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"Stop chasing! We currently don’t have the time to settle these things!" Griffith said loudly.

"There are still people outside!"Mecca said coldly. "Let’s go out and take a look!"

Garen felt it as well. Numerous men clothed in black had already reached the villa’s entrance.

"No one dares to steal my cousin’s property! Griffith, you are dead meat!" On the left, one of those clothed in black remarked darkly.

"Just a puny Quartermaster…"The leader of the black clad men had a harsh look plastered on his face, his body vaguely emitting a killer’s aura; it was pretty obvious that he often walked on the edge of life or death situations, a ruthless character.

A Unihorn lizard swooped down from above and landed on the ground, making plans to bite the men clad in black robe.


Right next to the men in black, a dark shadow loomed forward abruptly, bit off the Unihorn lizard’s head in moments and left the now headless lizard crashing into the ground.

"Wilde!! The moment Mecca walked out and saw the men in black, he was momentarily stunned. Across his eyes flashed fear and horror.

Griffith came out a moment later and heard the name being called out. Immediately his pupils dilated. His face paled ever so slightly.

"Damn the information we received! Didn’t they say everything was checked and cleared? How is it that Wilde is involved now?"He muttered angrily.

Two men dressed in red officer uniforms, donning white curly wigs fancied by noblemen were surrounded with nothing but the absence of the people who were once there. Obviously, the people earlier were forced to disband.

"Wilde, our sides have never went against each other…What do you mean by this? I don’t think we stole anything of yours?"Mecca calmed down, lowering his voice while making solid eye contact.

The scar on Wilde’s chin gave a sinister touch to his smile.

"I changed my name and filled up a couple of hundred storehouses full with goodies, it was under one of my aliases. Who would have thought that in the area of Iron Tank City, there existed someone who had the guts to mess around with my property? Griffith …tsk tsk, I heard that you have a pretty fine looking cousin sister…it has been some time since I wanted to do things to her."

"I warn you! If you dare lay a single hand on my cousin, I will seek the death of your entire family!!"Griffith jumped up abruptly, like a tiger who just got provoked. "More than a hundred storehouses! I obtained all of them and the numbers barely even surpasses forty!"

"Wilde, this is considered blackmail, you have to think this through carefully. Blackmailing a Quartermaster will mean persecution by the Dragon Guards."Mecca stood in front of Griffith, blocking him while speaking in a low voice.

"Blackmail? That is absolutely what I intend to do!!"

The black shadow flashed.


Mecca regressed two steps, in front of him a giant green furred wolf whimpered. All of a sudden the giant wolf could not open its eyes; the rim of his eyes continually spilled blood.

"You are letting the Dragon Guards after me? Oh no I am so afraid, so so afraid!!" Wilde mocked a frightened expression, "Oh beloved Dragon Guard! I have committed blackmail, come after me quick!"

"How is that? Why isn’t there anyone after me?"


Again, the black shadow flashed. A Giant lizard who intended to ambush the three was beheaded once again, headless body tumbling unto the ground with a loud crash.

Even his cousin brother and another man distanced themselves from Wilde in mild fear.

Mecca and Griffith’s face turned ugly.

Wilde gave a terrifying and hideous laugh, turning back to normal. His gaze turned towards the right side of villa’s garden.

"Friend, if you are not going to appear I will finish it myself eh?"

"We each get half."

A deep voice traveled from the garden. A bald and eyebrow-less man stepped out, quietly standing beside the flower bed. It was Garen who was hiding.

"A little more than forty storehouses, I want the ones valued most."

Wilde looked around, flipped the back of his hand towards his back and lightly sprinkled some silver powder. The silver powder disappeared as it touched the ground.

"Friend, isn’t your appetite a little large?"He chuckled deeply. "The ones valued the most? That would be Wilde’s property, an infringement of private property is a crime, the beloved Dragon Guards will come and catch you~~"

"There’s less manpower on my side, I can’t carry much, which is why I only chose what I was capable of bringing along with me."Garen replied emotionlessly. "Of course, you are free to reject." His voice was laced with a hint of menace.

"Yo!"Wilde stared at Garen and paused for a moment, his playful gaze turned serious. It seems like he was unable to get the effect he intended for.

"This fella here is about to kick the butts of your entire family!"

With a loud bang, the dark shadow flashed and sent Griffith flying into the wood of the door.

"Griffith, did you think that making a few less enemies could kill you? You caused me to split such a huge part of my property! The hell, do you know this is a violation of the security of my private property!! HUH?!" He appeared in front of Griffith in the split of a second, grabbing a dazed Griffith by the collar and thundered loudly.

In another split of a second, Wilde disappeared from where he was, returning to his previous position.

"Wilde! Are you not afraid of Lord Cepha pursuing this matter!!"Mecca was completely unable to react at all; his good friend was beaten up right in front of his eyes. His whole face was ashen, ghastly pale. He hurries to protect his good friend who was behind him.

Wilde didn’t even cast a look at him. Instead, he focused his field of vision towards Garen who was by the flower beds. He was the only one among the hidden ones that he could never truly understand. From his body oozed the smell of blood, which only stuck on to the bodies of ruthless killers who had killed too many. This unique aura could only be faintly differentiated by those who were similar in nature, such as himself.

Not only that, the poison powder from earlier on did nothing. He was left completely puzzled.

Garen narrowed his eyes slightly, his face never revealing a hint of change. He was clear, this was Wilde’s way of showcasing what he was capable of.

