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A+ A- Chapter 259: Ambush 1
Money, knowledge, a sufficiently strong totem. These three requirements must all be fulfilled, otherwise he would face immense danger in the upcoming chaos.
As Garen sat in the tour bus, his thoughts churned and churned, but still no plans came out.
Logically speaking, The Three Great Heroes are extremely strong, so long as he can get any one to inherit their knowledge, his level would reach a very high level. However, there was doubt in Garen’s
Money, knowledge, a sufficiently strong totem. These three requirements must all be fulfilled, otherwise he would face immense danger in the upcoming chaos.
As Garen sat in the tour bus, his thoughts churned and churned, but still no plans came out.
Logically speaking, The Three Great Heroes are extremely strong, so long as he can get any one to inherit their knowledge, his level would reach a very high level. However, there was doubt in Garen’s heart.
"Even if the Heroes were that strong, it would still be an imitation, it would never exceed the levels of the generals. The abilities I own, might it be able to compete against their talent?" His heart still has a sliver of hope for his own abilities.
Observing the ever-nearing silhouette of the butterfly in the vision, Garen still couldn’t calm his heart. He decided to wait for his ability to mature, and then plan things out.
Regarding the terrifying effects of the ability, he once experienced it with the secret weapon. It was definitely not what you’d say to be within the ordinary realm of strong.
When he calmed down, Garen took out a small note book, flipped over the top and jotted down some questions and thoughts on it. This would be his preparation for his core totem in the future, so he tried his best to model a totem type that he would be suited for, as well as the requirements needed to achieve such a totem.
He would sometimes shoot the breeze with the two in front of him, or casually chat with the 2 pairs of couples.
The carriage slowly moved along, considerably stable. Miss tour guide seemed to be tired from all the talking, so she sat down with a bottle to moisten her throat.
"Look! It’s a black deer!" A child shouted while pointing outside the carriage excitedly.
"There actually still are black deer!" "So Pretty!" "Is that a fawn?"
The tourists started getting rowdy.
Garen tilted his face to the right to have a look. On the grassland next to the carriage was a fawn, about half a man’s height. No antlers, its body is slim

and slender, it lowered its head to feed on the grass below, occasionally lifting its head to observe the tourist bus out of curiosity, Its ears twitching a little. Very cute.
A zephyr blew past, rustling the leaves, carrying the sound through the forest.
The black fawn then suddenly dashed into the forest, quickly disappearing from sight.
"So cute." The girl opposite Garen praised, "If only we get to rear them…"She muttered slowly, her face etched with nostalgia.
She then pulled out a small bottle from her bag, drank some water and no longer spoke a word.
However, Garen squinted, as though he had realized something. He concentrated, suddenly turning his head to the far side canopy of the forest.
"Something’s wrong… "
In the forest.
Two girls wearing jade-green dresses squatted on a tree branch, quietly looking at the carriage path in the forest, observing the two tour busses moving along slowly.
The girl on the left was about 20 years old with a slender body frame, well-defined features, her skin almost translucent. There were two black shoulder pad on her shoulders. Two quivers decorated with white feathers hung by her waist, like a beautiful kingfisher resting upon a giant tree branch.
"Vera, are you sure that the person is in one of the carriages?" she looked at the other girl, who seemed ordinary.
The other lady is slightly smaller and looked average. She had a blood red slash scar on the bridge of her nose, making her her look ferocious.
"I’ve followed them for about half an hour now, there should be no error. Our target is the man sitting at the last row of the first tour bus." Vera spoke softly, "This time elder sister ordered that we complete the mission because this affects our valuation on Green Shade, mistakes will not be tolerated.
"I know" the first lady nodded. "I was supposed to be on holiday, but I got called back earlier. Alright, let’s move out."
The both of them squatted on the branch, simultaneously picked out an arrow from their quivers. They flipped their left forearms, and the forearm guards on them let out a few crisp snapping sounds. The guard had turned into a short bow.
"Jii…. Jii..."
The two sounds made were from the bow’s string. Two white feathered arrows from two different angles aimed straight at the end of the first tour bus.
The thin long arrow had a yellow wood color, with a distinct carving on it - Kingfisher
"Be careful, next to Cena should be a few General-level experts guarding her." Vera spoke softly "By then

