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In the manor, a black cape suddenly stopped. In front of him, a large amount of flaming debris exploded everywhere. The bright yellow flame removed all the shadow under his cape as a beautiful yet cold female face appeared.

Not far from him, more than ten killers in green were killed in the explosion. A few lucky ones survived, and only their limbs were blown off as they crawled on the ground to escape from the fire.

"Third Royal General Charlotte."

From a hidden window not far away, the Eight-Armed Dragon King locked onto the caped woman as he said in an undertone.

"I can't believe the Duskdune Shura is using this much force. What did your dad get himself into that made them attack with full forces without considering the consequences?" He turned around at looked at Su Lin behind him.

"I don't know, I hope it's not like he killed their family or anything like that." Su Lin shrugged.

"Whatever, the hidden bombs are probably not going to be effective. This guy's instincts are too sharp! Leave first, I'll do it myself." Eight-Armed Dragon King Yoda bit onto his smoke pipe and began to check and load his sniper rifle rounds one by one.

"Are you sure? One person. A Special Agent Colonel is protecting here on the outside, there is no way they get in here that fast." Su Lin looked rather relaxed.

"The scary thing is that she doesn't need to go through the door," Eight-Armed Dragon King said quietly.

Su Lin walked over to see outside when he spotted that Third Royal General Charlotte was gradually taking out two black barrels from under her cape. She slowly assembled them together to create an odd looking gun with a barrel sized of a fist.

"What is that…"

"Damnit." The Eight-Armed Dragon King rapidly lifted up a sniper rifle as he aimed at Charlotte and fired.


The black cape in vision suddenly exploded as the upper body shattered into pieces of meat. Only the lower half walked a few steps before falling over.

"That's it?" Su Lin was shocked.

"Still too early!" the Eight-Armed Dragon King sneered. "Let's go! She has already found this place! That's a fake."

He dragged Su Lin and left.

From an underground entrance in the corner at the right side of the room, they ran in before the entrance quickly closed.


The door was kicked open as a black cape dragged a Colonel in. She scanned the room before her vision locked onto the entrance at the corner of the room.


Another loud noise and flames suddenly erupted and emerged from the closet, table, floor, and the ceiling. Flames burst out from everywhere in the room.

The room turned into a sea of fire.

At the tunnel beside the room, a black cape crossed her arms and leaned against the wall. She looked at the room emerged in flame before quietly walked away.

In the underground tunnel.

"Hello, didn't you say I'd go in alone while you'd stay behind? Why are you running with me!?" Su Lin looked at Dragon King Yoda running in front speechlessly.

"I am running because I am going to help other places." Yoda smiled, "If my guess is correct, that bastard has already entered the death trap. Two fakes already died, even she can't be overzealous now."


A depressed explosion echoed from the back as the ground shook.

"Look. She is done." A cheerful smile emerged on Yoda's face.

In the tunnel.

The black cape stood at the same place silently, not making a single move.

The exploded room burned not far behind from her as the sound of wood burning and crackling was occasionally heard.

Tiny droplets of sweat appeared on Charlotte's face. Her beautiful eyes were constantly scanning her surroundings.

"This setup. Only you, Yoda," she mumbled as her body didn't dare to move a single inch.

She knew that if she moved slightly, the hidden bombs would all explode. She didn't know the nature of the mechanisms. Sensor? Time? Pressure? Trap?

But she knew that if she moved a single step, whether to the front or the back, she would immediately trigger the bomb.

No one could undermine Eight-Armed Dragon King Yoda's bomb.

Her eyes focused as she suddenly realized that her body was surrounded by tightened transparent silks.

The silks were tightened like metal wires and filled the room. It was like a silkworm's cocoon as it completely covered her.

She knew that if she touched any wire, it would start a chain of violent explosions.

Countless silks created a human-sized space exactly where she was standing. This was the only place where she could avoid any of the silks.


A droplet of sweat fell down on the ground.

"Pity, but you are underestimating me." A hint of arrogance slowly emerged on her beautiful face.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four sniper rifles simultaneously fired at all four directions.

Yoda had two on his hands, two on his feet. His feet naked as his toes were as agile as his fingers. They freely adjusted the direction of shooting.

Every shot from the four sniper rifles would accurately take away four lives.

Su Lin stood behind him along with a young man in a Colonel uniform who was responsible for protecting Su Lin. The person that had previously died was a fake.

The two stared hysterically at the Eight-Armed Dragon King's performance.

