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A+ A- Chapter 260: Ambush 2
"Why? Can’t do it?" Tracy laughed coldly, "Haha, it’s true that adventurers are the kind of idiots who do not know how to give up until the end. A bunch of idiots with muscles."
"You… You are from the Mercenary Guild!" Garen suddenly identified the plaque and its significance. When Cia was younger, Cousin Sofea mentioned it once.
The Mercenary Guild is the strongest among mortals, a terrifying dark organization. They committed countless misdeeds, and have wide connections in the dark world like spider webs. Its inner circle was very mysterious, even many kings of different empires had been successfully assassinated by them before. They were the sole rulers of the dark world.
"As an adventurer, you should know the rules. Perhaps you thought that a normal Luminarist would suffice to protect you?" Tracy continued laughing coldly.
Garen frowned, he didn’t know anything about adventurers, but the strength of the Mercenary Guild was well known. Obviously the opponent thought he was meddling with the dark world, like they were.
"Whatever, talking to idiots like you gives me headache." Tracy waved her hand away.
"Are you retarded? Or do you think everyone is as retarded as you?"Garen got lazy of thinking, so he spoke directly, and sarcastically. "Just a simple plaque and you expect me to stop resisting and surrender immediately?"
Tracy’s expression turned cold.
"There’s actually someone who doesn’t know my title of Kingfisher…."
She flung her left forearm, and a green short bow formed, her right arm pulled the bowstring back and a "chikk" sound was heard.
"Forget it, personally killing you wouldn’t take much time anyway." Tracy smirked weirdly.
"Boastful!" Garen hmphed. With a big step forward, his body form turned into an afterimage that rushed forward.
At the same time, the bowstring loosened, Tracy did not move at all, while Garen rushed forward. A weird sonic boom spread across all directions.
The pair’s movements were set in stone from this moment.
Bam bam bam!
A barrage of crimson red fire exploded in all directions. A cloud of red smoke engulfed the forest like cirrus, leaving no space untouched.
"Heart of Awakening, Ares’ river!" Tracy raised her arms, suddenly her right arm was pulling the bow string with insane speed.
Ching ching ching ching!
Continuous rings from the bowstring formed a unique sound vibration.
The vibration and the red smoke got closer to Garen, forming a complete seal-in roundup, surrounding him from many directions.
Garen stood in the middle, and closed both eyes. He suddenly inhaled large amounts of air in one go, his cheat bulged like a balloon, and it looked terrifying. Suddenly, his eyes opened, and his irises held traces of white and gold.
"North Capturing Hand!"
The wind blew.
The wind caused the forest to rustle.
The sphere formed from the red smoke erupted with a large hole. Large amounts of red smoke started spinning and congregated on itself, forming beneath Garen’s left hand, forming a fast rotating, pressurized red air ball.
Garen rushed forward surrounding himself with the vortices, the air around him sounding like the terrifying roar of an elephant
The right palm swung forward! Pressurized air and aura violently rushed onto Tracy’s chest. The strong air flow carried with it the surrounding leaves and rustling, as though a tornado just blew past. It was horribly powerful.
The shockwaves activated by the bowstrings were completely collapsed. The red ball was violently pressed upon Tracy’s chest. A red hot light bathed her face in red.
"Heavenly Arc!!!!"
Tracy shouted, she did not retreat, but instead rushed forward split into two silhouettes; one rushing forward, and another is disappearing slowly, it was an illusion!
The green bow’s bowstring was tensed to point of breaking. The string had actually glowed

glowed briefly.
After releasing the bowstring, it became a silver arc, cutting towards Garen’s right palm.
In that instance, both persons attacked simultaneously, The North Capturing Hand and Heavenly Arc merged and formed a terrifying effect.. The red smoke ball and the silver arc collide.
Vera, who was nearby, shielded both her eyes.
A powerful gust of wind almost swept Vera off her feet, and she fumbled backwards a few steps. Both her ears were ringing incessantly, and she could barely hear anything.
After things had settled down, she took in her surroundings once more..
On the battleground was a grey silhouette colliding furiously with a green silhouette, each time they collided, the green silhouette would release a dim luminescence.
"Tracy actually used the Totem Light!" Vera took two steps back, her heart aghast. For Tracy to be using the Totem Light should be unrivalled by anyone that’s not a Luminarists! That is the trump card given by the organization.
But now she could only barely keep up with the opponent as equals?!
Agh A female voice let out a cry of pain.
In the intense combat, the green silhouette was knocked backwards and some fresh blood was spilled.
The silver silhouette caught on, both palms appeared to have a red jade texture, the sound of elephant roaring in the air have also became clearer.
Both people engaged in combat once again. The ripples of the air blades struck the trees nearby, causing axe-like gashes on the trees, chipping off countless white tree barks shreds.
Garen showed himself, and with a hammer-like fist swinging downwards, clouds white and red smoke congealed his palm.
"Deity’s Possesion!" He roared ferociously. A platinum silhouette appeared behind him vaguely, then shrunk rapidly and rushed into his body.
His entire body started swelling to the height of about 2.5 meters, his body also had well defined muscles, much like a titan in the legends.
"How can a martial art reach this level??!"Tracy spat out fresh blood, she took a few steps back staggering, her eyes not believing what she saw.
"It’s over!" Garen’s eyes recalled a brand new martial arts skill tree, and he had a sudden epiphany.
He grabbed her with one hand.
"Kandas Vieira, Gods’ combined martial art!!"
His right hand suddenly became slow, the back of his hand glowed a line of light.
Instantly, countless blue lights illuminated from Garen, each ray became thinner, and smaller, covering the entire forest within the 100 meter- radius.
Tracy could only feel a large, terrifying formless pressure engulfing her.
"No!! No!! I will not die here… No!!" She struggled

