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"This is really surprising…" Garen couldn’t believe it. It was as if he was witnessing a legend or a folklore. This gigantic beast in front of him looked exactly like the humongous dragon mentioned in the legend of the west.

"Oh right! Let’s look at its abilities!" He recalled the most important part and placed his vision onto the totem pane.

‘Petrifying White Dragon: third evolution of the petrifying lizard. Third form totem beings. An ultimate being that cannot be evolved further.

Ancient Genetic Information: This terrifying creature likes to petrify their prey before consuming them. They liked to consume different kinds of quality gemstones or jades to increase their physical attributes. During the ancient era, they stood at the top of the food chain in the mountain ranges. The time when they were active was unknown, and they had a strong interest in collecting items such as gems, diamonds, crystals and even strong creatures they have petrified. They had an unusually invested hobby.

Abilities: Agility Light of Petrification (Able to reduce the enemy’s flexibility in a huge area and reduces the joints’ sensitivity.This terrifying ability is why they’re not afraid of group battles)

Dragon Skin (The strong dragon scale that is able to negate the attacks from normal weapons and sharp bites)

Heart of Petrification (The white dragon has a total of three hearts. It can petrify the enemy with its breath. It could also use either of its two hearts as a petrification grenade that covers a wide area of effect. Naturally, this would hurt its body)

"The Petrifying White Dragon… It’s incredible!" Garen walked towards the white dragon’s head, which was as tall as him. The huge dragon eye was black with a silver vertical pupil in the middle.

He reached out his hands and gently caressed the white dragon’s head.

The sensation was cold and hard, similar to touching a snake’s scales or a sturdy rock.

Garen suddenly had an idea that he had not thought of before as he looked at the beast in front of him.

"If it is the legendary giant dragon… Then… Will its blood give a human endless and mysterious effects just like the legend said?"

With this thought in mind, Garen had a sudden urge to find out whether the legends were true or not himself.

"Stand still and don’t move!" He commanded.


The white dragon roared softly, raised his head up and didn’t move afterwards.

Garen walked to the side of its body and took out a black dagger that he always brought along with him.

"I believe I won’t be able to break its scale." He suddenly recalled that he would not be able to harm a totem without the totem light’s properties in his attack. He could probably damage a form one totem with his strength but what was infront of him was a form three totem.

Immediately, he willed.

The dragon and him were waiting at the back yard.

Time was passing every second.

Lala, who was in the villa, tried to see the situation outside multiple times. However, she understood Garen’s order and didn’t come out of the villa by herself. This girl was either very timid or very smart.

She knew what she needed to know and need not know.

She sat on the sofa in the living room as she read the historical novel in silence. She ignored the roar of the white dragon outside, and continued flipping her book as she read.

She already knew that she knew too much of Garen’s secrets, and to leave the mansion would be impossible. She was glad that she was able to rely on a strong person during the chaos. What made her feel even more glad was that this strong person did not demand her at all.

She was very satisfied that she was able to pass her days like so.

Soon, dense and strong footsteps could be heard outside of the villa.

That beast with the big head had returned.

Lala placed down the book and thought that she couldn’t avoid seeing a glimpse of that beast through the window.

Its skin was dark grey, and part of its body had completely blocked the whole window. The scale on its body kept moving, and soon sunlight would come through the window once again, after the the beast moved away.

"What kind of a figure have I encountered?" She started to feel curious. She was constantly surrounded by weirdly shaped beasts and insects, and the whole villa seemed to have become a base and a nest for monsters.

Only that man could casually enter and exit this place.


At the backyard

Garen silently watched the dual headed salamander run back from afar. The backyard could not accommodate two huge monsters, hence the dual headed salamander had no choice but to knock over the surrounding walls so that it barely stood beside Garen.

Two huge beasts, A pure white colored one and a dark grey one. Garen couldn’t be seen as he was completely squeezed in the middle.

The body of the dual headed salamander was slightly larger than of the petrifying white dragon. Two of its head reached towards the petrifying white dragon’s body and started sniffing at it. It was as if it was curious as to how this huge beast appeared and could it be eaten?


The petrifying white dragon roared fiercely at it as white mists started leaking out of its mouth, ready to fire its petrifying breath.

Garen stood in the middle and willed both of them into a relationship. After that, he quietly ordered the things that he had thought of beforehand.

The Petrifying White Dragon reluctantly took a few steps back and opened its right wing to reveal his muscular side body. He then moved to the mouth of the dual headed salamander.


