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A+ A- Chapter 270: Roll 2
The Kovitan Empire
Vallarta Defense Department.
Inside a triangular and compact room.
Vanderman was sitting opposite two men with a stern look.
"Is there no other way to avert the situation?" He asked in a deep tone.
"Unfortunately, Vanderman. You and I have been pals for many years, even my son was under your guidance back then. I will act if I can. However, this time…" The man in white robe had a hopeless look on his face. "You need to be more proactive, and hopefully there would be an opportunity for you to turnaround."
"It would be very difficult." The other man in white robe shook his head. "As of now, there are a lot of crimes currently pointing towards you. They were accusing you of researching for a forbidden totem. The trial have already frozen the Trejons Household official accounts. I believe that it’s because you ignored the upper echelon and he decided to show no mercy and announce it to the public."
Vanderman was silent.
"That was years of my effort. They are forcing me to die…"
"They are still being considerate about you. Your teacher, Master Shylock had been trying to speak for you. You still have your influence so you don’t have to worry that much. However…" The man in white robe sighed.
"Alright, I will take my leave, as I have matters to attend to." One of the man in white robe stood up, patted Vanderman’s shoulder and left the room. As the door was closed, the footsteps became fainter and fainter.
Only Vanderman and one man in white robes were still inside the room.
"Perhaps there is still a chance." Vanderman’s gaze was cold as ice. "Ola, you’re involved in this experiment too. If this is exposed, neither of us will be able to escape. We need to think of something!"
The remaining man in white robe became cold and emotionless as he stood up to leave.
"Don’t worry too much, I will do what I can from my side. Let’s not panic, or we will fall into their hands."
"They are already at my doorstep!" Vanderman gritted his teeth. "A while ago there was a form 2 totem user that appeared near the manor! My son’s whereabouts are currently unknown! They have crossed the line!"
Ola looked at him. "Stay calm. You should be fine as long as you send out more people. They

won’t lift their fingers since they’re only here to probe." He stood up as well. "Remember to stay calm. I will send some people to deal with this incident since they cross the line."
Vanderman looked at Ola leaving in disappointment.
These people were trying to protect themselves by using him as a shield, and didn’t even want to life a finger at all. The situation was getting dire for the Trejons Household. Everyone wanted to take credit for his many years of effort.
"The special ultimate form… I will eventually succeed! Just you wait!" He had placed all his hope on his own research product, which was a biological weapon that was made and controlled from medicine and Tactics.
"If I succeed, There should be at least one out of the three biological weapons that can become the ultimate form…"
Vanderman stood up and left the room.
Outside, there was a beautiful woman with big bosom and brown hair waiting for him on his right.
"Master, do you have any solutions?" The woman asked softly.
Vanderman shook his head. "Go back. I have been forced by them!"
"Master, don’t tell me you’re planning to use it already?" The woman was slightly shocked.
"There is no other way. My bank account has been frozen and my son’s whereabouts are unknown. The household is under a tremendous threat and there is no one else but myself to rely on." Vanderman was filled with rage. "It’s time to show my results to the public."
"Call Maxilan and Edney to return at once. It can’t be helped if they can’t find him. I can only hope that Cia is unharmed. We have to prepare for battle! The Obscuro Society will never show mercy to us."

Lush Green District, Aquarius Manor.
At the white semi circular balcony, Aquarius, who was in a white dress, was holding the guard rail with both of her hands, her hair moving freely to the evening breeze.
The red evening light from the sun shone on one side of her body, revealing her seductive body curve.
"Is there any advancement from the Trejons Household?" Aquarius asked calmly.
Behind her was a beautiful girl in a yellow short skirt, kneeling down on one knee.
"The probing mission has been interrupted. There are a lot of totem users appearing in the Trejons manor, all of them are evolved form 2 totem

totem users.
"Looks like the Trejons Household is plotting something big, and they seem to be hiding a lot of secrets." Aquarius started to laugh. "The Royal Alliance seem to not be willing to protect Vanderman anymore. That old man has been putting up with him for so long. Let’s see if he can keep it up this time."
"We are not sure if any form 3 totem users will appear in the manor. If the ultimate form appears, we may require you to move out as well." The girl in yellow skirt said softly.
"Ignore them. Let’s wait for a while more. We have more important things to do. When the time has come, we will deal with these eye sores." Aquarius waved her hand.
"Yes, Master." The girl in yellow skirt retreated.
Aquarius looked at the red sunset in the distance with a comfortable smile.
"Those two elders from the Royal Alliance, you’re already dead."

