by the giant wolves.

Garen leisurely strolled out of the woods, watching the rotten giant wolves surround Aquarius.

The Green Vine Sphere could control up to more than two hundred Rotten Giant Wolves; these experimental bodies were merely ordinary wolves covered in spores. Their power could only be considered a Type 1 totem beast, which wasn’t very strong. They were disposable though, which improved their feasibility.

Noticing that Aquarius had been completely surrounded by the Giant Wolves, the underground Dual-Headed Salamander was blocked by the winged python released by Aquarius, and both were tangled together. Garen was surprised.

"What about your derivator? Or your other totems? Why did you not bring them out?" He clapped his hands, a signal for the large pack of wolves to disband and disperse.

At the center, Aquarius looked dishevelled. The escape techniques stored in the tactic chains within her cuffs had all been used up. she glared at Garen.

"It’s impossible for you to be Acacia! Who are you, and why do you hold so much animosity against me?"

Garen chuckled.

"Did we not meet once long ago? I was Cia, how could you forget all of that? Cia, who wrote those love poems dedicated to you."

The Green Vine Sphere was able to control more than two hundred Rotten Giant Wolves, which Garen intended to be used as a general measure. The Dual-Headed Salamander had actually been suppressed by a strange python, which astonished Garen.

That strange python was obviously the opponent’s only Form 3 totem.

At this moment, Aquarius was in despair. All her Type 2 totems had just got through a war and were pretty much exhausted, leaving only her strongest green python, and her only Form 3 double-winged python, coupled with a tactics chains. These were all the means left to her, but in front of this man, it barely made a difference.

Her Form 3 double-winged python was currently being suppressed, and there were still several dangerous presences lurking close by, she could feel it.

Aquarius had had a keen sense of danger since an early age. This sense of danger had saved her too many times, so when she saw that dark robed man, she knew that her opponent had laid down a huge ambush and so she decisively abandoned her subordinates. She escaped alone using four consecutive lightning movements, which consumed almost all of her totems’ power. Even after fleeing hundreds of kilometers away, she still couldn’t shake this man off.

She faintly felt that this was her first time meeting this man.

The scenario ahead of her felt exactly the same as before; a scary opponent whom she could not escape from no matter how hard she tried. The same tall man was toying with her with an amused gaze.

"Keabo!! You are Keabo!!" She suddenly shouted loudly. "You dare attack me! My father will not forgive this! Never!"

Garen was stunned, as he did not expect that she would make such outlandish exclamations.

"Who is Keabo?" Before he even managed to open his mouth to ask the question, Aquarius had turned and fled, through the crevices in the trees towards the lake.

He raised his hand.


A Deep Swamp Croc suddenly leapt out and tackled Aquarius. She tumbled to the ground and rolled over.

The woman panted for a while before attempting to stand up. The layer of green totem light around hers was splattered with viscous black mud. As though it had been on glass instead, the mud slowly slid off back onto the ground.

"What are you trying to do ?!" She stood still as she glowered at Garen.

Garen slowly walked towards her.

"I have to thank you for the supplies that you brought me. You’re from the elite department at Vandermann Manor aren’t you?"

"So what? You’re dead meat once they find out about this!" Aquarius spat hatefully, her voice faltering. "This time, the elite department is led by an actual Lieutenant General again and he has a strong backing. You still have time to retreat, and I will explain to the superiors that this was a misunderstanding."

"Retreat?" Garen could not help but chuckle. "Aquarius, I thought you were an intelligent woman, I didn’t expect that at such a crucial moment, you actually became so witless."

He suddenly spun about and delivered a side kick.


His right leg blurred into a gray shadow and jabbed at Aquarius’ waist.

Aquarius tumbled like a gourd as she rolled on the ground a dozen times and crashed into a big tree. A large slab of bark fell from the impact of her collision. Leaves drifted from the tree’s branches like rain.

Aquarius had been protected by her Totem’s Light hence she wasn’t severely injured, and quickly stood back up.

