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Garen looked towards Hathaway, who was lowering her head and red all the way up to her neck. This handsome cousin of his was now completely at a loss, like a young child.

"I understand. From this moment on, Cousin Hathaway is my fiancee." Garen looked calm. It was just leaving a bloodline for this body, this was something he was supposed to do in the original Acacia’s place anyway.


Suddenly, the whole estate gave a huge tremor, and the ground shook violently.

Garen’s expression changed. He could feel a very powerful group of qi in the distance, and it was moving quickly towards the estate.

At the same time, the Crystal Derivator in his pocket was also growing hotter. This meant there was an Elemental General of his level nearby, and that person was rapidly approaching as well.

"It’s the people from the elite division!" Garen immediately deduced their origins. That unknown beast was probably their doing as well.

"Leave now." Vanderman seemed to have sensed the movement as well, his expression urgent. "Cia, you take everyone and leave here immediately. Du Qian, I’m relying on you."

"Don’t worry, master, I won’t disappoint you again." Du Qian wiped the tears from her face and nodded.

"After you complete your arrangements, you follow Cia from now on. You have Form Three power, so you’ll be of certain help to him." Vanderman told her softly.

Du Qian nodded lightly.

"What about you, uncle!!?" Hathaway took the initiative to ask.

"I still have arrangements to make." Vanderman smiled. He rubbed Hathaway’s head. "I watched you grow up, it’s such a pity I won’t be able to see the birth of your children with Cia…"

"Uncle, you can still live for a long time, don’t say such silly things." Hathaway interrupted him.

"Go… I’ll be over in a moment." Vanderman pushed Hathaway away.

Garen frowned.

"Father, I’ll stay with you."

"There’s no need, I’m activating an indiscriminatory attack that will hit everyone except for Du Qian and myself, you’ll only be a burden if you stay." Vanderman shook his head. "Go, take Hathaway with you."

He lowered his head again and coughed. He coughed out black blood, dripping down from the side of his palm.

Barr and Baphje had already been appointed leaders by all the totem users and were gathered together. It would be difficult for Vanderman to regain everyone’s trust now. The two old friends looked at Vanderman with complicated gazes, with confusion, unfamiliarity, but mostly pain.

"Go!" Baphje didn’t say anything else. He turned around and quickly left with a group of them.

"You take care." Barr sighed and finally spoke to Vanderman before turning around and taking some more people with him.


There was another deep collision sound, and the ground shook again.

The crowd rumbled. Baphje turned his head to look at Vanderman. As an old and close friend, now that his emotions had settled down somewhat, he could more or less understand how Vanderman felt back then. Between morality and friendship, he still leaned towards friendship, and his dislike for Vamderman also quieted down.

A relationship spanning decades, was not something that could be thrown away at the drop of the hat.

"The Trejons family is as good as gone." Barr said softly, sighing, "No matter how strong Vanderman’s son is, it should be the people from Obscuro outside. Their target is Vanderman."

Baphje stayed silent.

Even if Acacia suddenly became so strong, and although they didn’t know how they ended up in conflict with Beckstone and the others, the situation now was that two of Acacia’s Spiritualized beasts were grievously hurt, and the remaining power was nowhere near enough to deal with the incoming enemy.

Right now, they had to hurriedly leave the estate, and it was only after they were a distance away that they remembered to feel scared. That Acacia was decisive and would kill Beckstone and the others without hesitation.

Even if Darian and Berlina weren’t dead, they were seriously hurt. No one knew if Beckstone could recover, but even if he could, it would take a long time at least.

Although their relationship with Vanderman made them sure that Cia wouldn’t attack them, thinking about it now, if that young man acted on impulse…


Watching his old friends leave, Vanderman then turned his eyes to his son, Cia.

"Go, leave here immediately and take these people with you."

There were still some regular survivors in the estate, and most of them were elderly who had followed the Viscount over the years. Right now they seemed lost too because most of them didn’t really care about the Viscount’s experiments. They didn’t know much about the experiments anyway, they just knew that their benefits, lives, and glory were all entwined with the Viscount, the Viscount’s everything was their everything.

These people had lived on the estate for generations and had basically integrated into the Trejons family.

There were slightly more than ten of them, including Maxilan and Edney.

These two had already become the leaders of this group. They looked at the Viscount calmly, awaiting his orders.

As for the rest of them, they were mostly dazed and lost.

"Go, all of you, go… Follow Cia, he is the Trejons family’s future. Where he is, that’s where the family’s base is!" Vanderman said loudly. "Du Qian, you take everyone and leave."

