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"But Lieutenant Colonel! The two sets of tactical array were the trump cards your father prepared for you, just sending them in vain, what if ..." Green shade whispered.

"If you want to go big, you must first have a have the resolve and generosity!" Said Aquarius, narrowing her eyes. "When a general unexpectedly lacks resources, it is time for us to show our loyalty. These little things; it would have amounted to nothing at another place and time to him, there would have been many other people who wanted to send them over, I believe he would not even bat an eye, but now, it is different! We must seize this opportunity!

"Lieutenant-Colonel is wise! I think so too. For a general to actually require resources in Lush Forest district to be mobilized, it is certainly a special occasion, this is precisely the time to show our loyalty." An elderly totem user stood up and agreed with Aquarius’ plans.

"Not bad. So not only do we have to send resources, but we also have to send enough good resources!" Said Aquarius firmly.

Garen looked at the crystal ball’s words as he ended the communication, his mood was exceptionally comfy.

Of the three communications requests, one of them was actually Aquarius.

He almost forgot that Aquarius was one of the heads here.

In addition to Aquarius, the other two communications, one was sent by the General from the elite division. He did not connect to it.

The last one came from one of the two generals he had contacted previously: Demetrius.

Garen thought for a moment, and casually opened the link.

The snapping sound lasted for a long time, and finally, after more than 10 seconds, the crystal ball a burst of coughing sounds came from the derivator.

"This is Demetrius, Jess, why did you only contact me now?"

"My crystal ball had some issues previously, is there anything?" Garen replied with a low tone.

"There is something, you are on your way to Kovitan, right? There were three generals there who are now missing, and now there is no leader in the whole branch. The commander wishes that you take over the branch for now." Demetrius said simply.

"Promote me? Are you kidding? The three generals are gone, do you think I can resist the forces behind those incidents?" Garen’s voice suddenly cooled down.

"The above is still satisfied with your performance in Iron Tank City, but with the death of a Grand Duke of White Dragonhawk, and also the emergence of King of the Skies, the commander is also furious." Demetrius explained. "What the commander meant is, for the time being, only for the time being, you can manage the Kovitan side temporarily, and not to clash with the King of Kovitan. As for the rest, you just need to wait quietly. The situation will change quickly. "

"Oh, a turn in tides?" Garen’s heart moved. "The king of Kovitan is a king of great caliber, strong and experienced, top notch strategies and decision-making, The turn in tides, you said ...?"

"Have the people in elite divisions reached you? The plan for this is their responsibility,I am not very clear myself. You can ask the elite division about the situation."

Demetrius pushed the responsibilities, "Try to exercise some restraint, avoid any conflicts. This is the wish of the commander. "

"Who's the supreme leader over there?" Jaron asked directly.

"Delouse, Delouse Jacques." Demetrius solemnly said the name.

Garen was finally startled. "The Kovitan Princess! She was also one of us!?"

"The plan was laid out many years ago, and the secret is only accessible for the general level, and you'd better keep it a little tight, though it's not far from success," Demetrius told.

"I know."

"By the way, are you sure you have no issues with the derivator? The people of the Obscuro are also in Kovitan. Do you want them to fix it for you?"

"Nothing, just a little issue."

"That's good."


The contact was disconnected.

Garen sat on the back of the dragon, blowing cold air in the sky, but his heart fell cold.

Princess Delouse, King of Kovitan’s favorite princess, one would not even think she is of the Obscuro society, let alone the elite division’s leader.

"Iron Tank City, Kovitan, Ender , East Continent .... A really big chess set..." He squinted slightly.

As for Vanderman's technology, Demetrius did not mention that at this level, the most it could do was to raise base power. It did not affect the upper management at all.

When the core totem reaches the third form, the core and the totem user can merge for a short time, doubling their power and doubling their defense. All of the secondary totems do not have this ability.

While this technique is good for improving the underlying totem, it does not make a big difference at a high level. So, be it Obscuro Society or Terraflor Society, they were not very concerned about the Green Vine Sphere.

Mortals will remain a mortal, even with the properties of the totem’s light, in face of all kinds of advanced totems, it still didn’t possess much fighting power.

Originally, he was out, ready to kill Aquarius, but now he had temporarily suspended the idea. He intended to use General Jess' identity to loot all the silly Rose’s treasures, and then kill her. Was not a better choice?

Petrifying White Dragon’s wings soared forward, and soon it landed on the edge of the Swan Lake, on the forests which were broken and knocked down.

Laying on the ground was a few lavishly dressed aristocratic totem users. These people were the noblemen students who had previously escaped from the manor. They actually want to threaten Garen and Vanderman.