Her hair was slovenly and her eyes were locked on the ground while she paid attention to Garen, in fear that he’d pull out tricks once more.

"Trying to summon your Form 3 totem?" Garen smiled. "Unfortunately ... my little baby is keeping it busy. It should be a while before a winner can be decided. "

"What the hell do you want?!" Aquarius withdrew and backed herself to the tree’s trunk. "My father is a Brigadier General in the Obscuro Society, he can give you money! He can give you anything you want! As long as you take me hostage, you can do a direct exchange!"

"That's not what I need, I only want you." Garen shook his head. Unexpectedly, he heard a woman's muffled shriek from the right.

He looked around, he unexpectedly saw another Aquarius being tackled by the Deep Swamp Croc.

Meanwhile, the Aquarius standing in front of the trunk gradually vanished.

"Oh? An illusion?" Garen had a stern face. "You sure have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. One simple lieutenant colonel almost fooled me."

His eyes opened wide, his iris suddenly glowed red and a circle of bloody symbols in his eyes flashed.

Aquarius shuddered under Garen’s glower. Her totem light suddenly dimmed and her defensive capabilities decreased sharply, by more than half.

Aquarius’ face paled. She spun about and bolted as fast as she could, similar to a frightened hare, into the bushes behind her.

Yet Garen was faster; his figure blurred into a gray shadow and he blocked her path with ease. He then stretched out his left hand and brushed gently against Aquarius’ forehead.

His palm and her Totem’s Light touched lightly.


The totem’s light suddenly shattered like glass into black and green fragments as it dissipated into thin air.

The weak rays weakened Aquarius’ Totem’s Light even further. As Garen was carrying the Green Vine Sphere, all his attacks carried the Totem’s Light properties. Soon, Aquarius’ Totem’s Light was completely shattered.

Bang bang! ! Aquarius was violently flung and her body bounced off the ground several times before crashing into a large green boulder. Her battered body tumbled aside.

She lay on the ground covered in moss and grass, her face swollen. As she was unable to stand back up, the impact must injured some part of her back.

"Don’t ... Please don’t kill me ... I don’t want to die!!" Aquarius futilely attempted to get up several times, and a suppressed sob was leaking into her voice. "Don’t ... Don’t kill me .... My father is a brigadier!"

Garen stopped in front of her, and he gazed at the sniffling and sobbing woman. She had completely lost all semblance to her previous bewitching appearance, and was now a mere human.

"For the person who led the elite department and led to Vanderman’s death in his own manor, it’s much too late to be speaking of this." He said lightly.

Aquarius, who wanted to push up her body, was still unable to lift herself.

"Don’t kill me, I can do a lot of favours for you ... A ton of them!!" She wailed and shrunk backwards, trying to maintain her distance from Garen.

As Garen looked upwards and gazed at the gray sky, he suddenly felt some inexplicable emotions.

"Didn’t you like me? I can be your lover! or your slave! Don’t kill me, don’t ..." Aquarius incoherently spoke.

Garen stood in front of her, quietly observing.


Aquarius suddenly coughed up blood, her chest had been dyed red in an instant. Her face carried an blank look, as though she had no clue what had happened. She raised her hand and stared at the blood coating it.


Yet another spurt of blood.

"No!! I don’t want to die!!"

She wailed loudly.

Jii! Jii! Jii !!

Soon, wounds appeared all over Aquarius, and blood streamed out as though it was from a morbid fountain.

"Mum ... Dad .... Uwaa .. where are you?" Aquarius cried aloud, she began to grope about with her hand aimlessly, her pretty almond eyes had almost completely dissolved, and she could not see anything; both her eyes had turned black.

"Mum ... Waa ..."

Garen stood silently in front of her as he watched her blood-streaked body. She was still searching with her hands on the ground, sobbing.

"The deepest feelings surface only in their most desperate moments." He tightened his dark robe and turned away.

Bam! ! !

A blast rang from behind him. Aquarius’ body exploded into a bloody mist, and her blood splattered the surrounding trees and grass, dying the vicinity red.

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