His gaze briefly swept across the bloodied body of Griffith who was holding a piece scarf tightly against his forehead, silenced by the pounding he had earlier received.

"If you have no other opinion, we should get moving as soon as possible."

Wilde looked deeply into Garen’s eyes.

"I do not have any. Should we start on everything?"

"Yep."Garen answered, void of any emotion.

Their gazes centered upon Mecca.

"To hell with this! Let’s go!"Mecca’s face changed; he violently grabbed Griffith and leaped, a giant green wolf held on to them by their backs and flew into the building quickly, in effort to escape.

Suddenly, behind Wilde and Garen a dark shadow sprang out, effortlessly catching up to Mecca, Griffith and the Wolf.


Two shadows retracted in a moment, one of them turned into a Black lion right behind Wilde, while the other one behind Garen turned into a Giant croc.

Two of the giant monsters stood tall at around 5 to 6 feet near their masters, their gazes intertwined with fury, letting out threatening growls. Below each of their paws is a Giant green wolf.

"Secondary Totem!?" Wilde and Gren both recognized the level of their totems at the same time.

Black Lion and Giant Croc were both Form 2 Totems. What both of them did not expect was, both of these totems were their secondary totems and not their core totems.

Wilde immediately pegged his opposition as a master of the same level. Even his secondary totem was a ruthless Form 2 totem; his core would definitely far surpass the norm. He himself was developing a similar style of thought.

At the same time, he could somewhat feel as if the opponent had a totem hidden secretly. The thought of that filled him with dread.

"You choose first, friend."All of sudden he plastered a harmonious smile unto his face.

"Thanks."Garen nodded and walked into the Villa boldly.

The scene welcoming them was of two men lying on the ground in the hall.

Mecca held on to Griffith, both bloodied and battered, squatting near the fireplace.

Beside Mecca was a green wolf far larger than the ones before, but both sides of its body had chunks of flesh bitten off, leaving gaping wounds that looked as if it were sliced open with a sharp blade.

Garen briefly took a look; the left side was a deep wound created by the Giant Deep Swamp Croc, and it was evident that the wound was lighter than that of the one Wilde’s totem had inflicted.

One of the many powers of the Deep Swamp Croc: Explosive strike, the power it has is still incomparable to the power of the opposition’s Form 2 totem.

"I remember you."Mecca stared at Garen’s face, recalling the scene that unfolded in front of the storehouses earlier on. His eyes were so bright it was practically blinding.

"Any other last words?"Garen walked to stand in front of him.

"Lord Cepha will avenge me." Mecca said in a low voice.


Behind Garen a huge mouth shot out, breaking Mecca into two with just one bite.

Click – Blood splattered all over the ground as a result of the impact.

Garen just nonchalantly dodged a few times, and was able to avoid the blood completely; there was no trace of splattered blood on his body.

On the other hand, Griffith was scared silly. He was left sitting on the ground blankly.

Seeing him this way, Garen lost the desire of torturing him any further.

With a wave of a hand, he turned around and headed up towards the second floor. Downstairs, came the roar of Wilde’s lion; followed by a short distressed scream.

Garen looked down from the second floor – The lion was savoring Griffith’s head. As its tongue licked from time to time, bloodied pieces of flesh from the face were scraped off.

"This is so unhygienic." Garen pulled a hand towel over his nose. The body was back to its peak; unlike his previous life, it seemed more difficult to adapt to unpleasant smells.

"There are guys outside who want to take advantage of the situation. Half each, what do you think? Wilde gave a huge grin in the direction of Garen.

"We’ll kill as we see them, too lazy to specifically hunt them down."Garen answered emotionlessly, "Right, who on earth is this Cepha?"

"Someone from the Dragon Guards. However, I think he should focus on taking care of himself first, hehehe…"Wilde laughed in glee.

Behind him, Garen and the Deep Swamp Croc were searching each room one by one.

Although so, he was always on high alert. At this point, any sign of abnormal activities should never be detected by Wilde, or the consequences would be dire.

When it came to a form 2 totem users like Mecca, escape was an option if worse came to worse. However, when it came to an explosive totem user such as Wilde, it was not a good idea to cross him as his core totem is definitely not of the norm.

Truthfully when it came to Mecca’s death, if it were not for the cooperation of Wilde, it would have been nearly impossible to heavily wound the Giant Wolf totem in such a short span of time. Mecca had already given up resistance from the start, and chose to run away.

It was too bad he completely made the wrong decision.

The difference between them was, Wilde’s attack was just a random blow, whereas Garen’s Deep Swamp Croc attacked at full capacity, and even used its ability: Explosive strike. The difference was pretty significant.

If Mecca had decided to break through the mini barricade by attacking Garen, he would have found out that Garen was just posing as a strong user, strong in appearance but weak in reality. He was absolutely not of the same par as Wilde.

Garen had succeeded in using his tough demeanor, gained through large amounts of manslaughter in his previous life, in addition to his pre-preparation of a glowing disc and blue back lizard poison to counter the opponent’s poison. These 3 points had helped erected a image of an opponent with the same skill level in Wilde’s heart.

Lastly, Deep Swamp Croc had used its ability the moment it pounced and tore flesh apart. It was comparatively a little weaker than the damage Wilde caused. This was when he was fully aware the difference in ability was not a baseless presumption.

Garen knows, at this moment he needed to present a tough exterior, as any sign of weakness would add him to the list of Wilde’s many hunting targets.

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