"Yes, master." Du Qian wiped her tears and clapped. Instantly, many root-like vines sprouted out of the ground, rapidly opening a round hole in the ground.

"Everyone get in first, follow this tunnel, and we can go straight to an exit ten kilometers away!" Du Qian said loudly.

Garen stood quietly at the side, his thoughts complicated.

Vanderman looked like he wasn’t going to live much longer, so Garen was considering if he should Empower him, maybe that way he could solve the problem of this serious side effect from the experiments.

"Father, I heard the Obscuro Society has a technique, it’s called Empowering, and it can heal most mysterious diseases…"

"I tried it a long time ago…" Vanderman said mildly. "It doesn’t work."

He looked at his son calmly.

"Go, there’s no time left. After all, I’m just a dying man." Vanderman’s face was unnaturally quiet, not at all like a man about to die.

Garen didn’t know what to say, and Hathaway and the others at the side didn’t know what to say either. All they could do was follow Du Qian’s arrangements and walked into the tree root cave one by one.

"Boss!" Leila hurriedly darted out of the corner of the rubble, rushing up to Garen. "Big Sis told me to tell you guys to leave immediately. She’s already lured that big fella outside, but she can only last five minutes tops!"

"Got it, tell Angel to leave as soon as she completes her mission, we’ll gather outside in a bit!" Garen nodded. "The others?"

"They’ve all gone out, but the situation right now isn’t great." Leila spoke quickly, "There are many monsters outside, they’re fighting with some monsters outside the estate, but it doesn’t look like it’ll last very long. What do we do now?"

Garen mused it over and was about to speak.

"You guys go too, leave from the underground tunnel." Vanderman’s voice interrupted.


It was another deep collision sound. It sounded like footsteps, or stomps, unnaturally closer than it was before.

"Go now!" Vanderman suddenly roared fiercely. The center of his brows lit up, and suddenly their surroundings were enveloped in a faint green light.

Garen was about to speak, when suddenly a riotous group came in through the main gate of the estate.

Most of them at the front were the totem users who insisted Vanderman was a sinful villain. The leader was a man in red robes.

He had been the estate’s patrol captain, Cardiff.

This group had been chased back, each of them pale and some embarrassed.

Cardiff was nearly fifty years old, and when he saw the people leaving through the tunnel, even he couldn’t help but grow flushed. He was pushed to the front by the others.

Garen looked at them coldly.

"Didn’t you guys go with Barr and Baphje? Why are you suddenly back again?"

Cardiff blushed all the way to the tips of his ears.

"We… we hope you can protect us so we can leave safely, sir."

"Why are you so polite to him! Those monsters outside must have been lured here by them too! It’s their responsibility to escort us out!" Someone yelled from behind him.

"If it weren’t for the estate’s experiments, there wouldn’t be such powerful monsters outside!"

"We are research students with the Royal East Totem Academy! According to the rules of the empire, Vanderman, you and your son have the responsibility to escort us out of here safely, and you have to make sure we’re not hurt by outside forces!"

Most of those who came back were cowardly, the braver ones were still with Barr and Baphje, because they weren’t willing to come back and plead. And the totem users who truly cared about their relationship with Vanderman were still here and were currently walking into the tunnel one by one.

There were only slightly over ten people who stayed behind, and only three totem users.

As for those who came back, they could tell at first glance that these were timid and cowardly.

Maxilan and Edney knew these people, they were never around when there was work or fighting to do, but they would definitely appear as long as there were benefits to reap. Some of them would even fight over their fallen totem user friends’ belongings. They had even been harshly reprimanded by the Viscount over that.

Garen looked at these people calmly. A few of them were the two Masters’ students, all of them came from noble families, their noses higher than their heads. They prioritized their own lives over everything else.

"Why do I need to protect you?"

"Why? We put our lives on the line for your Trejons family! We fought the monsters outside for so long! You still dare to ask such things?!" A young man with a thin face stepped out.

"You must atone for your sins!"

This person was merely a Form Two totem user, but he actually dared to forcefully stand in front of Garen, relying on his pride as a noble. Sensing Garen’s unfriendly gaze now, he shirked back a little but quickly straightened up again.

"Some of us have already escaped safely. I made the arrangements, as long as we can safely leave, all your Trejons family sins have nothing to do with us, and we won’t bother with them either. But if we don’t return, all of Kovistan will know that you, Vanderman, used innocent civilians in your experiments!!

"Let them go," Vanderman said mildly.

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