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A+ A- Chapter 271: Investigation 1
"I knew it…" The investigative quest related to the wild and dangerous creatures’ nest was hanging up there. The name was "Nest Investigation". This was the important quest where Goth would explode the Obscuro Society’s nest.
This investigative quest would require one to investigate this so called dangerous creature’s nest. However, it was actually the Obscuro Society’s Totem Battlefield Processing Plant.
As the three of them were accepting the quest, Garen took a step back and scanned his surroundings.
These totem users were spiritually drained, tired, and most of them were injured. However, they did a good job in covering up. The head count was slightly less than before.
Garen overheard the lady who announced the quest that there was not enough people lately, and no one was willing to take the beginner level quests. On the other hand, commissioning quests had been stacking up day after day.
Dang dang… Dang dang… Dang dang…
Garen walked to the wall and looked to the distance through the window.
The tallest bell tower was ringing at the center of the Iron Tank City, which was white and circular.
With Garen’s superhuman vision, he could faintly see a lot of high level people in white robes with silver sleeves climbing up to the top of the tower beside the bell tower via the spiral staircase.
There were like termites climbing up trees.
"Meeting at the Spiral Tower, the highest level meeting of the Iron Tank City… I wonder what’s happened." Garen tried to suppress his curiosity.
"What’s wrong?" Andy patted Garen’s shoulder. "We have accepted the quest. Let’s go. The location is quite far away this time, since it’s located at HIlkan. It would take us four days to travel back and forth and we can’t take a carriage there. Fortunately the rewards are quite decent. Everyone will be getting five thousand and a transportation fee of two thousand."
"Sounds good." Garen smiled. "However Hilkan is rather far. Oh right, what’s the name of the quest?"
"Nest Investigation." Andy said casually.
"Andy, Are you guys going for the Nest Investigation as well?"
Suddenly a group of people came from behind them. The one who was leading the group was a youngster in a brown armor asked as he smiled.
Andy turned his head around and his facial expression dropped all of the sudden. "Are you doing this quest as well Cayduran?"
Cayduran, who was in the brown armor smiled.
A short haired macho man appeared behind him as he was putting away his silver dagger

looked at Cayduran. "Friends of yours?"
Cayduran nodded.
"Sir Johnson, I will be staying back for a bit to have a chat with my friends."
"Sure, we will chat when we’re free." The short haired muscular guy nodded his head and brought a group of people passed Garen.
At the entrance of the main hall, Andy with his three team mates and Cayduran with his two other teammates gave some space to let the rest enter or exit the main hall.
However, these two had a healthy rivalry between them and they would never cross the line.
Cayduran pointed at the two teammates and said as he smiled.
"These two are the supports I have hired. My team has lost two people recently. Cana and Valerie are totem users from the Kovitan Empire."
One of these two, Valerie, was a man with a golden ponytail. This self proclaimed Valerie looked arrogant and ignorant. He only nodded to the rest he was being introduced.
The other girl was called Cana, who looked at Andy’s team members. She immediately ignored Jessica due to her mediocre figure and face, who graduated from school and kept training herself. Along the road on her training, she had seen most sides of human beings.
Her sight stopped for a moment as it landed on Andy and Goth, and soon set her sight onto the handsome Garen.
"What a coincidence. Garen here is from Kovitan as well." Andy smiled.
"You’re from Kovitan?" Cana’s interested peaked as she looked at Garen.
This woman had both butt and bosom, and had an above average look. Her purple hair was at shoulder height and there were free strands hanging on her chests as well, which made her bosoms looked even more filling.
Garen answered by nodding and smiling politely.
"Which part of Kovitan are you from? Perhaps we are from the same hometown." Cana felt that among this group, Garen had a passable facial figure and looked sexy due to his good fitnesse as well. In addition to these, he was a totem user and this made him even slightly more interesting.
Among the totem users in Kovitan, there are a lot of disciples voluntarily travelled around the world to train themselves but accepting quests. There were a lot of them doing this everywhere.
Although she was from just a merchant household, her siblings who were in a similar social status had changed for the better when they became the significant other of these disciples. What they currently eat was of a different class,

