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The white dragonhawks circling the sky let out an attack warcry.

Among the crowd, Garen looked up, focusing on one particular white dragonhawk in the air.

He tugged at his grey hoodie as he squeezed through the crowd, bowing his head to hide his face.

He pulled out a piece of cloth from his right sleeve. There was a round tactic drawn in red ink. It seem unrefined, with traces of red ink on its side.

A tactic was like an ancient spell, with a faint mystical sense.

As he rolled the cloth, Garen hastened his steps. He quickly entered a narrow alley along the street and walked through it. In front of him was another clean and luxurious street, where there was a row of gorgeous bungalows across it. All of them had white-golden roofs, but they were all empty, without a trace of population.

Garen swept his gaze from left to right. His eyes eventually fixated on the third bungalow.

Yesterday, he made an appointment with Goth and the gang to complete missions together these couple of days, but the warcy has sounded. The real war was finally beginning.

Iron Tank City’s dragon stood no chance in resisting the countless unihorn lizards.

At this point, all he had to do was wait, until Iron Tank City mobilizes the resources they have accumulated over the years. Then in the midst of chaos, he would first take down that annoying quartermaster.

Through Garen's investigation, he found out that Quartermaster Griffith controlled a third of the warehouses in the city. All of the items stored in the warehouses were recorded. Other than himself, the private belongings of around ten other victims were confiscated in the name of military usage.

Garen knew from a familiar contact in the war guild, that other than himself, there were others waiting to find fault with the quartermaster. But the guy never leaves the side of Mecca, the second form totem master. There was completely no chance.

People from the War Guild and Assassin’s Guild also could not find a chance because of this.

Garen stood at the alley in his grey robe and hoodie. He was dressed alike with the majority of the hoodie wearers.

He abruptly stepping back, as if his sixth sense was telling him to hide in the shadows of the alley.

Suddenly, a blur flashed from the bungalow’s shade.

"Assassin's guild..?" Garen raised his eyebrows, holding his breath as he fixated his eyes on the shady region of the bungalow.

There was a quick blur, flashing among the shades and people’s blindspots, like a butterfly in the dark.

The man, who was athletically built, clenched a dagger in his mouth. He was actually a pale faced young man, seemingly not over 18 years of age.

"Interesting. Trying to assassinate Griffith with his own skills when he isn't even a totem master." Garen stood still, merely lifting his head to stare at the sky.

The sky was outcast. The clusters of grey clouds signalling a downpour was coming anytime.

Ming ~~~~!

It was another desolate horn cry.

Instantly, with the sound of the horn, throughout the whole Iron Tank City centre, surrounding the Rowen Tower, an enormous flock of white-golden hawks soared into the sky.


The howls of countless white dragonhawks came down from the sky. It was as if voices had weight.

Garen could not help but bow his body, feeling shaken by the sound. His face revealed an expression of dismay.

"Iron Tank! Iron Tank! Iron Tank!"

As the clashing sound between metallic armor and weapons came from the distance, batallions of soldiers marched orderly towards the city gates. Their loud, orderly march cries could even be heard in the city where Garen was standing.

"It has begun…" Garen sighed as he turned back to look at the city gates.

He thought for a moment, pressed both his palms lightly on the sides of the wall and crawled up the wall like a lizard. With a light somersaulted, he landed on the roof of a third level building on the right side.

As he stood in the wall, he gazed in the direction of the sound.

In the dark grey sky, countless of white dragonhawks surrounded the white-golden hawks as they flew out of the city, like a big cluster of clouds.

The dragonhawk riders were dressed in silver armor, armed with two to three metres long spears. The white-golden dragonhawk riders were clad in full golden body armor, even the hawks’ body were protected with golden armor.

In the horizon, black ink-like, dark clouds were spreading over here.

As the dark clouds drew closer, the countless strange, rattling sounds could be heard clearer and clearer.

The black giant lizards, equipped with black wings and fang like horns on their heads, were swaying their long tails as they headed directly towards Iron Tank City.

Garen stood on the rooftop. Like the countless of citizens in the city, he was staring at the two opposing clouds of forces closing on each other.


The white and dark cloud completely clashed into each other. In a split second, a large number of dark clouds fell from the sky.

The soldiers and citizens below let out a loud cheer.

"This is a war between totem users." Garen stared at the ground below, where soldiers were shooting with bows and guns in futile.

A huge array of arrows and bullets could only barely take down single digits of the unicorn lizards. Only a few totem users protected by soldiers, were summoning creatures to protect the safety of the commoners around.

Several lizards who were shot down rolled a few times on the floor, got back on their feet with only minor injuries. One of them picked up a swordsman beside with it's jaw and gobbled him up. With a casual fling of its paw, it tore several armored soldiers into pieces.