Iron Tank City
Among the small district of white residential area, inside the three storey building located at the left side of the district.
Garen and the Andy brother and sister were sitting in the spacious living room on the first floor. Three of them were sitting in a row opposite the kind old man with white hair.
"Our home rarely has any visitors. I hadn’t expected a totem user to visit us. What an honor."
"You’re being polite, old man." Garen sat on the wooden sofa. "It’s just that I have not seen Andy and his sister for a while, so I’ve decided to visit them."
The old man nodded his head. His name was Xihande and he was a retired security deputy of the Iron Tank City, which was similar to the deputy director of public security bureau. In addition, he was also once a reasonably strong totem user, although he had not been in action due to old age.
"The two youngsters in my house have created their own team. At their age, all they think about is running around. I heard about the quest, the outcome might have been dire if not for you."
"Andy and his sisters would be fine even without me. You worry too much." Garen immediately replied.
"They? Hmph." The old man gave a hateful sigh. "Whatever. This old man isn’t going to be in the way of your conversation, so I will go up and read a

read a book or two. You guys do whatever you want. Please take care of our guest you two, do you hear me?
"Loud and clear!" The siblings immediately replied.
The old man Xihande slowly walked up towards the second floor. The siblings finally relaxed after the footsteps disappeared into the distance.
Garen looked at the two of them as he laughed.
"Is he that scary?"
"You have no idea… My father is a high level form 2 totem user and he was no ordinary character. He has been torturing us for the past few days…" Andy looked as if he had suffered a lot. "Oh right, how’s Goth? We, the Panther Group haven’t been on the move for a long time. Isn’t it time to take on a quest? I don’t have enough money to spend lately…" He glanced at his sister Jessica.
"I’ve spent all my money on books." Jessica whispered. "Let’s listen to the old man and work in the security department." She was still traumatized by the previous incident. If it wasn’t for Garen, she would have been in grave danger.
As she thought of this, she looked at Garen with gratitude, as she thought of when to return him this favor.
"You know nothing. Freedom is the most blessful thing! Once you have joined the security department it will be difficult for you to leave!" Andy sighed. "Let’s find Goth and go pick up some quests."
"Whatever floats the boat." Garen shrugged his shoulder.
Under the lead of Andy, the trio left the building and went straight to Goth’s address.
They did find the bread store Goth mentioned, that was above the giant wolf statue.
Goth, who was in all grey went into the shop with bags of flour.
He was stunned as he saw the trio entered the shop and immediately ran towards them after placing down the flour.
"Why are you guys here?"
"We are preparing to take on some quests ,since our hands are tight on money lately." Andy scanned the bread shop. "Aren’t you a totem user? Why are you living off like this?"
"Shh… My mum doesn’t know I’m a totem user." Goth shook his head. "Plus, I did nothing last time and I feel ashamed for that…"
"Is there a better human shield, other than you?" Andy patted on Goth’s shoulder. "Let’s go, there’s nothing to think about."
"I don’t think I should think I should go…" Goth recoiled. "I heard there are a lot of people dying on the outskirts…"
"If you earn more money, maybe you can revive your Blackfield Bird." Jessica couldn’t help but to butt in from the side.
Goth flinched, as if he was motivated by Jessica’s words.
"We will find some safe and easy quest. Have you used up all of your money?" Andy whispered.
Goth nodded.
"My mum took it away…"

"Goth, how old are you this year?" Garen couldn’t help but to ask.
"24." Goth answered sincerely. "Why do you ask?"
Garen was speechless. No matter how you looked at him, how could he become the Grand Duke of the future. Garen started to doubt if he had made a mistake.
The three of them tried to convince him, but eventually they dragged this guy as they moved out.
As the four of them left, a beautiful, gentle and long haired woman walked out of the bread store and looked at the back of the four of them leaving. Sigh.
As the four of them were in the city, they went to search for the latest newspaper at the bookstore Goth recommended.
The owner of the bookstore was a middle aged uncle who greeted Goth with laughter when he saw him. He allowed them to sit down and read the newspaper, free of charge. Judging from how he familiar he treated Goth, it was obvious that this wasn’t the first or second time he was here.
After understanding the overall situation, the four of them entered the totem repair shop which contained a variety of survival tools. The boss was a straightforward lady and gave the four of them 40% discount since Goth often helped her to carry stuff. She even helped everyone to maintain their totems.
Lastly, they went to a dry food shop. The owner was a kind old lady and was ecstatic when Goth called her grandma. She then stuffed everyone a big packet of biscuits and chocolate candies each.
After leaving the city, they went into the Luminarist Hiring Guild. The three of them were carrying packets of snacks as they looked at Goth with a questioning gaze. This guy seemed to be very popular.
Garen purposely followed from the back, and looked at the beginner quest that was hanging in front of them.
His gaze shrunk slightly .

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