"Reckless bunch." Garen kicked a body of a noble and flipped it over.

The body’s neck was completely severed with a line of blood, with minimal effort, the head and body would separate, the head would roll to the other side.

The Petrifying White Dragon dual headed salamander respectfully laid beside Garen; there are several Deep Swamp Crocs around the edge.

After the brawl with Beckstone at the manor, the number of Deep Swamp Croc plummeted, leaving only six here. The beetles had only a dozen newborns.

Garon took out the green vine sphere; it was like a living thing, still continuing to stretch its green roots, tentacle constantly waving. It's like a ball of wool that got its thread everywhere.

He gently flicked green vine sphere.

Spherical surface suddenly popped out a few green lights, it fell on all around the totem’s body.

The green light attached to the body of the totem, then there were no movement.

Garon put away the green vine sphere, he had guessed that it might take some time for it to take effect, but also ordered these totems not to get rid of the green light spots.

He put on his hood, his whole person was now hidden under gray robes.

After the communication with elemental general Demeritus, Garen gained more understanding about the current situation.

He remembered that in the history he had seen, the king of Kovitan was assassinated and, and the entirety of the Kovitan suddenly collapsed. However, there was still a long period of time from the event in Iron Tank city. Now, it should be the completion phase of Obscuro's planning.

He was now primarily controlled by the derivator. Then, between choosing to upgrade the core totem and seizing control of the derivator, both ways were viable.

The main key to the control of the derivator is the resonant stone in his hand.

Garen was fiddling with the stone, it had completely changed now, and became much like an ordinary gray stone. In the hands of Garen, it was totally losing its semblance of the strange meat from before .

Garen has fiddled with it for so long with the powerful five senses and acumen honed by his Secret Techniques. He could faintly feel the secret this rock held.

Garen was slowly grasping the pattern of the frequency model of the resonant stone. As long as he thoroughly understood the resonance principle, he could have a more in-depth understanding and start research on the crystal derivator. Garen was very confident in this area. With enough research material and subject knowledge, he could use it to for evolution.

The core totem, black-striped white tiger, had crystal spots, with enough potential points, and was also repaired. Everything was ready, it was just a matter of when evolution began.

Garen sat by the Black Swan Lake. Looking across diagonally was the location of the original Vanderman Manor, charred beyond recognition. A fire was raging from within, destroying the wooden structure, releasing echoes of breaking timber periodically.

The great ape was now gone, so was the manor, without a trace of human life left.

The blaze was imprinted on the surface of the black lake, and a grey cloud above slowly shifted its way across the smoke filled sky.

Time passed with each second and minute.

Garen's totems were dispersed and hidden. The manor's fire was still burning, its intensity ever-increasing.

Garen faced the fire, quietly standing under a tree by the lake.

Soon, a buffalo with red metal skin laden with many black boxes of varying sizes walked out from the forest behind him.

Escorted by a number of young men and women wearing black armor, these people saw Garen standing by the lakeside, and suddenly held their tracks.

Leading the unit was a person wearing a delicate black dress, light brown hair, with a slim body and well-developed chest. The impressive Aquarius, as usual.

This enchanting woman had a pair of beautiful almond eyes, lips covered with light pink lipstick, ears adorned with white pearl earrings. At this point, she was puzzlingly looked at the gray robes by the lake.

"Excuse me, were you sent by His Excellency Jess to receive these resources?" She whispered.

"Dear goddess Aquarius, it’s been a while, it is really disappointing that you actually don’t recognize me."

The man in gray robe slowly turned around, removed his hood, revealing a smiling handsome face.

Aquarius’ eyes was first puzzled, then her pupils shrunk, it seems that she recalled something, her eyes became intense and stared speechless. She raised her hand, pointing at the man for a while, uttering nought a word.


Garen snapped his fingers.

Surrounding his audience were a bunch of terrifying red eyes from within the dense forest, within the shadow of the woods. A looming aura of danger presided over them.

"How could you know this !!" Aquarius was was flustered, her gaze firm and staring at Garen opposite from her. "This is the place where General Jess will be meeting us, you are not Acacia !! Who are you?"

Garen spread his arms, the crystal derivator slowly floated from his hands, turning into a light red glimmer.

"Take a guess?" His voice at this time actually split into two, a hoarse voice, and another clear and bright, overlapping each other. It made one feel a sense of unnatural discomfort.

Aquarius was stone-cold. She heard one of the voices, the one that was the sound of General Jess.

"Let’s move!!"

Without hesitation, she shouted as she turned back swiftly.

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