Human weapons were completely ineffective towards the lizards. Very soon, fear was like an epidemic, swiftly spreading amongst the crowd. As the soldiers collapse, more and more unihorn lizards pounce at the ground below, intending to annihilate the humans on the ground. The totem users in the city rose up to defend, barely forming a formation as the retreated to a corner.


A unihorn lizard leapt into the bungalow that Garen was in. In a split second, explosive noises and the roars of a lion could be heard from within.

In the following moments, the second, third and more unihorns descended quickly. They shrunk into balls like black meteorites, then spreading their wings as they landed and instantly started their killing.


From the bungalow came a scream, followed by the panicky cries of a girl. The door swung open with a bang, a middle-aged woman drenched in blood ran out, trying to escape. She only managed to crawl for a short distance, then could no longer move. Her lower body was snapped into two earlier, and she was only crawling on the ground with her upper body, leaving a blood trail behind.

Garen turned his gaze towards Griffith's bungalow.

There was a unihorn lizard that landed there, but very quickly became silent.

"Looks like this situation does not pose much of a threat to them.." Garen blinked his eyes.

The sound of the screams and shouts seemed to be going further away, signaling that the main resistance was moving further and further away.

Griffith’s bungalow stayed completely silent and still.


A unihorn lizard landed on the roof behind Garen, rapidly spreading it's body from from the ball.

It open its jaw filled with sharp teeth, rushed towards Garen with a roar.


Garen frowned, gently shaking the black crystal ring on his right hand. A ray of black light shot out, and in the ray of light, leapt out the black-striped white tiger, colliding with the unihorn lizard. The two large creatures rolled in the boll, biting and slashing at each other.

Garen stood at the side, quietly watching without assisting.

"It's a good opportunity to see the black-striped white tiger’s overall strength."

The black-striped white tiger was swift indeed. After swiping at the lizard, it could evade the lizards counterattack, then pushing away it's head, appearing to be very agile. Moreover, every time it opened it's jaw, a bite from it would tear out a big piece of flesh.

After just three simple swipes, the black-striped white tiger launched forward, mercilessly pressing down the lizard. It bit into the lizard’s throat, gulping down the fresh blood.


The lizard’s head was torn apart by the white tiger.


The white tiger let out a howl, stood up in it's blood-stained body and started to feed on the lizard’s corpse. It was only lightly scratched.

"No wonder there are people who are willing to choose this kind of totem even though it cannot be evolved. Those that can be passed down until today surely are not simple characters." Garen nodded his head in satisfaction. Suddenly, three black dots soared over his head. He quickly withdrew the white tiger, and jumped down the roof. After constantly prancing in the shadows with all his might, he disappeared into a blur and entered Griffith’s bungalow.

As he silently entered the bungalow, he heard the sound of an impatient argument going on from within. The sounds came and go with the wind.

".....ours….out, left….who is responsible…."

"Stay here….who...don’t leave…"

Garen sped up, silently approaching the three-story bungalow from the garden. As he quickly arrived at a Lily bush, he stopped abruptly and stared at the ground.

There was a circle or silver arcs on the ground, faintly shimmering in silver light.

The arcs stretched from two sides, like a setting surrounding the whole bungalow.

"Warning line?" Garen remembered from teacher Emin’s teachings. Only a luminarist with a complete heritage could perform such an act.

He followed the silver warning line to the back of the bungalow. The voices became clearer by the moment. There were two men voices debating about something and it was evident one of them was Griffith’s voice.

" confidence to hold Iron Tank City. They thought I couldn't see it if they kept it from me! If it wasn't for my men in the information department, I would have foolishly followed into battle. Now! Right now! We have to leave immediately! The unihorn lizards will increase, more and more!!" Griffith seemed very emotional and agitated.

The other male voice was abnormally calm. "Do not worry Griffith, the Grand Duke has took numerous elites to exterminate the lizard’s nest. As long the breeding nest is destroyed, at most the creatures can only cause minor damage."

"How many times do I have to say before you understand!" The sound of someone pacing back-and-forth heavily came from within. "Alright alright.. Mecca, we are brothers who grew up together. Let me tell you the truth. The situation now is dire, the creatures out there…" He lowered his voice.

A normal human probably couldn't even hear a single sound, worse if the other side lowered their voice. But Garen, with his abnormally clear senses, could easily hear Griffith's whisper.

"...there are at least 10 million of the creatures...This is the statistic calculated by the information department. My informant had just sent me a message. Even if the Grand Duke and his party could destroy the nests, this is not a number we can defend against!" Garen murmured.

Mecca, the second form totem user instantly ran out of words to say, breathing heavily.

"Who!!" Mecca roared loudly of a sudden.


The high-pitched sound of weapons clashing.

"Looking for death!!" Mecca coldly hummed.

From the bungalow came the sound of a man’s bored humming.

Very quickly, the peace resumed within.

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