The dual headed salamander took a huge bite at the petrifying white dragon’s body without holding back.

In a blink of an eye, a big amount of white colored blood gushed out and landed into the small hole underneath it and it took no time to fill up the small hole.

The dual headed salamander retracted its heads and made some noises to show dissatisfaction. It seemed like something went wrong to its mouth and was slightly uncomfortable.

The petrifying white dragon blew the white mists onto its wound and the blood immediately clotted.

Garen then squatted just beside the pool of white blood.

He quietly looked at the White Dragon’s blood as he could smell a very strong stench coming off of it.

The White Dragon’s blood looked just like an expired rotten milk, with bubbles kept coming up to the surface. As these bubbles popped, the released a huge stench.

He extended his index finger and gently dipped it into the white colored blood.

An intense pain travelled through his index finger.


His index finger’s skin swiftly tightened up.

Garen pulled back his finger and had a look at it. What was an originally white skin had become slightly grey, as if it was petrified.

"What a powerful corrosion!" Garen moved his finger. He had deactivated the Totem Light’s defense on his own and tried to test the true effect of this dragon’s blood.

"Looks like it still can’t be used." Garen gave up on the idea of bathing himself in the dragon’s blood. It was obvious that part of his finger had been petrified. Perhaps dragon blood was beneficial to a human body, but it was definitely not the case for the blood of the petrifying white dragon.

"What a pity…" He looked at the two beasts beside him. "Go hunt, both of you. Kill anything that may threaten our territory’s beasts."

The Petrifying White Dragon roared softly and opened its wing to soar elegantly up in the sky as four of its limb moved forward. A white halo could be seen surrounding its body, and as it flew higher and further, it soon became a small white dot.

The dual headed salamander roared softly.

All of the sudden, two crocodile heads emerged from the shade in the vicinity of the garden and kept making noise. The sound of insects crawling about could be heard as well.

These parasites were at least thirty to forty in number and it was a nest of an army as they marched.

As Garen raised his head and looked at the white dragon up high in the sky, he felt vibrations coming from the derivator which he always brought along side him.

He immediately took out the Crystal Derivator.

This red colored ball was throbbing in silverlight, and a crystal clear message appeared in the center of the ball.

‘Incoming message from the outer realm, do you want to connect?’

Garen was shocked.

"A communication request?! Does that mean there are people with Derivators nearby?!" He recalled that this crystal ball was a terminal used by the Obscuro Society to control the Silver Totems, so it was impossible to not have a communication functionality.

Garen could feel that there was a possibility that he would lose the Derivator.

He hesitated for a moment as he looked at the communication request.

‘The communication level had increased to emergency. Do you want to accept?’ The crystal ball changed its sentences and a yes and no choice appeared at the bottom of the crystal ball.

Garen placed his grey robe on his head and covered his face. He then squatted down and made a rough mask by cutting the solidified white dragon’s blood with his heads. He placed it onto his face, even his eyes were covered.

After these preparation, Garen then reached out his hands and gently pressed ‘yes’.

In a blink of an eye, the crystal ball produced red ripples and a woman with a deep tone could be heard.

"I didn’t expect there is still an Elemental General in the Iron Tank City. Didn’t those damn monsters had kill all of you? This is very rare." He paused for a moment. "Do you not speak? Looks like you’re the legendary Jess."

"It’s obviously him since I have already found Ania and Jeffs’ corpses, and they looked terrible! Hehe." The teasing voice of a man could be heard, "Where are you now Demetrius? I am at the Ender Kingdom managing the situation. These monsters had destroyed part of the nests. If not for me, there would be no survivors at all here."

"I am currently at Canbria. The situation is complicated but manageable. How about your side Jess? Your side is very crucial; the Grand Duke’s White Dragonhawks are not easy to deal with." Demetrius asked Garen.

"My side?" Garen replied calmly. "It’s alright. Everything is fine and smooth. It’s just that most of my underlings are dead." He purposely said with a strange and hoarse sound.

"What happened to your voice?" Demetrius asked suspiciously.

"I have hurt my throat. Took me a long time to recover." Garen replied emotionlessly.

"The current situation is like so. I could only manage to get in contact with eleven generals at the East Continent. Based on the current positions we are in, three of us will be formed as a team." Demetrius explained simply. "I didn’t want to contact you guys as well. However, I have to request for assistance from you guys, since it is an emergency."

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