then it will all depend on you, Tracy."
"Leave it to me." The first lady nodded, "We will go for a one-shot kill. This arrow has been imbued with something great, and it is invaluable…"
Only then did Vera notice that the tip of the arrow resting on her bow had a silver colored metal ball which had some sort of pattern inscribed on it. It looked very delicate.
"You actually used..."
"Shh….."Tracy’s face looked slightly reluctant, "Even if she is a Master-level, she’d definitely die."
Garen sat on the seat, having chills on his back but not knowing why.
He glanced his surroundings, not noticing anything out of the ordinary.
Between his tiny movements in the eyes, his right arm reached out to the box near his leg, slowly fishing for the cane rested diagonally on his box.
Just as he gripped onto his cane, the corner of his eye scanned a white silhouette that flew towards his direction, just like a white bird.
"Such a pretty white bird…"the girl opposite him also noticed the white silhouette, suddenly she looked slightly shocked, her sentence got cut off.
"Look out!"Garen’s iris shrunk, and he ducked quickly.
A white arrow instantly passed through the top of his head and lodged itself on a wooden plank in the carriage. The arrowhead which was lodged inside the wood let off a sound like something was being corroded, and within two seconds, the white piece of wood oozed a large patch of dark green, which had a sourish smell and green smoke.
The entire carriage first went into shock, then it erupted into chaos.
The entire carriage screamed in panic.
The girl sitting opposite Garen ducked down into a bundle quickly, her back facing the carriage wall.
The pastor also covered his head, fearing his head would be in the line of fire.
Garen avoided the arrow, and he stood up again, looking at the direction from where the arrow fired. Far within the forest, two human-shaped silhouettes in green retreated swiftly.
Suddenly, he felt an extraordinarily strong sense of danger diagonally from his rear.
Garen only felt creeps behind his back, and his entire body had goosebumps.
Without stopping to think, Garen rushed out. With a crack and the carriage shaking slightly, Garen knocked down the wooden plank on the side and he jumped out through the window, rolling on the ground a few times before stopping
The back of the carriage exploded.
Garen did not turn back. With his back facing the carriage, he saw the grass around him reflecting a sliver of red light, the burning

the burning sensation of fire surging towards him.
Ching Ching Ching!!
Yet another three piercing sounds came.
Garen pushed hard against the ground beneath him. Two small craters were left in the grass, and he evaded the three white feathered arrows in a flash.
The final arrow suddenly exploded where he had been a moment ago and formed a crimson red fireball. The ground and grass instantly charred, and at the same time there was some sort of weird red smoke.
Garen’s back felt painful. Touching it, his hand was full of burnt fabric. He felt a stinging burning sensation on his back, which made it obvious that he’s injured.
He then rolled away from where he was and into the dense forest.
"What kind of arrow is this?! Such terrifying power!" He was surprised yet angry, "Even my Divine Statue Technique with such a strong defense could not defend against it."
He moved swiftly within the forest, at the same time staying alert to his surroundings, trying to capture any trace of the two people’s. The Divine Statue Technique was fully activated, a large aura of Qi spread from within, forming a white gold aura that was not normally observable to regular people which spread across different directions.
Very soon, the aura covered the radius of more than 200 meters of the forest.
Garen closed his eyes slightly, his body unnoticeably expanded, observing the surrounding like a leopard.
Suddenly, his body turned aside, a white arrow shot past him.
"Thinking of running?" The green silhouette within his sight retreated. He sprinted with a burst of energy, leaving more impressions as he sprinted towards the direction of which the arrow was shot from.
In the forest, far away, the two green silhouettes were moving within the forest with high speed. Like monkeys who leveraged the branches around to move.
"Tracy, he’s catching up!" Vera said loudly turning back and frowning.
"Such speed… interesting." Tracy laughed coldly, the silhouette was running at high speed, but his breathing was so calm, as if that person was standing on a platform. "I hadn’t expect that so many arrows would not kill him. Looks like this person is the expert who is protecting Acacia by impersonating him. He must be thinking of baiting the enemies and finishing them at one go. Their plan was great, but too bad they met me."
"I used two Red Smoke Arrows, but it could not hurt him at all, I estimate that he is a Master-Level, so I guess we should "treat" him appropriately."
"Tracy laughed cunningly. Her right left a slight afterimage as pulled out four pulled out four arrows from the quiver and placed them all on the short bow and pulled.
Jii…. The string was tugged instantly, almost a full moon.
Ching ching ching ching!
4 minute piercing sounds rang, all four arrows pinned onto four different tree trunks. Forming a large arc.
Ching ching ching ching!
Another four Red Smoke Arrows were shot into 4 other trees, forming another large arc, the two arcs came together to form a circle, which was oddly symmetrical.
"The Ambush of Red Smoke, since you want to close the distance, I’ll let you." Tracy stood her ground and would rather not run anymore. "Vera, you go ahead, waiting for the results at the outer ring will do."
"Okay." Vera jumped into the forest.
Vera suddenly fell back, as if she was pushed back by a force field, both her legs drew tracks in the ground,, and with a "bam" she smashed into the tree.
Garen walked slowly into this part of the forest, standing far away, with his sight fixed on Tracy, and took a look at their attire.
"Who are you guys?" His tone was very deep. Looking at Vera by the side of the tree, who withstood one of his Red Jade Palms. She merely puked some blood, and did not look like she suffered major injuries. She would be able to continue combat.
"As a mortal, You could withstand two red smoke arrows, impressive." Tracy’s expression became calm again, glanced over at Garen, and busted a laugh.
She suddenly took out a black iron plate, and waved it in front of Garen.
"Now talk, where is Acacia now? Bring him to me obediently, and then cripple your own two arms as a honest sign of apology, otherwise I wouldn’t mind killing you here." She thought for a moment, "Right, which school are you from? I am very interested in your martial arts, write me a copy of all your martial arts while you’re at it."
"?" Garen looked at her, confused, as if he was looking at an idiot. This woman had no idea what she’s talking about, with just one iron plate and she wants him to surrender, cripple his own hands and give his martial arts to her for free? Did she read too many novels?

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