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"Sir?" Maxilan and Edney were ready to unsheathe their swords to kill. They had long been displeased with this group of unscrupulous waste.

"Let them go," Vanderman Insisted, "After all, they were trapped here because of me. It’s natural to bear some grudges."

Garen got irritated; these aristocrats were really baffling. Even after he showed such a powerful attack, these people still dared to talk nonsense in front of him, thinking he wouldn’t dare violate the imperial laws openly. Do they not know that there was such thing as an assassination? Did they think the law was omnipotent?

Perhaps it was the same most of the time on Earth, but in such troubled times, the fledglings that had lived in peaceful areas all their lives, without experiencing the brutality of war in the outside world.

After being urged by Vanderman, the group soon went underground under Maxilan’s watch. Hathaway and Andel then went down, with the protection from Edney.

The last ones at the manor were Vanderman and Garen, while Du Qian was escorting the people safely through the passageway.

Garen gathered all his totems together and surrounded them.

As he had hinted, the newborn beetles on the periphery quickly spread and began searching in all directions for the aristocrats’ companions, whom they had claimed to be left behind.

"Cia" Vanderman stood softly on the edge of the passage, the green light surrounding him got stronger and stronger.

He carefully took out a goose-egg-sized oval-shaped ball and he handed it to Garen.

"This one is for you, this is the Green Vine Sphere, the ultimate weapon that I had originally developed for our lineage. Unfortunately, you can not use it now."

Garen took the ball. The ball’s body was green and black, its surface seemingly glowing with a faint gleam of green.

"Green Vine Sphere is the core culmination of my life’s work, it can continue to synthesize spore-like seeds, attaching onto other people and absorb that person’s strength and power to grow. When it reaches a growth threshold, it will become living body armor. The point is, this layer of armor can equip regular people with the properties of the Totem’s Light. " Venderman explained simply.

With his Green Vine Sphere out, his had a defeated look on his face.

"This is the main breeder of the family, and you have to plant it on your own body. As to the choice of nurturing it, to provide it with nutrients to grow, that will all depend on yourself. But you have to remember, this is the main body that controls all the other spores. You must have complete control over it.Only by controlling it you can muster an army full of powerful creatures! Of course, the strength of the armor would depend on the person being leeched ... "

He told Garen about the characteristics of the sphere slowly.

Garen now realized why the Obscuro Society want to seize the fruits of his research. Such an item can make the overall strength of the entire force even higher, far more than a form 3 totem user or Spiritualization Totem User could.

"... and in addition, some of the research records of my experiments, and some academic materials I used were placed here." Vanderman once again took out a small red key. "Go to the Imperial Kingdom, this key can open the basement of the manor I live in. If you are not interested, burn them."

"Plus, I still have an old friend who might be able to take care of you."

Garen sat in the wagon, quietly fiddling with the red key in his hand.

Angel sighed and sat across from him, looking fairly worse for wear. The wound on her right shoulder was carefully bandaged by Lala.

"I heard about your family. Do you think I should call you Garen, or Acacia?"

"It's still Garen. I'm the head of Trejons now, I have the right to change my name," Garen said quietly.

He looked out of the window. In the direction of the manor, a glimmer of green shone against a giant chimpanzee behemoth. This huge behemoth was a full 20 meters in height, but it seemed to have no special ability and was also slow in movement. It pounded one and on, but its fist was completely blocked by a green film of light.

Aouhhh! !

A few punches could not break through the green egg shell-thick film. The gorilla raged with a ferocious roar after lifting its head.

The echo of the roar caused severe vibrations surrounding it, even as far as clearly reaching the carriage some tens of kilometers away.

"What the hell is that creature?" Angel saw the calm look on Garen’s face, which remained so, as if he had long been aware of the situation revolving the creature.

"The war behemoth." Calon coldly replied, "It is only large in size, but its actions are very slow. It’s also very difficult to control, only useful in sieges as it is almost equivalent to the existence of a siege vehicle. What is worth noting is that it is accompanied by Elite Guardian Unit. "

"Elite Guardian Unit?"

"Well, it's a squad that specializes in protecting war beasts from being killed in close combat. According to rank, a war behemoth should have a lieutenant-led Guardian unit present." Garen squinted his eyes slightly.

Speaking of which, Garen thought of Vanderman, who was still in the manor. Viscount knew that death was near, and as Garen and the rest entered the passageway, he sealed the entrance to face the advent of the enemy alone.

A general, who would typically possess two Form 3 totems or more, not to mention the other unit members, Garen’s totem was seriously injured this time. It simply couldn’t endure any more attacks. In case the white-robed man from Terraflor Society had in fact not left and was waiting for the right opportunity, and if both sides clashed again, the result will be very unfavorable. The opponent was targeting Vanderman. Without someone delaying him, there definitely would not be an escape.