The three stood on top of the three-story building.

Bang Bang Bang… amongst the heavy gunfire, Yoda ecstatically roared.

"Haha! Go die! Die!"

The faint gray smokes filled his surrounding as it gave a bloodthirsty taste.

Suddenly Yoda rolled.

A black dot dropped from the sky.


A black spear pinned where he was standing before. The silver tip penetrated deep into the concrete floor.

"I knew I wouldn't get you, Charlotte." Yoda stood up as he moved to the edge of the building calmly.


The black hook suddenly appeared from the edge of the building as a person hopped on top.

Black cape, as the head was not covered, a beautiful yet cold face appeared, and one of her eyes was hidden behind a white patch. She retracted the black hook.

"Yoda, I haven't seen you in a while, you are still this sinister. Too bad, I am within twenty meters of you. Should you give up or should I personally end you?"

"Isn't 'sinister' the definition for you?" Yoda sneered. "You should be the one giving up."

His hands shook.

Crack crack crack…

The cracking sound filled the top floor.

The eight sniper rifles on this body simultaneously divided into two arcs as the gun barrels all pointed directly at Charlotte.

"Do you know why I can be called the Dragon King?" He began to laugh.

"That's because no one can beat me when I have eight rifles. Therefore, I am known as Eight-Armed Dragon King!"

Charlotte froze in place without moving a single inch.

She was extremely focused as the eight rifles were all equipped with special explosives and bullets with rapid firing speed.

She had originally thought that Yoda's name was just an exaggeration, but she didn't believe it was like this.

She noticed that Yoda controlled the eight sniper rifles with his special transparent silks.

"Let me see how much strength is left of the original Royal General." Yoda groaned as two barrels combined to fire simultaneously.


Garen and One of the Four Royal General separated as both took steps back.

Pieces of clothes and dust from their impacts still scattered in the air.

Within the stone house, Garen finally heard the tunnel closing behind him, and a smile appeared on his face.

Without thinking, he suddenly bumped left as broken stones scattered.

He broke the wall and fell in the water.


The stone room exploded in a second and was completely engulfed in fire. The reflection colored the lake into a dark red.

Garen just walked out of the lake before a black shadow dashed at him.

"Double Star!"

Two blue lights shined from the black shadow and flew directly at Garen's chest. It was the light from the reflection of the daggers' tip.

A grimace showed on the Pink Pupil Royal General's face. Both of his arms were fake as two crescent-shaped daggers popped from below. From the blade, it was obvious that it was made through multiple materials combined together.

The two chilling stars fiercely stabbed in Garen's chest.


Garen's body leaned upward as the dagger was popped away.


Pink Pupil Royal General whipped his hands as he released a cloud of gray sands which completely submerged Garen.

He then stepped backward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless amount of bullets fired directly at Garen. These gray sands were explosives and were instantly ignited. The explosion's red flame engulfed Garen.

The shooting lasted for a few seconds before it stopped.

Where Garen stood was completely covered in smoke and nothing was visible.

"Don't play these boring tricks again."

All the sudden, Garen's voice gradually appeared from the smoke, calm and collected.

Pink Pupil Royal General's eyes slightly contracted, and he gazed onto Garen walking out of the smoke.

This strong man's body looked like steel plates with the light black color, his body size seemed to have increased. He slowly walked out of the smoke as his upper body was completely naked. There was not a single sign of injury on his body.

"Impeccable Body Hardening Technique!" Royal General's voice lowered. "Looks like normal weapons are useless against you. Too bad Charlotte is not here."

"Charlotte? Another Royal General?" Garen confusedly asked.


Another bullet fiercely hit his right eye. The moment the gun fired, Garen closed his eyes, and his eyelid bounced away the bullet.

"Annoying little bugger."

He waved his right hand.

A killer in green not far away was frightened as he held his neck, a blood hole appearing on his neck.

The entire battleground was silent. A bullet couldn't even penetrate his eyelids!

This terrifying Body Hardening Technique must have reached human's limit?!

Royal General's face twitched as he unknowingly stepped backward.

Garen scanned around.

"Too many buggers... let's clean up the battlefield first."

Before his voice died down, Pink Pupil Royal General suddenly felt a fearsome aura exploding within him.

His face paled as a frightening thought flashed across his mind.

"Lori! Run!" he suddenly used all his energy to scream out.


A wave of terrifying aura completely engulfed him in a glimpse.

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