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Two twin girls heard the scream and unwillingly flipped backward and blended in with the forest. It seemed that something had pulled them into the forest.

Inside the forest, another slender shadow stood. It seemed to be a woman.

The twin girls finally realized what was happening and stared at the fearsome aura by the sandy beach.

The Pink Pupil Royal General was standing there along with the large group of killers in green.

Looking afar, Garen felt the air around him moving in twisted ways. As if something below the ground was howling, there was a horrifying noise of shaking.

Both of his eyes were glowing with the color of blood. It was a premonition.

The twins' bodies started to shake lightly. A deep insane fear was pouring out of their hearts and was trying to take control of their bodies.

"With opponents like this… How is it possible that we win!!??"

Bang bang bang!!

Machine guns, pistols; bullets were crashing against the frightening silhouettes, yet sparks were flying. It was absolutely useless.

Just as they were taking out the grenades, they exploded after being hit by the thin sands Garen threw out. In an instant, blood and human skin went flying. Even Sayman could only try and shield himself from the powerful aura. Tiredly, he only dared to shoot his machine gun from a far distance.

Only the Royal General dared!

He crazily dashed towards the opponent, wrapping himself tightly with faint auras in order to protect himself.

The twins' bodies were starting to shake harder.

"Don't look! This is an illusionary mental stress! It only affects your thoughts. Don't look at him directly!"

A pair of delicate white hands simultaneously covered the two girls' eyes.




Garen stood where he was in silence. He pitifully looked at the Pink Pupil Royal General, who was continuously being bounced back by the counter quake. On the ground, on the sand, the opponent's blood was splashed everywhere. The serious injuries were caused by the counter quake created by the changed Mammoth Secret Technique.

"Time flies," Garen stood there, unmoving. He calmly stared at the Pink Pupil Royal General, who was having difficulties standing up.

"This is your aura?" He watched as his opponent tightened his body. it was only enough to protect one area of his body.

The sound of bullets continuously shooting out of guns started ringing again. Garen's body was flashing with golden sparks. However, nothing could stop his footsteps.

Step by step, he walked toward the Royal General, leaving a trail of fresh footprints. He stood before his opponent.

"Maybe I am too naïve. Time is unkind. No matter how strong someone is, will become weak as time goes on," in reality, he knew very well that his aura became stronger after he fully consolidated his improvements after becoming the Grandmaster of Combat. In other words, he got stronger.


The Pink Pupil Royal General breathed heavily.

"It is true that my capability is only half of what it was like during the full blooming stage… If I still had both of hands… I would beat you up so bad your mother wouldn't recognize you!!" he cursed.

"Your power then is only twice the power you have now?" Garen was disappointed.


Instantly, a green shadow appeared behind Garen. With the army knife he had in hand, he tried to pierce through Garen's left year.


The horrifying sound of an elephant growling rumbled beside the two people's ears.

Garen's body swelled up crazily and reached two and a half meters high. His muscles knotted together and tightened, just like rows of steel bars.

A giant amount of aura solidified around him and formed into an illusion of a growling white mammoth.

The black army knife froze right beside Garen's left ear.

The blade was shaking.

Blackplume Sayman was shaking uncontrollably.

His eyes were watering and his nose was runny, yet he didn't dare to wipe them off. He held the army knife with both hands and used all his strength to try and pierce through. However, it was as if the knife has been solidified. It stayed motionless.

"M…Move!!" Sayman finally cried out. It appeared that he remembered a similar experience from before. His tears rolled down his cheeks continuously.


The blade pierced through.

Garen was astonished. So was the Royal General on the ground.

In the forest not far away, the slender woman was also in shock.

The left-over killers on the battleground also froze in surprise.

"We won?"


The army knife fell to the ground weakly. Everyone's heart dropped.

Garen was expressionless. Not a single drop of blood dripped from his ear.

"What a shame."

Single shot!


Garen's arm entered through Sayman's chest and exited out the back.


At that moment, Pink Pupil Royal General aggressively pushed forward. His auras were seemingly howling like an owl. With two hands holding onto the knife, he swung toward Garen's soft skin around his chin.

Taking advantage of Garen's one split second distracted state, he stabbed. This stab took all of the Royal General's strength. It was the best move he knew that was derived from the Star Fist, incorporating three different sources of strength with each source releasing power at a different time. In the end however, they would all converge at the tip of the blade and release with three times the normal strength.

Rather than saying he stabbed with the knife, it was more like he shot out the knife with two hands, then he used the technique to speed up the knife two times.

The Royal General put his palms together and pushed up the knife toward Garen's chin. Immediately, the sword's handle spat out blue and purple flames. He sped up the knife for a fourth time with another push!!

This stab was like a silver and blue vertical line that flashed across Garen's body, as if it was going to slice Garen into two halves.


The Royal General, at this very moment, felt like he had reverted back to his most powerful days. This attack was strong enough to have been the best move he had ever made.