"Sister Du Qian!"

"Sir Du Qian!"

A few anxious shouts were heard from afar.

Garen quickly jumped out of the carriage, he looked back only to see a green silhouette.

"Sorry Young Master, I need to accompany Master." A voice which hadn’t dissipated said.

Garen stood still and did not chase her. He knew Du Qian has been living for Vanderman. Her love for him was far too deep. From when they left, he had expected that Du Qian would not leave the manor so easily.

Maxilan and Hathaway gave chase, but to no avail, and they soon came back helplessly. When Garen looked at them, Hathaway shook her head and did not utter a word.

"Forget it, let’s get back on our journey." Garen fell silent for a while, then said. "All aboard the car!"

Hathaway was unwilling, but she did not protest.

The rest of the people who were outside the carriage also saved their words; as the new head of Trejons, his words were law.

A boom cracked skies above them soon after everyone re-embarked and rushed ahead.

The strong explosion was followed by a cloud of black smoke rising into the sky.

Garen sat in the carriage. He knew it was the last he would see of Vanderman, and although there was not much of a sense of belonging to the father he had called Vanderman, he still felt lonely inside.

Vanderman himself was a contradiction. He had played multiple roles; a kind father and a host, a ruthless aristocrat, and scientist, and the martyr who had given everything for his dreams and vows.

The team was crowded with a more than 20 people inside, quickly fleeing the Trejons Manor. From the rear, they followed the bank of Black Swan Lake and head towards deeper into the Kovitan Empire.

"What's your plan?" Angel asked from opposite Garen.

Garon exhaled lightly.

What’s next was not within his initial plan, but Obscuro and Terraflor Society will not let go of his parasitic breeder. Trouble will automatically come to their doorstep.

"Let's go to the capital," he whispered. "It is said that the Twelve Princesses were supposed to come, and it is certainly impossible to come back now."

"I've got some intel too." Angel drank the coffee Lala served quickly. "Going from this direction, we will soon reach the defensive checkpoint of the West Farm Border of Kovitan Empire, a defensive line carefully built by the Royal Alliance, a completely safe area for human beings. That area is much better guarded, and I would also be able to contact the war guild using my letter of introduction from Iron Tank City Branch President. "

"Not bad..."

"I heard that there were a total of three large regiments at Kovitan’s West Farm borders; the Hawks of Dawn, the Third Heavy Armor Regiment and the Navy Flag. The three regiments each occupy three strongholds, and from here."

Angel took out a map, pushed away the coffee, and opened the map on the desk.

Three positions have been marked separately, similar to the points of a triangle. They were displayed on a map of Kovitan that looked like a large cookie. Just on the lower left corner of the map area was the edge of the Green Lush District, which immediately led into the nearby location of the province of Vesice.

"Regiments? Do commoner forces have any effect?" Gallon doubted.

"No, it's all comprised of totem users from what I’ve heard from the totem users that came to the Manor from the capital." The Baddeck Empire in the southwest was exterminated, and a large number of surviving citizens of Baddeck poured into Kovitan. Among them, a lot of totem users from Baddeck joined the Kovitan Army out of spite." Angel shook her head," Even the moderately sized Baddek Empire got wiped out. Obscuro Society and these monsters are really cruel."

Garen fell silent.

He first looked under his own attribute pane.

'Strength 6.66. Agile 2.72. Vitality 2.82. Intellect 2.53. Potential 17221%. '

He previously accumulated more than two hundred potential points, but he spent more due to the evolution of two Petrifying White Dragons, and now was left with 172 points. Evolving the Petrifying White Dragon into a form 3 totem was a very economical proposition.

Unfortunately, he can no longer continue its evolution.

Garon had some regrets.

This time, in order to deal with the dangers he might encounter, he had decisively evolved two Petrifying Lizards, grew them to Petrifying White Dragons. He had three Petrifying White Dragons and a Dual-Headed Salamander, yet he barely suppressed Beckstone. His hidden trump card, the monstrous monster’s grip, also allowed him to endure the final ambush.

The monster grip had a substantial defense against totem light defenses, if this were any other totem user, perhaps this would be a normal trump card, only effective when the enemy came near.

But for Garen, the characteristic that weakened totems was simply complimentary to him.

As a Secret Technique Master, the totem’s light was his greatest obstacle, and now with a substantial reduction of this obstruction, his Secret Techniques finally were of some use.

Removing the totem light and totem user, the only threat left were strong ontology and special abilities.

It can be said that the monster grip gave him an important opportunity to pick up Secret Techniques again.

Garen recalled what happened when he transmigrated to this world.

Smoky pots, volcanoes, Endorian civilizations and more civilizations, city monsters.

Everything seems to be making clear that this world had a different general connection to the previous world.

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