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Garen slowly stood up, to turn around and stare at Elielan, who was in a purple shirt.

The two of them stood against each other and didn’t say a word.

Garen quietly stared at Elielan, who was in front of him.

He was a young and elegant person. It was not just his shirt that was purple in color, even his pupils were dyed in dark purple, and he seemed to be carrying a slight smile on his face all the time. He stood at the entrance and gently closed the door as he stared calmly at Garen.

"Why the expression? Why do you look so serious?"

He gently and calmly asked.

Garen squinted his eyes and didn’t say a word.

Elielan walked towards Garen and sat beside Jessica.

"Perhaps you have some misunderstanding about me? Although I don’t know how I have wronged you, I apologize for my wrong doing."

He took out a pair of purple spectacles from his shirt’s front pocket and as usual, he had a calm smile on his face.

Garen was emotionless.

"I want to know…"

"Your visions were blurred, right?" Elilan cut off his speech. "It’s very common to have a blur vision early in the morning. Perhaps you should take some rest."

"Looks like you know…"

"You can leave now as I am about to examine Jessica’s sickness." Elielan cut off Garen’s speech once again.

Garen’s cheeks twitched as he stared at him.

"To understand her condition? Do you know her…"

"Can you please leave this room immediately? I need a quiet environment." Elielan did not change his expression as he raised his voice.

Raged, Garen pulled his collar.


The chair was knocked down to the ground and he pulled Elielan up and placed him infront of him.

"It’s common courtesy to let a person finish his sentence. If you do not wish to abide by this rule, I will cut your tongue out and you’ll remember this forever.

"It’s best for you to let go of my collar." Elielan said calmly as he pushed his spectacles up.

"Are you threatening me?" Garen smirked. This feeling felt very fresh to him as he hadn’t been threatened by anyone for a long time. He was the one who had been threatening everyone all these while.


The ward’s door opened as Goth and Andy rushed inside the ward.

"Garen! Elielan! What are you two doing?!" Goth rushed in and took Garen’s hand away from Elielan’s collar as he stood in between two of them. "Let’s talk things out. Has there been any misunderstanding between the both of you?!"

He and Andy each grabbed hold of Garen and Elielan as they fear these two would start a fight.

"I came here early in the morning and saw Garen was already inside Jessica’s ward. He was sitting beside Jessica and was trying to cover her with the blanket. I wasn’t prepared to entered the ward yet but I had accidentally knocked onto the door and made a sound. He rushed towards me with rage and pulled my collar as he saw me. I don’t even know what his deal is." Elielan started to explain softly.

His words were extremely misleading.

Although he didn’t blurt out the obvious, his statements suggested that there was a scandal between Garen and Jessica. It was as if Garen came early in the morning to visit Jessica so that he could do something dirty to Jessica when they’re all alone.

Imagine a sick and gentle lady and a strong muscular single man in the ward together, and the man would lose his temper when was afraid to be found out, and decides to threaten the opponent by holding him by the collar.

Andy and Goth looked at Garen skeptically as he heard it. They couldn’t believe that Garen was such a person hence they needed an explanation from Garen.

"I came alone so that I can understand her condition. I know a little bit of the art of medicine. I wanted to see if I could be of some help. Jessica herself had even agreed to it." Garen replied calmly.

He didn’t mention that there was a possibility that Jessica was being empowered.

Empowerment was currently the Obscuro Society’s most confidential asset, and very little people knew about it. Furthermore, he wasn’t sure whether Jessica was really being empowered, hence he needed more evidence before making any movement.

He had thought of the possibility of empowering a human when he obtained the Derivator. The Obscuro Society must had done some research on empowering the human body since they had already tried it on so many animals.

However this required concrete evidence.

Elielan obviously was the key to understanding the whole situation.

""It’s just a misunderstanding." Goth obviously believed Garen’s explanation. He believed that his friend would not be seduced by physical appearances.

Although Andy was rather suspicious of his explanation, he believed that Garen would never harm his sister in any way.

Afterall, Garen had save his sister’s life. If he wanted to further his relationship with Jessica, he would have the best chance back then.

This incident was brushed off as Jessica woke up, and her explanation was the same as Garen’s. Everyone stopped commenting anything afterwards.

However, the relationship between Garen and Elielan had obviously worsened.

Because of Garen, Andy and Goth had obviously distanced themselves away from Elielan, since they were in a life and death situation together.

After leaving the hospital, Garen’s mood didn’t change for the better, so he left a message by his mailbox outside his house. After that, he went to his villa outside of the city through the War Guild’s underground passage alone.

He could feel that the history was currently deviating from what he knew, and was heading to a future that nobody could imagine.