The price he paid after one attack, was that he had no more strength left for any more attacks.

"If I can kill this guy then I am okay with it!" looking at the knife blade pricking Garen's skin, his eyes were filled with anticipation.


The Royal General's expression turned into desperation.

Garen was looking down on him. His right hand blocked that attack.

"If you used this attack while you were in full bloom stage, I might've been badly wounded. Pity…"

The Royal General opened his lips to say something. Yet no words came out.

He silently sat on the ground. His eyes, ears, nose, and mouth were all seeping with fresh blood. The effects of the counter quake ensured that he no more chance of survival.

"This move was called Jency? Only one move…no wonder you are a late Royal General," Garen extended his index finger and pushed his opponent's forehead lightly.


The Royal General collapsed onto the ground and never breathed again.

This move was a little too aggressive. Garen had to block it with his hand. Even with changed Mammoth Secret Technique, he still had areas of weakness. He had no choice but to shield himself with his hand.

When he turned up his right hand, Garen saw the blood flowing out of the center of his palm. He was finally wounded.

The Royal General was already over 50 years old, yet he still had such strong abilities and was able to sustain his youthful look. On top of that, he was able to cause slight damage to Garen.

With these facts in mind, it was no wonder he had the title of a Royal General.

Casually flicking, he threw out a fistful of small rocks. The killers in green reduced in numbers again. 

Under the stress and pressure of the aura, these killers were as tiny as ants to Garen.

After killing everyone, Garen slowly dispelled the conditions of being in the third stage and reverted to his original form. He glanced at the forest. People in there had long escaped without leaving any trace.

He walked back to where Pink Pupil Royal General was, and searched his body.

A wallet, a piece of ID that could've been fake, some white napkins, a few black medal cards. Finally, there was also a small notebook.

He hurriedly put everything together and casually flipped through the notebook. On it was pen written notes of training as well as his experiences. Because the battle was still going on in the manor, he didn't have time to look through it carefully. Garen stuffed it into his pocket.

His pants were specially made by Su Lin, who added special protection on them. This was why he didn't have to leave this place butt naked.

Also why he had a useful pocket.

After he took care of the stuff, Garen picked up a random machine gun and jogged toward the manor.

Over there, the sound of gunfights was still ongoing. The battle between the Confederation army and the group of killers was getting more and more intense.

"I wonder how the situation is. I must find Su Lin and them fast."


Yoda shot three guns into the air, aiming at Charlotte, The Third Royal General.

The three bullets each landed on different areas of the body. However, Charlotte's elastic like body twisted and turned, dodging them all. She then landed on a pole on top of a roof.

Charlotte was getting frustrated and tired. She had long thrown away her black cape. Inside she wrote a red and bulletproof bodysuit made out of stretchable elastics. The bodysuit blocked the bullets a few times, hence why she was not hurt.

"Not bad!" The Eight-Arm Dragon King, Yoda, said with a smile. With one hand, he smoked his cigarette as his left hand reloaded his gun impatiently.

He had eight guns in total and he shot them in turns. This forced Charlotte to dodge and run tiredly and gave her no opportunity to get close to him. His best move was how he was able to aim all eight guns at once. Though these kind of explosive moves were not sustainable as they came with a period of weakness right after he used the technique.

Charlotte hated that move despite her passion for weapons. It was because Yoda had appeared to be relaxed this whole time, yet he was highly alert. He gave her no window for attack and this made her frustrated. Her guns were different from Yoda's. She chose not to use them but if she did, he would definitely be shot!

The two fell into a stalemate.

Su Li, who was hiding behind the stairs at the entrance, exhaled in relief.

He invited Garen and the Dragon King over to try and stall the strong opponents. The others could be defeated with his father's power. Under this plan, there then were only Duskdune Shura and another Royal General. Their capabilities had thus decreased greatly because of his plan.

"As long as Garen can hold off the first Royal General, then we have a chance at winning," Su Lin calculated in his head.

Duskdune Shura was different than other criminal organizations. They had their unique arrogance. Even though they called their murders assassinations, in reality, they killed their targets face to face as a way to let the world know of their horrifying ability of combining weapons with martial arts.

Their group of people think of Duskdune Shura as their leader and fully believed that the combination of martial arts and machine guns was the ultimate path to preserve martial arts.

Also, this was the only path old martial artists could choose, as their physical abilities became drained.

This was what they were trying to prove.

They wanted to prove that traditional martial arts would not be eliminated by time!

Yoda and Charlotte pranced again to find the best opportunity to attack each other.

The two of them were seemingly drawing circles on the roof top, twirling with each other.

The sound of Yoda's gun firing decreased as time went. It was replaced with the sound of the fast movements of the silencer.

Charlotte was in the same position. The two of them started a silent game and contest.

They belonged to the same generation, and they were their generation's most powerful top talents. Before, they had never had a face to face battle before. Now, they had the opportunity to battle and decide who lives and who dies.

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