She struggled to pull the bowstring of her bow.
Lifting her arm, trying to take aim at Garen.
The bowstring was pulled halfway.
Blood oozed from Tracy’s eyes, nose and ears. Her body started trembling as she looked at the expressionless Garen.
"You…!!" it is as though she wanted to say something.
Her head exploded, it turned into a puddle of red-white goo-like mixture which was strewn all over.
A headless corpse collapsed on the ground.
The forest became peaceful and quiet once again.
Garen stood back up with a handstand, but he stood in front of Tracy’s corpse, and he turned around to look at Vera.
The latter had knelt down on the round, tightly wrapping her hands around her throat, her face pale and without breath.
Garen lifted his right index finger. A blue butterfly appeared from behind him, resting upon his fingertips.
"This is all thanks to you, otherwise I’m afraid the other one would have ran away." Garen muttered.
With a light flick, the glowing butterfly turned into a blue light, and shot into the cane hanging on his waist.
Garen rushed to search Vera and Tracy’s bodies. He did not wait around for long, instead he left the place quickly.
He reminisced his final palm strike, the pinnacle form of the Deity’s Possession.
If say, in this world, his battle with Cayduran had approached the pinnacle of human limits, then the battle just now, he felt that he had found out how to use the power of a Luminarist, matching it with the secret techniques to show a perfect combat style.
Ever since he came to this world, Garen had been dissatisfied that the secret techniques were unable to advance. However, he had found a sliver of hope.
Running through the forest, he hastily rushed back to the area nearby the tour carriage.
Tourists of the carriage had mostly died, save for a couple of tourists supporting each other, and resting on a tree nearby, their face full of blood and boils that were caused by the fire.
From the attire and clothes, Gare could recognize that these are the pastor and the young military officer.
That were very lucky, to be able to withstand the burn from the Red Smoke and live to tell the tale.
Garen felt a twinge of guilt. After all, the pair were targeting him, but in the end it brought in two carriages full of people. Even if he had in fact killed countless people, but these were innocent lives caught in the crossfire, which made him very guilty.
"The damned Obscuro Society!" His face seemed His face seemed forlorn.
The clip-clopping of horses came from afar. A platoon of black-clothed chivalry units were headed this way.
Garen quietly walked out of the forest, the black robe on his body having been torn and damaged during the intense fight with Tracy. There were a lot of blood stain on his clothes too.
At the same time, he silently activated the Turtle’s Breath to conceal his aura, and now his face looked terribly pale, without a trace of vitality and looked extremely weak.
As he approaches the pastor and military officer, the officer lifted his head to give him a glance.
"You have very good luck."
Garen opened his mouth to say something, but instead he coughed uncontrollably.
"Don’t talk, Look at you, I guess you fell out from the carriage right?" the pastor’s boil-filled face cracked open with a smile that somehow looked worse than crying. His eyes look swollen, perhaps he had just cried.
Garen nodded, and he sat next to the two of them, breathing loudly, coughing strongly from time to time.. He looked half-dead.
The speeding horses were approaching. The black knights quickly stopped next to the trio, each getting off their horses and frowned at the scene littered with corpses in the carriage.
"This is terrible…" One young female knight’s face turned pale, and she covered her mouth. She had just witnessed a three-year-old boy’s brain and body severed by an enraged black cow. The boy’s face still had traces of him crying.
The knight leading the platoon was a middle-aged man who got off the horse. With a heavy face he walked to the side of the carriages, and he pulled out an arrow that was lodged in the carriage.
"The Mercenary’s Guild again! Those damned bastards!" He couldn’t help but to shout, his chest bulged and released, and he looks very irritated. "Louis! Immediately inform the Secret Services! Keith, investigate the deceased’s identities! Give me a list of their immediate family contacts! If the Secret Services does not care, report it to the National Council! If they don’t respond this will be under my jurisdiction!"
He slapped the carriage once again out of anger. The back of his hand had traces of light glowing.
Garen, who was sitting on the side was feeling downcast. At the corner of his eye he saw the sliver of luminescence and his heart skipped a beat.
"This person is a Luminarist as well?! The National Council?! One of three departments! This person must have ties to people that work inside!"Garen had multiple thoughts crossing through his mind.

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