Garen, who was in his grey robe, was staring quietly at the big circular hole at the back of his yard.

The edge of the hole was stabilized by the black stone which looked like an artificial fence. It was a unique adhesive secreted by the dual headed salamander. It could be used to solidify soil, and he could use it to build his own underground palace.

Garen stood in front of the 7 to 8 meter hole, silently looking.

Cool breeze blew out of the hole and flapped his grey robes in the wind. The breeze was very cold and brought a faint stench along with it.

The hole was completely dark, and the end of the hole could not be seen at all.

Garen picked up a stone and threw it in. A faint echo of an impact was heard after 10 seconds or so.

"It managed to dig to such depths in such a few days?" Garen praised. "No wonder the dual headed salamander was able to create its own labyrinth."

Garen clapped his hand and yellow petrifying lizard appeared behind him.

"Go in and check it out." Garen pointed at the hole.


The petrifying lizard responded and slowly crawled into the hole, and soon disappeared into the darkness.

The other two petrifying lizards crawled to the spacious field behind Garen.

Garen looked at these two petrifying lizards with concern.

He wanted to check out the condition of the petrifying lizard as he came back from the inner city. To his surprise, the three petrifying lizards were bored to death, and decided to petrify most of the villa. The surrounding walls, floors, trees, windows, and even the bread that had just been freshly baked…

Most of the place of the villa had been completely petrified while he was gone for a few days.

Petrifying things seemed to be their hobby.

"Let’s see what will you guys evolve into." Garen muttered as he looked at the two petrifying lizard in front of him.

He set his sight onto the petrifying lizard’s icon on the totem’s pane.

‘Petrifying lizard (unnamed) : first evolution of blue backed giant lizard, a second form of totem being. Can be evolved. Success rate 34%, Potential points consumed: 500%.

Abilities: Petrifying Gaze ( Whichever beings who stared at their eyes would be damaged by its Light of Petrification, Rapid Drilling.’

"I have collected about 30 potential points within these few days in the inner city. Let’s try my luck."

He looked at the petrifying lizard, which was on his left, and had a rather rough and sharp back.

"Number one is dead. From now on, you’re called Copious Thorn."

The one on his right obviously had a very eye catching teeth.

"You’ll be called Big Teeth."

Garen casually named both of his petrifying lizards.

"Let’s evolve Copious Thorn first."

He set his sight upon the icon of Copious Thorn, and could see its name behind the icon had indeed changed to Copious Thorn.

He focused for three seconds, and 5 potential points immediately disappeared.

The icon shook violently and became clear again in the following three seconds.

"It failed… Again." Garen didn’t change his expression. He started to notice the laws of evolving using potential points. He might still be observing at the moment, but perhaps he could prove his it soon.

He set his sight onto the icon for the second time.

The icon went blurred for a moment and became clear afterwards. He had failed again.

"I knew it!" Garen started to had some idea. "Again!"

The third time!

The icon was blurred for a moment and he failed once more!

This was the fourth and last time.

Garen stared at the icon. Copious Thorn’s icon started to vibrate violently and didn’t become clear as fast as before. This effect lasted for at least ten seconds.


He suddenly heard the roar of the giant lizard. Garen immediately looked at Copious Thorn.

This petrifying lizard was struggling in agony.

It was rolling on the ground as dust flew into the air. It was as if its body had become boiling water and its body started to bubble up with blood. The bubble soon exploded and became a white substance that covered its skin.

At the same time, its body size expanded from four to five meters to five to six meters. It then continued to expand to seven to eight meters until it reached twelve meters! Its strong body had changed its color from brownish yellow to pure white, as it was completely covered by the white substance. The sticky substance solidified in a very short time, and become hard and reflective scales which covered the giant lizard’s body.

Garen had to take at least ten steps back to allow enough space for the lizard to evolve.

What was originally a yellow lizard had become a gigantic monster, pure white in color. It was as if time was accelerated, and one could see its growth with the naked eye.

Similar to the legendary elegant white dragon of the west, its back had a pair of bat-like humongous white wings. Its long tail swifted across the yard and produced a whirring sound from the friction.

Garen stared at the white giant beast which was eight meters high and spanned twelve meters long. He was filled with surprise and happiness.


This giant beast that resembled the white dragon had four thick legs, and its body was filled with streamline and muscular textures. Its neck was as long as a snake, and its head, which was in the middle of the sky, had a triangular white membrane that stood vertically like a shark fin’s when it surfaced out of the water.

The two humongous white wings gently opened up and the wild winds blew away the weeds in the garden.

It lowered down its neck and gently placed its head in front of Garen to show its loyalty towards Garen.

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