class, as if their lifestyle had completely changed.
They, who came from the merchant household were naturally not competent against the aristocrats. These sisters had became the center of everyone’s attention when they went for a gathering. The foods they ate and the clothes they wore everyday were something only an aristocrat could get hold of, and the places they went to could not be accessed by any typical person.
Even totem users could not simply get into the circle of the aristocrats. The totem users with an aristocratic background, on the other hand, were who she had been looking for.
Perhaps this fellow was an aristocrat who had came out to train himself?
Cana assessed Garen carefully. She had seen a lot of people along the journey but she had never met someone who was as handsome as Garen. Most importantly, this person’s skin was almost as smooth as hers. She couldn’t help herself but to fall for him the moment she saw him.
"I am from the lush green area." Garen smiled as he replied
"Oh, lush green. I have been there for a vacation. It’s a nice place with good air quality and the environment is very beautiful. My sisters and I had only been to the Ivy Park and the environment there was superb. The squirrels there are not afraid of humans and they even asked food from us." Cana smiled.
Garen had never heard of Ivy Park, but he went along with it and smiled as he listened to Cana’s conversation regarding her time in the park.
On one end, the atmosphere between Cayduran and Andy was not enjoyable. On the other hand, Garen and Cana seemed to be enjoying their time talking casually.
Jessica, Goth and Valerie started to talk as they had nothing better to do.
Valerie felt unease and frowned as he noticed Cana’s warming attitude towards Garen.
Cana and Valerie came from the same sect, and they went on a journey together as well. He always had some feelings for her and he couldn’t help to feel jealous when he saw Cana having a great time with Garen.
As he was chatting with Jessica, he always kept a constant eye on Garen and Cana.
Garen noticed it and he didn’t want to cause any trouble. However, the current situation was that Cana initiated the conversation with her. As a beautiful and well figured lady who came and initiate a conversation with him, he could only listen and look, even if he didn’t have the

have the intention of having a conversation with her. He couldn’t just push the person away as it would offend her as well..
After a few exchanges of words, Andy and Cayduran felt irritated towards one another. However, they kept the conversation going as all of them were of the same rank. The current situation outside was rather dire, so both of them had some intention of working together since they were all form 1 totem users.
After a few words, both teams decided to work together.
They rented a few horses from the stable, brought along the survival tools and tent and separated into two groups.
These two teams merged together and soon exited the suburbs and entered the the highway.
The distance between Hilkan and Iron Tank City was very far. The road during the beginning of the journey was rather easy, but its difficulty inreased as they approached their destination. The map they bought recommended using a horse as their main transportation, not carriages.
Everyone had their own horses, as they sprinted forward along the highway.
Along the journey, Cana would intentionally get closer to Garen and occasionally crack a joke or two. Two of them slowly got to know each other better.
Valerie’s expression got worse along the journey as he looked at Garen with jealousy.
He understood well that totem users who came out to train themselves were mostly members from their local sects. Although the numbers of a noble totem users weren’t little, they were considered the minority.
If Garen was a noble, he would be totally different from the merchants as most of the totem evolving techniques were in the hands of the aristocrats. The was a huge difference between a typical totem users and a noble totem user. A typical totem users might spend a few decades to become form 2 totem users, which was considered very strong. On the other hand, the nobles had the opportunity to attain the third form. Furthermore, both parties had different amount of resources, as the nobles would have more Tactics compared to the typical totem users in terms of support and attacks. The typical totem users and noble totem users had a different starting point from the very beginning.
He would not want to mess with Garen if he really were a noble.
Along the road, Goth and Jessica were at the back, Andy and Cayduran were at the front with Garen, Valerie and Cana in the middle.
After a few hours on the road, two teams stopped for a rest for a rest to eat some dry food and water. They also took this opportunity to separate their work clearly. Although Andy and Cayduran didn’t get along very well, they do know each other very well since they grew up together. They would rather work together than to work with other people because they at least knew each other’s personality.
After they came to an agreement in terms of splitting the rewards, they continued on their journey.
As the night approached, the group started to set up the tent between the river and the road.
As Garen wasn’t experienced in setting up the tent, Cana came and gave him a hand and nailed the wood onto the ground to stabilize the tent.
"Have you not slept inside a tent before?" Cana asked as she helped out.
"Yeah, I have never done this before." Garen shook his head. This world’s tents were very detailed and sturdy, and would require every foundation to be set up straight in order to work. He indeed had never done this before.
As Cana heard his answer, she was even surer of her assumption. Every totem user should know how to set up this tent, as it was one of the must-bring equipment when one went outside. Since Garen didn’t know how to use it, it was obvious that someone had been helping him to set it up.
Her smile became sweeter as she thought of this. If she could get a hold of a noble disciple, she would be able to obtain the evolving techniques and the remaining resources in the future. Her chances of becoming a form 2 totem user would greatly increase as well.
"I have a self inflating tent. I will give you one later, it’s the latest product." Cana smiled as she said.
"It’s alright. This tent is decent enough."
"It’s alright, it’s just a tent anyway." Cana turned around and came back in a short while. Before Garen could even open his mouth, she placed some sort of a black stick towards Garen’s arms. "I still have a lot of these so don’t worry about it. Take it as a token of our newly formed friendship." Although she said that on the surface, her heart couldn’t help but ache as she passed it to him. These inflating tent made use of chemicals to inflate and deflate at will and its price wasn’t cheap. However, she believed it’s a must to ensure the foundation of this friendship needed to be firm and sturdy.

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